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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Monday, November 30, 2020

A few days in Winnemucca, NV..Doctor's Appointment..Home tomorrow :)

 We left Cal Expo RV Park on Saturday morning.  Ken helped Russell on Friday but because Russell had things to do on Saturday there would be no work to be done on the bathroom. We'll be back in a few weeks so Ken can help out. 

We got to Winnemucca around 1500 and just enjoyed being inside watching some movies. One was Hillbilly Effigy..based on a true story and we really enjoyed that one.

Sunday morning we were up and around and then headed for Walmart, quick trip and only $20.00..then we ran to Big R so Ken could get some stuff to wrap some outside pipes on the trailer. 

An old barn...

We took a ride to the backside of Winnemucca just because. Nice to see some outlying areas. Expensive homes and junk homes. 

Winnemucca, NV 
Yesterday morning, what we woke up too! No wonder the heater runs all night long!

After coming home we watched another movie (we never watch any at home haha). 

Tacos for dinner and then later called it a night. 

This morning (Monday) we got up around 0600 and visited with our blogging friends. Then because it was Cyber Monday got on line and bought us a 43 inch TV for the blue room.  I did some more shopping for those "bargains"..haha. 

We left here about 1115 to head to my last Doctor appointment.  I love those people. We took a little gift to the receptionist and one for our Doctor.  No masks required there.  She has them on hand, I'm sure because of the mask nazis that check them out. 

We reviewed my tests..not bad but a couple had gone up! So we're looking at some changes. Gained a few pounds which need to go!! The only concerning thing is my blood pressure has gone up, we noticed it a few weeks on vacation and we doubled my meds to meet with what Ken has been taking for years. She agreed that's what we need to do. Very much hereditary. 

She doesn't need to see me ever again, as she doesn't take medicare.  She gave me labs for 3 months ahead. She said we will chat after that labs unless there's a problem before then give her a call.  She is wonderful. 

I will tell you she doesn't believe in any of this COVID crap..it's all BS according to her. She told us other stuff but not putting it out here because you can't trust people. 

Sure gonna miss her! 

We left there and headed to Chihuauha's Mexican Grill for a late lunch/dinner.  It was awesome, but I didn't take any pics :(  

Back to camp, Ken hooked us up for the morning so we can get out of here early. Hopefully get the tree decorated tomorrow afternoon! 

Eric and family Christmas Tree! Charlie Brown style! We used to do the same
thing when our kids were small at Uncle John's Christmas Tree Farm in Elk Grove
Mason, Seth and friend Colton went to find the perfect tree :) 

Just noticed, that at 1600 no one has come into the park yet..Have a great night!

Friday, November 27, 2020

Home is where you park it! A great Thanksgiving and shopping with my sisters

 We got here to Cal Expo RV Park on Wednesday afternoon around 1400. The park is pretty empty considering how crowded it's been in the past. WE had a late lunch and then Ken did his thing unhooking and hooking up.  

We brought our Patriot Wreath to enjoy while we're traveling..In honor of my
Daddy! 💙
Cal Expo RV Park

The rest of the day was basically spent inside watching a couple of movies. The best was The Santa Chronicles 2 with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. A must watch if you have Net Flix.  

Thursday morning we had planned on being at Russell's right around noon. Ken left to visit our friend Casey in Rio Linda, a yearly tradition for them :) I stayed at the Mansion and finished up the appetizers.  Deviled eggs, sausage balls and rolled wraps. 

We got to Russell and Lori's house near 1230.  Had a wonderful visit with them both, Aaron made an appearance about 1300 and stayed in the living room with us. 

Lori working hard...😊

Lori got busy putting things together making mashed potatoes, stuffing and a fresh green bean cheesy casserole. Rolls and pies to finish it off. She refused to let me help so I chatted with her while she did all the work. It was her first time doing a Thanksgiving dinner because they usually visited where ever we were. We hosted for many years at our house in Colfax, then my sister has done it for the rest of the time. 

The highlight of the afternoon, Russell had Jacob call so we could FaceTime him from Italy! It was awesome and he looks so good! You can tell he's been working out!

Russell smoked a turkey and a ham. Both were excellent. Once it was finished around 1730 or so we sat down to eat an incredible meal. It was really nice just to sit and enjoy each other's company and catching up 💙

Russell carving up the turkey..

