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Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15th...we're here at Dillon Beach!

We're here at Dillon Beach...had a nice night and morning today.   Got up and had breakfast, the new french toast with frosted flakes.  After taking our time we headed for the beach, Bobby and I decided to go see if we could catch up with Eric and family.  Eric and Mason had gotten back from a couple of hour walk to the rocks right before we got there.  Decided to head for the beach and find Bryan's family, but by the time we got there they were gone.  

Mason played for a couple of hours in the ocean and then Mason, Bobby, Linda and I came back tot the house while Eric and Chris ended up going to Bodega for a late lunch.  Had a nice afternoon and Eric and Chris came back for a few.  Mason is spending the night with us here at the house as the kids seem to have had a wonderful time!  Tomorrow Keith and Renette (Cheryl's family) are coming for the day and we'll meet Eric for a nice day tomorrow.  
It was around 60 degrees here today...around 99 in Winnemucca!  Ken is doing ok there, doesn't know how to eat well without me, but oh well I pointed out the stuff at home he should have taken but apparently did n't listen...MEN!!!

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