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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Uncle Lewis and family!

August 29th...Cornersville, TN to Sikeston MO! Left Don's place this am and headed towards Sikeston Mo to visit Uncle Lewis and Aunt Irene.  Of course we took the scenic route and it was beautiful.  We got to Mo at about lunch time, stopped and ate and took off again.  Missouri is so brown from the drought, the Mississippi River is showing sandbars so amazing and so sad.  The corn the  farmers started they just had to let die, because they had no water. All around you see tons of brown corn.

We got to Uncle Lewis's house around 1500, a little later than we planned but it was great.  Terri and her daughter Erica were there also and then at 1600 she picked up her hubby from work so we got to meet Steve, a really nice guy. 

We spent a couple of hours there visiting.  Uncle Lewis told us the story of when he and daddy were in the war and overseas they were actually able to meet in London for a few days.  How cool, never knew about that till yesterday.  

Terri sure reminds us of Linda..they were so alike as kids and just the same as adults who haven't seen each other in 42 years...

After a couple of hours it was time to get going..weren't sure where, but leaving Sikeston we saw a really good looking mexican restaurant and then decided to check out the motels.  So we ended up not driving too far and stayed in an America's best value.  IT was soooo nice, had two rooms, living room and then king size bedroom..gorgeous.  Drank a little wine (too much) and went to dinner...and had some more and a great fajita dinner (vegetable) yummy...

August 30th...Had a nice little breakfast at the hotel and headed out to take the scenic byway from north eastern Ark to I40..we're here now in a motel called the luxury inn..not exactly but nice anyway.  We hit some rain from Isaac and now are settled in.  Had a nice Mexican lunch this afternoon, and enough left overs so that will be dinner tonight for the two of us.  Headed for Cracker Barrel in the am and then highway 64 back to Don's...

Loving life!! and my hubby!!

Our hotel room in Sikeston...room 1

Missouri Barn love it!!

Room 2 in Sikeston..had living room and bedroom..whohoo

Uncle Lewis, Terri, Steve and Aun Irene in the door!

Uncle Lewis and Aunt Irene

Sand bar across the Mississippi

Uncle Lewis...

Aunt Irene

The two of them!


Love this pic of Steve and Terri!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stayed home ALL day! Heading for Sikeston tomorrow!

August 28th...Cornersville...Well, today is Linda and Bobby's 30th anniversary! Hard to believe it was that long ago! What a party at my mom and dad's after the beautiful wedding!  Wendy will be coming upon 28 and Ken and me 40 in September.!  WOW how time flies...

Today we got up and had our coffees and then lunch. I spent time on the internet looking for hotels..one for our trip tomorrow to Sikeston, MO to visit Uncle Lewis, Aunt Irene and it appears Teri and Ericka will be there too!  Should be a fun time as we haven't seen them since 1985! We'll spend the night in a motel and then head back on Thursday. Hard to believe this is Labor Day weekend coming up!  

I also made a reservation for Nashville for next week. My cousin Melody is coming back from Hawaii so we're planning on meeting them for brunch. So figured since we'll be in town why not spend the night so I can take Ken to the clubs.  Went a few years ago with Al and Irene and loved it!  If we were gonna spend more than 1 night I would have tried to get them up here!  Hopefully our plans for the end of Sept work out for the Blues Festival!

Ken's working outside getting the weedeating done..very hot and humid!!

Just a few pictures from our summer!

Love this picture of Mason!

Seth and his first kill!

Ruby, Adam and Mason in Winnemucca

Russell and his boys in tonopah nv

Me at Ruby Falls

Ken overlooking river at Ruby Falls

Our camper at Don's house, Cornersville, TN

Monday, August 27, 2012

Quiet Sunday in the South...

August 26th...Sunday in the South...Ken worked on the yard and I went to the town of Lewisburg to pick up a few groceries..Made some raisin bread, which is really good but not for Ken's olive and peanut butter breakfast he makes but still yummy.  Made it with whole wheat flour and it turned out really good.  

I love Sundays here driving through town, churches are in session and then later kids are out in the heat running around.  Reminds me of being a kid in Arkansas and those summers. 