Someone's plate (I forget who lol)

Dad and Russell enjoying a drink and conversation 💙
Allissa stopped by to visit for a bit 💗
Aaron 💙 Gotta love that smile!
I thought this was so cute..Lori catching a little nap..Well deserved!! 
Ken talking with his mom..looks comfy doesn't he?!

We stayed a while longer and nearing 2000 we left to head back to the trailer. Thanks so much for having us 💖💖😍

My alarm was set for 0330 but around 0200 I was wide awake. I laid there awhile and then got up, coffee started.  We were out the door about 0415. Ken took me to my sister's house so we could do some Black Friday shopping. A tradition that started back when we were kids. Wendy, Tasha, Linda, Chelsea and I headed for Walmart out in Roseville.  Pleasantly surprised, even with the 25 percent limit we went immediately in. Very few people and no waiting in line. 

From there we headed for Galleria Mall in Roseville. We walked down to the Disney Store just as it was opening at 0700.  We got in there and out pretty easily. Then towards Penney's and no problem. As I was looking over the railing I could see a bunch of people waiting in line for a Lululamon Store..wow! Never would I wait just to spend my $$. Either it was easy in and easy out or lines.  No thank you!

All those people are in line for one store.. against the wall they were waiting 
to get inside another store.

Seth brought 4 Marines home with him for Thanksgiving 💜💙 Looks like you need a feast to feed them with and they had one! 
Seth 💙

We left there and decided to see about finding a restaurant to have breakfast (also tradition).  I found out there was one near Fair Oaks that was open and had tents set up outside with heaters. Ok. 

As it turns out we didn't make it there today as we passed a restaurant that Ken and I had been to several years ago. It has actually been there a long time. I could see they had a tent up, but no people inside. I parked and walked inside. There were people at the bar area and people at tables. "Are you open?" She said, "We're not supposed to be, but yes" Ok I gave her a thumbs up and said "We've got 5".  Nice place, great food! I won't name it now, as there are people who would turn her in, apparently that happened before.  

On the way out I talked with her and she said the place had been open since 19**. The last shut down almost did them in, now with 25 percent capacity and no inside dining, this would be the last straw for them..they would have to shut down forever. This is what the Governors are doing to small business. What a shame. Right before this restaurant I saw one other that appeared to have people inside. Good for them! Won't name that one either.

After breakfast we headed to Chelsea's to drop her off and a quick visit with Dusty, Jesse (they were going for a hike), and of course, Owen and Little Cassidy 💙💗

From there back to Linda's. I unloaded my treasures into Wendy's car and she drove me home to the Mansion.  

Spent some time cleaning up and relaxing. Ken is at Russell's helping with the bathroom remodel. Tomorrow we head for Winnemucca.

Have a great afternoon! Happy Hour Time, Hubby's home! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Winnemucca, back home, off to Sacramento today.

 Good morning! We're here in Yerington, NV and it's 31 degrees with a feels like 23. Guessing we've got wind blowing out there.  

I woke up at 0330 and after laying there a few minutes decided to turn on the heaters and get this blog done before we leave this morning. I love this time of the day when it's quiet and I can just be in my cozy bed, hubby sleeping and just enjoy the moments. 

Monday morning waking up in Winnemucca it was toasty in the Mansion as we had our beverages, Ken with his coffee and me with my hot water since I was fasting. I got my labs done and was out of there just a little after 0900. 

This was a beautiful sight. Snow on the mountains, but none on the ground. :) 
WE expected to see more RVers in the park. The least we have ever seen other than the permanent area has a lot of them. 

We headed over to Parker's Model T Restaurant and Casino for a yummy breakfast and way too much.  Both of us had doggie bags to go, a rarity for Ken. 

Ken's Chicken Fried Steak Skillet. Piled high with goodies! He took about1/2 home! 

My Denver Omelette filled with yummies! I don't eat the potatoes or toast (well I did have 1/2 slice just cuz it was loaded with butter haha.) I still took 1/2 home! 

Got  back to the park and around 1100 we were ready to head home. It was a wonderful 12 days out, but always nice to get home. 

