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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Uncle Lewis and family!

August 29th...Cornersville, TN to Sikeston MO! Left Don's place this am and headed towards Sikeston Mo to visit Uncle Lewis and Aunt Irene.  Of course we took the scenic route and it was beautiful.  We got to Mo at about lunch time, stopped and ate and took off again.  Missouri is so brown from the drought, the Mississippi River is showing sandbars so amazing and so sad.  The corn the  farmers started they just had to let die, because they had no water. All around you see tons of brown corn.

We got to Uncle Lewis's house around 1500, a little later than we planned but it was great.  Terri and her daughter Erica were there also and then at 1600 she picked up her hubby from work so we got to meet Steve, a really nice guy. 

We spent a couple of hours there visiting.  Uncle Lewis told us the story of when he and daddy were in the war and overseas they were actually able to meet in London for a few days.  How cool, never knew about that till yesterday.  

Terri sure reminds us of Linda..they were so alike as kids and just the same as adults who haven't seen each other in 42 years...

After a couple of hours it was time to get going..weren't sure where, but leaving Sikeston we saw a really good looking mexican restaurant and then decided to check out the motels.  So we ended up not driving too far and stayed in an America's best value.  IT was soooo nice, had two rooms, living room and then king size bedroom..gorgeous.  Drank a little wine (too much) and went to dinner...and had some more and a great fajita dinner (vegetable) yummy...

August 30th...Had a nice little breakfast at the hotel and headed out to take the scenic byway from north eastern Ark to I40..we're here now in a motel called the luxury inn..not exactly but nice anyway.  We hit some rain from Isaac and now are settled in.  Had a nice Mexican lunch this afternoon, and enough left overs so that will be dinner tonight for the two of us.  Headed for Cracker Barrel in the am and then highway 64 back to Don's...

Loving life!! and my hubby!!

Our hotel room in Sikeston...room 1

Missouri Barn love it!!

Room 2 in Sikeston..had living room and bedroom..whohoo

Uncle Lewis, Terri, Steve and Aun Irene in the door!

Uncle Lewis and Aunt Irene

Sand bar across the Mississippi

Uncle Lewis...

Aunt Irene

The two of them!


Love this pic of Steve and Terri!!

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