That being said we are going to try and get to Sikeston this week to visit my Uncle Lewis and Aunt Irene.  Last time was in 1985 so it's about time.  Our time here is moving so quickly..it's amazing. 

Last night we made homemade veggie pizzas which turned out quite amazing if I do say so myself.  

Very hot and humid here.  Florida is getting alot of rain from tropical storm Isaac, so we'll see if we get any rain later this week.  

My veggie pizza!

Ken's pizza with olives and oysters!

August 27th Monday, going to town for a bit and then who knows what else...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A great trip to Florence, Alabama

August 24th..Cornersville, Tn to Florence AL...Got up and Ken ran to get stuff to change the oil in my car, but by the time he got back we decided to just go ahead and go.  Headed to Florence Al and had a beautiful drive! We took the freeway a few miles into Al and then headed west.  Gorgeous drive, I love the back roads you see so much more!  Crossed over a couple of rivers that were huge and beautiful!  

Got to Florence and found the area we were looking for (the mall) and it was just about 1300 so LUnch time...low and behold found a mexican restaurant and ohhhhh so good..I think it was called the el mexicana..good food and cheap prices for lunch!  We got out of there for $16.00 plus tip and that included a large beer and nice glass of wine for me!  We will go back when we're in the area. 

Headed over to the mall and spent a little money on Ken and me.  I needed some new t shirts and he needed jeans.  Luckily Penneys had a nice clearance going on!  

Took a different way back still on the back roads and had a lovely ride.
Our truck and cabover waiting to go somewhere!

Ken Bar B Quing out back of Don's house

Rest Area going into Alabama!

Telling about the Saturn

The Saturn rocket is right there at the rest area 

Korean war memorial at the rest area

Flags at the rest area

Ken visiting the Vietnam Vets memorial at the rest area Alabama


The rocket again

Crossing over the river heading to Florence Alabama
Watched the cows for awhile and then some quick tacos and another lovely day here in TN is gone!  WOW..

August 25th...Stayed home, cleaned the camper and Ken did yard work!  Now for some wine, and bar b q tonight for dinner..gonna go watch the grass grow and the cows eat their dinner..

Sad news, Neil Armstrong passed away this afternoon. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Date with my Hubby!

August 23rd..Cornersville and Franklin TN....WEll today we decided to go to lunch and a movie. Haven't done that in ages and we have both wanted to see Hope Springs.  Movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep.  Here in Cornersville, if you want to go see a new movie looks like you have to go to Franklin, TN which is about a 45 min drive north of here.  So off we went to the big city!  

Ken needed to go to Sam's Club so he dropped me at Marshall's to look around, I had spent the day before in Columbia to see if I could find a few items of clothing but didn't go to Marshalls. I actually found a pair of shorts and two tops (one of them Arkansas Razorbacks) so came out a happy camper.  

We left there and headed for lunch at the Mexican Restaurant we went to last time we were in town. I swear, it's worse than Roseville at noon!! We left there quickly and found a TGIF that wasn't crowded, just expensive..won't do that again..$5.89 for a glass of wine, served in a huge glass but only 1/4 full..what a joke.  Lunch was fine, but expensive again. I had their black bean burger, which was excellent but again I don't expect ever to go back there. 

We left there headed for the movie theatre, $8.50 matinee price! ahhhhhhh, are u fricking kidding me? $11.25 if you go after 1730!  How can people making $11.00 an hour take their family to the movies?? I guess you wait for dvd, we could have bought the movie...It was good, we enjoyed it.  A tad slow, and too much old people sex for our tastes..but i'd watch it again..

We headed back home, watched the grass grow awhile and had a delicious salad for dinner (Ken had salmon burger to go with it).  

Tomorrow we are going to take a drive to Florence AL to visit the Target store there...why? just because!! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One more beautiful day in Cornersville!

August 20th..Cornersville, TN...Got our day going after coffee and breakfast.  I decided since we were staying at the house all day time to do a little cleaning..little being the operative word.  It's so nice here it's a pleasure to keep clean anyway.  We had lunch and Ken started on the lawn work again.  It's alot to keep up so he's been mowing and weedeating.  

