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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Quick catch up

 I started this blog on Friday, but got sidetracked with Happy Hour next door. :) Now if I don't get it posted now, I'll be sidetracked for the same reason LOL. 🍻🍷🍸

Well, here it is Friday afternoon in Yerington.  It's been a good week with not much going on. The weather has been warm and because it clouds up in the afternoon, yesterday we got a good soaking of rain and thunder. We packed ourselves up and headed for the outdoor kitchen and enjoyed listening to it on the tin roof! Nothing better than that! 

Watching the storm coming in πŸ˜ƒ

Because of the snow melt, these houses are getting
inundated with water. Walker River 

Running fast and high! 

Thursday we ran to Gardnerville to pick up our neighbor John's birthday gift as it's on Sunday. Then we visited Sharkey's for linner. Again the fish tacos were excellent (Ken says).  

Russell and Me πŸ’–

Ken got the stock tank cleaned and filled. Now we just need warmer temps to warm it up! 

I sent my doctor blood pressure readings for 10 days or so as he asked me to do that.   He put me on additional low dose med. It really has done nothing yet except make me nauseous, dry mouth, headache, and shakes. It says it can take two weeks to get into your system so hoping that happens sooner rather than later! My morning numbers are high but evening numbers are low. Figure though I can't start drinking a glass of wine 🍷in the am to keep them low LOL. Except Champagne Sundays of course. πŸ₯‚ As of Saturday morning numbers were down, hoping it continues. 

I wanted to at least get this posted as John and Karen have company so we'll be going over later for dinner with them. Have a wonderful evening! πŸ˜€πŸ’— 


Sunday, May 21, 2023

Armed Forces Day in Hawthorne, Champagne Sunday. Life is so good!

 We went to Ken's lung doctor's appointment this week. He had him do a echocardiogram so we'll see. Hopefully all is good! We go back on the 31st. 

Yesterday we headed for Hawthorne, NV for Armed Forces Day. They always have a wonderful parade! We got there around 1100 and walked to the American Legion. Ken had a bloody mary and I had a gin and club soda  to start the day. LOL. It was going to be gin and orange juice, but just didn't feel it LOL. 

The parade started just about 1200. Awesome! So much patriotism in that little town! Really makes my heart swell! 

Hawthorne's flag after the parade! Almost the biggest flag 
in Nevada. Camping World in Reno has the biggest one. This
one is still my favorite! 

Bloody Mary and Gin and Seltzer..Bartender did good! 

I love this little place, All Patriots Welcome!

I love this parade every year!

At the end of the parade their flag is carried, amazing site to
see! Then they put it bag up in it's rightful place πŸ’—

Gets me every time!

We stopped to see a couple of helicopters...

Once the parade was done we headed towards Walker Lake just a few miles outside of there. I had made tuna sandwiches before we left home. So yummy! 

Our view for lunch 

We enjoyed our spot and then we headed home. John and Karen got home about an hour later so eventually we went next door to get caught up on things. Sure the puppies are glad to have mom and dad home :)

Today, being Sunday we took our time and went outside to the kitchen. Champagne Sunday  you know. I cooked some bacon and sausage on the griddle. Again, I love this thing! Ken cooked a Conder Ranch steak for dinner and I did some veggies too. We enjoyed our brunch out there and then decided it was time to come inside and get some things done. LOL. I walked in and found Ken taking a little nap LOL. I came to the living room and ended up with a nap myself. Something we never do! What the heck, it's Sunday right?! 

Hubby enjoying some well deserved down time! 

Now it's nearing 1600 and there's some cloud cover, but it's warm. Ken got the stock tank filled a few days ago and no leaks! YaY! Hoping it warms soon for some stock tank sitting! LOL. 

We are both thankful for this life we're living! We are so blessed! 

Have a great evening! Getting close to Happy Hour LOL. 

My sister Wendy's granddaughter Angelina. Senior 
Prom πŸ’—

My sister Linda's granddaughter Cassidy πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™

Monday, May 15, 2023

Time with Ken's mom, Adam comes for his 3 day weekend, Mother's Day,

Thursday afternoon Adam drove up for his 3 day weekend. We told him we weren't going to be home Friday, but that was ok with him. He's usually out traversing the country side anyway during the day.  πŸ˜Š We enjoyed the evening with him as always. 

 Friday morning we left at 0700 to head over to California for an early Mother's Day visit with Ken's mom in Carmichael.  We actually did well and got there a little after 1100. 

