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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Great visit with Bryan and family!

Feb 27th update...Got our day going and because it started raining we figured the workers weren't coming to work on the house.  We made a trip to Best Buy, trying to get a battery for our video camera that we bought 12 years ago after Adam was born. Well between the battery (that might or might not have worked) and the cost of the tapes we just decided to buy a new one.  Got a really cute hand held Panasonic, that was on clearance for $130 from $249..can't wait to try it out! Headed over to Home Depot so Ken could get a few things for the house, and to put our tv antenna back up.  We headed home and found the workers were here so we kept on going.  

We had a good lunch in Cool,Ca and then went up the road to Georgetown.  Kind of barged in on them as they didn't know we were coming, but they don't care.  Bryan is off for the next 18 days so his family plus Adam's friend Daniel are coming to check out our property in Winnemucca!  We'll leave Friday am and then they will go home on Sunday, their 13th wedding anniversary..We'll probably stay a few days as it's time for blood work again.  

Ken's brother Don got word that their offer on a home in Tennessee was accepted! So now escrow begins and in a few weeks Don and Dana could be new homeowners and eventually we will be housesitters for awhile! 

Not much going on this morning..(guess that's a good thing)..Pictures to be posted later today...

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