Fallon, NV getting ready for their Christmas Tree Lighting in the old town square 💖

WE pulled into the driveway around 1400 and started the business of unloading. We didn't unload everything as we're leaving again on Wednesday morning. 

Around 1730 we were invited next door to John and Karen's as they had a fire going and we needed to catch up. 

We stayed way too long, got home around 2230. 

Tuesday morning Ken went to breakfast with our neighbor Joe, and I got started on appetizers for Russell's house and doing some general cleaning and laundry, lots of laundry lol.  

About 1530 I was done with everything, so Ken pointed out the Cabela's add, darn him! Found some Christmas presents and spent some more  $$. Amazon too. haha. 

 I forgot to mention that on the November 22, 1988 Ken decided to quit smoking. He hasn't had a cigarette in 32 years.  Because he puts $100.00 a month "smoking money" in an account every month I have $1200.00 a year to use for Christmas that isn't allowed to go anywhere else. Now that our family has grown, doesn't go as far as  it used to, but it sure makes a huge difference! Thank you sweetie! 

Was a nice quiet night and we just enjoyed being home. Spent a little time on the phone talking with Adam, Eric and Bryan in that order. Nice to catch up. 

Well, better get a move on. Alarm is set for 0500 so I've got a few minutes yet. We've got reservations at Cal Expo RV Park for 3 nights. Then back to Winnemucca. We'll be home Tuesday and can finally get the tree set up and get ready for Christmas 💕

Have a great day! 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Boulder Beach to Ely, and then on to Winnemucca...

 Friday morning we left the Boulder Beach Campground at around 1030 or so. We had an enjoyable drive from Boulder Beach to Ely, NV.  Our girl in the phone (GIP) wanted us to start out one way which didn't work, but a few miles later we were able to get on the right track. 

On the road...

Silver State Classic Challenge takes place twice a year on this highway. VRRM..VRMM
On our way to Ely, NV..
Cute little place near Ely, NV

Around 1600 we were pulling into the area of the Prospector Hotel in Ely, NV.  We thought we'd stay there to visit the Mexican Restaurant, Margaritas but later in the afternoon we just weren't feeling it. I ended up making tacos in the trailer. $$ saved haha. 

We awoke to temperature of 16 feels like 6..and yes it was cold.  The heater did an awesome job all night long keeping us nice and toasty.  We got ourselves ready and then headed into Margaritas for a nice breakfast. 

We headed for Winnemucca down highway 50 and then turning onto NV 305N to Battle Mountain and then into Winnemucca.  We had reservations at New Frontier RV Park where we always like to stay. $21.85 for the night, beautiful spots, bathrooms, and hookups. We are here for two nights.  

Smoggy looking Vegas...
Nearing Ely, NV

TRAFFIC...LOL..near Ely, NV..and Ward Mountain..beautiful drive!
Leaving Ely, NV
Eureka, NV..
Austin, NV
Nearing Winnemucca, NV...

This morning (Sunday) we slept in and then got ready to head for Walmart slowly. We went there with the intent of getting Thanksgiving stuff for the appetizers we are taking to Russell's on Thursday. What a great Walmart.  Couldn't believe the number of maskless shoppers. Yes, there was the share of masks, but since Afton, Wyoming there hasn't been this many. Nice to see people given the choice of masks or not. The Adult program we used to call it at work. If masks work, then you shouldn't worry about my maskless face. 

After that we came back to the trailer, put stuff away and then had our lunch. We were thinking of going out to our old neighborhood and checking in with some friends, but decided to just enjoy the afternoon here. 

Tomorrow morning at 0850 I have my final labs at my Dr's office and then we'll head home. We'll be back next Sunday for my appointment on Monday. 

Ken and I did some Christmas shopping online this afternoon. Guess it would have been cheaper to visit with friends LOL. 

Close to Happy Hour time so i'll get this finished.  Have a great evening. 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Still here at Boulder Beach, Beautiful temps, Happy Birthday Jacob!

 Tuesday, after we got ourselves going we left the campground about 1100 to head for Henderson, NV to pick up our order at Total Wine.  Love their curbside service, pull in text them your numbered spot you're in and they bring the order to your vehicle! 

Then it was off to Big 5 as Ken wanted to buy some more socks. I waited in the truck, nothing I needed there! 

