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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Home from Arkansas, Family here for the weekend, Halloween party! Karen's grand opening, Izzie's birthday! Just a great week!!

 We spent Sunday the 22nd of October in Ely, Nevada at the KOA there. Really nice one, yes a little on the expensive side but it's there and we needed the hook ups for the electricity. The heater did a good job keeping us warm. 

The cargo trailer is ok to sleep in, a little sparse and need to make it more usable. But for the first trip it worked fine. I need a mat of some kind for my cot to make it more comfortable. All in good time. 

Monday morning after getting ready we headed to our favorite Mexican Restaurant for breakfast. As with everything they've raised their prices but it was delicious. Then it was just the usual drive home. We were actually almost home when Karen texted for Happy Hour. So we stopped in there for a bit. 

Tuesday was a day of unloading and doing at home things. 

Wednesday we headed for Reno and Total Wine, then to Carson City for a big Walmart shopping. 

Thursday was basically a cooking day as we had company coming on Friday. Mason and his sweetie Chloe came in Thursday night. Didn't even hear them come in around 2330. 

Mason and his sweetie, Chloe πŸ’‡

 Friday morning we attended the grand opening at Karen's new store. what a great turnout she had! It was so packed we didn't stay long. 

Karen's grand opening on Main Street. Not Just Candles πŸ’™
The Mayor was there to welcome her to Main Street. 

Eric and Christina got here about 1300. A nice afternoon and then around 1700 we took enchiladas, coleslaw and rice next door to celebrate Karen's mom Izzie's 80th birthday. Adam arrived around 2200. We had way too late of an evening but it was fun. 

Izzie in the middle with her friends she has known forever!

Russell gave me this plant for Mother's Day. We brought it 
inside before we left for Arkansas and it went crazy while
we were gone!! 

Saturday was a day of some taking Eric's Can Am out for a drive. I made some pancakes for breakfast along with mimosas and a bloody mary. YUM. Christina, Eric and I made a run to Karen's store to see what we couldn't live without. Found a few things, I have to admit and so did Christina! πŸ˜ƒ

 I made seven layer dip to take next door for the Halloween Party. πŸ’™ They had  "The Band Next Door"  coming to play at 1830. A cute airstream catered the dinner for everyone. Chicken, salad, rice and corn on the cob. The food was yummy and plentiful. 

Out of order, but our sleeping quarters in the cargo trailer

Have fun you two!

We all had a great time even though it was really cold! John had a fire going, along with about 10 propane heaters! 

Sophia carving her pumpkin with her cousin by her side!

Eric and Christina...doesn't he look good??!!

Grandson Adam

The Band Next Door!

Mason and Chloe

Adam, Eric and Ken

Ken, the invisible man until he couldn't stand it anymore

Sunday morning we got up and I made biscuits and gravy to head next door along with some bacon and potatoes. Karen made a huge amount of bacon and eggs. Yummy with her family and mine πŸ’—πŸ’— Mimosas and a Bloody Mary for Eric. 

Breakfast, mimosas and Blood Marys at Karen's 

Mason and Chloe..

Steve and Ken 

Loved this picture of our daughter in laws and their brother. 
Lori, Michael, and Christina πŸ’™πŸ’–
Yes, we have to sisters married to our two sons πŸ’™

Eric and Christina left before noon. Chloe, Mason and Adam stayed for another night. Steve and Candy did too! We enjoyed our time outside with a fire there and in the outdoor kitchen. 

Monday morning after breakfast everyone got ready to head out. Mason and Chloe were  getting ready to head for her Grandma's in Greyeagle for a short visit. Steve and Candy left and then Adam. What a great visit with everyone! 

I took care of laundry etc. Ken winterized everything except the Mansion at this point. Lows between 15 and 18 so it all needs to be done. Later in the afternoon we went next door for a short happy hour. John had to leave Tuesday for a 6 1/2 drive to Bakersfield for work. 

Just got home from a Halloween visit with Karen. Ken and I headed to Gardnerville today to pick up his prescriptions and a visit to Walmart. We had dinner at Sharkey's so Ken had his fish tacos. Oh so yummy! 

Had a Happy Hour with Karen and tomorrow we head for Carson City for a cardio appointment for Ken. We're taking the Tundra in for another 5,000 mile servicing too. We decided to join Costco for the year, so will be going by there too. Another busy day 😁

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Back road driving! Henryetta, Ok to Salida, Colorado for the night!

