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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Ophthalmologist appointment, Electrical problems and some baking!

Yesterday we headed for Reno and Ken's ophthalmologist appointment in Reno.  We headed for a quick run through Winco first as his appointment wasn't until 1120.  Love that store and it's hard for me to make a quick trip, but I did. 

We were hoping the glaucoma surgery was a success and fixed Ken's issues. It didn't! The pressure in his eye is a couple of points higher than it was before the surgery...darn!  His doctor gave him some serious eye drops to try for the next month.  One drop in the evenings. It could discolor his eye and cause his eyelashes to grow. As long as it works that's all we care.  If it doesn't the doctor said there are still other options. He has an appointment on the 29th of October. We're hoping for the best!  
My garage sale dresser needed a little care on the sides. Ken
glued it up and he put the knobs on..Tomorrow you'll see
it right side up :) 

After we left there we headed over to Total Wine. We're in Reno right?!  We spent some time and got some good bottles of organic wine.  I ended up buying a case (12 bottles) of different kinds.  I figured we're there so why just get six? haha..I joked to Ken that I spent my social security check on wine and health insurance. Got the yearly increase notice of an extra $58.00 a month I'll be paying for health insurance.  $12.00 for aging ( better than not aging!) and the rest is just because they want to.  Don't want to rush 65 but it'll be cheaper then!  

I was talking to Ken's mom on the phone when we left Total Wine and we were headed to chinese for lunch.  Well before you know it we passed the exit and ended up at Carson Valley Inn..ok with me..my favorite place anyway.  Carmen had our drinks without even asking and then she pretty much knows what I'm ordering..5 alarm turkey burger without the bun and fries ( I only ate 4) so I don't feel too bad about that.  Ken changes between a few things, but we're really pretty predictable. haha. 

We left good and stuffed. Before you know it I had my nap on the way home. I had been awake since a little after 0200 so I was tired.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Couldn't have been the 1/2 carafe of wine I had could it?! Nah!

Tuesday night when we were in the kitchen the electricity was going on and off and the lights were dimming.  Eventually it cleared itself. Yesterday morning we got up and no electricity in the original part of the house which includes kitchen, living room and green bedroom.  The blue room and main bathroom had power. Oh boy!  Ken fiddled with it a bit and then we had to go to Reno.  When we got home yesterday he went back out to the electrical box and the one in the blue room..anyway he got it narrowed down to what he thinks the problem was!! Yay! Hopefully he'd get it fixed on Thursday. 

This morning we were awake about 0600.  I plugged in the coffee pot using the main bathroom's electrical plug.  We visited with friends and got our day going. After breakfast Ken left to go to town and get the new circuit breaker that was needed out back. I was in the kitchen doing things but not using the oven. Our stove is gas but with electrical ignition so had to use a clicker to start the burners. 
These are spinach artichoke zucchini bites..before they went
in the oven..they were yummy! 

Once he got back from town wa laa a little while later lights on in the kitchen! YAY! For $48.00, time,lot's of patience and common sense we have power back on in the house. Electrical is not Ken's strong point but sure couldn't tell me that after these couple of days! Sure don't realize all you use electrical for until you don't have it! Thank goodness we didn't have to call an electrician either!! 

I spent the day in the kitchen doing some baking.  We're having tacos for dinner so got that all together so all I have to do is cook some shells for Ken. 

I smile every time I use this moose hot mat.  Grandson Adam
gave it to me for Christmas many years ago..but I find it's the
one I use most often! 

Thanks Patsy! These are awesome! Chocolate chip cookies with
dark chocolate
I only made half a batch as
I'm the only one who eats them! 

Peanut butter and banana flourless muffins..the right peanut
butter makes all the difference :)

Well, you know what time it is!  Happy Hour!  Have a wonderful evening all of you! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Hanging out at home getting things done!

Sunday morning we awoke around 0600 and did our usual thing.  The mornings are so cool, nice though.  We had the broccoli quiche for breakfast and it was delicious. Ken liked it too!  Enough leftover for Monday's breakfast.  

Ken started a project out on the side yard.  He's making a path that will end at our neighbors John and Karen's backyard gate.  They are putting in a gate that we can just ride the quad to their place or walk over.  They are having a big party for her mom's 75th birthday at the end of October.  We offered up the bunkhouse and the Komfort fifth wheel if they need to house a few guests.  She was planning on lining the road we have coming around for the guests to walk over in the evening.  This path Ken is making will shorten that route immensely. 

