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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Another week gone and it's Halloween!

Well, here we are again it's the weekend!  Saturday afternoon and it's Halloween! What did we do all week?! I have no idea generally. haha. Mostly we stayed home which is nice. 
Gotta find a new project for the hubby! This is what happens when he's bored..haha

I woke up one morning to a picture on Facebook of Cabbage Lasagna, it looked so awesome. I asked Ken if he was up to trying something new and he said, "Sure". Oh it was as delicious as it looked! I used ground turkey and ground turkey sausage for the meat and then you layer all the goodness with cabbage leaves! Seriously, give it a try you don't miss the noodles. :) 
Cabbage Lasagna. Delicious! I'll be making this one again!

Friday was spent making a few things to take over to John and Karen's this evening. Halloween is her favorite holiday and boy have they gone all out with the decorating. (Pictures next blog) 

I made a jalapeno popper cheese ball to take. Never in my life have I made a cheese ball but I think this one will turn out yummy. Coated in nacho cheese crushed Doritos. White chicken chili to go in the crock pot. This morning I'll bake some cookies too.  Tomorrow we'll join the whole gang for breakfast so I'm contributing a bacon egg casserole and Karen's making some too. As always there will be too much food haha. 
Jalapeno Popper Cheese Ball coated in crushed Doritos.. All  low carb except the chips..
White Chicken Chili...definitely not low carb! 

We did venture into Ross earlier this week. Dressing rooms are still closed so no clothes shopping for me.  I tried to get into looking at toys, but just wasn't into it. I did find a few kitchen things.  Oh well, doesn't hurt to hang onto my $$ for a bit LOL. 

Since our grandkids are all too grown to go Trick Or Treating, thought I'd steal my sisters grandkids! 😁
Owen and Cassidy's other grandma (My My, that's what they call her)took them took them trick or treating yesterday...
Today at a car show and trunk or treat..my nephew Dusty...quite the outfit!
Owen standing by grandma and grandpa's car...
Cassidy making friends :) 
Chelsea and Owen in front of their truck..Gotta love the color! 

Have a great evening!  


Monday, October 26, 2020

Memories of Bodega Bay..Cold Temps..Baking

 Friday morning we headed for Carson City and a visit to the lab for Ken at Carson Valley Hospital. I waited in the car and enjoyed my book :) He was in there just about an hour and from there we headed to Walmart. I swear if we didn't eat we'd have so much more money!  LOL! 

Once we were done there we headed back towards home. Nearing 1330 or so we decided to have Linner at Dini's in town.  We don't go for lunch there much but it was so good! We both brought home leftovers. 

Yesterday's wind brought in all kinds of dust by evening. 

We went over to Happy Hour at Karen's place. She's got family visiting so we always enjoy spending time with them. 

Saturday was a stay home day other than a quick run to Raley's.  Cleaned out a closet and found some winter clothes..just that kind of stuff.  

Got a couple of things ordered for Christmas as I think the longer we wait the longer the wait will be since that'll probably be the way of shopping this year. I'm sure they'll be a few stores to visit but sure won't be the same. 

We had our leftover linner for lunch and then because is was chilly outside we watched a Netflix movie called,  "The Christmas Chronicles" with Kurt Russell (be still my heart). Goldie Hawn made an appearance at the end. Really a cute movie! A new one, "The Christmas Chronicles 2" comes out on the 25th of November I believe! 

Had a nice propane campfire on the front porch again. 

Sunday morning we slept in and then decided to have brunch. Ken wanted a fried oyster sandwich.  Where did that come from?!  Over 40 years ago we used to go on a canoe trip down the Russian River with his boss at the time and friends. We'd end up at The Tides Restaurant in Bodega Bay for breakfast on Sunday, he would always get the Oyster sandwich and a bloody mary.  I Googled their menu and they don't have it anymore but from the prices we won't be going back there anytime soon!  They were fun times! 

Ok, let's see what I can come up with.  We had cans of oysters (he likes them on pizza).  Found a recipe for low carb mix and then rolled them in it, frying pan with a little oil and Yum (uh not me).  Made up two little almond flour waffles and he mixed up a spicy siracha spread.  Then we mixed him up a spicy bloody mary! 

A lot cheaper than heading for Bodega Bay that's for sure! Delicious! 
Hard to believe the food could actually be good for you! The drinks just tasty...

I took a low carb tortilla cut in half added some turkey meat and cheese melted it all together and then a mimosa for me. At least we didn't need lunch as it was about 1145 when we got it all together.  

Kind of nice for a change, we haven't done anything like that in a long time. 

Because temps didn't get out of the mid 40's, no fun going outside. We watched a couple of movies just because we could. 

Late afternoon we went to the front porch while Ken got the barbecue started. Enjoyed our quiet happy hour with the propane fireplace rolling. Sure is nice to have. Ken barbecued some pork I had marinating and I cooked up some veggies as a side dish. At one point I looked at the weather it was 42 with a feels like 31..yep it was cold out there! 