Once that was done we headed into Vegas to get a look at the new Raider's Stadium. Not that we care (not watching NFL) but figured it was something to see and it certainly was.  A beautifully built structure, right near the airport and hotels. The couldn't have put it in a better place. 

Not the best pic with he sun..but Allegiant Stadium home of the Raiders

A beautiful building for sure
Mandalay Bay..right next to the stadium and the airport. 
Not much traffic at all!

Vegas is a disappointment for sure right now.  We did see quite a few tourists waiting by the old time Vegas sign to get their pictures done.  Hardly any cars on the road or people walking the strip area. Sad...How those businesses will ever come back I have no idea. Especially with our Governor uhhhhh..

Once we left there it was after 1300 so we decided to head for the Sunset Casino for a Linner.  You walk in and they take your temperature with a machine that looks like a camera.  Luckily they didn't ask for our names or anything, or we'd have walked out. Found the restaurant, only a few people in there and only a few on the floors playing games.  Food was very good, would certainly eat there again. 

Sunset Casino..How do they make it?! 

Time to head back to camp after that where we enjoyed a lovely evening outside with our Little Red Campfire. 

Wednesday morning we had planned on leaving and heading northwards. Decided against it as we knew the sooner we get north the sooner we're back to colder temps.

We had a late breakfast about 1000 and got out of here about 1100 (which seems to be our usual time LOL) We were headed to Boulder City only a few miles from here.  It's an adorable little town that is walkable. Exactly what we did. What a difference from a few years ago. Hardly any people walking the streets. The famous Coffee Cup Cafe (Diners and Drives featured it) looked dead.  Last time there was people outside eating and drinking, none.  One wine place did have a few outside. 

Boulder Dam Brewpub...
Coffee Cup Cafe..no one outside..
This would be bustling with people normally :( 
Here we are...
The inside of Boulder City Brewpub..

I guess they think they're near Area 51..they are 52..

Another store in town...

We ended our walk at Boulder Dam Brewpub. Why not?  You could choose inside or outside seating. We chose inside.  Hardly any people inside. Ken tried a couple of their IPA's and enjoyed them.  I was going to try a sour, but they had none but they did have wine which they didn't last time.  They had a delicious looking menu, but we were still full from our breakfast. Next time! 

We were going to purchase a T Shirt for our son, Russell but in talking with the server because they were closed for 4 months (thanks Sissolak) they only had a few small and mediums. So we took that $$ and had another round. haha. They didn't put in their usual order because they had no idea when or if they would reopen.  He did say there are rumors the governor will shut everything down again and if that happens he thinks there are a lot of places in town that will shut down for good! Sad..If masks work, then Vegas and Boulder City should be fine as I've never seen so many masked up people anywhere!  I do have to say that here at the campground which is very full..not one masked person in the last four days! 

We truly enjoyed ourselves there and only hope the next time it's still in business.  We headed back to camp but Ken had another little drive in mind first. We headed toward Willow Campground a few miles inside Arizona.  Lovely campground, right above the river. All sites were occupied as they are reservable.  After that we found our way home. 

Thursday morning finds us still here for another day! Friday, we figure we can leave here and drive 250 miles to Ely, NV to spend the night and then another 250 on Saturday to Winnemucca where we'll spend two nights and travel home Monday after the morning lab appointment. 

One huge house being built..they will have an awesome view of the lake..
Ken is so impressed by these retaining walls in one subdivision..
I just love this view!

Willow Beach..

The campground..but no sites available as reservable..

Wednesday we'll be heading over to CA for Thanksgiving with Russell's family. 

Yesterday, the 18th found our grandson, Jacob turning 19! He's an air traffic controller in the Navy over in Italy.  I messaged him on FB and Venmo'd him his bday money. I sent his bday card in his package I had sent him a couple of weeks ago. Happy Birthday Jacob! We love you and are so proud of you! 💜

That smile :)

Jacob and his dad, Russell. :) 

Was going to get this posted this morning..but didn't happen.  We had a nice day at the campsite except going to get gas and ice. Ken dumped the trailer so we're set to go in the am. He barbecued some awesome boneless pork ribs and we had veggies to go with it.  YUM.. Tomorrow we should be in Ely, NV if all goes well. 

Have a great evening!