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Sunday, June 28, 2020

No UTV yet! Fallon vendor fair, Lake Lahontan and campers, A new toy for Eric..

Saturday morning we got ourselves up and going early as we had an 1 1/2 hour trip to Reno to look at the UTV.  We had our coffees and visiting with our blogging friends to see what they're up to. It was going to be 104 degrees by the time our day ended. 

I made breakfast burritos to eat on the way to Reno and they certainly hit the spot. We walked into Mike's Reno Powersports just close to 0930.  We found Brandon and then he found out that the UTV hadn't been put together yet. He said the guys were working on it and it would be a few hours. :((  He said he would call us when it was done. Uh huh. 

We left there and went by Custom Trucks to order some side steps for the Tundra.  It's got handles inside that I can pull myself up into the truck, but these will make it a lot easier. Not that it's that high...but it's a truck! They had taken down all their signs and x's on the floor etc. Other than the plastic partition, business as usual. Good for them. 

Ok, what to do now? Let's head for Fallon and visit Just Country Friends and their vendor sale.  We figured it was getting late enough in the day we'd come back on Sunday and look at the UTV as their wasn't anything we wanted in Reno. 
Going in my kitchen..Live, Laugh, Love Only $2.00..

Tons of buttons "dream"..only $4.00..

It was nearing 100 degrees in Fallon but we still enjoyed browsing through the vendors. Probably 20 or so. I only spent $14.00 so not bad.  The wind was crazy though so that helped with the heat. 
I love gingham aprons..$5.00..There's another little sign I bought
"Enjoy the little things"..

It was nearing 1400 so time to find some linner.  Headed for Stockmans Casino and Restaurant. In the lobby was a woman with a table and masks. Could't understand her, which just makes me mad. The just of it was even though the restaurant was 3 steps in you had to wear a mask. You could see people eating with their masks on their necks. Nope, not happening. 

We went down to the Depot Casino and Restaurant we were able to walk in and walk to the restaurant, no problem there. We had a delicious meal and then headed back towards home. 

We decided to stop by Lake Lahontan and see how the weekend was going. Going it was!! The placed was packed with trailers, people, boats, toys you name it! Can't imagine how next weekend being 4th of July will be! 

I love you can camp right on the water!

Trailers everywhere!

Trailers camped all along the beach

What a party!

A bunch of kids having fun in the water..

Headed home and settled in.  It was just too windy and hot to be outside so in we stayed. We never heard from Brandon all day by the way. 

Sunday morning during blog reading time I had a comment from my friend, Donna (traveling granny).  Told us about the place where they bought their UTV so decided to check it out. I emailed them and we'll see what they have to say tomorrow (Sunday they're closed).  Hoping it works out as it will be a little bigger motor than what we're looking at here. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

Ken's been outside working on my table for the little porch area out back. I've been holed up in the house mostly getting things done in here. Finally turned on the a/c right before I sat down to start this. Then off after about 1/2 hour. 

No call today either from Brandon at the dealer..but that's ok, want to see what happens with Utah tomorrow. 

A work in progress..but I'm loving it!

Our middle son, Eric and family bought this new toy last night.  We didn't know they were thinking about it, but Congrats to them. 

2019 Can Am turbo RC..It's the Rock Crawling Edition..low range and lockers. Love the colors and the look. Congrats! Fun times for you all!

Ken came in after getting his tools put away so it's Happy Hour time with the hubby! Have a great evening.  

Don't forget to make the most out of living!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Betsy's Big Kitchen, groceries, UTV looking.. Baking day at home..

 Thursday morning we were up around 0600 or so. Coffees, computing, visiting with  our blogging friends and then out of bed to really get the day started. 

We decided to head for Gardnerville to grab some groceries at Walmart. Next stop was Raley's for prescriptions. We thought that if we were going to buy a side by side we would trade in my quad. It's the 700 Yamaha KFX.  It's still a nice ride but figured we didn't need them all.  The plastic needs replacing as it got wrecked several years ago. Doesn't deter it from being a fine riding ATV.  Anyway, we headed for Reno and our safe deposit box there. Decided not to trade the bike in as he said because it's old they could only offer $500.00.  When I told Russell he said Good!  because Aaron loves that thing! So we're keeping it. 

By the time that was done it was close to 1300.  I did make lunch but Ken said how about Chinese?  We haven't had Chinese since Jan or February at least. We went by our favorite place in Carson City but they're still only doing take out so we left. 

Betsy's Big Kitchen was open so we had dinner there. Delicious and we had our favorite waitress, Lisa.  She's not happy about the mask wearing, but is happy to be back at work.  

All day I had been texting back and forth with our son, Russell.  Our researcher for the side by side.  I called a place in Las Vegas and we were going to take a ride there.  Ken and I had been thinking all day that it was Wednesday.  We didn't have any plans until Saturday.  Ok we can do this!  Talked with Milo and the one we really liked had a deposit on it, but there was another we liked so ok let's go! In the end he sent us a cost sheet and it was ridiculous the fees they charge tacked on another $3000.00 to the price. Told him we weren't happy with that and made an offer.  Guess he didn't like it because I haven't heard back. Oh well. The nice thing there, is masks are required so I told him I'd be in touch when that was lifted. He then said we could do business in the warehouse without masks. 
This is one we really liked..but it had a deposit on it..

After lunch we ran by Michael's Cycle Works.  Thought we'd look at a model Russell had found.  We found that a lot of them are alot bigger than we thought. We just want one that's small, even though the bigger ones are nice. We can always upgrade in a few years if we want. Talked with Vinny there, but nothing that we wanted or could afford. haha. 
Yeah these are really nice..not as expensive as you would
think looking at them..but too big

Love this one!

