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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A great Doctor's appointment and a wonderful afternoon...here in Winnemucca!

Yesterday (Tuesday) we did our running around here in Winnemucca. It was quick though, not many places to go.  Walmart, one of our quicker stops then on to Big R and Ron's Seed and Feed.  Ken got a pair of double kneed Carhartt pants there for a good price.  Then we had time to kill and came back to the trailer for a bit.  

Todd Hoffman and his crew of Gold Rush were in Big R yesterday.  Guess we missed them by a couple of hours but one of our friends got a photo op with him. Apparently, they're in Winnemucca looking to purchase some land. 
Tom on the left, Todd on the right

1130 was my appointment and all was good!  Cholesterol numbers were great along with the sugar  that tests for diabetes.  Those numbers were climbing and I'm proud to say it was 89!  109 is where you start to worry and mine was as high as 103.  It runs in our family, and is something I definitely don't want.  So all good for the next 6 months! 

After that we came back to the trailer and headed over to wingers for a celebratory lunch.  Ken had the chicken sandwich and fries, and I had their sticky fingers wrap and fries which was delicious! Too much, so half came home for dinner.  I had a glass of wine and Ken had a tall Icky.  

We came back to the trailer and watched a movie called "Why Him" cute movie but a lot of the F word.  Passed the afternoon, as it was too cold to go outside! 

We had leftovers from home and Ken ate my leftover lunch for dinner.  Some more tv watching and then bedtime.  I put flannel sheets on and am glad I did.  

This morning, (Wednesday) up at 0500 for coffee and computing. Ken ran to the bank and returning the movie to Red Box while I got ready and then cleaned the trailer. Spent some time buying Christmas gifts online this morning. 

Our neighbor, Joe called last night as he's working at the prison here in the area.  We're meeting for lunch/brunch at Parker T's before we head home and he heads to work. 

Our son, Bryan who lives in Georgetown, CA is dealing with Bug Trees as is most of California.  Periodically, trees just fall down, hoping someone cuts the bigger ones down before they fall.  Yesterday he awoke to 1 downed tree near the chicken coop so he ended up cutting down 4 more and cutting up the 5 trees.  Not what he had planned, but it had to be done.   

Bryan said these are definitely big enough to cause
some damage.  

Adam sent me this picture yesterday of him and Elena.  Figure if he's going to share with me, I have to share with you.  

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Home and now waking up in Winnemucca!

Greetings from beautiful, COLD Winnemcuca, NV!  It's 24 degrees with a feels like 16 this morning at 0550!  Thank goodness for heating in the trailer!  We are parked at the New Frontier RV Park.  It's where we like to stay when we're here because with our Passport America pass we can stay for about $10.00 a nice ($21.28) for two nights.  It's a beautiful park with lots of open spaces.  Our favorite is #29 as it's on the end and near the bathrooms if we need them.  
I-80 on our way to Winnemucca..

While we were home for a few days Ken put Christmas lights on the outhouse.  It looks so cute! We haven't lit them yet but I can tell I'm really gonna like it.  He was going to get them on the bunkhouse, but we had such wind gusts, you couldn't stand to be out there.  We haven't had wind like that in months.  

I put some garland up in the bunkhouse and then decorated the house except for the tree.  We'll do that on Wednesday or Thursday.  With Ken's surgery coming up next Tuesday, we'll try to get as much done as we can as he'll be down for a bit.  Looks like a cold spell (and this isn't) coming next week so we'll need
Our mountains had a little snow..

Old fashioned lights on the outhouse

A little garland to make it festive

firewood on the porch. 

Yesterday morning (Monday) we met Joe for breakfast at Dini's.  Yummy and cheap.  We waited for the mail person to come as I was expecting a Christmas gift and didn't want to leave it there for the two days.  We left about 1100 for our 3 1/2 hour drive to Winnemucca.  Got hooked up and then enjoyed the afternoon and evening here in our little mansion!  I did a little cyber shopping and then we watched tv till time for bed.  
Our friend George gave us this mining pan..Ken getting barbed
wire for the hanging

This was painted in 1975..love it, sure captures NV!

