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Sunday, February 28, 2016

More progress on the RUDB

Yesterday I got the tax stuff done! Something that has to be done but no fun! 

Ken worked on the RUDB and it's coming apart and that's a good thing!  He got the wall that separated the shower from the shelves..shelves are gone and he got the whole shower pan out.  We were afraid of dry rot under the shower pan as it felt squishy when you stood in the shower.  Nope, all is good! There just wasn't any flooring under the shower, well not much anyway! Apparently there used to be a tub in the bathroom and a window over the tub.  Whoever did the work in the bathroom, removing the tub cut a couple of holes in the flooring and never braced it back for the disgusting shower they put in..I hope the former owners of this home, didn't pay too much to have it done as they got screwed! 
How it looked in the morning..shower and then where the
closet was...

After the wall is gone...

The green board is gone and that expsed where there used to be a window
and we could tell originally there was a tub here..

There are two layers of siding so we won't be exposing the window.  

Ok, here's what it looked like under the shower pan..there in the middle
with the pink insulation..no floor and then in the front what looks like silver is another
cut..and we wondered why it was "squishy"...geezzz

So, everything is out of there now and tomorrow (Monday) when we head for Reno to drop off the Ford we'll go buy the tub!  Guess you can tell i'm excited huh?!  We looked at some tile at Lowe's for surrounding the tub, so we'll see if there's anything we like better or not.  

Finished the evening with a fire and some tacos for dinner.   Ken talked with Eric for a bit last night and got caught up on their family.  Cool in the mornings and evenings, but nice during the day.  

Grandson Seth is playing baseball for Golden Sierra High..so stole this pic from Facebook.  

Saturday, February 27, 2016

More work on the RUDB...

On Thursday we went to Carson City, dropped the Tundra off and headed for Lowe's.  Well, we found out there is a shorter tub we can put in the bathroom rather than the standard 5 foot.  We don't have five foot without Ken having to move all the plumbing and it's just not worth it.  Turns out they make a 4 and 1/2 foot tub, so that's what we're planning at this point.  Honestly, we're not putting a tub in for the sake of actually taking baths, but more for the height of the tub.  This way we can use a shower curtain, rather than the shower doors (which I hate).

After Lowe's ran over to Harbor Freight and then to our favorite Chinese Place for lunch.  Picked up the Tundra and then headed home..another day gone!  

Yesterday (Friday) Ken got started on tearing out the shelves and stuff in the RUDB..yay!!  
Before ...

At the end of the day...today he'll pull out that wall..

So today..he'll work on the RUDB and my job to get the tax stuff together to take to our guy in Winnemucca...one of those things I hate doing, but it's gotta be done!  

Next Friday we'll drop the stuff off and we'll be spending the weekend in Winnemucca.  The Ranch Hand Rodeo is next weekend and we really enjoy that.  We're probably going to take the cabover on the little trailer as we rewinterized the Jayco.  

So Monday off to Reno to drop of the Ford at Dynamic and sometime soon we'll be picking up the tub.  

Grandson Jacob got asked to the Sadie Hawkins Dance..thought this was adorable!  
Clever girl!  I am assuming he said yes! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

We're home, but not much!

 Got our chores done on Monday in Gardnerville, just about 1300..figures right?! 
So of course we had to pay a visit to Carson Valley Inn for lunch. Yum! 

Home, groceries put away and a nice night at home.  

Yesterday Ken got the trailer put away until the next time.  Moved the cabover on the trailer to the basketball court so that once we take the Ford in for some work next week we'll put the cabover on the truck.  

Thursday, we are taking the Tundra in for service in Carson City, so we plan on stopping by Lowes so we can find out size shower pans we can order for the RUDB.  

Monday, we'll take the Ford to Dynamic Diesel in Reno for front end work. 

Wednesday we're headed to the Coleville area  to pick up a cord of wood..So we're home, but it seems we're not home. 

Weather is actually nicer here than we expected..so it's good to be home! 

Monday, February 22, 2016

We're HOME!!

Had a lovely night there in Beatty, NV.  Could hear the wild burros that hang out in that town, just like the old west!  

Actually got out early about 1000! Beautiful drive along Highway 95..not much traffic, just the way we like it!  The mountains had snow on them so just made it that much prettier!  