Ken, his mom (95 years young), Diane and Dave 

Ken, mom, Bryan

Our oldest son, Bryan got there at about 1200. She was surprised to see him as we didn't tell her he was coming. 😁 Ken's older brother, Dave got there a little later in the afternoon. 

We had a nice visit with everyone until it was time to head for Russell's near 1700.  

We got to Russell's and visited with Lori until Russell got home. A little after 1800 we headed to Monk's Cellar in Roseville to have a delicious dinner a few adult beverages. 🍻🍷 Allissa joined us there as well πŸ’•

Eventually we headed back to Russell's to enjoy the rest of the evening. 

Lori and Ken πŸ’—

Melissa and Christopher stopped by to spend some time
Always love seeing her.  πŸ’–

Blurry, but Russell approves of his beer πŸ˜€

Lori's "yard art" LOL. 

Saturday morning before leaving I made french toast and bacon for Aaron, Kenna and Russell.  Lori was enjoying her morning sleeping in. We left around 1030 to head home. 

Adam was at the house when we got home, he'd taken a hike earlier. Around 1700 we headed next door to visit with John, Karen and the furry kids. 😊

Adam and Mugsy πŸ’™

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it was nice being home. All the boys and more called or texted so it was a great day. Adam left for home around 1000 or so and we headed to the outdoor kitchen. 

Adam and Papa πŸ’™

Ken changed it up a bit and had a Bloody Mary and I enjoyed a mimosa. A very nice way to start Mother's Day😍

Because he can't sit and do nothing for too long, Ken put up a few things for me, which made me very happy! 😊

Thank you Bryan, I love this sign πŸ’–

Found the perfect place for it! 

Thank  you Doug and Michelle! πŸ’™πŸ’–

We found the barbed wire and heart at the fair we visited 
last weekend. Found the perfect place for it πŸ’–

Later in the afternoon Ken used his air fryer and cooked some chicken and I added the veggies as our side. 

Thank you Russell and Lori. Hopefully I can keep them alive

We did go over and have Happy Hour with the puppies, which made them happy. Karen's in CA with John for the week so we're babysitting. Looks like tonight we'll spend the night with them. 

I've kept these alive for 2 years now..shocking! LOL. 

Our beautiful sunset last night from Karen's :) 

This morning we had to head for Carson City to get new tires on the 08 Patriot. Went to breakfast at Betsy's and a few minutes later the car was finished. Dropped Ken and then on to Fernley to Purcell tire to have new struts put on the 08. We'll pick it up sometime tomorrow. Wednesday it goes in for it's 15 year check up in order to keep the lifetime power train warranty in effect. A lot of driving this week! 

For now, it's time to head to Happy Hour with the pups next door! Have a great evening! πŸ·πŸΊπŸ•

Monday, May 8, 2023

Aaron and Kenna go to the Senior Ball, Food on the outdoor grill :) Trip to Fallon and then Fernley today.

This past weekend went by way too quickly! Grandson Aaron and his sweetie Kenna attended Aaron's senior ball. A few pictures of the happy couple. Hard to believe in a few weeks we'll be attending 2 graduations in California! 

Aaron and Kenna πŸ’—

Aaron and kindergarten graduation..πŸ’™
The proud parents Russell and Lori πŸ’™

It was a nice weekend, so a lot of it was spent in the outdoor kitchen using the grill. 

Everything you need to make shish kabob without the sticks
Turned out amazing, marinated in Italian dressing for 2 days. 

We made a trip to Fallon on Saturday to visit an antique 
fair. We came home and Ken used the griddle to
do hamburgers and I did steak fries for linner. Ken's plate above  

Champagne Sunday

Time to cook bacon! :) 

Ken knew he was going to enjoy his meat and cheese
quesadilla on the low carb shell 😁

A great Sunday brunch πŸ˜‹

We spent a lot of the day out in the kitchen just enjoying the day. 
Ken spent time trying to get the tv to work, as the antenna we
bought a few months ago seemed to give it up. He used the one 
from the bunk house and it seemed to work on some channels. Not
sure what's up with that. Give him something to do when he's got nothing to keep him occupied πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Doesn't happen when you're a happy homeowner! 

Today we headed for Fernley and Lowe's to pick up some paint so he can finish the back of the garage. A quick Walmart stop and back home in time to have lunch.  It's way too windy outside to do anything, except for Happy Hour 🍷🍸🍺 in the outdoor kitchen 😁 which is where I'm headed now! 
Have a great evening!