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Monday, January 6, 2014

We had our first fire in the woodstove!

Last night after posting we had our first fire! Awesome!  

This morning we had another and I let it go out as it was really warm inside while it was around 30 or so outside..Love it!  

I cleaned house most of the day and Ken did some things outside.  Pulled the 97 Ford on the concrete and found out there is a fuel leak, so back to Dynamic Diesel tomorrow as they fixed a fuel leak about 6 weeks ago or so.  He also found that one side of the ball joints is bad so guess we'll see how Dynamic treats us before we decide to get those fixed. 

So hopefully Wednesday, we'll get to Winnemucca for a quick turnaround. 

Had a nice conversation with grandson, Mason...he is just too cute!

Cold outside, so we have a nice cozy fire going in the house! Love it!

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