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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Mac is back home! A new Marine recruit in the family! Rain!

We headed over the hill yesterday to go get my computer! I'm so happy to have it back.  

WE stopped in to visit our oldest son, Bryan and family for a bit. It's been a long while since we've seen them so it was a nice, but short visit.  Bryan and Cheryl gave us our birthday presents so that was a nice surprise.  I'll have to post mine, so cute!  Ken got BEER! So he's a happy camper! 

Next we headed to Eric's house to get the computer from the Jayco.  Nice surprise there to see Eric and our grandson, Seth at home.  Eric was home sick and Seth was done with school for the day.  A quick visit and then we headed home. 

Highway 50 was still beautiful and 4wd was needed in a few spots. Luckily the newer Patriot has it!  We ended up stopping at CVI in Minden to see our favorite waitress and get some dinner.  Early for us at 1700 but we had a small breakfast early in the am and nothing since, so we were starving! YUMMY..

The BIG news of the week!? Our grandson, Seth signed papers for the delayed entry program into the Marine Corps!! As it stands now, he graduates high school and will leave for boot camp sometime in the summer. So very proud of him following in his Uncle Russell's footsteps. Monday he will be at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) for a physical and many other things.  He should have a better idea of what job he wants and leave date.  He just turned 17 in November. 

Seth signing for the delayed entry program

Eric signing papers allowing him to join

Seth and his recruiter :)
Because I've missed so many days blogging (and i don't take notes) I'll just condense.  

We got the Christmas tree up and enjoyed our usual brandy and egg nog while we did it.  Ken put a tree on the porch of the bunk house which looks nice when lighted at night.  Hope to get him to put lights on the bunkhouse and outhouse like last year.  

We decided to do something different for New Years this year.  We were talking with our neighbors Karen and John and decided we're heading for Pirates Den RV Park in Parker, AZ.  We're leaving on the 27th of December and will be there from the 28th until the 2nd.  Ken made the reservations so we're glad they had a couple of sites left. Then who knows?  They'll head home as he still works for a living.  

Now for a few catch up pictures from Thanksgiving and beyond. 
Sunrise at home

Russell and Michael

Michael and our son Russell with the red solo cup and the smile!

Lori and Seth

Christina and Lori

Brother in Law Bobby

Grandma Linda holding Cassidy and Owen taking a minute for
a bite!

That's Jacob smiling!
Our spot at Imperial Manor MHP

Highway 50 going home :) 
Christmas tree on the front porch of the bunkhouse!

Got our quirky tree up! 

Woke up this morning (Thursday) to pouring rain! It's still going good..we need it badly..I know my Canadian friends won't want to hear this..but sure am hoping it would turn to snow!! Have a wonderful day everyone! 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Short and sweet update!

Good morning all from Yerington, NV!  THis is short and sweet as we left our trailer in Cool, CA at our son Eric's house because of the weather going over the summit and we don't have to bring it back at Christmas.    So in cleaning it out of stuff to come home we got about 20 miles from Eric's house and Ken says, "Did you remember your computer?" Well, some not so nice words were said and the answer was "NO!" It's still there where we keep it. We were going to turn around, but we had just come through an accident and they were holding traffic during the clean up and we didn't want to go through that again 2 ways! 

WE traveled on and glad we did.  Highway 50 was beautiful with all the snow.It took us about 45 minutes to go 1 mile where they were checking for chains.  So we were certainly glad we didn't turn around earlier.

I'll do some form of catchup once I get my own computer back as I am cussing this thing as I write this!!  NOt very Christmas like for sure! 

We had a very nice Thanksgiving, too much food and drink! Great time with family :)  which is all that matters anyway! I've got some pics to post, I may try later today, or not... Time to get this day started!  

Monday, November 19, 2018

Happy 17th Birthday Jacob! A start on Thanksgiving cooking...

Saturday morning I sat the alarm for 0445 so I'd make sure I had plenty of time to get to Highway 50 and 89 to meet Eric.  We had our coffee and regular morning of visiting with friends.  Showers and breakfast and I was out the door around 0730.  