I decided it was time to bake some banana bread, apple muffins and my peanut butter/banana muffins.  All went well except for the peanut butter flourless muffins.  Every time I've made them I've used the peanut butter that you ground yourself at Winco. Peanuts only. This time I was out, but had the Adam's brand of natural peanut butter...well...these didn't even cook together! It was just a blob of a mess. Wasted time and energy.  Adam's peanut butter says only peanuts and salt.  It separates and when you buy it there's oil on top.  The ground one at Winco is just peanuts and the machine grounds the nuts. That peanut butter never separates. There's something going on there for sure! 
Working on the path...truck full of tumbleweeds! 

Put my Fall quilt back on in the bunkhouse..pretty soon
Christmas quilt time!! :)

Later in the day we had our Happy Hour while Ken bar b q ued some turkey burgers and I made him oven baked fries, I had broccoli tots.  YUM>  Lotsa broccoli lately, but when it's fresh from the field hard not to eat it up! 

Monday morning I was awake before 0500 and started the coffee at 0530.  Then I woke Ken up with some muffins and coffee to start the day.  We finished the broccoli quiche this am and it was still tasty! 

Ken headed outside and i got myself ready and ran to Raley's for just a couple of things.  Ken wants green bean casserole to go with his bar b q  chicken tonight so I needed cream of mushroom soup.  A quick trip and home again. 
This is what the area looked like before Ken started making
a path to Karen and John's

We had a beautiful full moon..sure y'all did too!

After our salad lunch I went outside to the garage to paint the dresser I decided to keep for the green room. Not too difficult and it looks so much better already. Just have to wait for the glass knobs to match the other dresser. Hopefully they'll be here before too long.  
Before...I got this at a garage sale many years ago for under
$10.00.  Don't know why I never did anything with the paint

I'll bring the dresser inside once the knobs are delivered..

Our neighbor Joe stopped by after work and brought several heads of lettuce and cauliflower freshly picked from the field.  I'm not big on cauliflower, but again it's been years.  If nothing else I'll be busy tomorrow freezing it...a good problem wouldn't ya say?! 

We had a nice surprise this am.  Ken was looking at emails and he had one from Toyota talking about our contract ending in a month. We thought it was referring to our service contract, but NOPE...our truck will be paid off next month!! 4 years already! YAY!  The plan is though to keep putting the payment away and when we decide to buy a new truck in a few years we'll have a nice down payment.  

Happy Hour now so y'all have a great night!! 

Well, that didn't get posted so here's Tuesday's blog too..

We woke up at not quite 0600 after a wild night of dreams..geez I was glad to wake up!  Coffees, muffins, visiting with our blogging friends and getting the day going.  Ken in the shower and the treadmill for me.  No excuse as we don't have to be anywhere today.  

Breakfast and then Ken headed outside to get some work done.  It was 34 degrees here this am but going for 80 in the afternoon, just perfect. 

After my shower it was time to get going in the kitchen.  Time to do something with all the cauliflower and lettuce Joe brought yesterday. I cleaned all the lettuce and bagged up the good stuff. Then on to the cauliflower.  Honestly in 46 years of being married, I've never handled the stuff except for what's in a veggie tray bought at the store. :)  It was something my mom cooked sometimes at home, but I didn't like it. Ken likes it with veggie dip.  I blanched and individually froze the little flowerettes. Now we have bags of cauliflower.  One head I cleaned and it's in the refrigerator to go with some dip later this week. 

Now on Pinterest and carb websites cauliflower mashed "potatoes" seems to be all the rage.  Ok I gave it a shot. I didn't make much, but sure made a mess in the kitchen. I figured if I didn't like it I didn't want to throw away a bunch of it. Honestly, it wasn't bad, but sure wasn't mashed potatoes.  Mine turned out more like grits (which I love). I took the little bowl to Ken and he said, "reminds me of grits"..ok.  So, when I get my next craving (and don't want to be bad) it will be cauliflower. There ya go! 
Mashed cauliflower potatoes..I call them grits!

After our lunch I made up the rest of the broccoli tots from the other night and the oven fries that didn't get cooked. Pretty much leftovers for dinner tonight so that makes it nice and easy.  
Broccoli tots and oven fries.  I used almond meal instead of
bread crumbs so it does affect the cooking and texture. They
still taste awesome!

Ken got the path done to John and Karen's and then he cleaned over by the temporary gate to their place. Looks so nice. We have learned we don't want to go too crazy with clearing the desert.  Every where you clear you've got to maintain. So this is just perfect. 
The new trail going across to John and Karen's.  We're going
to get some solar patio lights to light the way

Here ya go Don, no tractor needed he's got a mini one..with
a pull behind trailer 
Ken put the Tundra back together with his yellow box and rubber
matting to protect the bed. He added a piece of plywood so things
will slide easier

Tomorrow, Wednesday we head for Reno (90 miles one way) for Ken's glaucoma surgery checkup.  I'm hoping while we're there to be able to make a stop at Total Wine for more of the organic wine I like.  Then a quick one to Winco for some of the real ground peanut butter. So we'll see. 
Going way back here...My Oma holding my sister Linda, then me
my cousin Erica and my sister Wendy..