Home in the bunkhouse

Side view of the hanging

We're up at 0500 enjoying our coffee and blogging friends.  We'll head out and hopefully make Walmart, Big R and Ron's seed and feed before my DR appointment at 1130.  

We decided to stay 2 nights just because we can and we'll head home on Wednesday.  

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago when son, Bryan sent it to me.  His 2004 Toyota Tacoma just turned over 300,000 miles!  Great job Toyota and Bryan for taking such good care of it!

Have a great day! 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 and Black Friday

Good morning from Yerington, Nevada (yes, we're back home!).  We left here Wednesday morning and tried to time it so we could be at the state line around 1130.  We were actually a little early but our tummies were hungry.  We stopped at Gold Ranch Casino and headed into the restaurant.  Mason was in the mood for steak, haha so he ordered a steak sandwich, which he ended up cutting up with a fork and knife.  Looked a little dry and quite a bit of fat, wasn't impressed but he was happy.  Ken and I had their grilled chicken sandwich which was delicious.  
Our mountains with a little snow!

Foggy day..

When Eric was here he gave Ken this really nice scope and a
beautiful case it came in..

My Pioneer Woman Ranch potatoes..yumm..Mashed potatoes, bacon,
sour cream, cream cheese, cheddar and green onions..not low cal

Off we headed to Rocklin, CA and the Days Inn we always stay.  They've upgraded a lot of the rooms and ours was very nice.  Since we don't have a house payment we figure we can splurge on a motel room once in awhile.   Eric came by about 0415, had a beer and took Mason home for the night. 

We had a nice dinner of salad and some turkey I brought from home. Enjoyed doing  absolutely nothing and off to bed.  

Thursday morning we're up early. About 0700 I went down to the lobby and made a couple of pieces of toast and grabbed two hard boiled eggs for me.  Back to the room and Ken had finished peeling a couple of eggs I had brought from home.  We had a small breakfast and headed over to my sister Linda's house  after a quick stop at Safeway for a few things. 
Coulldn't resist the TN Whiskey..
Very smooth..:)

Visited with Bobby and Linda (Ninny) while we heated stuff up.  Ken ran out to Rio Linda for a visit with our friend KC.  Around 11 or so people started arriving and seems everyone comes in hungry.  We're not fancy it's a eat all day and find a spot to sit at.  Works best for all of us.  It was a beautiful day so we were able to eat outside too.  
Dusty, Owen and Adam..sorry for the blurry..

Marcus and Isabella on the couch..Aaron and Angelina
in the background..

Tina looked little lazy..


Tina posing...

Owen's mommy Chelsea and her brother Ethan..

Owen and Mason looking at a crazy app on Mason's phone


Brother in law Greg..

Linda's back yard.  

A great visit with everyone, so much so I didn't take too many pictures (darn)..

Late afternoon we headed over to Ken's mom's house for a visit.  She had some pie and chicken out, but we were way too stuffed to partake of anything.  Ken's sister, Diane and her family were there too after leaving Linda's. 

Grandma (Ken's mom) gave us a cute sign for the outhouse, so looking forward to Ken getting it hung!  We had a nice visit and then we headed back to Rocklin for the night.  

I was awake at about 0200 so laid there awhile and then it was time to get going.  Meeting my sisters at Walmart at a bit before 0500 for some Black Friday shopping.  We've been doing this since we were kids and it wasn't so popular.  We'd start at the Payless in Carmichael for some free donuts and either coffee and hot chocolate early in the am.  My poor daddy, he usually had to work Thanksgiving till 2300 and then we'd have him up at 0400 or so to take us all Black Friday shopping.  Sure he was happy when I turned 16 and he didn't have to do that anymore!  So this is more about tradition than getting the good deals (which we did get a few).  After Walmart, we met Adam and his new "friend" Elena at the mall and did a little shopping there.  They went their own way and we headed to Target.  I texted Ken at 0830 and told him i was on my way to pick him up from the motel.  