I stopped for gas in Gardnerville and then headed on. I really only beat Eric to our parking spot by 5 minutes or so.  We chatted a few minutes and said our goodbyes.  Mason and I headed for Minden and Raleys.  I had two prescriptions to pick up.  Then it was on to Mc Donalds for him, because shocking, this teenage boy was hungry!  I told him he was a cheap date, 3 chicken sandwiches and a Dr Pepper.  $4.29 out the door..(bless his heart)..haha. 

We travelled on and headed for home.  Got here and Ken just beat us by a few minutes. He had gone to Gardnerville himself to check out chain sharpening and getting the Honda generator fixed. 

In time for lunch for Ken and me.  He had a sandwich and for the first time since our anniversary in September I had a "sandwich" .  Almond flour 90 second bread and it was delicious. 

My "sandwich" 90 second bread made in the microwave..
tastes pretty good!

Ken bar b qued some chicken and I sat outside on the swing with him. Mason was in his room, playing Playstaion 4 with online friends. Amazing isn't it?! A little later Karen texted and said they had a fire going so the 3 of us headed over.  Lively conversation dominated Happy Hour and a little later we headed home. 

I made some mashed potatoes and green beans to go with the chicken and everyone seemed to like it. Some tv and a little later, bedtime!
Saturday the 18th was our Grandson Jacob's 17th Birthday. Happy Birthday Jacob! His dad posted these pics on FB so I had to steal them.  

Jacob at 17..gotta love that smile :)

Jacob and his dad probably 2005 or 06
when we all used to go atv ing..

This morning (Sunday) we had our coffees and then Mason came in to say good morning. He wanted pancakes, so after a bit I got that started along with some bacon.  Cleaned up and did some things and then he and I headed to Raleys for a few things.  He is an only child while at Grandma's so I do like to spoil him a little bit ...haha.  

A quiet afternoon until we headed next door to check out John and Karen's bedroom project.  Coming along nicely and we helped her "burn" the wood a bit. 
Chicken, green beans and homemade mashed potatoes for the boys. A little more tv and now time to say goodnight! 

After waking up at 0230 I finally fell back to sleep around 0400 or so and then Ken got up at 0500 and started the coffee.  Today was a cooking day for me to get a head start on Thanksgiving.  I got a couple of pork roasts in the crock pot, some cheese and beef log cut up. Also got some stuff prepped for stuffing. Tomorrow morning i'll put the ham in the oven and tomorrow night put the turkey in the oven overnight.  We'll take it with us over the hill and then at the RV Park get it cut up and ready for Thursday.  

Ken got the propane tank filled and got more wood on the front porch. With these cold temps we've been going through it pretty fast.  Normal mornings are ranging from 15 to 17 degrees.  It does warm up nicely in the afternoons to about 55 or so.  

Our youngest son, Russell with his friend Ken supporting
the Candango Fundraier at River City Brewing.  Russell and Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts
donated some goodies to the raffle. 

Great nephew Owen was the ticket puller for Ken..
My sister said he was disappointed because they
didn't win a prize :(

Great niece Cassidy is a Raiders fan just like her
mommy and daddy..she was happy they finally
won a game..

Have a good evening everyone! 

Friday, November 16, 2018

Baking day, Helping Karen burn, good friends..

Thursday morning we awoke to cold 17 degree temperatures.  It was nice and toasty as Ken had kept the fire going during the night. I had been awake since 0230 so was ready to get up about 0500.  We got the day going as usual with checking in with our blogging friends and coffee.  I was out of banana bread and applesauce oatmeal muffins so I  knew what I was doing once i got going. 

During our stay at Washoe Lake State Park when we used the generator the last day, Ken pulled on the rope and it broke.  Oh no!  We've had this Honda generator for 13 years now and it has served us well. We're partial to Honda because of the quietness and reliability.  It will be quite a challenge to install a new rope, so not sure what we're going to do other than look for a Honda dealer. They're pricey but worth it in our opinion.  

I made the banana bread and applesauce oatmeal muffins for Ken.  Kept the kitchen nice and toasty! 

I made the veggie bake for my dinner too. 

In the afternoon, our neighbor Karen called and she was going to "burn" the fireplace mantel she got from her mom.  It holds an electrical insert. So we headed over to see what she was doing.  The mantel was not pretty for what she wanted it for.  She and Ken got the propane torch (a big one) going and she proceeded to burn the finish off, really looks cool.  It'll go in the corner of their new bedroom until they figure what they really want. 
Ken taking a turn burning the fireplace

Partially done

Doesn't do it justice, but it looks really good!