I decided it was time to post some pics on Facebook so I spent a good part of the later afternoon doing that.  I need to get some posted here to save.  

Made spaghetti and salad for dinner, it was yummy!  First time using the gluten free noodles and they were very tasty.  They don't hold together as well as real noodles but they still work.  Had our drinks on the porch and watched the sun go down. It is so beautiful here! 

Ken visited with our neighbor across the way for a bit.  JD seems like a very nice man, and definitely a hard worker.  Ken came home with some canned goodies from him..

August 21st...Cornersville, TN...Got up and enjoyed the morning, then we headed to Lewisburg to do a little grocery shopping.  Ended up with a little ride to Columbia to see about a part for JD"s tractor and was able to find it.  Back in time for lunch, tuna sandwich for Ken and some cottage cheese and fruit for me. 

Our set up to take to Tn!

Ken coming from our cabin in Crossville KOA

Bedroom of a "homestead" house in Crossville , TN

Homestead House Crossville, TN

Ken waiting for lunch at Ruby Falls, TN

Overlooking the river at Ruby Falls

Inside Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls TN
This morning before we left, saw a lizard coming out of the laundry room, luckily he went back under the back screen door, so that door will be staying shut from now on! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

A beautiful Sunday in Cornersville, TN!

August 19th..Cornersville, TN....Woke up to an easy Sunday morning..Left here about 1100 and headed to Lewisburg, a few minutes north of here.  Went to "The Walmart" and spent some money on groceries and Ken bought a new pair of jeans and a hitch for the trailer.  We visited the goodwill first, but didn't find anything.  Had lunch at LaComida, thinking it will be our Sunday afternoon treat.  It was delicious, other than they don't have whole beans which I have come to like much better than refried, and they are better for you.  Headed back home and met our neighbor, JD. Nice man. 

Ken asked when we wanted to go to Nashville and spend the night, I think it'll be after the 1st of the month.  When we got back Ken continued to mow Don's lawn, wow it looks like Don needs a "fluffer" and a bailer!  The lawn is so thick and green "it's amazing"!

Sat outside a while and watched the cows and birds and then made a salad and Ken had a salmon burger..great day in Cornersville!

Happy 63rd birthday to Ken's brother Dave...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A little catch up...We are back at Don's

August 15th...Crossville TN..We left this morning and headed for Clif's house in Crossville TN.  We had a beautiful ride taking the back roads all the way to Crossville.  Ken started feeling a bit queasy so we stopped at Mickey D's and got him a couople of sausage burritos and a little nap while I drove.  We arrived a Clif's after checking into the KOA cabin we had rented for the night.  We visited for a bit and then he took us sightseeing in his new Dodge truck.  Good thing he was driving, as we'd have been lost!  Saw where he used to live when he lived there in the 70's...also Crossville, was a town that during the   great depression received the benefits of the "New Deal".  252 houses were granted to people who qualified, and they also received between 20 and 40 acres of land to farm.  The houses are just adorable!  They helped build the houses and then moved their families into them.  I believe part of the deal was they had to live in the house for so many  years before they could be sold.  We saw alot of those homes!  Also went through the state park there and many other places in town.  After the drive went back to Clif's for more of a visit and some of his delicious spaghetti.  Made plans to meet the next am for breakfast.

August 16th...had a nice night at the KOA.  Don't think I would stay in a cabin there again, as the one we were in was a long walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night!  Other than that it was a great stay! 

We met Clif at his house and then went to breakfast at Kali's in town.  Good breakfast and such reasonable prices...After that we went to the "Homestead Museum" in town and learned about the cute houses we had seen yesterday. Then went to the top of the museum and looked about.  We left there and went to the "Crabtree House"..so we actually got to go inside one of the houses.  They are so cute, 3 bedroom 1 bath, kitchen, dining and living room...I could live in one now!!  We said goodbye to Clif and then headed for Chatanooga TN.

After checking in at the Holiday travel park, we decided to take a little ride and go to the Chatanooga/Chikamounga Battlefield.  It was about 1630 when we got there so didn't have much chance to look around, but did take the driving tour...nice job they did on America's first Military Park.  

Went back to the cabin, and Ken bar b qued some chicken legs and thighs..yummy for  him.