Got home, groceries unloaded and it was clouding up again. Yay! More thunder and lightening so we took our drinks to the back porch as with the wind we were getting wet out front. 
Rain and thunder made for another nice evening

What a gorgeous sunset! 

This morning I showed Ken one side by side I found in Reno so I emailed Brandon for more information.  He called this afternoon so we're going to run there in the am to look at it :)  So we'll see, they only have 1 of this model and he said the same thing the other two guys we've talked with, that they are going fast and because the factories have been shut down for so long, they're hard to come by. I did ask if they required masks and he said they leave it up to customers. Nice, as of today it's supposed to be a requirement. Idiot Governor. Of course he "forgot" his when he was out to dinner with wifey and friends.UHHH..
Not the best picture, but this is the one we're going to
look at tomorrow..so we'll see...

It was a baking day for me today. Karen gave me some bananas that needed to be turned into bread and muffins. Made her some muffins and a bread. Ken got his muffins and bread and I made my flourless peanut butter muffins. 
I had to cut Karen's bread as the outside edges were hard..cooked in non stick pan
Ken's all good..cooked in my mom's old meatloaf pyrex :)
I couldn't give Karen Ken's loaf as his has no sugar except the fruit

Banana, apple, raisin, carrot oatmeal muffins..the dough looked so good!
My flourless muffins in the back..I threw them together in my little
food processor and they are nice and light :) 

Ken went to town to try to go by DMV but he said there's a lot of people waiting in the heat in the parking lot to get in. No appointments other than Reno, Carson City and Vegas.  Too bad. 

We're heading over to Karen's for a bit in a little while. It's Friday night Happy Hour!  Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Illipah Reservoir to Sand Mountain, NV to HOME!

We left Echo Valley Campground around 0900 on Monday for our 3 hour drive to Ely, NV.  Did a little shopping at Ridley's grocery store and got some gas.  We were nearing 1300 so headed over to the Prospector Hotel and Margaritas Mexican Restaurant. We were just there on our way going south but because we don't get to Ely very often decided to do it once again! 
Ely, NV!

Where we broke down a few years ago with all the grandsons along Highway 50

We got seated right away and ordered our drinks. Service wasn't near as good as the last time, but the food was excellent once again! I got the veggie fajitas again and Ken had the luncheon plate of pork burrito with beans and rice. It was huge! 

Once we were finished we took our 40 mile drive to the Illipah Reservoir. Having never been there before we have to say we were really pleased with setting. They have 14 huge sites in the main campground and then 2 sites nearer the water. Pit toilets which were excellently serviced, garbage dumpster, covers, picnic tables, fire pit and fire ring at each site. Wind fences also at each site to keep the wind at bay. It's Nevada so there's always lots of wind! All of this for FREE and you can stay up to 14 days. The lake is full of fish, you can see them jumping! There is no cell or wifi service at all. Luckily it's only 1 1/2 miles from the highway and cell service is just down the road. 
Cover, wind fence, fire pit and bar b q

Big group of toy haulers and toys!

We really thought there wouldn't be many people there but we were pleasantly surprised at the amount. One huge off roading group having a wonderful time with their UTVs (Utility Trail Vehicles)! Again, nice to see people out camping and having fun! 

We got ourselves settled and sat on the shady side of the trailer. People watched and just enjoyed the afternoon/evening! The scenery is beautiful in that area.  We were too full from lunch so no dinner was required. 

A beautiful sunset :) 

Yesterday morning we awoke around 0630 and had our coffees which went a lot faster as we had no service to catch up with our blogging friends. After showers and breakfast we took a walk over to the lake and it sits beautifully.  It was already hot so we didn't stay out too long. Back to camp and off we went on the next trek towards home. 

Part of the big group of toy haulers and toys!

Some of the campground!

These cuties were following the leader to the water!

We arrived at Sand Mountain Nevada to spend the last night on the road.  It was 104 degrees! Smarter people would have left, but we wanted to watch people go up the sand mountain! It's Nevada so it usually cools down at night. We sat in the shade and a little wind blew. It wasn't too bad, haha. 
Middlegate, NV..Burgers are supposed to be awesome!!

Sand Mountain, NV..lots of good times were had here!💗

It's huge!!

ATV at the top of the mountain..zoomed in

2 at at the top of the mountain..

Once it cooled down about 1930 Ken fired up the bar b q and cooked some delicious Better Cheddar Links..yummy! Ken started the generator and we were able to run our portable fan.  Along with all the windows open it was just fine. Because it's wide open country out there he left the generator going when we went to bed.  I woke at 0130 and the fan was still going, sometime during the night it quit but we expected the generator would run out of gas. 

This morning we were up again about 0630, he got the generator going again and the fan came back on. Had our coffees and caught up on our friends. Showers, breakfast and off we went. Time to get in the air conditioned truck and head for home. We arrived home just about 1200. 
Our camping spot at Sand Mountain..

Our neighbors behind us today! 

Fire up near Gardnerville, NV..seen from our backyard..😢

It's hot, 99 degrees but I got the trailer unloaded and Ken did his stuff. It was a good trip for sure, but it's always nice to be home 💙😊

We are actually thinking of buying a side by side. I've wanted one for the last ten years or so.  Watching the people at Sand Mountain really brought back the urge..I contacted our researcher (our son Russell) to see what we could come up with..so we'll see! 

Our governor is trying to enact a mask everywhere policy...so it may be awhile before we buy as we won't support any company that enforces this policy. 4 months later and you say now you have to wear a mask..NOT! 

We had some major thunderstorms this evening.  We were out on the back porch then Karen texted to see if we wanted to come over, so we did. Awesome evening of rain, thunder and lightening! Again, it's good to be home. 

Time for bed!