After that was done, it was time for Happy Hour so because we were outside, Karen started a nice fire in the fire pit.  John got home from work a little later and joined us.  Finally, after awhile it was either put another log on the fire, or call it quits.  We were ready to let them get on with their evening. We headed home about 1840.  

Watched some tv and had dinner. It was an early night. 

This morning I was awake about 0400 got Ken up about 0500 for coffee and his muffins. :)  They turned out pretty tasty. We got the day going and other than running to Raley's to pick up some beer for Ken that was it. Home:) 

He wanted some stuffed bell peppers for dinner so I worked on that.  Found a recipe on Pinterest for slow cooker peppers and decided to give it a try. At this point they look delicious!  I've got a turkey burger I made from the meat from the peppers.  
Yummy bell peppers

Just general stuff around the house, nothing too exciting but that's ok.  

When Seth and Mason left last weekend we talked about them coming back this weekend.  Seth is having his birthday party along with our other grandson Jacob tomorrow night in Ca.  Mason still wants to come so after talking with him tonight I'll head over in the am and pick him up.  I figure as long as they want to come, I'll travel!  As I was finishing this, Eric called and offered to meet me halfway! We'll meet at 1000 or so and then I'll bring Mason home with me. :) 

Because of the weather next week Ken may be taking a day to drop the Jayco off at Eric's house so we don't hit SNOW! I'll be cooking, so he'll have to go by himself. We've got reservations in Citrus Heights at a Imperial Manor MHP where they've got RV sites now. It's also a Passport America Park, so for 2 nights $17.50 a night.  That works for us. 

Our neighbor Joe and his wife Stacey are heading for Paradise, Ca tomorrow to drop off these goodies donated by Peri Farms, Yerington Elementary School and the dentist in town, Dr. Draper.  The death toll climbs along with whole towns being homeless now from the devastating fire. It's so sad. :(
Joe's truck ready to head out..:) 

Happy Hour here at home.  Y'all have a great night!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Washoe Lake State Park, Reno, New brakes on Tundra..home again!

Yesterday (Tuesday) we got ourselves up pretty early and visited with our friends to see what they're all up to.  Most are traveling so it's always interesting to see where everyone is!  

Cold, 17 degrees to wake up to, glad we had our furnace running and good blankets on the bed.  We were ready to go around 0930 and Ken decided to take the Tundra and get some gas while I was going to meet him at Lowe's once he was done. 

Got our bucket he was after and a case of water then off to Carson City Toyota for the 5,000 mile service.  We took the Patriot and headed off to Reno and Winco.  We hate waiting for the truck to be serviced so we always bring two vehicles.  We were inside Winco, when we got a call from Marty the service guy. The rear brakes needed to be replaced. We knew it was getting close, so we weren't surprised.  
Our view from our site

Spent quite a bit at Winco, getting ready to cook for Thanksgiving. Then it was off to Total Wine (shocking I know)..haha.  Wanted to get a little whiskey for Thanksgiving as the boys seem to like it.  Bought Veteran owned Leadslingers and then a good whiskey from Tennessee called Lonehand.The bragging rights at Total Wine is that it was Lincoln County processed.   The associate there said he drinks it quite a bit. Yep good stuff! Had a coupon for 15% off 6 bottles of wine, so bought that too. 

We were getting close to 1330 so decided to head for Carson and have Chinese at our favorite restaurant.  The hot and sour soup was so good on a cold day.  Then to pick up the truck and leave a nice deposit with them (at least we didn't have to do all at one time). 

Back to camp!  About 1600 Ken started a nice fire because we knew it was going to get colder!  We enjoyed just sitting by the fire for an hour or more and then back inside.  Had some dinner and some tv and then off to bed. 

