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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

A quick catch up! Motorhome is here! Christmas wrapping and a new TV

Well, here we are again nearing the end of the week! Christmas is coming quickly! 

Came across this last week from 2007. Jacob would have been 6 at Thanksgiving. Everyone did a Thankful tree 💙 I am thankful for grandma and papa! I wrote a Christmas message to him on back and included this in his package 💗

Sunday we headed for Fallon to do a favor for our neighbor Joe.  He was buying a mining dredge from a guy out there but Joe had to work.  We never mind a drive so off we went.  Nice guy in a neighborhood and he and Ken hit it off!  Turns out they head for Quarzsite after Christmas so we'll probably meet up with them sometime. We got home in time for lunch here at home. 

Monday was a run around day in Carson City.  I had ordered a few things so they needed picking up.  Got some Christmas shopping done but not all.  The 16th we're taking the Tundra in for its servicing so hoping to finish that up then. 

Our Nevada Christmas tree..

Ken decorated the tree outside our bedroom window. It's beautiful. Not sure why the lights show up white as they are all colored! 

Tuesday was a stay at home day :)  Got a lot of the wrapping and sorting done during the day.  We headed next door and brought the motorhome home! Now we can work on it when we have time. It ran like a champ, we tested the heating and a/c works fine! We also noticed we've got 6 brand new tires on there! Not bad for $1500.00! 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 
The biggest TV we've ever had!  43 inches! The boys will enjoy the size for their video games!

Getting ideas from Pinterest on what I'd like to do to the inside :) Gotta love Pinterest! 

Ken barbecued some chicken out back near the bunkhouse.  We had a fire going so texted Karen to see if she'd like to come over and she did. We sent dinner home with her.  Looks like John will be back probably Thursday for the holidays.  It was a cold night but we were nice and toasty by the fire! 

We had a beautiful sunset the other night while we are at Karen's...

Bunkhouse, outhouse and a warm cozy fire! 

This morning it was near 0630 before I brought Ken his coffee..much better night's sleep than the night before.  

Black Friday weekend we bought a 43 inch TV for the guest room, so today Ken got it up and hung. Wow..big screen to us! It went from 19 to 43. I mostly finished wrapping what I have as of now.  Waiting on a few deliveries and then what ever I need to pickup..

I was able to get Jacob's Christmas package in the mail last week, so hoping it arrives in Italy before Christmas.  Sure will be different without him home this year. Last year after Christmas we had all five grandsons and girlfriends here  :) :( 

Tomorrow should be another stay at home day, except for a run into town for more wrapping paper and a couple of gift boxes. 

Adam sent this picture of him and Raider last week..that dog sure loves him 😍
Lori and Russell in the middle.  This picture was so cute, I stole it from FB..Love their smiles! 

Just pure joy in Miss Cassidy's smile!! 😍 Our great niece! My sister, Linda in the background!

Have a great night! 


  1. Beutiful sunset. Makes the MH shine. I remember moving up from a 19 inch TV and it was great. You'll love the difference. Great looking family.

  2. Thank you Doug!! Yep, love our family!

  3. You certainly got a good deal on that motorhome. Can't wait to see you on the road with it. Beautiful sunset!!!

    1. Yeah we are excited! Not something we "needed" but was too good to pass up..

  4. Your place is looking awesome with the tree and lights all around the outside buildings. Love the one with the fire glowing.
    Great picture of Adam and Raider. Aaaah, so sweet!
    Looks like you are getting ready for the big day, it is coming so fast and those of us here in the cold winter are grateful for that! :)
    You'll love the new tv! :) there will be many "Wow!" comments.

    1. Thank you Patsy. Seems the Christmas season is just too short though! Raider sure loves Adam and vice versa! It was too big for our living room, but at least it fits the guest room!

  5. Every thing looks so pretty and Christmasey. Six new tires? What an awesome deal. Love all the pavers at Karen's place.

    1. Thank you Elva. Yeah we looked at them after getting it home and was shocked..I think the furtherest they went was from Reno to hear. Karen has a beautiful yard for sure!

  6. Glad you are making everything look Christmasy.
    Six New Tires would cost $1,500. around here. You got a deal.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the season with your family.

    It's about time.

    1. Actually they probably would cost that here too . We are thrilled with it for sure. Thank you Rick, hope you'll be able to enjoy Christmas too.

  7. Love the look of your place, really looking like Christmas!

  8. Thanks so much Bill! My favorite time of year for sure!