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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Home, State Park Grand Opening, and it was a Broccoli kind of afternoon!

Wednesday afternoon we were sitting out by the bunkhouse and Ken brought up staying in there overnight.  Ok why not?  We had our dinner in the house and then had a lovely fire until it was time for bed.  

*remember to click on pics to enlarge* 

Wednesday night's sun going down!

Enjoying our happy hour (or two) out by the bunkhouse

Thursday morning we woke up just after 0630 or so and then had our coffees and then checking in with our blogging friends.  Ken went inside to take a shower around 0730 and I just hung out in the bunkhouse.  Felt like I was still on vacation :)  Eventually it was time to head inside though.  

Ken wanted enchiladas and coleslaw for dinner as Joe had brought us a nice head and we didn't want it to go bad! I spent some time in the kitchen and made a run to Raleys for a few things.  Enchiladas for Ken and a layered veggie thing for me. 

He worked around getting the last of things unloaded from camping and of course many other things. Eventually we went out back for a nice fire again!  Nice that it cools off enough we can do that.  We're sitting out back and Ken sees something in the dark...Mugsy! The dog from next door and he brought his parents John and Karen, they saw the fire and came to join us.  We had a nice visit for a few hours (always happens when we're together).  Then we came inside and had a late dinner.  Oh well. 
Ken's childhood dresser before

Got the knobs on and we're pretty happy with how it turned out!
I have a dresser that was in the room I was going to get rid of
now I'm going to finish it to match this one and put it on another
wall..can never have too much storage right?!

Friday morning we got up and got going.  It's chilly in the mornings here now, you can tell Fall is in the air!  Did some laundry and just enjoyed the day being home. Later in the day we saw a fire next door so over we headed!  I'll blame my social butterfly of a husband for that late night!  It was after 2300 when we got home, but it was a nice night! 

I set the alarm for 0545 this am as we had a breakfast date with our neighbors Joe, Stacey, Rylee and grandma Susan.  Stacey's 42nd birthday is today so we wanted to take them out to breakfast.  Met them at Dini's at 0815 and then we came back home for a bit. 

About 1030 we headed out to Nevada's newest State Park Grand opening. The park is called Walker River State Recreation Area. It's at Pitchfork Ranch about 15 miles from here.  We were surprised at the turnout as it's several miles off the main road, but put together very nicely.  We actually ran into Rylee and Grammy Susan out there too.  Joe and Stacey had gone to Virginia City for the night to celebrate Stacey's Birthday. 
The road to the park

The entrance to the park :)

Rangers were branding little rounds of wood for anyone..

Games for the kids

A Dutch Oven demonstration..looked yummy! 

They just kept adding good stuff..made us want to use ours
we bought several years ago at Mule Days..

I loved this saying on a wall in the visitor center..

Almost finished..chicken, bacon, onions, potatoes and then
Cheese!! Lots of Cheese!! :)

A little fishing pond..

Campground with cover and fire ring..flush toilets
no showers. $15.00 a night.

People were camping already! We would get to camp
for free with Ken's Nevada Senior Pass :)

Land around the park

There were a few ranches along the main road..long way
to go shopping for sure!

Our drive today to find our way out

We're off the dirt road and here's tons of onions ready to be
picked up from the field :)

We took a different dirt road out so we had a nice backroad drive for an more than an hour.  By the time we got home it was after 1400 so we got ourselves some snacks for a late lunch.  

Joe had brought us several heads of broccoli so I proceeded to get some ready for freezing.  With what was leftover I decided it was a good night for broccoli pizza for me and I also made a broccoli, mushroom and onion crustless quiche for breakfast. Oh so yummy!  At least the little taste I snuck was good! 
Broccoli crust pizza.  Mushroom, jalapeno and onion pizza..

Broccoli, mushroom, onion, cheese and egg beaters quiche! 

Ken wasn't feeling too good this afternoon so he laid down for a bit.  He just got up so guess it's Happy Hour now. 

Have a great night! 


  1. Looks like a nice new state park and that broccoli pizza looks so yummy.

  2. The pizza was yummy..the added jalapeños gave it a much needed kick:)

  3. That State Park looks like it would even fit our rig.
    The more you show those Broccoli Pizzas the more tempting it is to try one.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The Park has a few very big pull throughs that would fit your rig for sure. There's a nice one down by Laughlin, NV that has pull throughs too..big bend of the colorado state park..if you're ever in the area. Gotta admit, I'm liking the broccoli pizza!

  4. Looks like a lovely state park and I love that they gave out little branded wood rounds. :)
    The dutch oven sure holds a lot of food! Are the coals in the ground? It looks like it is sitting pretty flat. I agree with Rick, the more you show those broccoli pizzas, hmmmm. I still know Bill would never eat it, he's not adventurous like I am.

  5. Kids just love those branded woods..(adults do too)..Coals were actually on top of the ground and then on top of the oven itself when the lid was on. Ken actually was surprised he liked the pizza. But he wants pepperoni and olives if he ever eats one..he just took a couple of bites. I think you would like it...and you can just make it personal pizza size! I know I'm still having pizza at Silly Al's when we're there though!