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Monday, December 28, 2020

Catch up once again..and out of storage according to Google..

 Good Monday afternoon! Well, I started the blog Christmas morning while we at our motel. See where that got me, nowhere..so I'm starting over. haha. 

Last week Adam and his sweetie, Erin came out for a couple of days. While they were here he took her to see the ghost town of Bodie which is 84 miles or so from us. They enjoyed their time there.  Adam has been before but not Erin. We had a couple of good evenings with them.  

Adam and Erin going for a Can Am ride in the cold!
Santa headed next door...
Adam and Erin are headed home...
Our wonderful neighbors gave us this for Christmas :) 

Thursday morning we left and headed for Cool and Georgetown CA to drop off gifts   for those two families.  We dropped the food I made to contribute to Christmas dinner too. Eric was going to be working a graveyard shift so he was home and Bryan is on his yearly vacation this time of year. It was nice to visit with both families. 

Once we finished there we headed for our motel in Auburn, Ca.  We enjoyed the evening and ate in our room dinner I had brought from home. 

Christmas morning we had some breakfast casserole I brought from home and then got ourselves going.  We were at Dusty and Chelsea's place a little after 0900. Their kids are the perfect age for Santa, so that was fun seeing what Santa brought them. 

Owen showing off his special Michael Myers Van's shoes...
Cassidy opening a gift

Adam, Bryan and Cheryl at Eric's house..
Mason added to the picture...
Russell's remodeled bathroom..it's amazing! 

After that we headed for our youngest son Russell's house and we were able to watch them open their gifts along with what they got us. :) Thank you for waiting until we got there :) With Jacob in Italy most of the presents under the tree were for Aaron. We did get to FaceTime with Jacob! 

We arrived at Eric's house just about 1200. It was a really nice visit and way too much food! 

We left around 1600 and headed back to the motel. Another good night, we were both asleep pretty early.  

Saturday morning we got on the road about 0915 heading for home. We had pills to pick up in Gardnerville so we headed up Highway 50.  California has a stay at home order...hahahaha. NO one stayed home!  Traffic was awful and very slow. People looking for places to pull off in the snow to play. 

We grabbed our pills and stuff for Beer Margaritas, as Ken mentioned them on the way home.  Thanks Tom and Deb  for introducing us to these tasty drinks!! 

Karen had texted and invited us to dinner as John's son, Jesse was visiting from Oklahoma.  We got things unloaded and headed over there for a nice fire and awesome lasagna dinner. I haven't had "real" lasagna in over 2 years, but it's Christmas right?! 

Sunday morning I continued with the' It's Christmas right"?! We headed next door for some awesome biscuits and gravy before Jesse had to leave for home. Karen can cook, and again it's been a long time! YUM! 

After breakfast I headed for Walmart in Gardnerville to get groceries for the coming week. We're having visitors! Seth, Holly, Mason and Aaron are coming out on Tuesday and staying until New Years Day.  Adam may be coming out later in the week too. We're missing Jacob and Allissa this year 😔

This morning we woke up to snow, just a dusting but glad I went yesterday! 

Well, I'm done loading pictures as Google is saying my storage is full..so I better look into that! UHHH..

Have a good night! It's Happy Hour anyway...lol..

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Happy Birthday Grandma! "Mortgage Burning Celebration next door!"

 Thursday morning we had some breakfast casserole I made at home and brought for breakfast at the hotel.  They normally have a continental breakfast, but due to the virus they don't serve it at this time. 

Got ourselves ready and headed out to Total Wine and then to Walmart for some grocery shopping.  Once we were done there we headed home.  Then came the fun of putting groceries away..the part I hate the most LOL. 

I heard from Jacob that my Christmas package was delivered to him  :) 15 days and that's how long the last package took to get to Italy. 

Friday was a  stay at home day :) Ken's mom turned 93 today! She was having a good day at home celebrating.  She's a special lady who has been in my life since I was about 10 years old.  Happy Birthday Grandma!! 💖 I'll have to find a pic and post it later. 

Heard from Karen next door, this was a special day in their lives.  After 5 years they were headed to the title company and paying off their mortgage!! 