Stopped in Hawthorne, NV and I made sandwiches and then back on the road again, for another hour or so! Got home just before 1500.  Beautiful afternoon about 60 degrees...not as warm as we've been used to but better than expected!  

Spent an hour or two, cleaning out the trailer, getting laundry started and Ken got firewood on the front porch.  An easy dinner of leftovers and the night was done!  
Talked to Bryan, Cheryl and Adam for a bit and got caught up.  

Love going,  but it's nice to be home.  

And of course we had to have a fire last night!  Still cold nights here for awhile yet!  

Headed to Gardnerville for groceries and pick up prescriptions!  

Saturday, February 20, 2016

There are places in this country with no cell service! Valley of Fire State Park NV....lots of pics...

Had a great day on Wednesday as we were at Lake Mead.  So we got ourselves going and found a US Bank in Henderson, worked our way back to Boulder City and had a nice lunch at the Southwest Diner.  We ate there last year and knew the food was good!  After that we were stuffed so took a little ride to Willow Beach Campground.  Thought we'd check it out for next year, but it was nice, but full hook ups and only a few sites had river views...but a nice ride! We really do like the one we stay at anyway..but it was beautiful! 

Lake Havasu...

On our way to Lake Mead

On the way to Willow Beach...

Our campsite at Lake Mead

So Thursday morning we got up and had a beautiful ride along the northern shore of Lake Mead.  We've never been that way so it was nice.  About a 70 mile ride!  Again, my kind of day!  We came into the park..so amazing!  Found us a beautiful campsite in all the huge rocks. Nice, we pay $18.00 for the campsite and then an $8.00 entrance fee..you know what's really nice about this for next year??  After Ken turns 65..we pay $30.00 a year and get to enter and camp at all the state parks in Nevada for FREE!  If there are electrical and other hookups we would pay that fee..(10.00 at the most)..great benefit to being older and living in NV..as we love NV state parks!! 
After leaving Lake Mead..

Valley of Fire

After we got settled in, took a drive and decided that the next day we'd be back for a few hikes.  The scenery is unbelievable and pictures just don't do it justice!  Especially mine..taken on my point and shoot.  But better than nothing!  
So awesome!! This is campsite just down from us..

Our drive up the canyon...

Our campsite at Valley of Fire! 

Friday morning, we got out of camp about 0945 and headed for White Domes..glad we did it then as it was the most strenuous and we all know I don't like to glisten (sweat)...The temps were awesome and the scenery was just awesome!  1.25 through sand, up and down rocks..but it was so worth it!  

Rock of Gibraltar..

on the way to our campsite...

on the way to White Dome...

On our hike...

This is the "trail"....hmmmm 

here too ...trail...

The Professionals was filmed here!  

Going into the narrows...really cool!

See how small he is compared to the walls??

Love our campsite!

We thought this rock looks like Jay Leno...


After that we headed for Rainbow Vista..but I think since we did the most awesome first, this one didn't do it for either of us..but we moved on..Petroglyphs walk..nice!  
Here you go Ninny!!

We got done and headed back to camp and lunch..then headed out for a few different places..Seven Sisters and the Cabins the CCC's built in the 30s ..awesome!  


Our campsite...FREE next year!!

Ken climbing at Seven Sisters!

He's at the top!

These cabins are so cool!  Wish they had them still going! 

Love the CCC's...Daddy was a part along with some of his

Right behind our campsite..a comfortable arch! Gkids would love this!

You just can't keep some boys down!

This morning's view! 

Out of the park!

Back for Bar b que..but as I'm sitting out there..some little rat or something came out looking for peanuts...did me in!  In I went..hate those things!  

This morning we got going and was headed for Amargosa Valley and their campground..but found there was one in Beatty, NV for $25.00 a night and full hookups so only have about 240 miles to go tomorrow..HOME!  

Our sunset here at Beatty RV Park...

This has been such a great trip...glad to go home,but so glad we got to do this for almost a month..but excited to be home and get Ken back to work...

Grandson Seth is playing baseball for Golden Sierra High..
Grandson Jacob has been asked to play Oakmont High YBA team and the top YBA freshman team..head of YBA asked if Jacob could play for him..
Adam has been nominated for RYLA.rotary youth leadership awards..juniors with leadership skills..will be great experience this summer!  Portola CA...