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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Waking up to no cable and SNOW!

Our morning snow!

Beautiful out the front door!

Well we headed for Winnemucca on Monday am..not too early though..got there just in time to have a delicious lunch at our favorite Chinese place "Wonderful House" yummy!  

Ran out quickly and got the mail, stopped at Raley's for a few things and then checked in to the Motel 6 for the night.  Had to b at the Dr's at 0800 so figured that was the best way to insure we'd b there in time!  Got that done, breakfast at Parker T's in town (yummmm) and then we headed home so Ken could get ready to head to Ca on Wed.  I ran to the laundromat to do a couple of loads of wash (still no dryer)..Ken called the repair guy who said he was still waiting on a part..yeah..

Ken left about 0600 on Wednesday...we haven't had any weather for two months almost but they are expecting snow..I had a nice quiet day at home..then got into the pictures, thousands it seems...Love doing that but time consuming..got some separated for the boys and will take them this weekend.  

Ok, so I go to bed...wake up at 0330...wide awake, no cable tv!  Look out the back door and what do I see?! SNOW...not lots but enough so that when it's daylight i'll see if that's what keeping cable from finding a signal.  According to Direct tv probably..so we'll see if Ken makes it home from CA today..gotta admit I miss him lots when he's gone..a day or two is ok, but forever would suck!!  

Time for some coffee!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Progress is being made! Loving the living room!

How the wall looked this morning when Ken started

In progress...U can really see the difference here

And this evening...pictures don't do it justice...all that's needed is trim..

Another beautiful day in Yerington, NV...u would never know it's the middle of winter..
This afternoon it had to be 60 degrees in the sun!  Ken worked on the living room today
and got the wall done (except for trim) ...it looks so awesome!! The pictures don't do it justice!  Now for the front door wall and then the two small walls on the kitchen side..can't wait!! 

I ordered some curtain tie backs and want to order a lamp..but all in good time..still deciding what to do about the floor..probably gonna have Ken lay a new one..

Ken's brother Don is in town, (CA)...so after we get back from Winnemucca on Tuesday Ken will head that way to see about helping him take care of the rest of his house, as it is in escrow and they still have some things in the garage.  Then we have Mason's birthday party on Saturday and Gma's house for Superbowl on Sunday..Monday am we have to head to Winnemucca for our Dr's appts on Tuesday...whew...then hopefully Ken can get back to work! haha..just kidding!  

On to winnemucca tomorrow!

Friday, January 24, 2014

We got a new Couch!!

Ken got the wall done and it is sooooo awesome!!  Thought i'd give him a break today (hahahah) and we headed for Reno to take a look at RC Willey to get an idea of furniture we would want for the living room...well, u know how that goes...we had the Mazda and we bought a couch!!  So back to Reno tomorrow to pick it up!  Of course since we'll have the trailer, i'll have to relook and see if I can find something else to go in the livingroom....

We walked into the store and looked at a few pieces...then we were headed to the clearance room and on the way ...there it is!  We both were in love at the same time...so we bought it!  Have to go back tomorrow to pick it up...so now have to wait til Sunday so Ken can get back to work on the wall...(crack that whip that's what I do!).....

We looked at Ashley furniture to see if we could find something for the other wall...they are crap..so no...!  but it'll b fun looking! 

The wall is done!!! Love it!!

Ken stoking the fire! 

Our NEW Couch!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Seth and Mason were here! Progress on the living room!

Well the days are flying once again!  Seth and Mason came for the Martin Luther King weekend and Chris and Eric spent a couple of days in reno celebrating Christina's birthday.  I met them in Reno Saturday morning to get the boys and then we headed home slowly.  By the time we got there it was about 1630 and we worked on getting some dinner ready.  

Next morning after breakfast, got some snacks together and we had an enjoyable (sometimes too enjoyable) day of watching the playoffs and inbetween some ping pong...Monday morning we met the kids in Gardnerville and returned them.  

Ken and I made a stop at Walmart for a few things and then headed home.  

This week Ken has been working on the panelling in the livingroom.  I don't think anyone realizes all the work that goes into this unless u watch him work.  He is taking down the old panelling and 4/8" sheetrock then putting up then reinforcing the walls, putting up new sheetrock and then the panelling..so basically he's doing it twice...but it sure looks AWESOME!  

