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Monday, December 28, 2020

Catch up once again..and out of storage according to Google..

 Good Monday afternoon! Well, I started the blog Christmas morning while we at our motel. See where that got me, nowhere..so I'm starting over. haha. 

Last week Adam and his sweetie, Erin came out for a couple of days. While they were here he took her to see the ghost town of Bodie which is 84 miles or so from us. They enjoyed their time there.  Adam has been before but not Erin. We had a couple of good evenings with them.  

Adam and Erin going for a Can Am ride in the cold!
Santa headed next door...
Adam and Erin are headed home...
Our wonderful neighbors gave us this for Christmas :) 

Thursday morning we left and headed for Cool and Georgetown CA to drop off gifts   for those two families.  We dropped the food I made to contribute to Christmas dinner too. Eric was going to be working a graveyard shift so he was home and Bryan is on his yearly vacation this time of year. It was nice to visit with both families. 

Once we finished there we headed for our motel in Auburn, Ca.  We enjoyed the evening and ate in our room dinner I had brought from home. 

Christmas morning we had some breakfast casserole I brought from home and then got ourselves going.  We were at Dusty and Chelsea's place a little after 0900. Their kids are the perfect age for Santa, so that was fun seeing what Santa brought them. 

Owen showing off his special Michael Myers Van's shoes...
Cassidy opening a gift

Adam, Bryan and Cheryl at Eric's house..
Mason added to the picture...
Russell's remodeled bathroom..it's amazing! 

After that we headed for our youngest son Russell's house and we were able to watch them open their gifts along with what they got us. :) Thank you for waiting until we got there :) With Jacob in Italy most of the presents under the tree were for Aaron. We did get to FaceTime with Jacob! 

We arrived at Eric's house just about 1200. It was a really nice visit and way too much food! 

We left around 1600 and headed back to the motel. Another good night, we were both asleep pretty early.  

Saturday morning we got on the road about 0915 heading for home. We had pills to pick up in Gardnerville so we headed up Highway 50.  California has a stay at home order...hahahaha. NO one stayed home!  Traffic was awful and very slow. People looking for places to pull off in the snow to play. 

We grabbed our pills and stuff for Beer Margaritas, as Ken mentioned them on the way home.  Thanks Tom and Deb  for introducing us to these tasty drinks!! 

Karen had texted and invited us to dinner as John's son, Jesse was visiting from Oklahoma.  We got things unloaded and headed over there for a nice fire and awesome lasagna dinner. I haven't had "real" lasagna in over 2 years, but it's Christmas right?! 

Sunday morning I continued with the' It's Christmas right"?! We headed next door for some awesome biscuits and gravy before Jesse had to leave for home. Karen can cook, and again it's been a long time! YUM! 

After breakfast I headed for Walmart in Gardnerville to get groceries for the coming week. We're having visitors! Seth, Holly, Mason and Aaron are coming out on Tuesday and staying until New Years Day.  Adam may be coming out later in the week too. We're missing Jacob and Allissa this year 😔

This morning we woke up to snow, just a dusting but glad I went yesterday! 

Well, I'm done loading pictures as Google is saying my storage is full..so I better look into that! UHHH..

Have a good night! It's Happy Hour anyway...lol..


  1. Reads like a Wonderful Christmas!
    What a great gift from your neighbors. Your son's bathroom remodel looks beautiful. I know you enjoyed having Adam and Erin last week and are going to have a great rest of this week with all your special visitors. Wishing you and Ken a Happy New Year filled with Joy and Love! Hugs

    1. It was a great Christmas, although different. Yes they are special people. I think it was a thank you also, because we do help Karen when John is gone. I'm hoping the weather holds for the kids and they can make it here and home! Thank you for the wishes...back to you!

  2. Glad you had a Safe and Enjoyable Christmas with Family
    Haven't you heard "Christmas Calories don't Count".
    Wishing you all have a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick I needed that reminder! Now tell my hips that! LOL.

  3. I'm curious, are you keeping your pictures on the Cloud? I don't use it for anything. I keep all my pics on my computer. Sounds like you had a great Christmas! Love the bbq and it's always so fun to watch the kids open their presents!! That bathroom ... WOW!!!

    1. Nancy, honestly I have no idea where I am keeping pictures. I thought on the computer but then this pops up..I wouldn't even know where to find cloud. Ever since we took the computer in a few years ago for "service" everything changed damn Geek Squad. Yeah I wish I had before pics of his bathroom..

  4. Love your cloud response to Nancy. That would me too! 😀 sounds like you had a great Christmas with family. Glad all went well.

  5. An absolutely wonderful Christmas celebration! It is so fun to see little ones opening gifts, that is what I miss the most.
    I'm almost expecting my computer to tell me the same thing since I post so many pictures and do not use the Cloud.
    That bathroom is awesome! Love the deep tub.

  6. Yep I miss too, glad we got to see them open a few :) Up until two years ago when it was "serviced" never any problems. Every time we took it back to geeks it has never been right..oh well it's getting older so probably need a new one in a few years.

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