About 1530 we headed over to celebrate with them! They were so happy and can't say as I blame them. It's so nice not making a mortgage payment! We headed home about 2045..yep, enough celebrating haha. 

John and Karen! Mortgage FREE! 

Woohoo! Bring on the champagne! 

Saturday morning we took our time getting ready for the day.  Ken went outside and dragged the harrow around the driveways he's made. Grandkids from next door have ridden their new quads around and it was time to smooth the roads :) 

          Coconut flour peanut butter muffins with Lily's sugar free chocolate chips.                                                                           I only made 6 as it was the first time making these but they are delicious!

Around 1400 or so Ken saw John outside working on his cover he's doing so Ken went over to help out.  Around 1600 Ken came home as they were losing the daylight. He will be going over this morning again. 

We had the low carb stew I had made on Friday for dinner..oh so yummy! I used radishes in it instead of potatoes ( 1/2 a potato in there for Ken).  The radishes don't taste like potato but they absorb the broth and swell. Trust me, very good! 

I'm having fun researching what I want to do to the motorhome. There's a lot of beautiful renovations out there. I don't want to go crazy, but looking forward to changing it up a bit! 

Time to get the show on the road and see what the day brings! Happy Sunday!💗

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Quick trip to California, Birthday goodies..A night in Carson City!

 Tonight (Wednesday) finds us at the Super 8 in Carson City, Nevada.  We'll be home tomorrow.  

Yesterday was a stay at home day, getting things finished up to head for CA on Wednesday morning.  We visited with Karen and John for a bit and enjoyed their outdoor fire pit  We didn't stay too late as we knew we were getting up at 0400 to be in Carson for an 0815 appointment at Carson City Toyota for the 15,000 service on the Tundra. 

We left the house in 2 vehicles about 0630 this morning.  I made breakfast burritos to eat in the vehicles on the way to Carson.  We were out of there about 0815 on our way to CA.  

My Birthday present from Russell and family! Not necessary, but love them!! Ken got a beautiful Navy coffee cup, but he repacked it before I could get the picture 💖

Santa's workshop is ready to disperse the gifts! 

Had a great drive going through North Shore Lake Tahoe to highway 80 and found our way down to Lincoln, CA.  I had purchased some handmade items from Zoey Hatten. She's the daughter of a friend of our sons from high school.  Lisa, (her mom) and I have been friends on FB for years. Zoey is raising money to pay for cheerleading stuff. She's really talented, so I couldn't resist! Haha. Pictures after we get home. 

If you've never seen Lake Tahoe it's a definite "must see"! 

Summer time these roads are packed! Today, not bad!

We met Zoey and her sister Zienna for the first time today.  Sure felt like we knew them already! Darling girls! Turns out Lisa (their mom) had to run into work today, but normally she's home. Darn it, I didn't realize that because of Covid she's normally home otherwise I would have touched base to make a point to see her. The last time was probably a few years after she graduated high school which would have been 1991! We will make a point soon to get together!! 

After that we drove to North Highlands to drop a few gifts at my friend Joanie's house. Joanie is 97 and lives on her own.  She has COPD so we didn't go inside, but visited a bit outside.  Before we left she wanted hugs so we each got 2 a piece.  Special lady in my book💖 Her great grandkids were always in our Christmas project so now we carry on the tradition and get them a little something each year. 

From Joanie's we headed to our youngest son Russell's house to drop off their Christmas gifts.  They weren't home so it was a quick stop. He's in the middle of a bathroom remodel and it looks awesome! Aaron was there, but in the middle of school so I texted him but didn't want to disturb his schooling. 

We stopped at the Rest Area near Gold Run and had our lunch.  I had made some low carb tuna wraps before we left this morning.  YUM! 

We headed back to Carson City the same way we came this am though North Shore Lake Tahoe.  The lake was beautiful and not a lot of traffic through this normally touristy area.  

We checked on the truck at the dealer and left it there for the night. Our hotel is pretty much across the street.  Checked into the hotel and here we are for the night. 

In the am we'll check out and pick up the truck. We'll probably drop the truck at Lowe's while we head for Reno and Total Wine.  We're this close so why not make an order?!  After that there will be a trip to Walmart and then home. 

