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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A great Superbowl and today we're headed to Quartzite..

Tanks at the Yuma Proving Grounds Visitor Center

Sunday I made a bunch of snacks and we just enjoyed being here at the trailer. Watched the Superbowl and just had a good day! Still windy but we were inside! 

Yesterday we awoke to nice warm temperatures and winds..we headed into town and did a load of laundry, ran to Walmart and then headed back to camp.  We stopped at the place that makes date shakes, but they were too busy to wait.  After lunch, I headed outside to the sunshine and my kindle..Ken turned on a movie inside and we had a nice leisurely afternoon.  

In the evening, we sat outside for awhile and just enjoyed the scenery! Not sure if we'll be back to this neck of the woods (or desert) next year as the winds have never stopped the whole time we've been here.  So we'll see..

This morning we'll have a nice little over an hour drive to Quartzsite and spend the night.  Planning on heading to Parker AZ on Wednesday.  

Guess we're more south than we thought!

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