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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Catch up time! Tomorrow we're on a little trip!

Monday night's broccoli crust pizza turned out awesome!  I won't say I like it better than regular pizza because that would be lying.  This is great for the kind of lifestyle I'm trying to get accustomed too.  Not to say I won't cheat, because I know I will somewhere down the road. Probably Silly Al's..haha. I am enjoying finding new recipes to test out.  

Tuesday morning I tried Almond Four waffles.  Looked good, but i didn't like the taste. It was ok with peanut butter, but then again having to add tons of peanut butter didn't do it for me.  I told Ken I was throwing it away.  He tasted it and loved it!  Funny how taste buds are isn't it?!  So tomorrow morning (Wednesday) he's having an almond flour waffle with 2 fried eggs. Ok. 
Almond flour waffle..not to my liking

Our day began as usual at about 0530 and then we got the day going.  He worked outside and I did some things inside.  He moved some gravel to fill in a few spots.  This afternoon he worked on trying to tie in to electrical in the old well shed, thinking he could put my little wine cooler there. Turns out it needs it's own circuit so it hasn't been hooked up yet. He's had a call into our son, Eric to see if they can figure the problem and hopefully come up with a solution. Too complicated for me to explain here.  Eric did call back and he was able to walk Ken through the issues and glad to say it works! The kid is really good!

We were going to stay in the bunkhouse Monday night but it got to be too late and we didn't just want to just go there. He sat up a bar b q and he grilled himself a great cheeseburger. I had leftover broccoli crust pizza. It was wonderful. A very windy evening.  
Ken bar b q ing by the bunkhouse

Looks yummy

We had we had a great evening bar b quing and enjoying sitting out by the bunkhouse watching the sun set. We went inside and had our dinner and then came back out for some more stargazing and then to bed.   
The setting sun lighting up the mountains

Almost gone

The setting sun sure lit the clouds up pretty

Wednesday morning we awoke at about 0600 and I started the coffee. We did our usual visiting with our online friends and enjoyed the morning.  Time to go in and get ready to head for Gardnerville.  I made Ken his waffle and eggs and he really liked them.  I can see these as a special treat now and then that he will eat and enjoy.

Our morning view from the bunkhouse

Ken's waffle and eggs..he liked it :)

Headed to Gardnerville and Walmart to start.  Took quite awhile as I was reading labels figuring out what I wanted to get.  Towards the end I decided to visit the bathroom and left my cart near the paint section. Came back out and my cart was gone!  Really, I'm going to have to start all over! I couldn't believe it!  Then here comes Ken with my cart, he said he just couldn't help himself :)

After that a quick stop for gas and then Raley's for a prescription pick up for both of us.  Then to our favorite place and our favorite waitress for a late lunch. By then it was nearing 1400. Had a great lunch and then my usual nap on the way home :)  The rest of the afternoon flew by and we called it an early night. No dinner needed! 
Last night's sunset..so pink..

Thursday morning we awoke around 0530 and proceeded with our usual visiting.  A little exercise and time to get started on getting ready to be able to leave tomorrow.  I got the trailer mostly loaded with groceries and what not. Ken did his chores that he does to make sure we're ready to go.  It looks like we are!  We're headed to Ely, NV tomorrow and then on to Great Basin National Park. After that we're not sure, just going to play it by ear after that. 

Tuesday of course was 9/11 the day no one will ever forget.  Ken's brother Don in TN sent this little video of his 9/11 flag.  It flew then and every year on 9/11 he brings it out. :) 

The video may take a few seconds to load....

Have a great evening everyone! It's Happy Hour time!!


  1. Love your sunset and sunrise pictures, Healthy eating works well if you enjoy it, and use moderation. Even cheating occasionally is fine as well especially Silly Al's
    Travel safe an enjoy being on the road again.

    1. Thanks George..and yeah gotta cheat sometimes..Just trying to be good as much as i can. Always love being on the road for sure!

  2. I guess like everything else you need to acquire a taste for some of these new recipes.
    We still remember watching 9-11 after the first plane hit. We will never forget.
    Great Sunset and Sunrise Pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your trip.

    It's about time.

    1. I enjoy trying new recipes, but that one NO..haha..but Ken did really like it. Yeah, 9/11 is just too heartbreaking even after all these years.

  3. I'm glad you were able to share the flag video. Enjoy your trip and have a great anniversary.

    1. Thank you for sharing it with us! I'm glad i figured out how to make the videos play on here.

  4. Isn't it funny when our men like something that we don't. Good for you trying new things for your diet. How else will you know. Shopping does get more difficult for sure!
    Sunrise and sunsets are beautiful, I love the pink!
    Got a kick out of Ken taking your cart, playful fun. :)

    1. It is funny,..because I figured he wouldn't like it at all. I couldn't believe how vibrant the pink was! It was so beautiful. Yep that's my hubby!! :)