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Monday, September 26, 2016

Great Basin NP and Cave Lake State Park

We left Ely, NV on Friday morning and were at Great Basin in time to have lunch.  We checked out the campground we like to stay at and it was full just like last year.  We were able to get to Baker Creek Campground and find a nice site. After lunch we decided to take a short drive to the visitor center and make sure the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive was open to the top as they had closed it because of snow a couple of days before.  

We went back to camp and just enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.  That evening we had a wonderful fire and dinner.  The stars are so incredible there!  

Next day I packed a lunch and we headed up the peak drive.  It was definitely cold up there.  It's about 10,500+ feet.  The ride up was gorgeous, the aspens in their glory even though we think it was better last year.  Of course they just got snowed on so that probably accounts for a lot of that.  Either way a beautiful drive!  

Warning: Aspen Trees Ahead! 
Looking at Wheeler Peak

This one is for you Ninny!

This was so cute on the way to the campground

Nevada's state flower in full bloom!

We walked around the campground and then we decided to head back down the mountain thinking we'd stop at an overlook and have lunch but we ended up back  at camp for a late lunch.  A beautiful afternoon and evening again.  

Yesterday we got going about 1030 and headed over for Cave Lake State Park only a little over an hour and half drive.  Got a beautiful campsite and had lunch.  We've been here several times and just love the scenery and the sites are big too!  They have showers there, but we have ours with us.  $15.00 a night for Nevada residents.  
Ken bar b qued some pork and we enjoyed the fire and stars here too.  This morning we took our time getting ready because we were only driving to Ely (about 15 miles)..We're back at the RV Park from last week, and are going to enjoy a nice Mexican Dinner this evening. 

Beautiful Cave Lake

Sunset from our campground

We'll get up early and drive home tomorrow.  It's been a really nice mini vacation, but time to get Ken back to work on the bunkhouse!  

Come December when Ken turns 65 (ahhh)..we can buy a pass for $30.00 a year and it gets him into any NV State Park and camping for FREE!!  If the park has hookups it's only $10.00 a night!  Nevada does have some beautiful State Parks and this is a nice benefit.  

Don sent some pics of Linden, TN a small town that does a World War II reenactment every year.  This little town obviously gives their all to make this happen!

Diane and Jesse were in TN for the week so they could visit Don and attend the Raider's game..I think they visited every brewery and fun place in Nashville! 

They spent the night in the cabin at Don's place
The Grandson's are really growing up!  Jacob, who'll be 15 in November and his sweetie...

Adam on Spirit Day at Golden Sierra High School...

Cheryl is having way too much fun with Lucy!

Lucy has pony tails..guess she wasn't too happy
with that..

Look how cute she is!!