We really couldn't see driving all the way the home and then coming back here tomorrow. Price wasn't bad and we don't have a mortgage payment so why not? I made meatloaf and green beans yesterday so that was our dinner tonight here in the room.  Dinner out could have been almost as expensive as the room :) 

Have a good night! Bedtime for me (hubby's already sleeping) LOL. 

Monday, December 14, 2020

Yerington's Protest Christmas Parade, My 65th birthday blessings, Seth in the field..

Well, here we are again almost another week later!  We've been mostly at home which is nice. It's cold, cloudy, clear all in the same day! We do love the weather here LOL.. 

I figured it was about time for a beautiful flag blowing in the wind!

Saturday evening we headed to our little town for the Yerington Protest Parade at 1700 hrs.  Every year our town has a Parade of Lights that the chamber decided to cancel. UHH..Well, it didn't take long and the citizens of Yerington said "NOPE" not being cancelled! 

There were tons of people in town! Some outside their vehicles, some parked whatever worked for them. Just a few minutes after 1700 we heard the sirens of the Fire Department leading the parade!  It was a quick parade as it was just lighted vehicles and floats. Sure made it feel like a Hallmark Christmas. People waving and shouting Merry Christmas! Smiles everywhere. Really touching, made me tear up! Later on I read in the group that everyone felt the same way! 

The Fire Department led the parade!  Lyon County Sheriff was at the end.
Lyon County Swat was in the middle! 

I loved this one!


Blurry, but Elf on a Shelf!
Loved this one..a masked Santa peeing on 2020!

Yesterday on the 13th I turned 65! OH how on earth did that happen?! I know I was just 16 a few years ago! I have to say I don't feel 65, luckily I get up in the am with no aches or pains. I can still get down to the floor and get back up unassisted lol. I wake up in a beautiful home, hubby by my side, a steady income, kids and grandkids who love me, sisters, a wonderful mother in law, great friends and so much more I can't list them all! I am so grateful 💗 Blessed to be 65 and feeling fine!! 

It was a stay at home day.  Ken asked me if I wanted to do anything or go out to eat and nope happy to be home. He started a fire in the afternoon so John and Karen came over to enjoy with us.  We had already decided to stay in the bunkhouse for the night and watch Miracle on 34th Street..(I feel asleep before it even started, so we'll try again tonight)..

Jacob messaged me in the morning and from then on I heard from all the family ending with a phone call from Seth who has been out in the field for the last few weeks. A wonderful surprise! Those calls are all I need as birthday presents 💖💗 I also had a lot of wonderful wishes on Facebook! This is the reason I have FB for all the good things!! 

I'm thinking a real shower is going to feel good! 

Out at Twenty Nine Palms 

This morning (Monday) we woke up about 0630 and had our coffees and blog reading out here in the bunkhouse. It was a nice and toasty morning with Mr. Heater keeping us warm.  Eventually it was time for breakfast so inside the house we went. 

Again, another stay at home day :) We did watch the end to a movie we started a few days ago, so that made it later before we got anything done. Oh well.  

Tonight, we're going to look at Christmas lights in and surrounding town.  Have a great evening! 

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

A quick catch up! Motorhome is here! Christmas wrapping and a new TV

Well, here we are again nearing the end of the week! Christmas is coming quickly! 

Came across this last week from 2007. Jacob would have been 6 at Thanksgiving. Everyone did a Thankful tree 💙 I am thankful for grandma and papa! I wrote a Christmas message to him on back and included this in his package 💗

Sunday we headed for Fallon to do a favor for our neighbor Joe.  He was buying a mining dredge from a guy out there but Joe had to work.  We never mind a drive so off we went.  Nice guy in a neighborhood and he and Ken hit it off!  Turns out they head for Quarzsite after Christmas so we'll probably meet up with them sometime. We got home in time for lunch here at home. 

Monday was a run around day in Carson City.  I had ordered a few things so they needed picking up.  Got some Christmas shopping done but not all.  The 16th we're taking the Tundra in for its servicing so hoping to finish that up then. 

Our Nevada Christmas tree..

