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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Great visit with Bryan and family!

Feb 27th update...Got our day going and because it started raining we figured the workers weren't coming to work on the house.  We made a trip to Best Buy, trying to get a battery for our video camera that we bought 12 years ago after Adam was born. Well between the battery (that might or might not have worked) and the cost of the tapes we just decided to buy a new one.  Got a really cute hand held Panasonic, that was on clearance for $130 from $249..can't wait to try it out! Headed over to Home Depot so Ken could get a few things for the house, and to put our tv antenna back up.  We headed home and found the workers were here so we kept on going.  

We had a good lunch in Cool,Ca and then went up the road to Georgetown.  Kind of barged in on them as they didn't know we were coming, but they don't care.  Bryan is off for the next 18 days so his family plus Adam's friend Daniel are coming to check out our property in Winnemucca!  We'll leave Friday am and then they will go home on Sunday, their 13th wedding anniversary..We'll probably stay a few days as it's time for blood work again.  

Ken's brother Don got word that their offer on a home in Tennessee was accepted! So now escrow begins and in a few weeks Don and Dana could be new homeowners and eventually we will be housesitters for awhile! 

Not much going on this morning..(guess that's a good thing)..Pictures to be posted later today...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Such a great day at BMX!

All Five Boys and their trophies
Mason won 3rd place but picked track bucks instead!
Seth at the end of the racetrack!

Cute  pic of cousins Aaron and Mason!
Notice the toothless grin on Aaron, so cute                                             
                                              Four Adorable Cousins!

Feb 26th update...Chocolate chip pancakes for the boys today..seems that's what they always want when they're here. Made some cookie dough brownies to take to the race track and made up some tuna fish and sandwiches.  Off we went to the Oak Creek BMX track in Roseville.  What an awesome day!  Russell and Eric's families were both there (with the boys of course) Jason, Michelle and Derek, Lori and Chris's parents Bob and Linda came out too. Most of Russell's neighbors came out to cheer the boys, along with my sis's Wendy and Linda! 
I am pretty sure we had the biggest cheering group out there!  The boys did awesome! In the end Jacob ended up with a first place, Aaron 2nd (he wasn't happy about that), Seth didn't place but did awesome considering it was his first week after moving up, Mason 3rd, and he picked candy rather than a trophy, and Derek 2nd place totally awesome!!

Many thanks to Brandon who took a million pictures that are posted to the new Racing Blog Christina has set up on Facebook! Thanks to Christina for setting up the new "Crank it Up" site on Facebook!!  Totally AWESOME!!

Ken and I were talking on the home and both of us said that of all the sports the boys do, this is our #1 favorite!! 

Came home and watched some of our old (well in the last 12 years or so) videos because we have no tv.  Ken had to take the antenna down for the pest work.  

We do have an offer on the house :) :( ....it is a full price offer but with VA so we don't think it'll go...like we've said b4...we've put it in God's hands and whatever HE wants is what we'll do..

Well, I'll cook a turkey today because we had to move the freezer..and then hang out and find something to do with the hubby!!  

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Back in Colfax..

Got back Colfax Thursday evening.  Yesterday I spent the day with my two wonderful sisters, Wendy and Linda (aka Anno and Ninny)..Tasha came along too.  We met in Newcastle and then took Linda's van over to Lincoln looking for antique stores.  There used to be a ton but not anymore.  Still it was a beautiful day in the 70's.  We left there and went to Edelweiss Restaurant and had a great lunch!  It was really nice spending time with my sisters, we don't seem to be able to do that much anymore.  

Today, the guys are here to get the pest control work done.  Something that has to be done whether the house sells or not.  Jacob and Aaron are here too.  I tried to get some of the other boys but they all had plans.  Russell and Lori have gone to see the new Act of Valor movie so the boys are here tonight.  Tomorrow, BMX!! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Waking up this morning in the fifth wheel in Winnemucca. Got here yesterday afternoon and temp said 50 but the wind was blowing so it felt much colder.  Steve, our neighbor came over to visit so we caught up on the gossip.  It's 42 right now but warm and toasty in the trailer.  We'll spend the day around here putting stuff in the containers and finding a place for the 47 Farmall.  Heading back to Colfax tomorrow.  