A nice comfy night under flannel sheets and the furnace running when needed. Again a low temp night! Started the coffee about 0600 and read our friends blogs and a few other things.  I left first as I wanted to visit Kohl's and Walmart in Carson City before heading home. Before i knew it 1200 so I called Ken to let him know I'd be later than I thought. He said he'd wait for me to get home and we'd have a late lunch.  Close to 1430 by the time we were done. Oh well..salad so it wasn't difficult.  
There's our 2 day home :)

He did his part in unloading the truck and trailer, and I did mine. Now it's Happy Hour time. We'll see what tomorrow holds.  

I'm sure everyone has heard about the devastating fire in Paradise, CA. So much sadness but saw this today and thought I would share...Paradise fit it's name and now....

Amazing the flag is still there..

Our little neighbor Rylee brought these over..She made and
decorated for us :)

She made this sweet card too :)
Grandson Adam was at the river a couple of days ago and
girl he was with caught this picture..His dog Raider is there
with him too! 

Have a great evening!!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Happy Birthday Seth! We're at Washoe Lake State Park for a few days...

Friday morning we awoke with the anticipation that Eric and family were headed our way! YAY!  We love company and we don't get it often. I heard from Christina that they had left and then I heard again that they had to turn around and go home to get some medication for her.  About an hour back home.  Then she let me know that Eric and the boys left, but because she wasn't feeling well, she decided to stay home for the weekend. :(  
Pig Picking cake I made for Seth..Looked so good on Pioneer Woman
but not impressed..next time I'll stick with chocolate! 

Eric, Seth, Mason, and Jackson (Mason's friend) arrived close to 1830.  Ken was bar b quing hamburgers and hot links thinking the boys would be hungry..and they were. I had fries going in the oven for them.  We actually sat down with Eric close to 1930 to have our dinner.  Afterwards we headed out back for a fire in the fire pit. Well, our fire ended at just about 0130!! What ???!!!  Yep..it was nice talking with Eric.

I woke about 0700 went to the living room and Eric had just started the coffee.  WE chatted a bit and then enjoyed our coffee. Mugsy the little cutie from next door came to visit, so I had him wake Ken at 0800. haha.  The boys worked their way in, and breakfast was cooked. It was between 12 and 17 degrees outside at this time.  We wanted to go quad riding, but decided to wait for warmer temps after lunch.  Today is grandson Seth's 17th birthday. We headed for the gun range and let the boys have fun shooting for awhile. 
Eric and Ken :) 

Out at the gun range..

Eric teaching safety! 

From left...Jackson, Mason, Eric, Ken and Seth..:) 



Jackson learning how to load a magazine

After lunch we headed out in the Dodge, Ken, Eric and me.  The boys were on the quads.  Headed up the mountain and out to the track. They had a good time. 
Eric, Seth and Ken


Mason on my 700..


It's dry out there..





Snacks were out when we came home and the boys wanted to play ping pong. 
Chicken enchiladas was the requested dinner for Seth. Happy to oblige!  Then we had cake and ice cream. We were able to get Christina on Face time (or something similar) so she was able to be a part of it all. 

Outside to the garage for a ping pong tournament. Once we were done with that, outside to a fire again. No way were we staying up till 0100 again..hhaha..Ken went to bed about 1030 and Eric and I chatted until 0100. We went inside and he started a fire inside. About 0130 or so we said good night. Nice solving the worlds problems with my son :) 
Mason and Seth..:)

Mason..the winner..

Love this pic of Jackson! 


Seth's cake and candles..

We were up about 0700 again, coffee, breakfast and then Eric took the boys to the top of the mountain with the radio tower.  They came back, our neighbor Joe, Stacey and Rylee came over to visit a bit.  We loaded Eric up and then about 1230 or so they left.  I made them sandwiches for the road. 
The boys... Ken, Mason, Eric, Seth and Jackson! 

Me and my boys ;) Mason, me, Seth and Ken..Eric took the pic..

Another room ready for Christmas..

Eric texted me when they got home. We went to John and Karens for Happy Hour around 1700 and came home at 1940 or so.  Dinner and bedtime. Cold, cold temps. 

This morning, Monday 17 degrees.. We got ourselves ready and left about 1230 or so to head for Washoe Lake State Park. We stopped on the way and had our salad lunch.  Tomorrow we'll drop the Tundra off for service and take the Patriot and head for Winco and Thanksgiving shopping. Staying another night here at the park.  We had a fire a little earlier but boy is it cold outside!!