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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Can't believe so much time has gone by!!!

I look at the calendar and can't believe so much time has gone by!  It's amazing that tomorrow is August the 1st...what???!!!!

If I go back to where the last post ended..let's see what I can remember...I went to Bryan's house and spent the night...met Russell and Lori in Tahoe to get the boys, but not at Beacon's ...too many people!! The place was packed and for a time they were charging $7.00 for a hour wait at the restaurant...not happening...glad Bryan decided not to go as it was ridiculous!...met them at the Y in Lake Tahoe, took the boys and they went on their merry way...we went to Denney's and waited a long time for our late lunch..headed to Yerington for a nice evening and meeting with Papa!  He had a great time quadding with the boys he used to work with..so glad that happened for them this year.  

Because we were leaving on Thursday to head for Bryan's and spend the night we didn't do much during the week.  Basketball in town everyday and Ken had a guy come out to see about a bid for the basketball court and water service..he did take a check to Jason in town to see about getting city water hooked up to the house..not cheap!  

Thursday, we left and headed for Bryan's for a nice evening.  Friday, Ken, Jacob, Aaron and I left for the coast, Bryan and Adam followed a little later.  Nice weekend with Russell and his peeps from work!  It was a great time!  They all left on Sunday, Bryan just stayed one night but a good time was had by all!!  Ken, Adam and I stayed Sunday and headed back to Georgetown on Monday.  We spent the night and picked up Seth and Mason on Tuesday.  They are with us now.  Did a little school shopping for them today, and Walmart for groceries.  Trying to figure where to go camping for a few days and then return them Sunday or Monday..We're hoping to get a few things done in August before we head towards TN.  

Friday, July 19, 2013

Enjoying my quiet day! A few more pics from Dillon Beach!

Grandma Cheryl and Mia arm wrestling....

The kids doing what kids do...climbing rocks!


Mason digging a hole for Lily and Mia!
Ken left this am for Meadow Lake, CA with some of the guys he used to work with..honestly I love the fact that they stay in touch and usually plan this trip once a year (don't think it happened last year though)...he was excited to go and left here about 0900.  

So for a change I am here in Yerington all by myself...so did a little cleaning and probably too much eating...seems when i'm home and he's not here i'm hungry...not a good thing. But I did try not to be too bad.  

Tomorrow i'll get up and start heading for Georgetown, spend the night and the next day meeting Russell and family in Lake Tahoe for lunch and then bringing 3 boys home with me..hopefully Bryan and Cheryl will go to Tahoe too!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back home in Yerington for a day or two!

Brothers!  Bryan and Eric, Christina and Betty!

Brotherly love!

Eric and Chris

Mason trying to beat Bobby at arm wrestling...Baby Mia (yellow)
Lily in black
Adam and his dad arm wrestling...guess who won?!

Adam and his cousin Ben

Lily, Mia and Mason

Bobby, Linda and Eric..
Had a wonderful time at Dillon's Beach..kids, grandkids, good food, good fun, good wine!  I did lousy on my diet, but don't care..After leaving yesterday we headed to Bryan's house and I stayed the night. Bryan bought Chinese food and it was ohhhhh so delicious!  Got up early this am and decided to head home, after stopping in Gardnerville, NV to pick up a few (107.00 worth) groceries.  Heading out and there is a fatal on S 395...bummer...so I headed to Carson City and the long way home..glad I did as the highway didn't open till after 1500 this afternoon.  

Hot outside!  Been helping Ken get ready for his quadding trip tomorrow with guys he used to work with.  He found his quad trailer the bearings are bad so he's got some work to fit the quad in the truck and all the other stuff..well, sure it will happen!  

I will head back to Bryan's on Sat to pick up Adam for the week...swim and stay the night then meet Russ and Lori in Tahoe for a 'rum runner" and grab their kids for the week..next weekend we'll be at Doran with Russell's work group, who is always fun!! Then we'll pick up Seth and Mason for the week...time keep marching on!! Too quickly!  

The 16th was our friend Al Real's 69th birthday!  Can't believe he is 69...i've know him since 1993 when the service center opened...love that guy and his wife Irene!  Planning on seeing you in September!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15th...we're here at Dillon Beach!

