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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Snow! New hardware in the MH. Hoping weather cooperates so we can head to CA this weekend!

 Good Thursday morning! Waking up to a snow covered day.  We have warmer temps so don't think it'll last long (34 feels like 27) as we have a slight wind out there.  

So pretty from the inside looking out...

Got a little overnight...

Adam and Erin didn't get here until almost 2030 on Monday evening.  They left Bend, OR about 1000 and headed towards Winnemucca, NV.  He hadn't been to eastern OR so they decided to take that drive as it was only about an hour longer or so. Of course the weather decided to play a part in that as it was snowing quite a bit. Accident on I80 also slowed them down. 

Once they arrived we sat down to a late dinner of enchiladas and coleslaw.  We visited a bit and by 2230 we were all in bed. Long day for them. 

Ken did get the new hardware up and it looks so good. I didn't get out there that day.

Touch up needed..because I'm almost out of white paint (and I'm cheap LOL) decided to paint the dinette cabinets grey. works as a nice contrast and nobody really notices anyway..
As of now this is all that needs painting..but it'll have to wait a bit..


Tuesday morning the kids were up and breakfast was made.  We visited some more and nearing 1100 they were ready to head out.  They were staying 2 nights, but with the winter storm that was expected they made the smart decision to leave. 

Adam and Erin saying goodbye! 

Just about an hour after they left I was headed to the MH and saw a big bag in their room. UHOH..Erin had left her clothes bag!  I called her and they turned around. No MH that day either haha. They were just out of Gardnerville.  I met them at the park in Wellington.  She kept apologizing and I kept telling her no big deal :) Accidents happen just glad they weren't any further out! 

Later in the afternoon we got a picture of a fire pit and four chairs on the back porch of John and Karen's so we headed over for happy hour. It was really nice out there as their house and cover hid the wind. They have a bigger propane fire pit than us so we were nice and toasty. Came home to leftovers for dinner. 

Wednesday, after our regular morning of blogs and coffee the day got started. I was determined to finish the MH painting..should have left it!  It was a cold and windy day. We started MR Heater, but it was still cool in there. Even though the paint was warm from being in the house, it just didn't go on as smooth as it should. Got the cabinet between the chairs painted but then I stopped.  I only have the little entryway area to paint now, but it'll wait.  

Our neighbor Joe at the work. He works for the fire department at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MCMWTC) out of Bridgeport, CA. 

Highway 395 (one of our favorite drives)..was closed yesterday between Bishop CA and the Nevada State Line...guess it's understandable πŸ˜…πŸ˜†

We're hoping to get over the hill tomorrow or early Saturday morning. Russell is hoping Ken can help him with taking out a wall this weekend. We've learned (the hard way) that if chains are required it's not worth the trip.  The back up is ridiculous and it takes hours to get through the checkpoint  area, even though we have 4 wheel drive.  

Keeping our fingers crossed and eyes on the weather. 

Below are pictures so far of Russell and Lori's remodel project. Their home looks so different already, but they've got more to go :) Can't wait to see it finished! 

This is how the kitchen and dining area looks..
Russell got this done last weekend. This weekend's project is to remove the wall and electricity to make one big "great room"...
This was their bathroom before...
After πŸ’™
Fireplace before...

Hallway bathroom...First picture is before...the rest are after πŸ’™

Time to get the day started! Have a great one! 

Monday, January 25, 2021

Winter Wonderland! Lazy Saturday, Almost finished painting the MH! Adam and Erin will be here today!

 Good Monday Morning! 

Saturday morning we woke to a good blanket of snow and it continued on and off through alot of the day.  Beautiful and cold! 

Our beautiful flag and snow :)
So pretty! John's huge flag is really blowing this morning :) 

Our neighbor Joe came over for breakfast so we enjoyed a nice breakfast and chat time with him. He wanted Mason's pancakes with all the sweet goodies of chocolate chips, ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Made me happy to do that for him. I sent a couple home for daughter Rylee too. They are great neighbors but looks like we'll be losing them soon! Their house sold quickly, so we'll be getting new neighbors as soon as next week. Joe, Stacey and Rylee will be in town for awhile still but their end place will be Alaska! πŸ˜ƒ

After breakfast and cleaning up I thought I was going to the motorhome.  Ken had other ideas as he said I'd just be going in and out through the snow dragging it inside etc...ok he had a point. 

It was a very lazy Saturday!! We watched movies, 3 I think.  Watched the snow fall and just enjoyed the beauty and glad to be inside with a nice fire going. Not something I want to do everyday, but it was nice! 

Sunday morning the snow hasn't melted much, and it's still really cold. We did our morning thing of blogs and coffee to get the day going. Breakfast followed eventually. 