Met my sisters and Adam at Denney''s for breakfast.  Nice visiting and then off we went back to the room to pack up.   Ken had everything ready to go so it was a quick pack up.  heading up I80 I felt my eyelids closing so took a nice nap.  Only thing wrong with that I missed the scenery which I hate to do even though I usually see a lot of that throughout the year.  
Adam and Elena...:)

Got home and my tummy thought it was hungry so I put together a small salad and enjoyed that.  We had been invited next door at John and Karen's to enjoy their bonfire so we headed  over a little after 1700.  After enjoying the company and the fire for a couple of hours we came home.  Got a little dinner and then headed to the bedroom for tv.  I don't think either of us were awake long.  

Had  a great night's sleep and was awake a little before 0500.  Ken woke a little before 0600 so time for coffee and catching up with our blogging friends.  Not sure what's on the agenda for today but don't plan on going anywhere.  

Monday we'll head for Winnemucca for two nights, taking the Jayco.  If it was the cabover we'd probably only stay one night, but what the heck.  My doctor appointment is 1130 on Tuesday so Wednesday we'll head home.  

After a busy few days it will be nice to be home for a few.  

I know it's the Christmas season as Ken "released" the Christmas money$$..November 22, 1988 Ken quit smoking..after years of my nagging he did it all on his own.  Then and there he decided that come hell or high water he was opening a bank account and putting his "smoking" money in that account.  I think he started with $60.00 a month and then over the years he upped it to $100.00 a month.  His thinking was that if he still smoked, no matter what he would have found the $$ to buy his cigarettes.  So every year at Thanksgiving, he gives me $1200.00 for Christmas, and that's the only thing it's allowed to be spent on. Gee, think I can do that!  I love this gift and story because it's one of the sweetest things he's ever done and he continues the gift every year. :) 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Getting ready for Thanksgiving and a little quad ride..

Monday morning we headed to Dini's once again.  Joe was off and we thought why not?  Mason likes their number one and then he proceeds to make a couple of egg sandwiches with bacon.  After that we came home and other than me running up to Scolari's for some groceries for Thanksgiving day we were home. 

We see Mason periodically throughout the day, he hangs in the room that's designated for the boys and just seems to be relaxing, talking with friends on his phone and playing video games once in awhile.  He said he just wanted a relaxing few days and he's got it.  

I got some of the dishes ready for Thanksgiving like the spinach dip and prep work for the turkey and stuffing. I baked a ham and got it all cut up.  Thank goodness for the refrigerator in the Komfort fifth wheel, sure comes in handy on days like this.  

I made some baked chicken strips and oven fried french fries for dinner (we did see Mason then..hahah). About 2100 we hit the sack and fell right to sleep.  Of course when that happens I'm awake quite a bit of the night.  

Ken actually started the coffee this am about 0500 and when he turned on the news I woke up. Got the day going with our usual routine. 

I cooked some breakfast and then got going on stuffing the turkey and getting it started. Made some of Pioneer Woman's Restaurant style mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and who knows what else, seems I was in the kitchen all day.  

After our salad lunch we did go out with Mason for a quad ride. He rode mine, I rode Ken's and Ken rode Adam's.  A good ride for an hour or a little better.  It was a beautiful day today probably close to 60 or so.  By the time we got back, the turkey was ready to pull out of the oven. 
Mason and Papa, if you click on the pic you can see how high
we were from our neighborhood.

They're waiting on me..as I was slower..but I was trying to get
a pic!

A beautiful ride :)

Spent some time on that and getting things in the frig.  Tomorrow we'll put it all on ice and head for Rocklin, CA where we have a motel room for 2 nights.  Eric is going to pick up Mason from the motel to go home for a night before Thanksgiving. 

Delina Country Store where we love to go when we visit Don and Dana in TN posted a picture of Delina's girls...love it

 Hope you all have a great evening!  We're on the road tomorrow and looking forward to time with family on Thursday and then a little Black Friday shopping with my sisters on Friday.  

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Unexpected Company! :)) Happy Birthday Jacob..

Yesterday morning, Saturday we got up, visited with friends and got caught up on all that's going on with them.  Around 0800 got a text from daughter in law Christina who's married to our middle son Eric.  She asked what our plans were for Saturday and I texted back not much as we were going to be home.  A quick text back, "We're coming to spend the night"...Yay!  Such a surprise, but most definitely a welcome one!  