I have been telling my sister Linda that her granddaughter
Cassidy looks just like she did as a baby..thinking this
proves it! 

Cassidy's big brother Owen and a bunny :)

Owen wants to take after his cousin Adam in mountain climbing..getting
a head start!
Eric took the 61 Chevy to his little town of Cool to get a little
gas...runs like a champ!

Notice the plates expired in May of 1997..he said he was glad
he didn't have to explain the old plates to anyone :) It's had a
non op since then..
Grandson Seth got some new tires and wheels for the
Jeep..with the help of Dad and  making the wheel
wells bigger! 

Almost Happy Hour time so see ya later! :))  Have a wonderful evening!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Home, State Park Grand Opening, and it was a Broccoli kind of afternoon!

Wednesday afternoon we were sitting out by the bunkhouse and Ken brought up staying in there overnight.  Ok why not?  We had our dinner in the house and then had a lovely fire until it was time for bed.  

*remember to click on pics to enlarge* 

Wednesday night's sun going down!

Enjoying our happy hour (or two) out by the bunkhouse

Thursday morning we woke up just after 0630 or so and then had our coffees and then checking in with our blogging friends.  Ken went inside to take a shower around 0730 and I just hung out in the bunkhouse.  Felt like I was still on vacation :)  Eventually it was time to head inside though.  

Ken wanted enchiladas and coleslaw for dinner as Joe had brought us a nice head and we didn't want it to go bad! I spent some time in the kitchen and made a run to Raleys for a few things.  Enchiladas for Ken and a layered veggie thing for me. 

He worked around getting the last of things unloaded from camping and of course many other things. Eventually we went out back for a nice fire again!  Nice that it cools off enough we can do that.  We're sitting out back and Ken sees something in the dark...Mugsy! The dog from next door and he brought his parents John and Karen, they saw the fire and came to join us.  We had a nice visit for a few hours (always happens when we're together).  Then we came inside and had a late dinner.  Oh well. 
Ken's childhood dresser before

Got the knobs on and we're pretty happy with how it turned out!
I have a dresser that was in the room I was going to get rid of
now I'm going to finish it to match this one and put it on another
wall..can never have too much storage right?!

Friday morning we got up and got going.  It's chilly in the mornings here now, you can tell Fall is in the air!  Did some laundry and just enjoyed the day being home. Later in the day we saw a fire next door so over we headed!  I'll blame my social butterfly of a husband for that late night!  It was after 2300 when we got home, but it was a nice night! 

I set the alarm for 0545 this am as we had a breakfast date with our neighbors Joe, Stacey, Rylee and grandma Susan.  Stacey's 42nd birthday is today so we wanted to take them out to breakfast.  Met them at Dini's at 0815 and then we came back home for a bit. 

About 1030 we headed out to Nevada's newest State Park Grand opening. The park is called Walker River State Recreation Area. It's at Pitchfork Ranch about 15 miles from here.  We were surprised at the turnout as it's several miles off the main road, but put together very nicely.  We actually ran into Rylee and Grammy Susan out there too.  Joe and Stacey had gone to Virginia City for the night to celebrate Stacey's Birthday. 
The road to the park

The entrance to the park :)

Rangers were branding little rounds of wood for anyone..

Games for the kids

A Dutch Oven demonstration..looked yummy! 

They just kept adding good stuff..made us want to use ours
we bought several years ago at Mule Days..

I loved this saying on a wall in the visitor center..

Almost finished..chicken, bacon, onions, potatoes and then
Cheese!! Lots of Cheese!! :)

A little fishing pond..

Campground with cover and fire ring..flush toilets
no showers. $15.00 a night.

People were camping already! We would get to camp
for free with Ken's Nevada Senior Pass :)

Land around the park

There were a few ranches along the main road..long way
to go shopping for sure!

Our drive today to find our way out

We're off the dirt road and here's tons of onions ready to be
picked up from the field :)

We took a different dirt road out so we had a nice backroad drive for an more than an hour.  By the time we got home it was after 1400 so we got ourselves some snacks for a late lunch.  

Joe had brought us several heads of broccoli so I proceeded to get some ready for freezing.  With what was leftover I decided it was a good night for broccoli pizza for me and I also made a broccoli, mushroom and onion crustless quiche for breakfast. Oh so yummy!  At least the little taste I snuck was good! 
Broccoli crust pizza.  Mushroom, jalapeno and onion pizza..

Broccoli, mushroom, onion, cheese and egg beaters quiche! 

Ken wasn't feeling too good this afternoon so he laid down for a bit.  He just got up so guess it's Happy Hour now. 

Have a great night!