Ken cleared a path to and around the motorhome so that was easy for me.  I got started, realizing there wasn't a whole lot more of painting to be done. Got up on the bunk and painted the gray from the paneling to the living room area. Took all the tape off everything and did some touch up.  

Looking out the living room window of the MH...

I only have the cabinet between the two chairs and the little entry wall to paint now. I got started on that and then the phone rang. It was John next door telling me he sent a text. I didn't get it for whatever reason but I knew what it meant. Told him we'd be over in a bit. I cleaned the tools and Ken got our Happy Hour bag ready. We headed over a little after 1600. 

They are tough! haha.  He had a beautiful fire going so it was nice and toasty by their fire pit! We visited a while and then came home for dinner. We are very blessed to have them too as neighbors. 

Adam called.  He and Erin are in Bend, Oregon on their way home so they want to come and spend Monday night with us. You know there's one happy Grandma and Papa! Guess I'll be making a run to Raley's this morning :) 

I'm hoping Ken can get the cabinet doors and new hardware on today! Next up...ordering material for curtains and probably a new mattress. We shall see!

Time to get hubby up! Coffee's done! Have a great day! πŸ’–

Friday, January 22, 2021

More work on the MH...

 Happy Friday! That certainly used to mean something when we were working! LOL! 

Yesterday was more of the same, working on the painting of the MH.  Ken finished the walls up in the "bedroom".  

First thing in the morning he ran to Tru Value for caulking and then a couple of other stops in town.  I did some regular cleaning while he was gone and made up salad stuff for lunch. 

When he got back, out we went once the MH was warm enough. These chilly mornings make for a later start.  Painting the kitchen area and painting the doors of the cabinets outside was my agenda for the day.  I almost got that accomplished. 

My red and white kitchen...

When we bought paint we knew we wanted the walls of the kitchen to pop with color so we both agreed on red. I got that done and we were both happy with that! Because we liked it so much we decided to continue with the wall behind the dinette. I had it cut out for gray, so red was easy and quick. 

I like this..now what to do with the dinette covers? 

After lunch I headed outside to paint the cabinet doors while Ken worked on cutting and putting up the paneling in the bunk area.  

Ken did and excellent job with this..I love it!
Because of the colors in the paneling it saved me from painting the beige front..😍

I was able to get the frontof the doors done, but it got way too cold to do the backs so into the garage they went for the night. 

Ken barbecued some awesome burgers (forgot a pic) and I made zucchini fries, such a good dinner.  We enjoyed Happy Hour outside with the help of the Little Red Campfire. Watched some movies and then off to bed. 

Friday morning I was awake about 0400 but didn't start the coffee and heaters until 0500.  Coffee, blog reading and then time for Ken to get ready. He's having breakfast with our neighbor Joe in town.  

I made a flaxseed waffle and enjoyed that on my own. It's 37 right now with a warming to 49 so I'm thinking Ken will make a fire in the garage so I can finish those doors.  

Messaged with grandson Jacob this morning.  I'll be getting a package off next week to him.  He said he follows the blog and he thinks the motorhome looks awesome! Wish he was home so we could go out in it once finished and do some Can Am riding!πŸ’—πŸ’—

Time to get some chores done so I can get back at it! LOL..Gray walls today is the plan! Of course you never know...LOL..

Have a great day!  

Thursday, January 21, 2021

More work on the motorhome..snow in the near future?

 Tuesday found us wishing my sister, Wendy and daughter in law, Christina a very Happy Birthday! 

After getting the day going by doing some baking for Ken it was time to head outdoors to the motorhome.  Got some more of the white frames over the couch and other side done.  The doors are ready to be painted but the wind and cold wasn't cooperating.  

White cabinets now..

It's really brightening it up.... :)

Wednesday morning Ken headed off to the DMV to register the MH and to see about getting a NV title for the Patriot.  He was there before 0800 and was #9 in line.  People are coming from Reno and Carson City and that overwhelms our little office. After 3 hours of waiting in line he finally got it done. We have new plates and registration for the MH.  Because we bought the car in CA they said we would have to go to a CA DMV and get them to issue it. Could be it's still coming in the mail anyway. NO way are we going to a CA DMV.  More than likely if we get rid of the car down the road we'll trade it in and then it becomes their problem. 

Once Ken got home out to the MH we went.  Too cold to paint outside so I started cutting in the gray for the walls. Ken worked on the pieces needed for the bedroom bunk. 

Part of the kitchen area before painting...

From the wood paneling to white.. I love the white! Ordered some new hardware today :) 

Lots of places the large paint roller won't work...but 3 inches will!

We quit about 1600 and headed over to see Karen and enjoy a fire for a bit.  Leftover tacos for dinner. Ken says he likes the cabbage better than the traditional lettuce, so that may be the new way of tacos! Thanks, Nancy! 