Ken decorated the tree outside our bedroom window. It's beautiful. Not sure why the lights show up white as they are all colored! 

Tuesday was a stay at home day :)  Got a lot of the wrapping and sorting done during the day.  We headed next door and brought the motorhome home! Now we can work on it when we have time. It ran like a champ, we tested the heating and a/c works fine! We also noticed we've got 6 brand new tires on there! Not bad for $1500.00! 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 
The biggest TV we've ever had!  43 inches! The boys will enjoy the size for their video games!

Getting ideas from Pinterest on what I'd like to do to the inside :) Gotta love Pinterest! 

Ken barbecued some chicken out back near the bunkhouse.  We had a fire going so texted Karen to see if she'd like to come over and she did. We sent dinner home with her.  Looks like John will be back probably Thursday for the holidays.  It was a cold night but we were nice and toasty by the fire! 

We had a beautiful sunset the other night while we are at Karen's...

Bunkhouse, outhouse and a warm cozy fire! 

This morning it was near 0630 before I brought Ken his coffee..much better night's sleep than the night before.  

Black Friday weekend we bought a 43 inch TV for the guest room, so today Ken got it up and hung. Wow..big screen to us! It went from 19 to 43. I mostly finished wrapping what I have as of now.  Waiting on a few deliveries and then what ever I need to pickup..

I was able to get Jacob's Christmas package in the mail last week, so hoping it arrives in Italy before Christmas.  Sure will be different without him home this year. Last year after Christmas we had all five grandsons and girlfriends here  :) :( 

Tomorrow should be another stay at home day, except for a run into town for more wrapping paper and a couple of gift boxes. 

Adam sent this picture of him and Raider last week..that dog sure loves him 😍
Lori and Russell in the middle.  This picture was so cute, I stole it from FB..Love their smiles! 

Just pure joy in Miss Cassidy's smile!! 😍 Our great niece! My sister, Linda in the background!

Have a great night! 

Friday, December 4, 2020

Happy 69th Birthday Ken! Our new to us purchase :)

 Tuesday was Ken's 69th Birthday. He got calls from lots of people and wishes on FB even though he doesn't have it.  We left the RV Park in Winnemucca about 0800 (I know, amazing!).  We wanted to get home early as we wanted to decorate the Christmas tree in the afternoon. 

We got home just about 1200 or so.  We both did our thing unloading the Mansion and eventually met up inside.  I got the toppings together to make the zucchini squash pizza for dinner.  I had made the crust and froze it before we left and it freezes wonderfully. 

I ran up to Raley's to find low fat egg nog since Walmart doesn't carry it. Tradition is brandy, egg nog and a Christmas movie while we decorate the tree :) It was a good evening. 

I did notice I don't have a Navy ornament so I ordered one. Russell gave me one last year, but I keep it and the Marine one on the wall year round 💙

Not much the rest of the week, we made a run to Gardnerville for prescriptions and then worked on wrapping some presents.  Ken got lights in the tree outside which looks really nice. Bunk house is next! 

Today (Friday) he worked on wood as the days are really cold here right now.  When we walked home from John and Karen's the other night at 2200 it was 21 degrees. Took me forever to warm up!! 

Today we walked over to John and Karen's.  John got a call to go for storm work in New York, he left early this am from the airport.  Ken went to check on wood for her and made a run to where she buys it. 

While we were there we went inside the motorhome we've been thinking about buying and committed to it! John and Karen bought it from friends about a year and a half ago. They had bought it to go to Burning Man and once they were done, they wanted to get rid of it. John and Karen bought it because it was too good of a deal at $2500. We're paying $1500.00! Figure we can tow the Can AM behind it and be nice and comfy. Not that we're not in the Toyhauler, but this will be better we're thinking. It's in really good shape, 117,000 miles on it. Looking forward to this little project. 

1989 26 foot Ford...
Sink and toilet..
Short tub..in good shape..
Dinette... cushions all the way through are in great shape! 
It has 2 swivel chairs with seat belts for riding :) 
couch for visiting and sleeping :) I forgot to get the "kitchen pictures" ..
Driver's chair..
Passenger chair...

Happy Hour time in front of our cozy fire!  Enjoy your evening!