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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy 10th Birthday to Grandson Mason!

Woke  up this am at Lake Mead..Boulder Beach Campground...we got ready and headed towards Boulder City Nv and the Coffee Cup Cafe...well that didn't happen as when we got there a line out the door told us they were way to busy for us!  

We walked down the road a piece and found the Southwest Diner...really cute and not so packed at the time!...Ken had the chile verde omlette which is what he was going to have at the other place...this was huge and awesome tasting..I had scrambled eggs w cheese and their "other potatoes" which were awesome!  Bell peppers and onions..yummm...we left there stuffed!  Hit the grocery store quickly and then took a drive over the Memorial Bridge and back..why no pics?!   The batteries died and we didn't have any with us ....:((....

So then back to camp...the skies were clearing so we had a great afternoon.  Took a nice walk and then at like 1634 the sun went down over the mountains...so a little later Ken made a nice fire and we just enjoyed the campground.   

Ken bar b qued awesome hamburgers for dinner!!  I don't eat meat very often anymore, but when I do a bar b qued hamburger hits the spot...and it was definitely worth being bad for !  

Now we're inside enjoying the trailer, and think we've decided to head for Cottonwood Cove tomorrow...not too far to go..but we figure why not...not in a hurry..only plans that we really have are on the 7th we need to be at Buckskin Mountain in AZ....

Happy 10th birthday to grandson #4 ....Mason!  Hard to believe our youngest grandsons are turning 10 this year...Aaron is next ...March 20th...seems like they were all babies not too long ago!  Mason is quite a character, strong personality, and very sweet!  He is the grandson that looks so much like my daddy when my daddy was young...such an incredible resemblance!  Love u Mason!! 
Mason on the left, Jacob, Aaron and Seth....

Friday, January 30, 2015

Vegas to Boulder Beach Campground Lake Mead..

We left Duck Creek at about 1100 this am...headed for Lake Mead...but stopped first at US Bank to make sure Ken could transfer $$...he saw a few Vietnam Vets inside but had no money to buy a poppy there were selling...they gave it to him anyway..then he told me about it..and I got $$ for the return trip...I honestly couldn't give it to them..as I would cry..so I had Ken give it to them...

Our campsite as we pulled in

We drove into Lake Mead and headed for Boulder Creek..found a beautiful campground and took our spot ....$5.00 for the night for the senior pass...awesome..we left got the banking done and back we went..

Ken started an awesome fire and we enjoyed a few hours watching it..Ken bar b qued a pork tri tip which turned out so good!  We had tri tip, mashed potatoes and mixed beans...yummmmm!!

After the campfire was started...

This evening campfire...love it..

After our awesome dinner ....we're ready to call it an early night...tomorrow we plan on going to Boulder City and the Coffee Cup for Breakfast...then  we'll probably head back here and spend another night...Needles after that?! we'll see..

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Two more off the "Bucket List" and Lake Mead and Hoover Dam!

Had a nice night here at the RV Park..Left this am and were at Gold and Silver Pawn in Vegas at about 1000.  Not a bad crowd there at that time, but of course no Pawn Stars either.  Nice little shop, alot smaller than I would have expected but nicely kept and lots of people working.  We looked around a bit, bought one souvenir and left.  By the time we got out to the parking lot it was amazing how many people had come and were headed in to the pawn shop! We got there just in time!  

The way I remember Vegas..when I was younger!

Almost to Las Vegas Blvd...love the shoe!

Here it is!

The back of the store....Rick..

Ken outside the store...

The parking lot ...

People going in...there was hardly anyone when we went in...

Think they're gonna stop them soon...ridiculous...

We left there and drove down the "Strip"...we thought we'd find a place to park and walk around, but just too many people, so we drove and I took pictures..that was fine with us.  

Stratasphere...looking up those are people on that spider looking thing
NO way! 

Down the strip...

Treasure Island...

Don't have to go to New York City....She's in Vegas...

We decided to head to Lake Mead and see where we want to camp after leaving the rv park.  Had a lovely drive through Henderson NV and on to Lake Mead...Because Ken's America the Beautiful Senior Pass was stolen in the truck break in we were able to get him another one for another $10.00.  Yay!  

So we drove on the lakeview drive and checked out a couple of campgrounds.  We like Boulder Beach which is where we'll probably head tomorrow for a night or two before heading to Arizona. Because it is a National Recreation Area it's only $5.00 a night for camping...(old person's pass)...great bathrooms, water but no hookups..but we don't need them.. 
Heading toward Lake Mead!

Camping area we may stay for $5.00....awesome!

Then we headed to the Hoover Dam road and drove over the dam, lots of people but such a beautiful place!  We may go back in the next day or two.  

After our drive there, we headed for Boulder City and the Coffee Cup Diner.  This was featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives...so off we went in search and found it!  Had lunch there and it was yummy!  We may go back for breakfast on Saturday and see how that is. Pork Chili Verde Omelette is their featured item that DDD had so we'll have to try it...well at least Ken will, as I saw an order of biscuits and gravy go by and hmmmm.....i'll try not to ...but no guarantees.  

My lunch at the Coffeee Cup...NO I did not eat all those fries...

Ken's lunch and yes he did eat all his!

The hallway to the bathroom....

Bar at the Coffee Cup...

Outside the diner

By the time we were done with lunch and a quick drive around old town we decided to head back to trailer.  I made reservations for Buckskin Mt State Park for February 7th till 11th...so what to do before that?  I'm sure we'll spend a few days at La Paz County Park...but before that...who knows.  
The new Memorial Bridge over Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

This one's for you Ninny....ahhhhhhh....

There may be no service at Lake Mead so I may not update till we leave, but who knows?  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Las Vegas Baby!!

We left Armagosa Valley this morning about 1015 or so knowing we were only going about 100 miles to Vegas.  
Our site at Armagosa Valley 

Thought this was pretty unique..

A beautiful drive through the Nevada desert with all the surrounding mountains we arrived at Duck Creek RV Park at about 1230.  Nice park (for an RV park) and it's Passport America..so we have a huge pull through site for $25.00 a night...we'll probably stay 2 nights and then head for Lake Mead for a few nights.  The weather is gorgeous, not too warm but definitely short sleeve weather. 

On the road it looked like a volcano exploding...the clouds were awesome

Joshua Trees!

Coming into Vegas..

We had lunch here at the trailer and then decided to head for the Vegas strip for a drive..Ken and I haven't been here together since 1983 in the 1961 Chevy Impala with the kids and they were small.  

We found a back road and got to the strip..wasn't too bad till Tropicana Ave and it was not moving!  So we made a right and headed back to the campground.  Figure we'll try again tomorrow and maybe take a walk around or maybe not.  
Love this sign!

Coming into the strip!

The trailer in the spot...

Looking out the back of our spot...it's cramped which is
why we don't like RV parks if we can avoid..but it's Vegas! 

In 1983 we stayed at the Imperial 400 hotel..and it was nothing like this!  I have been a couple of times since then...once with Linda, Bobby, Dusty Daddy, Diane, Jesse, Russell (he was 12) Eric and me..Diane and I used to take a trip every year after school was out and that year we did the Grand Canyon, Zion, Vegas, Death Valley and Lake Tahoe.  The most favorite picture I have of Russell and my dad was in Vegas in Linda's trailer (at the time)...Good times! 

Tomorrow we'll see how it goes!  

Talked to Cheryl and Adam, he got a letter from UOP telling him they were interested in him...hmmmm...and he's only a sophomore...way to go Adam!