Heard from Adam and Erin last two nights. They enjoyed a nice lodge at Mt. Rainier and yesterday afternoon they were almost to Olympic National Park at the very top of Washington state. 

This morning I was awake at 1600 so just played on my phone for awhile. Hoping to get the kitchen area finished painting today and the last 6 doors done too. Better get going! 

It's 16 degrees this morning with a high of 58..I'll take it. Maybe snow Saturday! 

Have a wonderful day! 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Adam and Erin visit..Working on the motorhome...Russell's project..brunch with Seth :)

Sunday there was no working on the Motorhome.  Karen was having a barbecue with her family and Adam and Erin were coming for the night.  I thought I'd have tons of time to bake and make things...hahahaa. NOT.  

I did have most of the stuff for spinach dip (except 1/2 cup of sour cream) to take next door but had to run to Raley's anyway.  I like to have special things the kids want when they come so off to Raley's I went! I made the dip when I got back and the bought chocolate chip cookies to take to Karen's. 

About 1300 or so we saw people outside so we headed over to John and Karen's. We had hot links so we took those along with the dip and cookies next door. Karen had the barbecue fired up and in no time a nice lunch was ready! 

After that we moved outside to the outside decking and just enjoyed the sunshine. About 1515 got a text from Adam that they were at our house. We hugged good bye and headed home to see Adam and Erin! :)

Adam and Erin are headed out for 9 days vacation. Plans kept changing but they ended deciding to take a trip to Olympic National Park, Washington.  Well, when they left this am that as the plan...LOL..love you guys travel safely!! πŸ’™ I know before they came it was  it was Joshua Tree and Death Valley...Jello Plans..hahaha..

Adam took us for a ride in his new car. Yes..his new car.  He bought the Tacoma, was approved and then within the week Toyota wanted him to lease the truck rather than purchase.  Yes it was a cluster but in the end he bought a 2018 Subaru WRX that he loves with less payments and less loan time. This is what we call the "Kay Wild Hair"...LOL...  We do have a $50.00 bet that he won't keep the car till the end of the payments...we will see! 

Enjoyed our time together last night.  Ken barbecued Papa burgers and we had french fries as a side. Probably 2330 when we hit the sack. 

I was up around 0500 and started the coffee this morning.  The kids were going to try and be out around 0800 but that didn't happen.  After breakfast and showers it was closer to 1000.  

See the difference in color?! Loving the white...
Another view of the colors...

We said goodbye to them and I got changed into my painting clothes. Out to the MH I went. Had a good day of prepping for ceiling paint and then getting it done! Looks so much fresher! Nearing 1700 I washed my tools and came inside to a nice fire the Ken had going! 

Youngest son Russell has a remodel going on at his place..Russell's fireplace area before remodel...
Fireplace remodel after! 

After Lori decorated! They will be painting, adding new flooring redoing kitchen and losing a wall..alot going on for them!

I was going to do chicken tacos for dinner but I was just too tired..so ham and cheese quesadilla for Ken and leftover cabbage lasagna for me. Good and quick. 

Eric and family at Fanny Anne's in Auburn yesterday..Eric, Christina, Mason, Holly  and Seth..πŸ’—πŸ’™

Time to call it quits! Have a great evening!!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

More work on the motorhome...company coming for the night!

 It's been more of the same, working on the motorhome.  We usually can't get out there until close to 1100 and quit working about 1600 with a lunch in-between. Luckily the afternoons have been gorgeous! 

We did take a day to get the tires on the Patriot and then to Walmart for some grocery shopping.  

Grandson Adam texted last night so he and Erin will be here sometime today for the night.  They are headed for Death Valley and Joshua Tree NP for the next several days! Too bad the campgrounds are closed at both locations thanks to the CA governor! There is plenty of BLM around though.  Gotta love the adventurous spirit in those two! 

Stole this from FB..Seth made a quick trip home to celebrate his mom's bday this week. Quick trip from what I read. They went Axe throwing. Sounds like fun!

Some quick pictures and then it's time to get this day going. No working on the MH today though with company coming! 

Valance gone and cabinet originally before painting 

I know pic is dark..this is up on the bed, passenger side wall..damaged part..
At the end of the day..he's got the panelling we have in our living room turned sideways. HMMM..I like it..was going to paint over it but now he's going to finish this side and put the same on the other side..gives it a rustic look..what a good guy, it's not easy working up there! 
I was able to get started on the kitchen side yesterday afternoon! Got all the cabinet doors painted yesterday.

Window with the old formal valances
I like it so much better without the valances! 

I made Cabbage Lasagna the other day..oh so yummy! 
Ground chicken breast was the meat.  Even John next door liked it and he's a meat and potatoes guy! 

Have a wonderful Sunday!