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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Happy Birthday Bryan! A few more days with Aaron..Russell and Lori back home..I'm home too!

             1973 Bryan was just 2 months old :) How time flies! Now he's 48!! 

 Sunday morning I made breakfast for Aaron, 6 pieces of sourdough french toast and 7 pieces of bacon. He was hungry!   I decided to make some enchiladas and coleslaw for Monday evening's meal.  Even if I wasn't there Russell and Lori wouldn't have to cook dinner after their flight home.  

The first 3...

Lori had a couple of bananas in the pantry that were at the point of making good banana bread so I worked on that too. I ran to Raley's for a couple of needed things and gas.  Gas is upwards of almost $4.00 a gallon here! Glad my car gets good gas mileage. 

Got everything done and about 1530 Aaron and I headed out the door for another game in South Sacramento. 

Again, he played great, as did the rest of the team. This was a nail biter and they won 63 to 62.  One point!  The last play started at one end of the court. Aaron ran down to the other end and was able to intercept the ball the other team had thrown. YAY AARON!! 

I love this picture!  Shows true determination! 

We headed back home with Aaron driving. He drove both ways and did an awesome job!  

Pork chops and mashed potatoes for dinner.  He was in his room playing video games with friends on line most of the night. Before I called it a night took him his ice cream. The little pleasures that make me happy! 

Our oldest son Bryan, turned 48 on Monday! How can that be!? April is quite the birthday month in the Kay family LOL.  I talked with him and offered to take the family to lunch on Tuesday before heading home, but he'd been out in the day so called for a rain check :) It was a school morning for Aaron, so just a breakfast sandwich was wanted by him. Off to school he went and then I did some running around.  Russell and Lori's plane landed just about 1300.  

I picked Aaron up after school and made him two ham and turkey sandwiches on sourdough.  He can eat when he wants LOL. 

Texted with Lori so I had sandwiches waiting for them when they got in. A wonderful trip was had by all! They plan on making this a yearly event which is cool.  

We chatted away alot of the afternoon until Aaron had to be at Center High School for another basketball game.   They only allow 2 people in for each player and because it was my last night there Russell told me to go :)). 

Yep, he made the basket! 


Once it was over (WINNERS) we headed back home and a little later had the dinner of enchiladas and coleslaw. 

More chatting and then time to call it a night.  I offered to get Aaron off to school so they could sleep in a bit as they were both off on Tuesday.  

Ken's spent some time at home checking things out in the motor home.  A/C, fridge, stove all work.  The heater won't come on and there's still a leak, but I know he'll get it fixed shortly. Hopefully we can find time to take it on a short trip somewhere. 

Got Aaron up at 0610 on Tuesday and I got the car loaded with my stuff. After breakfast I dropped him off and started the trip back home.  

I was home about 1145. Cool, windy temps at home.  I mostly vegged on the couch for awhile and a little later Ken came inside and we watched a couple of movies. 

Adam called to tell us he'll be taking a little vacation before starting his new job on May 10th.  Good for him! He's got his car all packed and ready for camping.  Headed to Hell's Canyon area and to the Sawtooth mountains! One jealous grandma! haha. 

Always good to be home, but I wouldn't trade the time over there this last week for anything! 

A few more pics from Russell and Lori's trip :

This was Sunday...Lori, Russell, Chris and Charity..

The same couples ..7 years ago...

Good looking bunch of Marines don't ya think?!! 

Russell and Lori 💖

Photo bomb in the background LOL...

Today (Wednesday) is a beautiful, warming day (74).  Ken's over at Karen's spreading some sand she had delivered for her swimming pool she'll be putting up soon. 

Earlier we went for a short Can AM ride in the hills a bit.  Cattle trucks at the end of the road hauling cattle out of the BLM. 

Trucks being loaded with cattle! 

Yep, fun ride!

I like this time of year when the desert has green in it! 

First of these signs we've seen out there! We figure they're really new as no bullet holes yet! 

Nice ride, wind chill was a little cool though. 

I'm sure we'll be at Karen's later so wanted to get this posted beforehand LOL.  

Tomorrow is a Walmart, Harbor Freight, JoAnn's etc day.  That just means the whole day will be gone by the time we get home. 

Sunday, I will head over to the Sacramento area to a wedding shower for Holly. Gotta pick her up a gift tomorrow too! 

I won't be staying overnight, but will meet Ken in Carson City at the hotel we like.  Saves me an hour and a half driving and Monday we'll do some more shopping  :) I am hoping somewhere in here to find something I like to wear to the wedding in June! 