Got a text from Russell yesterday telling us that Gma Pauline was being taken back to the hospital. Prayers going there...

I will post pics later.  We have flat Mason with us so we've got to get some good ones!! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Heading for Winnemucca today!

Good Morning World!  It's 4 am and can't sleep so figured I'd catch up on this blog (diary).  Don't know where the time goes, thought I'd have time daily to do this but couldn't find time over the weekend.  

Saturday, picked up Adam, Seth and Mason for them to spend the night till Sunday after the BMX races.  Came home and made tons of cookies, and by Sunday morning they were all gone.  Ken brought home the 20 foot trailer so we can get the Farmall loaded and a bunch of other things to take to Winnemucca on Tuesday.  The boys played outside for awhile and then some video games.  

Sunday they boys wanted pancakes, and then at 1100 we headed out.  I took them out to lunch at A and W / KFC they enjoyed it but there wasn't a thing there I thought I could eat.  I don't think we'll ever set foot in one of those again.  We met up with Russell's family, Eric and Chris, Jason and Michelle, who now have their son Derek racing now.  Bobby and Linda came by for a bit in the Road Runner so it was a great time!  The boys did well!  Turns out Seth should have moved up to expert in his age group (after 8 first places you move up).  He aced the first race and then that's when they discovered he should have been up a class.  His dad had a little talk with him about the fact that this race won't count for him, and the girl that was in 2nd place it would count in her wins if he let her win, Eric left it up to him what to do and Seth let (and I do mean let) the girl win the 2nd and third race.  We were so proud of him for having the maturity to do that!  Aaron aced first again (this is only his 2nd time racing).  Mason got 3rd (he just moved up to 7 year olds).  Jacob didn't get to race this weekend (due to discipline) hopefully next weekend.  

Yesterday I cleaned out some more inside the house and Ken took care of outside.  I took down my wall plates that have been there since we moved in that's the saddest I've been since we started this move.  Last night we made the best good for u pizza! Whole wheat crust and then veggies on mine w a little chicken breast. Ken had the same but with canadian bacon and his oysters. Caesar salad and  little wine and beer, awesome!! 

Today we head for Winny (short for Winnemucca).  We are leaving the trailer and the Chevy out there for a bit, and I am taking the Patriot.  We'll be there a few days and head back probably Thursday.  

Heard a few days ago that one of Ken's co workers, Rick Jones passed a way last week.  So sad, he just retired from the county and only 58 years old.. Whenever we hear of things like this we realize why we're doing what we're doing, you're not guaranteed tomorrow, so live each day to the fullest.  Treasure everyone you have in your life, and make sure they know!! 
    Gonna go wake the hubby with some coffee and get this day going!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Even though this is boring, I'm going to start updating!

It's a beautiful day today in Colfax, CA.  Ken decided to take Friday's off (from work here at home) so he headed down the hill to visit his friend Tracy and who knows who else.  My husband the social butterfly!  I   cleaned out the computer cabinet we are going to give Christina and hope to get it to them this weekend.  Hopefully we will have some of the grandkids this weekend.  Adam has called and wants to come, Mason called earlier but I didn't get the message till later and it appears they are out running around. 

This evening we will head to Roseville to watch either Jacob or Aaron play their last basketball game of the season, the other one's is tomorrow at 0800.  I will be there too for that one.  Sunday we will go to the BMX park to watch Seth, Mason, Jacob and Aaron race.  That is always fun..This will only be the second race for Jacob and Aaron as the other boys have been doing it much longer!  

Monday or Tuesday we will head to Winnemucca for a few days, dropping off taxes, and stuff to the property.  

I was going to start the blog while we are on the road, but it  looks like it'll be awhile longer so this will be my diary for now.