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Monday, April 30, 2012

Hard to believe it's Monday!

April 30th..We're in Cool CA with our son Eric and his family.  Got here Saturday the 28th later in the afternoon.  This family is soooo busy I don't know how they do it!  We brought the 20footer and the new trailer with us, and I drove the Patriot.  

Sunday the 29th we headed for Bryan's house with the cabover and I cooked Super Burritos for them. It was nice to see Adam, he is so tall..I know I just saw him on the 21st but still..he grows by leaps and bounds.  We had a really nice night!  

Got up this morning and left for Eric's.  I cleaned out some stuff out of the cab over and straightened the trailer. Ken changed the oil in the Patriot, as we will be leaving on Wed with Don to head for Tennessee! 
I went to Russ and Lori's house to see those two grandsons.  We did some shopping that I needed to do.  I called Lori, to see if I could take them to dinner at the Habit Hamburger place, so ended up with Lori and Russell coming out for  dinner!  When I got back to Eric's,  Ken and Mason were here and they had been out looking for frogs.  Seth had a baseball game and did AWESOME!  He got 10 strike outs and caught a pop ball as he was pitching!! AWESOME job SETH!!   Baseball is definitely his game!  When we get back will have to catch a game before they're all over! 

Tomorrow night we'll stay at Don's and get going on Wed.  I made reservations for a camping cabin in Needles, Ca, so we have to get there.  

Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27th...Hard to believe it's Friday already!  We've been here in Winnemucca since Monday afternoon.  Ken worked hard over the last few days weedeating and the property looks so much better!! Still more to do but he has worked hard.  

We've had some incredible weather, from warm enough to wear shorts to cold enough for a jacket..yesterday we actually had more wind and rain than we've ever had out here in the last few years.  

Yesterday we went to town, did some banking and Ken picked up his new 5x12 utility trailer.  He is a happy camper!  We had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  I had their fajitas, veggie style...so good and way too much food.  Came back and made whole wheat pizzas for dinner...again way too much food! Probably too much wine, but sure was good...I have to admit not missing the meat as much as I though I would.  

Yesterday was Bryan's 39th birthday!  He had to work, but I called and left a message.  Hoping to see him this weekend! Hard to believe these kids of ours our getting so old.  Seems like yesterday when I had him :)..We sure are proud of our boys!! 

Got a call from Linda yesterday, Wendy is in the hospital.  They are running tests, she has had a couple of episodes in the last month where she goes very weak arms and legs..Hopefully we get some news soon. 

Beautiful cool morning...Ken is going to unload the 20foot trailer so we can pick up stuff from the storage unit in Colfax and get it out here. Leaving tomorrow for  CA.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adam's 13th Birthday and so forth...

April 21st...We met up with Bryan's family, Daniel, Wendy, Shawn and Ninny at Garcias in Carmichael for Adam's 13th Birthday.  We had a wonderful time and Bryan got Adam a free dessert for his birthday. Garcias used to sing to the birthday boy but apparently not anymore, so we did!  Embarrassed him to no end, but he did good!  Got a few pics i'll have to post later because I don't have the camera with me right now.  

We left there and went to pick up a few things for dinner at Don's house.  I made them chicken enchiladas and coleslaw figuring you spend the whole day on an airplane you're probably starved when you get off.  Dana had to work that night, but they are both so excited about the house in TN!  So are we!!

Sunday was a great day at the BMX races!  Aaron got 1st, Derek 2nd and Bella 3rd..Jacob got into a pretty serious crash so he didn't place.  Eric's crew didn't come out as he had too much to do at home.  Eric's family is soooo busy with baseball that it's overwhelming sometimes (especially for me)....

Spent Sunday night at Eric's and then left yesterday about 11 and headed for Winnemucca!  Waking up to a beautiful morning here, and Ken is going to work on shelves in the containers so we can get the rest of the stuff out of storage and out here so we can start really fulltiming and going somewhere!! Grand Kids  will be out of school next month! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

A great week housesitting!