Have a great evening! 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Basketball, driving, basketball, Russell and Lori enjoying Texas..

Friday the 23rd was a regular school day for Aaron.  He drove himself to Woodcreek High where I took over. I then headed out to Fair Oaks for a visit with my sister, Linda.  She had her granddaughter Cassidy but Owen was in school.  He only goes 2 days, Thursday and Friday, sorry to have missed him! 

Cassidy was shy but cute as ever...however I neglected to take any pictures! We visited about an hour and half then I had to leave as I wanted to check out a "thrift" store for some tea cups. They were way too expensive and not even pretty so I ended up heading back to the house to wait to pick up Aaron.  

I got some chicken ready for to cook for dinner and mashed potatoes. Picked him up and then stuck the chicken in the oven.  

About 1700 we left and headed over to the school as he had practice. I waited in the car and read my kindle and called Ken. When he was done about 1900 we headed back home and he was ready for dinner. 

Heated it all up and he enjoyed chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans.  Again, before my bedtime, which is earlier than his I took ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream to his room.  He hugged me goodnight with an "I love you" 💗

Saturday morning I was up around 0530.  Lori has a Keurig and I didn't bring a coffee pot so I've been using her Keurig and a pod a day. I ordered from Amazon and now she has replacements as this coffee is the BEST I've ever tasted.  It's by Peet's Coffee called Major Dickason's Dark Roast Coffee. If you like dark roast, it's awesome! Reminds me the coffee at Betsy's Big Kitchen. I ordered a bag of coffee for us at home too. I talked with Ken this morning to see what's going on.  

There was no hurry for Aaron to be awake so it was near 0915 when I made his breakfast sandwich.  My sister Wendy got here about 1045 and after a bit we headed toward Granite Bay High School.  We were early, but better than late. 

Diane got there and we headed inside to watch Aaron play. 

What a game, we were ahead for awhile but ended up losing :( The kids played awesome! Aaron scored some good points! 


Once it was over we met in the parking lot to decide we'd head to Brookfields for late lunch.  Really good food, even though the prices have certainly gone up since last time I've been there which has been several years.  Sure COVID has had something to do with the increase.  

Once we were done, we said our goodbyes to Diane and headed back to the house where we said good bye to Wendy. 

We really didn't have much time before we had to head to South Sacramento for Aaron's next game at 1700.  Aaron drove and did a really good job. I think he's more confident than I am on the freeway with all the traffic.  Great job changing lanes and not tailgating. A little more speed, but once I tell him to slow down he does. Turns out his driving instructor told him you can go 73 and not get a ticket! Speed limit is 65. Why would you tell a 16 year old boy that! 😱😒  I'm sure he'll be ready for his license in July. :) 

We got there and turns out it's a church's gym the games are held in.  I asked a young man who was waiting for his dad if we were in the right place? He told me "ma'am yes you are, and told us where to go"...a very nice teenager. 

Aaron went inside and a little while later I followed. 

I marvel at how fast this kid can go..it seems he's down at one
end and back in just a couple of seconds!!

A heck of a game, we were ahead for most of it and then the other team got their second win and we lost. Oh well, quite the game. Another one tomorrow at 1600. 

We headed home with Aaron driving once again.  He's definitely getting in his driving hours! Good job Aaron I told him! 

Home and he's off to his room playing games and I can hear that giggle..makes me smile every time. You've got this young man but when he giggles..be still my heart 💕😂 I called Ken and got caught up with things at the homestead. 

About 1930 he was hungry and I just finished cutting up the chicken so made him a plate of chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. I'm sure there will be ice cream before bedtime.  Gotta treasure these moments as they'll be gone soon 😞

I'm posting a few pictures from Russell and Lori's trip to Texas.  So glad they are having a wonderful time! 

Our Russell, thumbs up 💙

Lori, front right and Russell right beside her..

A really nice turnout of Marines! 

AWWWW! 💙 I'll have to find out who everyone is when they get back...

This was was titled, Day drinking Marines on a waterfall
3..2..1..ambulance called hahahaha. 


I'm so glad Russell and Lori are enjoying and giving me some extra time with my grandson! Bedtime!  Have a wonderful night! 

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Happy 46th Birthday Eric! Happy 22nd Birthday Adam! Russell and Lori are in Texas and I'm in Antelope, CA.

 Monday was our middle son Eric's birthday he turned 46! How is that possible! We talked with him on the phone and he had the day off. Hopefully he enjoyed his time. 