This morning (Monday) I woke up at 0230 and never could get back to sleep. At 0500 after tossing and turning I started the coffee and woke Ken up.  Cold in the bedroom, colder outside! 

This morning's temps..Earlier is was 14 but feels like 8..guess the wind died down!

Our back heater was having issues when we were done with it for the summer. Today Ken called Barry, our propane guy and he'll be coming out to take a look either this afternoon or tomorrow. The wood stove does a pretty good job getting back there in the middle of the night but doesn't hold in these cold temps. 

Ken ran to town to drop off our ballots at the Clerk-Recorders office.  Did a little baking this afternoon and it's tacos for dinner. So definitely an easy day. I'm not sure where the day has gone! Right now 48 degrees feels like 44 so I've been inside. Ken's found things to do outside until just a bit ago. He's tougher than me LOL.  

Almond flour Morning Glory Muffins..

Had a nice conversation with our son Eric for a bit this afternoon. Got caught up on goings on. :) 

Lori and Russell spent the weekend in San Diego with friends to celebrate a belated birthday for Lori. 

Lori and Russell on the right and friends...Looks like a good time was had by all!

Speaking of...Happy Hour Time! Have a great evening!

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Cold temps coming, winterizing, seat covers, catching up with Russell

Tuesday morning we left here and headed towards Reno. Our first stop was Total Wine where I had placed an order and they came out and put it in the truck.  Ken ran in to see what kind of IPA he could get and I waited in the truck. 

Haven't had one of these treasures on my fridge in several years. 

Thank you Owen! 💙💙

Next stop was MotoSheep.  We have seen the commercials for a long time and decided to see what seat covers would cost. Ken ran inside and then came and got me to help pick them out.  WE both found one type that we liked and so decided to go with them.  WE have an appointment in November to get them put on.  Our last Tundra I had cut down towels to put on the front seats and the back were covered in towels. When we traded it in they commented on how nice the seats looked..still brand new after 6 years. This time though, let's get some real seat covers as adjusting the towels every time you're in and out can be a real pain. Not as expensive as we thought they would be so a nice surprise. :) 

Neither one of us wanted to visit Walmart as we'll be in Carson City on Friday so we skipped it. We drove over to Carson City and Betsy's Big Kitchen. A delicious Linner was had. 

Later in the day Karen asked if we were up for Happy Hour so we headed over there for a bit. Some of her family will be visiting from Wed until right after Halloween, so we figured it would the last quiet visit for a bit ...lol. 

Wednesday morning was a nice early start about 0530.  We weren't going anywhere but just thought to make the day longer, a good idea to get up. Coffees, treats, reading blogs and the we got the day started.  

I decided it was a good day for some experimental baking.  Pumpkin bars for me and some coconut flour banana muffins for Ken. Both turned out excellent. I like that I can make these low carb treats for Ken with no sugar added (yes they are supposed to have some or the monkfruit but I don't use it) 

Pumpkin bars..you can put cream cheese icing..but they're good this way
Ken's coconut flour banana, apple muffins..yum!

Ken ran to the dump and came home with this new currency! 

Ken spent the rest of the day outside working on winterizing the trailers and toy hauler. We expecting temps near 13 this weekend. The kids sure picked the right weekend to come out here! 

Later in the afternoon we met on the front porch for Happy Hour and a nice Little Red Campfire!  The evenings are really getting cooler earlier. 

This morning we slept in until almost 0700!! Once again I was up around 0330 for too long time. Fell back to sleep and then 0700! Hate when that happens. 

Joe called and Ken went to breakfast with him. Made my breakfast and enjoyed reading a book for a bit. Then it was time to get started on the day. I decided to clean out my closet and armoire. Found some winter clothes as they'll be needed soon. Looks a lot better and now I can find clothes! hahaha. 

Ken worked outside on the winterizing and arranging some of his own stuff in the garage. Now we'll meet up for Happy Hour. 

I did have a nice chat with our youngest son, Russell. It's been awhile. They are keeping busy with their bathroom remodel and this weekend they'll be in San Diego celebrating Lori's birthday a few weeks late. 

Tomorrow, Carson City. Have a great evening! 


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Family visits and Thanksgiving in October

 Friday Dusty, Chelsea and Jesse  got a little later start than planned but they were all here by 1430.  After hugs and greetings I got out the sandwich stuff and they all ate that and macaroni salad.  They all got themselves settled. Dusty and family in the bunkhouse and Jesse in the Komfort. Nice to see them being used :) 

Dusty, Jesse, Ken and Joe...
Owen with the leg for "Mr. Bones"

Mr. Bones needed another leg, so Ken and Joe fixed it..but Owen was having no part of it..so he's back to one leg..haha
As soon as Owen saw the loft he said "I'm sleeping up there!" He did with his dad...
Owen and his dad, Dusty! 💙

After that it was more visiting and just enjoying their company.  We were out back by the bunkhouse when our neighbors Joe and Stacey came to visit. A little later Karen, Amber and little Millie (Amelia) came over too.  We had some snacks outside and then I made enchiladas and coleslaw buffet style so you could eat whenever you wanted. Works best in this little house. LOL. 