Tomorrow, (Friday) we'll probably head to Reno and take a look at a few furniture stores...

Wall above fireplace ready to be worked on

Seth and Mason 

Seth having dinner...

Seth ready to beat the competition...

the competition...

Ken and Eric talking at the skate park in Gardnerville, NV



Ken working on the wall.....

What's done so far...we love it!

Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Friday!! Ken's doing an awesome job on the livingroom!

Woke up to a cold, clear morning...kinda the way they've been for a couple of months now.  No rain in the forecast but badly needed!  

After our morning routine, coffee, computer, catching up on other people's blogs, exercise, showers,  breakfast and Ken making a fire in the woodstove (whew I'm tired just writing that!)....Ken got started on more sheetrock and panelling..at about 1600 hours this afternoon it looks awesome!  

I probably should have waited till the sun was down more, but I was so excited that I couldn't wait!  Loving the way it's turning out and love the look!  

Tomorrow morning I will head to Reno to meet Eric and Chris and get the boys from them for the weekend.  A trip to Winco is definitely necessary!  Looking forward to a great weekend and by the time I get home there should be more panelling up! whooohooo!! 

** To see a bigger picture, click on the picture itself...especially the last pic!***

Ken and his handy work!

Love it!

Hard to tell, but we are almost at the woodstove...so glad we went with
the gray bricks!  

Thursday, January 16, 2014

What an expensive week!

Ken bar b quing hot links for last Sunday games!

Today, Ken finished the bricking behind the woodstove..looks great!

Our open wall...hopefully tomorrow some sheetrock and panelling!
Snacks, bloody marys and mimosas...good times!
Saturday we watched some football and then because we enjoyed the games so much we decided to do it again on Sunday, except I ran to the store and got some snacks and we had an enjoyable day!  Nothing got done..oh well need one of those once in awhile.  

So much fun we're gonna have to do it again this Sunday!  

Monday we went to Reno, to pick up the Ford, it was fixed they ordered the parts for the truck from ebay and it was fixed early.  So off we went and $1670.00 later we have our truck back.  haha...From there I went and did  some grocery shopping and Ken went to the tire place and had new tires and reconditioned rims put all around...so another $1300.00 there...ahhhhhh...but should be good for another 100,000 miles or so....NOT....Tuesday, we took the truck to Carson City so we could get the sheetrock needed for the house, and a few other things.  We visited Harbor Freight and Tractor Supply and had a nice Mexican lunch.  Headed home, stopped in town and got some diesel. Truck wouldn't start...the igniton just kept going round and round...ahhhhh...so long story short, had it towed to the shop in town and a Yerington Police officer took me home so I could get the car and pick up Ken.  

Shop called the next morning and only $89.00 later the truck is fixed!  

Yesterday and today, Ken has finished a few projects and worked on the living room.  He got the bricks done behind the woodstove and it turned out so nice!!  So glad we've got the woodstove in and working!  Love the ambiance and the heat!! 

Saturday I'll run to Reno and meet with Eric and Christina and get their boys from them.  They are spending the weekend in Reno as it's her birthday.  I'll meet up with them on Monday.  

Had a nice conversation with my good friend Vicki Wright Lyman...hadn't talked to her over the phone since we retired...but it was like talking to her everyday! Love ya Vic!

Friday, January 10, 2014

These days are flying! Got our first piece of panelling up!

Our first fire! 

The wall before....

And after...we love it!!
Can't believe how fast the months are going!  We've been home most of the week except for taking a quick trip to Winnemucca to "check the mail".  We took Ken's truck into the shop for a fuel leak and to have the temperature gauge replaced.  They are so busy at Dynamic Diesel that they said it would be a day or two, so we decided to just run out and get the mail.. Turned out to be a good thing as we still don't have the truck back and this is Friday.  In checking some things they found the front brakes, rotors etc.  were bad so Ken told them to go ahead and fix.  Well, because the truck is a 97 Ford it looks like there's alot of parts Ford isn't making anymore...so they finally found some parts that were needed they ordered through ebay and won't be here till at least Monday.  So today a big trip into the city (Carson City) for some shopping.  

