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Friday, March 31, 2017

Grand Junction CO...

We've been here for 2 nights so time to move on this morning.  Where to you ask?  We don't know..guess we'll see where we end up this evening.  We had thought we were going to Moab where we've been several times and it's only 108 miles from here.  I called Arches National Park to see about a campground there but turns out the only campground at the park is closed until the end of October for infrastructure work.  All that means to us is that the campgrounds along the river would be crazy filled with people so we'll forgo that bit of the trip this time.  

Yesterday morning we got up and had breakfast and showers and off we went to Grand Junction in search of Sam's Club..not much of a search as we saw it the day before as we drove through town. The little lady on my phone guided us to a US Bank so Ken could add some funds to his account first then on to Sam's and a new battery for the camper.  Well worth the $80.00 I'm sure.  We also picked up one of the ready cooked chickens for dinner last night.  

We found a Liquor Barn to stock up on supplies since we'll be going through Utah.  A little fuel and back to camp for some salad for lunch.  Ken did his stuff outside for awhile, I did some dishes and organizing and then we enjoyed happy hour in the camper.  

Today (Friday) we had our coffees and computing and now getting ready to head to the showers.  Eventually (hahah) we'll hit the road. 

Gotta love this life. Yesterday morning we looked at our bank accounts and lo and behold we had more money $$$...not lots more but more!  We got paid for being on vacation and this happens every month!  Best thing we ever did, going to work for Sacramento County. :)

Well, I didn't take any pictures yesterday (never fear I will today)..hahaha..but Linda had posted some of the ones below on FB so I stole a few. 

Bryan (our almost 44 year old son) many
Easters ago...

Russell (our 38 year old)

This was us in Florida  one Easter

Wendy my sister..

I remember I was in 6th grade when I got this outfit.
Linda in the middle and Wendy on the right..

Eric our almost 42 year old..

Me on the left..Linda and Wendy..we got these tent dresses
out at Okie Farms..Denio's Auction in Roseville

Linda's son Dusty and Diane's son Jesse..many years ago..

Dusty and Jesse looking for eggs

My sister Linda, hubby Bobby and Russell
many years ago...
Love these old memories!

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