Eric on the left talking with his dad 💗

Tuesday I had a very nice drive along I 80 except for one section near Drum Forebay that they were working and had a CHP escort.  Took about 40 minutes to get through that mess.  

I arrived at Russell's just about 1400 which is what I was hoping for. I went inside and didn't see Aaron.  Russell said he should be there, finally found him sleeping in his bed all covered from head to toe. The boy was tired LOL.  

Nearing 1600 I headed for Lincoln High School with Aaron driving. He's good, a little fast for my liking. That's how you learn with your permit.  

He got out and headed for the gym.  With Covid rules in place spectators can't go in until time for the game.  A few minutes later Russell showed up from work, we talked a bit and went in for the game. There aren't many places I'll wear a mask, but to see my grandson play I put it on such as it is.  I ordered it from Amazon, no protection just mesh and glitter. It works to get you past the mask police. 

It was a great game with Aaron scoring 16 points! They only lost by 1 point with at one point they were up 13. You just never know! 

Aaron to the left of the referee

Aaron with the bright shoes :) 

After that it was dinner time so we headed to Old Town Pizza in Roseville.  Had a very nice time and awesome pizza and salad.  Only thing missing was Lori as she was doing some last minute things getting ready for their trip on Wednesday. 

That pizza was so awesome and huge...so was the salad..still eating it today!

Once we got back to Russell's Lori and Allissa were both there so we ended up talking until 2330. Russell and Lori were leaving here at 0615. 

Wednesday morning I got up in time to say goodbye and off they went.  

Aaron had no "real" school because of testing but got him up to Zoom.  He had an egg sandwich and back to school for a bit. 

I took the time and ran to Raley's for a few things and a quick stop at Dollar Tree. 

The rest of the day was spent here at home just working on a few things. Evening was quiet and we had tacos for dinner. 

It was our grandson Adam's 22nd birthday.  He and Erin were at dinner in Auburn so afterwards they drove down to say hi for about 15 minutes. 

Almost forgot to get the picture..Happy Birthday Adam! 💙

A few days ago Adam got his official job offer for the National Forest Service. He starts in Pollock Pines May 10th.  He is one happy camper. This was his goal as now he can go anywhere in the US where there is an open position once probation is over. Always glad to see a grandchild's dreams come true! 

Just as I was getting ready for bed, Aaron said good night and I asked if he wanted some ice cream. Guess you know the answer to that. Ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. YUM!

Thursday morning I se the alarm for 0500. I didn't need to as I was awake tossing and turning about 0200.  Why? who knows.  I got up and got ready and then at 0600 I woke Aaron as he had breakfast with the football team and coach at Waffle Barn set for 0700.  

He got dropped off and I went to the parking lot next door and had my breakfast burrito I made at home. Then I called Ken to check in and see how he was doing. About an hour later Aaron texted and we came home. 

After a bit I ran to Ross and to Penney's to check out some clothes for the wedding. I needn't have bothered as I didn't find a thing. Why they make these dresses so overbearing and just too much. Just something simple can't be found. Ross's dressing rooms are still closed but Penney's is open. So there's still time. 

It was such a nice afternoon I went to the back patio with my kindle and actually fell asleep in the sun for a bit. Guess 0200 is catching up with me. 

Aaron has practice from 1730 to 1900 so I'll take my kindle and just wait there until he's done. 

Burgers and fries for dinner tonight. 

Ken's keeping busy at home with getting things done on the Mansion.  He's got other projects to keep him occupied too. 

It looks like Russell and Lori are having a great time in Texas meeting up with old friends from the Marine Corps.  Enjoying watching what they're doing on Facebook! 

Russell and Lori enjoying Texas one beer at a time! 💗

Yesterday Russell met up with these two from 20 years ago! 

Tomorrow is a "regular" school day for Aaron. Then the weekend already.  Saturday is a game so we'll head up there along with my sister Wendy and our friend, Diane. They actually had 4 tickets for this game so more people are allowed in.  Must be a bigger gym. It's in Granite Bay, a very nice zip code. haha. 

I hope  to get this posted before we have to leave for practice. 

Have a great evening! 

Sunday, April 18, 2021

A beautiful Sunday, brunch at home, baking and lunch at a great restaurant in town.


Karen brought me this back from her trip to CA...😃

Wednesday was a baking and cooking day.  Started with some cabbage lasagna and enchiladas.  Once they were done I packaged them into separate containers so all Ken has to do is pull one out and he'll have a dinner sized portion to eat.  Before I go i'll make some coleslaw for him to have with the enchiladas.  I'll probably make one other meal just so he has more of a variety :) 

Cabbage, mushroom and onion stir fry..yummy!