My washer broke this week so Monday service people are coming out. At least it's still under warranty.  

Yesterday Ken was able to get our first piece of panelling up in the livingroom, can tell we are really going to love it..I'll post a picture later today..

Yesterday, January 9th we celebrated 4 years of retirement!! Best thing we ever did.  Ken got his first social security check on Wednesday! Yayy...

Today Diane is retiring from Sacramento County!! Hope she enjoys her retirement as much as we do!! Don called and said they had an offer (or two) on his Carmichael house...know he's happy about that!  

Monday, January 6, 2014

We had our first fire in the woodstove!

Last night after posting we had our first fire! Awesome!  

This morning we had another and I let it go out as it was really warm inside while it was around 30 or so outside..Love it!  

I cleaned house most of the day and Ken did some things outside.  Pulled the 97 Ford on the concrete and found out there is a fuel leak, so back to Dynamic Diesel tomorrow as they fixed a fuel leak about 6 weeks ago or so.  He also found that one side of the ball joints is bad so guess we'll see how Dynamic treats us before we decide to get those fixed. 

So hopefully Wednesday, we'll get to Winnemucca for a quick turnaround. 

Had a nice conversation with grandson, Mason...he is just too cute!

Cold outside, so we have a nice cozy fire going in the house! Love it!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Russell and Lori left today...all the kids home..and we almost have a fireplace!

Desert Yetti prints mysteriously appear in Yerington, NV!

Russell and Lori came about 1900 hours on Friday night...we had some enchiladas and a nice evening.  On Saturday the ping pong table took the limelight...kids and adults alike had a blast playing it!  The weather was cool but really nice so we were outside most of the day.  

Ken and Russell "discovered" some mysterious prints in the sand.  Mia and Aaron spent a great part of the afternoon finding more prints and letting their imagination run wild.  So cute! 

Had a nice evening, and then this am after breakfast Russell and family left for home, and I headed for Placerville with Adam and Mia...meeting Bryan and Cheryl for a quick lunch and then I came home to the fireplace almost done.  

Looks so awesome...of course we then discover that the baffles for inside the stove are not in, so Ken had to try to get them in by disconnecting the pipe inside the house to get into the top of the stove...so you know how that goes...not fun, but as I write this it appears it's getting done. 

Ken is so awesome at this stuff...

Desert Yetti prints!  All over the place~

Russell and Mia examining the prints!

Aaron and Russell looking for more Yetti prints

Mia and Aaron telling us all about the prints and how they came to be!

Today, when I got back from dropping kids in Placerville
Ken had the outside chimney about done! Looks awesome!

The fireplace from the inside
The ping pong table is a big hit~


Buddy, such a good dog!

A little Buddy love!

Miss Lori

Papa, Russel and Mia cheering on the ping pong players

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A bow and arrow for Miss Mia and a ping pong table for the rest of us!

Miss Mia making clam dip

Mia, Aaron, Jacob and Papa out by the fire!


Trying to figure out the puzzle of the coffee table

Miss Mia and her new bow and arrow set

Mia and Papa working on learning the bow

Aaron and the bow and arrow set


Our new ping pong table...tomorrow it should be put together

I'd say Mia has done pretty well at shooting!

Ken went to Lowe's and Big 5 today...I went to Walmart to do some shopping for the weekend, as Russell and Lori are coming over to pick up the kids and see the place..  Ken came home with a new ping pong table set, as we thought that would be fun for the grandkids.   While at Big 5 he saw a pink bow and arrow set so picked it up for Miss Mia.  Well, just because it was pink it didn't stop the boys from practicing with it..cute!...Tomorrow Ken will hopefully be able to get the ping pong up and going as the boys seem really excited about having this along with the basketball court! 

We had a really nice New Years with the kids and Ken and I actually were awake for the New year!  Hard to believe it's 2014!   We really want to go to Parker AZ for a few weeks but then we are working hard on finishing the fireplace here and would like to get the panelling up...so we probably won't go yet... we have to go to Winnemucca next week for a quick trip to get Ken's meds and then we have lab appts at the end of the month..dr appt on Feb 4th..so maybe after that if we make some good headway...darn this being responsible!...hahah..

Again, life is wonderful!! Happy 2014!