August 17th...Got up late, and I do mean late...we were down at the bathroom when the cleaning lady came in so around 1000 or so...left camp and headed for Ruby Falls.  I had been there when I was around 7 or so and then in 1985 we took our kids there.  Decided since we were so close we needed to do it again.  Unfortunately things change and we weren't impressed!  The tour probably had about 45 people in it, and then you met up with other tours coming out of the falls area..so commercialized, we both felt like we did when we were at Antelope Canyon last  year.  So that's a done deal forever..I'd hate to see how they handle it when school is out and it's loaded with kids..

I wanted to do zip lining, and next door supposedly had one, but it was more focused on being in the trees and an obstacle course about 45 foot off the ground..nope didn't work for me (even if you're harnessed)..so we took a drive to the top of Lookout MT and then back to camp..can't believe how fast time goes.  Got there late afternoon, so we went to the pool and spent a relaxing rest of the day.  Ken bar b qued some chicken thighs and then time to call it a night. 

August 18th..Set alarm for 0600 and got up at 0700...got out of there and went to Cracker Barrel for a fairly late breakfast.  YUMMY!! Then a nice leisurely drive back to Don's beautiful and here we are for the next little while! Ken's mowing the lawn and well, this is what I am doing! 

Salmon burgers and veggie burgers for dinner!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A beautiful day in Tennessee!

August 14th...Cornersville TN...Woke up about 0700...and worked on getting ready to go to the big town of Franklin, about an hour north of here..We did and visited Sam's Club and spent a little money of course!  After that we went to Chuys a mexican restaurant in town...I had their veggie enchiladas omg they were awesome!  Stopped at Kroger grocery and picked up stuff to make my own here at home.  They look awesome! We'll see how they taste later. 

We're getting ready to see Clif, tomorrow and then head for Ruby Falls.  We haven't been their since 1985.  We'll be back here on Saturday.  Beautiful weather today...yesterday we had a great thunder and lightning show..it's pretty clear today and about 85degrees.  

Grandma had some teeth pulled yesterday and implants put in, guess she's in a pretty good amount of pain..but the end result should be worth it for her.  

Monday, August 13, 2012

A beautiful day in TN!

August 12th...Cornersville, TN...Woke up in the new bed Don and Dana purchased for us...awesome!  Took our time in the am and just enjoyed the temps and the view outside.  Ken unloaded the car, I helped a bit and then we decided we needed to hit Walmart for some items. 

Headed over to POP's bar b q and truck stop for a nice lunch. I had their one trip salad bar for 2.99 and ken settled on a fried catfish sandwich with fries. 

Got back to the house, and got out the kindle and a chair, sat under the big tree out back and started reading.  Diane called so that put an end to that! WE had a nice conversation!  

Later on Ken was bar b quing some veggie burgers and called his mom.  He talked a while and then my turn.  

August 13th...Woke up about 7, coffee, breakfast and then we'll see.  Ca and surrounding areas are experiencing a heat wave...about 107.  We are experiencing about 85 and a little breeze..supposed to warm later in the week but for now it's great! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

We're here in Cornersville!!

August 11th...Cornersville TN!  We made it here about 1900 hours.  We got up this morning about 0430 and had our coffee and meandered to the showers in Eureka Springs AR KOA.  Left about 0630 and had breakfast at the Forest Cafe. yummy!!  I had the veggie omelet and Ken had corned beef hash and eggs. The fried potatoes were incredible...ok I know I shouldn't have them but I did give half to Ken.  Makes it ok doesn't it?! 

We left there and decided to take highway 412 all the way to Columbia TN.  Beautiful..certainly slower than the freeway but so much to look at. I love looking at all the homes along the way.  The crops planted and most ready to harvest.  Haven't figured out the corn crop though, as most looks dead. So did they already pick somehow and just let this go so far? interesting..

We got here to Cornersville about 1900 and came into the house...Don and Dana had bought a new bedroom set for "our room"...beautiful. We were planning on staying on the air mattress we bought last time, which would have been just fine..but this is incredible..will have to get pics tomorrow! The weather was perfect when we got here, about 80 with a breeze! 