Yesterday's post 10/20/2023

Thursday morning we left Henryetta, OK and headed out. We knew we didn't want to be on the freeway so as soon as we could we got off and followed some back roads :) The day went by quickly as we followed highway 177 to 400 west. We drove through Dodge City, KS. We were there many years ago and as kids I was there. 

We followed directions to a RV park attached to a Love's in Garden City..what a joke! Not taken care of and no bathrooms or anything. Reviews were good and said they had all that! Carried on to Dakin, KS.

We tried to go to a lake with camping only to find out you had to have some permit from the town and then you could go. UH NO! We found a little motel that was from the 60's or so. They had parking for the trailer and the price was right. 

You could tell they are trying to make it better and everything was except the carpet. But it was for the night and it worked. Just know if you go there is no coffee pot, ice machine or hair dryer. Luckily we had it all. 

The bed was a king and was awesome! I set the alarm to wake Ken at 0500. We left about 0700 and then it was a short ride to the border of Colorado. Had our breakfast burritos going through Colorado. 

Once we got to Canon City Colorado we stopped at the old prison museum to see if we could find some treasures. We were there in 1997 and Eric was with us. Ken bought a wallet that was prisoner made. It lasted forever so he was interested in those, but not this time.  We ended up with coffee cups and a shot glass. Headed on  Highway 50. 

Blackwell Kansas!

Lots of these along the highway!

Territorial Musem, women's jailhouse, it's a giftshop now.
You can tour it..$11.00 for Seniors..

Working prison right next door!

The real gas chamber, was used into the 60's..

Love the colors

We had a late lunch on the side of the road, but it was beautiful. 

Tonight we are at the KOA just outside Salida, Colorado. A city we loved, but now they're building condos on the edge of town, really changes the ambience of the town in our opinion. 

Love the KOA though. 

Beautiful colors at our spot...

Our first spot with the cargo trailer 

Tonight is our first night staying in the cargo trailer. We'll let you know how that goes tomorrow. LOL. We've got chicken (Bryan sent) potato salad and salad I picked up today for dinner. 

                             This just strikes my funny bone!

A couple of pumpkin patch pictures of Baby Phoenix (jelly bean as my sister Linda calls him)

They grow way too quickly!

Have a great night, thinking we will too. :) Happy Hour with the sweetie! 🍺🍷

We are in Salina, Utah tonight at a nice Super 8..will update tomorrow from Ely, NV! 

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Arkansas and family for a few days. Now we're headed back home!

 My last post was from Henryetta, Oklahoma and so is this one, only a few days later! 

A little Americana on their Arkansas garage πŸ’™ You know
I love it and plenty of canvas to add more! 

We pulled into Heber Springs, Arkansas on Sunday about 1400 hours. We had a good drive from Henryetta. After hugs all around, we saw what's been done to the house since we've been gone the last 2 months or so. Happy Hour commenced! 

The guest room with a new bed that's awesome!

Table and chairs for us to have coffee and computers!

Pictures don't do it justice, but her painting of the cabinets
and walls have changed the whole look of her kitchen πŸ’—

Love this cabinet! 

We were greeted with presents, which they shouldn't do!
Love my Arkansas hoodie!

Pennant and key chain. Ken was already wearing his shirt 
and had taken his key chain (with a bottle opener) so no

Bryan had made enchiladas and coleslaw for us so we all enjoyed the dinner. Eventually we made it to bed. LOL. 

Monday morning Cheryl made an awesome breakfast of eggs, potatoes and bacon. Oh so yummy! :) 

The unloading of the cargo trailer was after that! we put everything in Bryan's garage and they can figure it out from there! 

There was more, but this is while unloading the trailer

Ken and I ran to Walmart for a few things and then back to enjoy the afternoon! 

Bryan barbecued amazing steak! Oh so good! Baked potatoes too and green beans! Probably gained 5 lbs in these few days! Cheryl had made zucchini bread before we got there so had that with our coffees every morning! YUM!! 

Our oldest son Bryan, barbecuing! πŸ’™

These would have been my daddy's overalls. I'm sure my
mom bought them for Christmas of 1990 when he unexpeditly 
passed away. Bryan has had them, brand new. Over the last
year Bryan has lost 60+ pounds and now they fit! πŸ’™

Looking awesome Bryan!! Brand new overalls, fits Arkansas
just fine πŸ’™

Tuesday morning Cheryl cooked again an awesome breakfast! Ken had leftover steak with his and we had bacon. 