Well, the week has almost gone by.  Don called this afternoon to tell us they are officially homeowners in Tn!! We are very excited for them! 

Earlier this week I spent two nights at Eric's house because Mason was sick.  Wednesday we met with Matt at Wells Fargo to decide what to do with the money we made from the house.  With rates so low right now we just stuck it into a cd so we would have it available if and when we decide to grow up and settle down.  

Yesterday, Thursday was Eric's 37th birthday.  I went up to Cool and took him and Mason to lunch at the new Cork and Fork in Cool.  Not impressed, but anytime I get to spend time with my boys (big and little) it's all good!!  I made him enchiladas and coleslaw for his birthday dinner and Sandy down the road made him a carrot cake.  

Today Ken and I went to Pearl House for lunch.  They had asparagus so I had the vegetarian portion of it and it was delicious!  Ken had asparagus chicken with spicy sauce..Love it!!

Tomorrow Adam, our first grandson turns 13!  We are meeting his family at Garcias for lunch.  

Hopefully Sunday is the races, the weather has warmed it was 89 today! Way too hot too quickly!  Then we'll probably head for Eric's for the night and back to Winnemucca on Monday for a few.  Bryan's 39th birthday is the 26th so we'll be back sometime around then.  
Amazing how the time is flying. 

Don and Dana come back tomorrow evening, can't wait to hear all about the new house!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

I can't believe half a month has gone by!

We don't have a house anymore, you'd think i'd find time to write this blog..Well, NOT!  I'm going to start trying to do this daily again.  The first week until Easter was spent at Winnemucca dunes with Russell's family and neighbors.  As always we had a wonderful time!  Adam never rode so much as this trip.  It's funny how things go, but we have watched these kids for the last 6 or 7 years go from their little 50's to 90's and up.  Adam has his 400 and to think he started on a 90.  Aaron is riding Jacob's fast 90 and  Jacob spent quite a bit of time on Russell's 500.  No serious injuries just a few minor crashes.  The weather was typical Nevada...nice one minute and then a snowstorm the next. A Great time was had by all.  We came home Easter Sunday, the 8th and dropped off Adam in Gtown.  We spent two nights at Adam's and had a really nice time.  We headed for Winnemucca and spent a few days there, and now we are back in CA.  

Don (Ken's youngest brother)..and his wife Dana left today (16th) to head to Cornersville, Tn where they will be purchasing their retirement home.  Ken and I are staying in their house to keep an eye on Heidi, their dog while they are gone.  They will be back on Saturday the 21st.  Mason got sick last night so I spent the day today at Chris and Eric's spending time with Mason.  I will be spending tonight just in case he's sick again tomorrow.  

This is the week of birthday's ,  Don's daughter Tara has a birthday tomorrow...she's living in Hawaii now.  Eric turns 37 on Thursday, Adam 13 on Saturday and Bryan 39 on the 26th next Thursday.  

We will be heading back to Winnemucca probably next week to pick up our 20 foot car trailer so we can get our stuff out of storage in Colfax...I told Ken that we really need to go somewhere else but Winnemucca all the time...We are retired after all!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


March 31st...We're here in Winnemucca.  Ken's hoping to get the cab over camper on the Ford in the next two days.  We headed into town to pick up a few things and then had lunch at the Chinese restaurant in town.  It was delicious, I ordered the schezuan chicken and didn't eat the chicken.  The nice waiter told me what to order next time, without the chicken.  

I worked on the trailer, what a mess it was with everything from the Colfax house.  Ken worked out back and then came in.  The wind was a howling all day, huge wind gusts!! We had never seen it like that before.  

April 1st.   We slept in till 0630 and then started the day.  Ken's been out back all day working on the truck and cab over.  What a job, I am so lucky he is so handy.  Hopefully we'll be ready to head back to Ca in the morning, to get ready for Winnemucca dunes on Wednesday.  Got some shopping to do, but not much. Russell will come to Eric's to get the 5th wheel for the week.  

Eric and family were gonna go to Fort Bragg this week but it looks like rain up there so they're not going.  It's been nice and quiet out here the last two days.