Enchiladas for the freezer

Cabbage lasagna for the freezer

Some servings for Ken next week...
Butterscotch no flour cookies for Ken..

I mixed up some batter for a morning glory cake (again because I haven't ordered muffin pans).  I'm finding I just adjust the cooking time and it comes out just fine. Cut it in half and put half in the freezer and it tastes freshly baked.  

That really was my day until about 1600 when it was all cleaned up.  

John went to Costco and found us a bigger propane fireplace. Karen had a 2nd one so gave us a new one just like it. If they're not lying about the price it's a great deal! This one is awesome, so we enjoyed a nice fire! 

We had some beautiful skies 

Thursday we took hamburgers, turkey burgers and potato salad over to Karen's and enjoyed a nice fire.  Friday we were home all day getting things done.  Ken got wheel bearings packed and moved some of the vehicles and Mansion around. The days just fly by! 

Saturday we headed to Gardnerville to pick up a prescription for Ken.  We were able to bypass Walmart this trip. YAY! We stopped by a building supply place but they were closed. Only open during the week so we'll try again later. 

After that we headed home.  120 miles to pick up a prescription. The joys of country living. We could have them mailed, but with us not knowing when we'll be home or not that's not our choice.  We could get them at Raley's in town, but we don't care for their pharmacy. So we'll continue to support big oil for now. 😱😊

On our way home we were deciding what to do about lunch.  We thought we'd try and support one of our restaurants in town that we don't normally go to. We ended up at El Superior Mexican Restaurant. We had been there not too long after we moved here 8 years ago.  Never went back as the service was so slow and we had been the only ones in there.  I read the most recent reviews so we decided to give them another try. 

I fell in love with this wine glass...

Some beautiful murals inside

A gorgeous fountain 

The back of the glass...

A little Cantina in the back.  

A lovely restaurant and the owners along with the servers
are so nice! 

We weren't disappointed.  They had the required "Face masks required" sign on the door. We walked in mask less and we were greeted by the owner, mask less herself. What a nice smile!  We were seated and brought chips and some of the best homemade salsa we've ever had. Turns out they sell 16oz of it for $3.00 so we added that to our bill.  

Lunch did not disappoint and neither did the service! So glad we gave it another try. Forgot to take pictures!  

We headed over to Tru Value as Ken needed a part for the Komfort so that the water will be usable for Memorial Day weekend as we're expecting company! If all goes as planned my sister Linda, Bobby,  and family (Dusty, Chelsea, Owen and Cassidy) will be here along with nephew Jesse and friends Kim and Lance. 

We walked in there mask less too. Nice to see some more smiles. Went out to the garden area and ended up with a 6 pack of marigolds, a hanging plant for the planter Russell gave me a few years ago and some chive seeds.  Ken looked at couple of trees to replace a few that have died.  We decided to take note of them and look at Lowe's. Lowe's has a one year guarantee, Tru Value doesn't.  At the prices we need the guarantee. A major investment LOL. 

Early evening we headed over to Karen's for Happy Hour and to help her bring in a couple of treasures she picked up from Carson City today.  A very nice evening around her propane fire pit. 

She gave me some bananas before we left so i'll be baking again today (Sunday).  Waking to a beautiful but cool morning 31 degrees but headed for 73 so it'll be a wonderful afternoon. 

This morning Ken woke up wanting an oyster sandwich for a late breakfast/brunch. Well we all know coffee doesn't go with oyster sandwiches right?! So a Bloody Mary for him and a screwdriver (kind of) for me.  I took vodka, a little of light oj (regular oj is just too many carbs) and seltzer water.  Yummy! 

Oysters and cheese on the left and there's oysters under the cheese on the other slice..

Ken's Bloody Mary in our favorite glass..That's oysters you see floating LOL...

Ken's oyster sandwich with lettuce and tomato added..Japanese Mayo too..Thanks Dee and Katie!!

My more traditional ham and cheese on almond flour bread..yummy!

So now we're ending this beautiful Sunday. Ken went over to spray more weeds at Karen's and then when he needed me I went over to help him. Got 2 loaves of banana bread done and some more cookies. I'll be sharing with Karen since she supplied the bananas. Hope she likes them! 

Aaron...thought I'd get to see a football game next week, but the season
ended last Friday. I'll get to see him play basketball instead! 

Great niece Cassidy after she got caught coloring Grandma's chair...Could you get upset with that face?! 

Owen found grandma's stash of Coke and sharing with his sister 💙

Hope your Sunday was as good as ours!