We're here at Dillon Beach...had a nice night and morning today.   Got up and had breakfast, the new french toast with frosted flakes.  After taking our time we headed for the beach, Bobby and I decided to go see if we could catch up with Eric and family.  Eric and Mason had gotten back from a couple of hour walk to the rocks right before we got there.  Decided to head for the beach and find Bryan's family, but by the time we got there they were gone.  

Mason played for a couple of hours in the ocean and then Mason, Bobby, Linda and I came back tot the house while Eric and Chris ended up going to Bodega for a late lunch.  Had a nice afternoon and Eric and Chris came back for a few.  Mason is spending the night with us here at the house as the kids seem to have had a wonderful time!  Tomorrow Keith and Renette (Cheryl's family) are coming for the day and we'll meet Eric for a nice day tomorrow.  
It was around 60 degrees here today...around 99 in Winnemucca!  Ken is doing ok there, doesn't know how to eat well without me, but oh well I pointed out the stuff at home he should have taken but apparently did n't listen...MEN!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy 35th Birthday Russell...and some pics of Bridgeport CA and Devils Postpile National Monument!

July 13th 1978...two weeks after his due date..a cute little 8 lb 10 oz boy finally arrived in our lives! He completed our family of 5..Russell Phillip Kay was born with so much energy and ever since he started talking he hasn't stopped...and now he has two sons of his own who run a pretty close second in the energy and talking area!  Love u Russy! 

Spent a few days in Bridgeport CA again and then on to Devil's Postpile National Monument with grandsons Adam, Jacob and Aaron...we all had a great time and I am posting pics as I can. So if you're here...keep looking back!  

We are heading to Dillon Beach today with Bryan's family and Ninny and Bobby..Eric's family will be there too but they're camping.  Ken's not with us as he is heading for Winnemucca to pick up his quad and prepare for a boys outing this weekend with some of his guys from work!  

Papa and Adam comparing "wing span"...Adam won..

Jacob and Adam tying hooks at Bridgeport CA
Our double rainbow at Yerington, NV

Papa and Baby Mia...

Another wingspan...Adam won!

Our little marathoner

Bison fire near Yerington, Nv

Our sunset because of the Bison fire!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pictures from Bridgeport, CA and Yerington, NV....

Papa teaching Mason how to gut and clean his fish...

Adam and Seth...

8 year old watermelon eating champ of Yerington, NV....Mason!

Yerington, NV 4th of July...boys playing in the rain...
Papa relaxing

Adam and a couple of his fish

Seth and a couple of his fish
My summer bedspread

Two cousins and "west coast"

Papa and Mason fishing...
Camping was alot of fun with the boys in Bridgeport.  For the Fourth of July we went to the local celebration in Yerington, NV...we had fun and the boys enjoyed themselves...Mason won the watermelon eating contest for his age group!  The other boys even participated in some of the events...love this small town!!

Tomorrow hoping to take the boys swimming and maybe to lunch at the local mexican restaurant.  we were going today but they were closed for the 4th.  We went to the local casino and they enjoyed!  A good day was had by all...Happy 4th of July and a big Thank you to our troops!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Monday we left Yerington,,, and back again!

Monday, we left Yerington and headed towards Brigdgeport!  Got there and the boys headed out to go fishing!...all in all by the end of the trip the boys between the  3 of them had caught 20 fish...we ended up cooking 5 of them on Tuesday night..and they got eaten..we have 4 in the freezer right now!

We had several thunderstorms while we were gone!  incredible!  Loved the few days as they were nice and quiet and easy going! ...The boys all got along great and we had a wonderful time!...Today was a decision day as to whether we would go or stay..but decided to head back to Yerington...we stopped at Wilson CAnyon and I made lunch..for everyone who wanted it!...a great time was had by all!..

Got back and unloaded the camper and we headed out to Yerington, so I could pick up veggies, fruit and whatever else we needed...went back to the basketball court but looked like  Adam and Mason were enjoying themselves to waited about 25 minutes b4 calling an end to the whole thing...home and we made some dinner and off we go!!!! Love them boys!!