Just enjoyed the morning then I made some breakfast burritos for on the way home. 

In the afternoon Cheryl and I did some supervisor duties while Ken and Bryan got a few things hung on the garage. Before that there was a leak on some piping on their hot water heater. Luckily Ace had what they needed and they got it fixed. 

Bryan barbecued chicken for dinner along with enough to send with us for dinners on the way home! 

This morning we weren't in a hurry to leave, but we knew we had too. About 1015 we headed out. We'll be back for Thanksgiving! πŸ’—

Bryan and Cheryl πŸ’–

Ken and Me! This morning before our good bye's πŸ˜ͺπŸ’—

Ken took a little detour through Clarksville, Arkansas. We used to go every summer as kids to spend time with grandparents and cousins! The best times ever. 

The Diamond Drive In was there when we were kids! 
Daddy would take us there often :) Dairy King was across the
street, but it's something else now and doesn't look the same.
Here you go sisters! Wendy and Linda! :)

It's Happy Hour with the hubby! Heading up towards Kansas tomorrow, looking for a different route home! 

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Arkansas bound!

 Good evening from beautiful Henryetta, Oklahoma! We left home on Thursday the 12th to head for Arkansas and a quick trip! We headed out about 0620 which was the same time we left with Bryan and Cheryl on the 1st trip. Adam had come to spend a few days with us and he left then too. He was getting a new camper shell on his truck in Carson City.  

Our beautiful sunset tonight, Henrietta, Oklahoma

Adam's new camper shell on his truck. Not very impressed with Capitol Ford,
Carson City. They said they don't have wiring harness for the lights. Adam
needs to call Ford. Sorry, that's your job! They told him it didn't come with keys
for the back, also his job to call Ford! Adam found them on the hydraulic lifts. He loves the shell though. Especially the way he camps this is a major step up!

We're gone!!

Every time we go I'll take Cheryl a few boxes of wine as 
they live in a dry county. Once you find a liquor store (50 mile
round trip) Wine is ridiculous priced! $14.99 at Total Wine
compared to about 23.00 a box! 

Had a great drive to Seligman, AZ where we stayed in a KOA cabin. We wouldn't have been able to park the truck and trailer at any of their motels as they are Route 66 type motels. We did about 550 miles. 

We were on the swing until the sun went down, then it got cold!

The cabin was nice, more than we needed but it worked for the night. I took chicken, potato salad and salad for dinner. Breakfast burritos for the road in the morning. Sandwiches for lunch. Easy and we can make more miles. 

Anyone who knows us knows this isn't the way we like to travel. It used to take us 3 weeks to get to Don's house in Tennessee, but we don't have the time this time. Hopefully in November we can take our time. 😊

We were up and out of the KOA at 0600. Burritos on the road. We spent Friday night in Tucumcari, NM in motel. Nice parking for the truck and trailer. Close to 600 miles were done yesterday. 

Brings back so many memories as kids. Most along the
highways are gone..This is the best preserved we've
seen. Moriarty, NM. Looks like it's a tire shop now. 

We left this morning about 0730. Then another time zone change as we crossed into Texas. We weren't too worried about it as we knew we weren't going as far today. 

We stopped at the Big Texan in Amarillo, because 
Ken wanted a new beer cozy 

We're in Henryetta, about a 460 mile day. We can see the truck and trailer right outside our window. This is a Super 8. I'd stay here again, as it's one story and a huge parking lot along with newly remodeled room! Great prices too. 

Mason, Chloe, Seth and Holly at the pumpkin patch! 

Christina went to Golden Sky Festival in Sacramento today. 
Got a few pics to share πŸ’– This is Christina and her brother
Michael πŸ’™

Christina and friends she went with...

Love this picπŸ’–

Tomorrow we'll be at Bryan and Cheryl's place. About a 250-260 mile day!I heard that he made Enchiladas and coleslaw for dinner tomorrow night 😊

This will be a quick visit again because we've got Eric and family and friends Steve and Candy coming for Halloween weekend. There's a party going on at John and Karen's! Hopefully Diane and Jesse will make it too. 

Have a great evening! Happy Hour here in Oklahoma!🍷🍺