August 10th...We left the KOA just below Wichita and headed out. We didn't leave till about 1030 as we just puttered around...oh well..we ended up in Eureka Springs about 1830...not bad after the late start..We had to change the tire on the trailer first as it was flat this am..we ended up babying it as far as we could and then in Coffeyville KS we had to buy three new tires..not fun and not cheap but had to be done..Dollar tire did a good job! 

August 9th...WE spent the night at the Goodland KS KOA..we visited Jenn's mom in Stratton and had a nice visit.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We're getting to TN...slowly...

August 6th...spent the night at Rock Springs KOA...we had been there in May..ok place to spend the night but nothing special.  Alot of locals live there, working people.  Still a nice night! Don's birthday today, he turned 52! I remember when he was 6 and I was his reading buddy! WOW!

August 7th...Got up and left fairly early and ended up in Strasburg Co just outside of Denver.  We stopped at a rest area and had a nice lunch.  WE were trying to meet up with Don and Dana somewhere as we're going east and they're going west.  Didn't happen as we took the 287 from Laramie WY and they stayed on 25.  Enjoyed our evening and decided not to set the alarm.  I've had a horrible cough and it's just taken the wind out of my sails.  

August 8th...Well, we slept in and it was about 1100 when we left the KOA!  Great, easy morning.  We drove on I70 and when we hit the town of Stratton we decided to see if Paul's friends were home. (Ken, KC and Paul visited with them in Sept 2009)   Mom and her almost dau in law, Britteny were there, so we visited for about an hour.  Very nice people and a nice visit.  We left and by then, we decided we weren't going too far.  So we came 19 mi over the border of KS and ended up at the KOA in Goodland.  Had  a really nice afternoon, swimming in the pool (we were the only ones there) did a load of laundry (yes reality catches up )...but a nice relaxing day!! 

Saw on FB that Jacob and Aaron started school today! Hope all went well!  Jacob in the 6th and Aaron in the 2nd! They grow up way to quickly!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tennessee here we come!!

August 5th...Winnemucca and Wendover NV..Left about 1130 this morning..got 22 miles from Winnemucca and came to a dead stop on the freeway.  There was a crash, toyhauler had overturned and fell apart along with the f150 towing it.  We were stopped for about 45 min, so I climbed in the back of the cabover and made some lunch...just finished and off we went.  Thunder and lightning everywhere...fires too!  WE made it to Wendover and decided that was far enough for the day (my kind of driving, about 250 mi)..

Had some veggie burgers and salad for dinner, then bed about 10.  Warm all night long...Up early and on we will go! 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Getting ready to go to Tennessee!!

August 3rd..Winnemucca...Today I ran to town to pick up a few groceries and some meds for while we're gone.  Ken changed oil and got trailer hooked up, not sure how we're gonna secure car on the trailer.  We will leave either tomorrow or Sunday at the latest.  Don and Dana leave TN for CA on Monday am.  It's hot here and everywhere I guess.  Not much too exciting just working on getting ready. 

August 2nd...Winnemucca..We were in CA after our Dr appt on the 1st.  Things were good for me, I lost 17 pounds in the last 4 months. Lots of my cholesterol numbers dropped, so Dr Grant was happy about that, but my triglycerides went up!  She wants me to try and go "gluten free" and of course still the no meat low low cholesterol.  I know I drink too much wine, and in researching triglycerides I found that wine increases it...so less (much less) wine.  
While I was there, she called Ken in to talk about his prostrate ultrasound and told him a few things to do to hopefully keep drugs and surgery out of the mix. He is going to be trying some herbs and saw  palmetto to see how that helps. Appts in November when we get back. 

August 1st...Had the dr appt, some veggie chinese and headed for Georgetown.  Bryan had cooked some delicious hamburgers and fries. Yes, I did eat a hamburger, because I had gone 4 months with no meat I decided to treat myself.  Delicious! Now back on the diet~!
After leaving Bryan's house in the am we ran into Chris and the boys on the way to Dr. Seth had a good crash night b4 during bmx and ended up dislocating his shoulder...ouch! 

I am really hoping to be better on this blog as we travel. Looking forward to this trip and hard to believe when we get back it will be November!!