I ran to Scolari's to stock up on some food that we normally don't have in the house, such as lunch meat, real potato chips etc.  I bought a ham to cook for dinner (even though I have 3 in the freezer because they're so cheap right now).  Got back home and made a batch of cookies and brownies and got the ham ready to throw in the oven.  
Daughter in law Cheryl made me this
Christmas cozy..love it!

Eric, Chris, Seth and Mason all arrived here about 1230 just in time for lunch.  Sandwiches made we enjoyed catching up.  Ken and Eric went out to the woodpile and loaded some in the truck knowing we'd have a fire out back as it was cold!  

I pretty much got dinner done so I could enjoy the fire and the company.  Ham, mashed potatoes, mushroom green bean salad, great northern beans and rolls. When anybody was ready just pop it in the microwave quickly.  

We sat outside for hours with the fire going and beer and wine flowing! Had a great night and it was about midnight when Eric and I finally went to bed.  

Got up at 0500 and Eric was already in the living room and Christina was up too.  Got the coffee going, a little conversation and finally getting Ken out of bed as we had planned for breakfast at Dini's at 0630.  Why so early?  They had to head home early as Seth had a date with his sweetie coming over to the house.  
Ken, Seth, Eric, Christina and Mason 

We were just so happy they all came and even though it was short, it was awesome.  Mason is still here and he'll go over the hill with us on Wednesday.  
Frost out the window

Frost on the Money Pit

Today has been a really lazy day for me, even took a power nap in the bunkhouse as Ken had turned on the heat and it was just too cozy out there. Hope you all have a good one too!! 

Happy Birthday Jacob he turned 16 yesterday!  Russell, Lori, Jenn
Steve, Zach and Aaron in the back..Thanksgiving trip with friends
to visit breweries in Oregon and Thanksgiving at Fort Bragg, CA

Friday, November 17, 2017

Carson City, Gardnerville, CVI and a day at home today!

Got ourselves going yesterday heading to Carson City and Lowe's to pick up the concrete we were short for the sidewalk.  Headed to Gardnerville and Walmart for a few things.  I probably should be picking up more stuff, but just not in the mood for shopping.  Not a good thing, since Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming but oh well it'll get done one way or another.  
Kind of a dreary, cold sky yesterday

After Walmart it was getting to be close to 1300 hours so where else but Carson Valley Inn (CVI) for lunch.  Ken had an awesome chicken sandwich which was huge.  I did their cup of chili and a dinner salad. Perfect.  Out the door along with wine and a beer for under $20.00 with his senior discount.  Nice ride home and I took a nice nap..haha.  
Ken's huge chicken sandwich..looked so good w cheese and bacon!

The stew I had made in the am was smelling wonderful as we walked in the door.  Gotta love a crock pot for days like that.  We had picked up the movie "Bad Mom's" and watched that.  Not a movie to watch with children, but a funny adult movie! 

Easy evening and good stew for dinner then off to bed. 

This morning we awoke about 0500, visited with friends on the blogs and then got the day started.  Ken went outside to pour the rest of the sidewalk and I busied myself in the house.  I made some more broccoli tots as they were so good last time. I ran to Scolari's quickly, dropped off the movie and then picked up a little beer for Ken (gotta keep the crew happy, right?) 

My cousin had sent me a quilt my grandma (on my daddy's side) had made many years ago, guessing at least 60 as she went blind from diabetes when I was little.  Well, I don't know where it has been but it is really stained and stunk up our back bedroom.  Shame, but most of the staining is on the back side which is good.  I took it,  and our Christmas quilt to the laundromat in town.  Grandma's quilt weighs a ton so I knew it would never fit in our machine.  It still doesn't look great, but it smells so much better.  We put it in the sun to dry, so we'll see what happens next.  Love the thought that she made it, but ....

I started to paint the towel holder for the outhouse today, I thought Eric made it in high school, but I can see Bryan made it in the 9th grade which would put it at 29 years old. Ken glued it up and now it's ready to go.  
Towel holder for the outhouse..

Ken got the sidewalk done and it's looking good.  Was a really cold day today and expected to be 18 degrees in the am.  He went out and covered the newly poured concrete as it could pop the top off from the cold.  
The new pour..

We've had a fire going all day as I don't think it warmed past the mid 40's.  Hope you all in the south and south west are enjoying your temps!