We spent the evening outside, some of us until near midnight.  Ken made a really nice fire and so we all enjoyed. 

Saturday morning I got up about 0600 just to make sure I was ready when people started coming inside. The first one I saw was Owen 😍 He was wanting to go riding in the Can Am. He and his sister Cassidy played on the tractors for awhile and then I got breakfast going for whoever was hungry. 

Chelsea, Cassidy and Dusty went for a little ride around the property...

Cassidy wanted to go for a drive...
Owen and Dusty..
Owen and his dad off for a drive!
Owen and Uncle Ken had quite the ride..

Our little dare devil!

Owen and Sophia...just imagine in 10 years or so...

I love this picture of the two of them

Because we know Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be very different this year I had decided to make a Thanksgiving dinner for us all. Some had been cooked before they got here, but there was still some cooking to do. Ham, Turkey and all the trimmings. Swear I'm slower than I used to be...haha. I wanted to spend time with the kids too.  

Dusty and Chelsea went for a short ride and the kids stayed with us and we throughly enjoyed that time. Ken and Owen went for a ride on Ken's quad while Cassidy and I played on the quads in the garage. She talks in her own little language, but sure makes it known what she wants haha. She's so cute 😊

Little Millie (Amelia)...
Sophia and Owen ...kids being kids! 
Cassidy testing out her fingers in the pie! LOL..I haven't cooked a pie in probably 30 years or more..normally my sister Linda is in charge of desserts. Turned out ok but not like Linda does it! 💗

Chelsea, the sweetheart that she is brought us this cute succulent in a pumpkin, along with a card and gift card (that she shouldn't have done).  I'd give Dusty credit too but when I thanked him, he said "Oh you know I had nothing to do with that" hahahah.
Owen playing with the RC Can AM..

She's just too adorable!

Cassidy loved the different quads...

Later we were in the kitchen and Owen asked me when we could go on a Can AM ride and I answered 14 minutes (I was waiting on pies).  Chelsea was there and said she'd take him so off they went.  When they came back, I was done so he came inside. I asked how the ride was? He said "Well I whined the whole time" Really why? Cause I wanted to go with you! 💖I asked him what he wanted to do now.."Well I guess we can't go on a Can Am ride"..oh do you want to go? He said "do you?" I said "of course"..oh that little face!! So we told mom and dad we were going and Dusty decided to take the 700 and follow along. Nice ride, not too long, he was happy and so was I.  Something about the little ones 💓💙

Once we got back I had dinner ready for 1800, again feel free to eat when you want! Karen, Isabel, Amber along with kids were invited for dinner too. She brought a wonderful meat and cheese tray we all enjoyed. 

Owen with his own Can Am (actually a Polaris Razor) Remote controlled vehicle..
Cassidy running to keep up with the "big kids"
Cassidy loved all the sand around our house..💖
Owen and Sophia really became fast friends! 💙

Sophia, Cassidy and Owen 💜

Again, another late night by the fire.  Good food, good friends (that are like family) and Family! We have a lot to be thankful for! 

Sunday morning came way too quickly and after breakfast around 1000 Dusty and family had to hit the road home. Before that we had Sophia come over and play for a bit. Definitely sorry to see them go, but so glad they came out to visit.  They are already planning the next visit. 

Good bye Dusty, Chelsea, Owen and Cassidy!

Chelsea sent me this pic a little bit after they left 💙

Jesse stayed until about 1430 so that was great. He was in no hurry as he had today off. 

Jesse and Uncle Ken..

Eventually it was back to just Ken and me for the afternoon. I found a spot on the couch and a good book which is pretty much where I stayed. haha. Ken actually joined me most of the afternoon. Not something we normally do, but why not. 

We called it an early night and headed for bed. 

Monday morning it was 0700 before we woke up. I was awake in the middle of the night for an hour or so which always messes with the morning wake up. Darn. Had our coffees and visiting with blogging friends. Patsy, you are in our thoughts today! 

Got breakfast and then Laundry etc. Got the bunkhouse and  Komfort back together We're ready for company again! Ken did his thing outside and brought the Mansion back to the concrete. We were hoping to go somewhere for a few days but Ken's got some appointments coming up. We shall see.  

After lunch I decided to make some new morning glory muffins for Ken using almond flour. First time for everything. haha.

Now it's time to get this blog published as Happy Hour is upon us! 

Well that didn't happen as Karen suggested Happy Hour...

Sitting here this Tuesday morning feeling very grateful for the family and friends that we have. Wouldn't have traded this weekend for anything. Just needs to be longer next time. Love you guys! 

We're headed to Reno this am to see about some seat covers for the Tundra and a visit to Total Wine..then we'll see what else we can get into. 

Have a great day!