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Thursday, March 31, 2016

More work on the RUDB and sanding the Shiplap..

Woke up to a really cold, overcast day.  Got ourselves going and Ken got started in the bathroom.  After my daily chores he set me up in the garage (and made a nice fire in there too!) so I could sand the shiplap and get it ready for little stain, and now I think we've decided to add a clear satin varnish.
Part of the shiplap..this was truly a find in the attic!

My sanding job for the day..

The other shiplap..

Here's a pic of the typical tack job

and some of the old wallpaper that was tacked on a lot of the pieces..

So, I was sanding and he came and got me to show me what the ceiling fan light looked like when he was getting it out of the ceiling...yukkk!! No wonder the house didn't catch fire from the dust and dirt that was there!  
This is the bathroom ceiling fan..that's all dust and dirt inside..
no wonder it was falling down from the ceiling..

not insulation...just dirt and dust..yukkkkkkk

So, I got my job done just in time for lunch. He continued working on the bathroom in the afternoon.  No tile today but he did get the stuff out of the ceiling, and more concrete board up on the bathroom wall.  
more concrete board up above the tile area..mainly to protect the wall from

I know he did this patch of the two holes in the ceiling..even though he told me
there was nothing in the attic (rats, bats whatever)..he knew I wouldn't
like them being open..2nd patch is where the ducting was coming
thought the ceiling..

Looking like a nice weekend coming up so we'll see what else we can get done.  Going to have to make another trip soon into Fernley and our home away from home, Lowes!  

Talked to Cheryl and sounds like Adam is having a great time in Laguna Beach, they come home Saturday night.  

Seth is having a busy week playing baseball in Marysville..

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The tile is looking awesome!

Yesterday we woke up to some snow on the ground, but by the afternoon it was all gone!  That's the way I like it!  Still a really cold day, had the fire going all day.  Sure am glad we've got the wood stove, can't imagine having the heater in the house going all day and paying that propane bill!! 

Ken worked on the tile in the bathroom and it's really coming together..slow going but that's ok we're in no hurry!  

We're going for a "rustic" look, so that's why we really like this tile...

That's the whole back wall of the tub...the green you see is paper protecting the tub...

Probably a better view..one more row at the top..then on to another wall..

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More work on the RUDB and Snow!

Woke up to the news saying that Reno/Sparks area got hit with a major snowstorm..freeways were deadlocked with accidents and spinouts.  About 0900  got a call from the wifi people that they had to cancel for yesterday as the installers come out of the Sparks area.  No problem, can understand that and it was so cold and windy here.  So because they cancelled and can't get here until Friday we get 1/2 off on the install..we'll take that..$50.00 instead of $99.00.  

We went into the garage and Ken went into the attic, there was a lot of wood that the previous owners left so we got it down to see what we had.  Well, it's Shiplap!  Exciting I know..Really nice wood, and quite a bit, i'll just tell you some of that is going into the RUDB!  Shiplap was used many years ago as a kind of insulation in homes between 1860's until 1925.  It was put on walls, then either plastered over or a kind of material wallpaper was tacked on.  (Per the internet) We did find several pieces with tacks still in it and some kind of wall paper  on the edges. What a treasure!  Too bad we don't know the history of where this wood used to be!  Was it a house, or a barn..where was it..oh well, it will have a new history in our RUDB!  

Ken worked on it most of the day, got the last piece of concrete board up and actually started on the tile.  I love it! 

The tub is all closed in with concrete board...

The beginning of the tile!  We know the spacers are supposed to lay flat
in between the tiles, but this way they'll pop out much easier and the spacing
is the same...

Later in the afternoon we got a little snow, not much but just enough to look pretty! Looks like by the end of the week we're looking at temps in the 70's..perfect for aging metal, so thinking that's what i'll be doing.  

Can't believe it's almost April!  

Adam and Danny got off on their trip just fine..He texted last night that he's enjoying, I know they were at the beach and there's some really hot girls at the beach!  I told him to stay away from those girls as they are evil..but he's not listening..hahah

Seth is playing baseball this week and looks like he's getting some pretty good play time in!  


Monday, March 28, 2016

A quiet weekend..today we're getting wifi in the house!

Saturday we stayed home and Ken worked on the RUDB...guess I won't be able to call it that much longer. 
Floor is in!

2 walls of concrete board in...almost ready for tile!

Made a few phone calls to a couple of different internet carriers to see what we could get out here.  Our neighbor has High Desert and he's happy with it. We also called Frontier because we always get flyers in the mail.  Well, that got us nowhere, never could I get a price..but they're bigger and better..uhuh..we decided to go with High Desert, so they're coming out today.  Grandkids will be happy, as we have Verizon mifi, that we'll still keep for traveling but because it's limited we usually keep the kids off because that's all we had..well, no more.  This company also has a "snowbird" clause, where if you're gone you call them and they don't charge you for the months you're gone and it's a no contract plan.  

Easter we stayed home except for a morning trip to Lowe's in Fernley.  Bought the rest of the flooring, tile and some tin..i'll be back outside "aging" it again.  Ken got the rest of the floor in yesterday afternoon.  Looks good!  

I baked a ham and Ken took most of it to our neighbor, Joe along with some mashed potatoes and gravy.  It was Easter so I felt compelled to cook, even though we really don't eat ham..love it, but not supposed to have it.  Seemed strange not to see family on Easter.  Still a good day.  

I remember every Easter as a kid, we'd get new Easter outfits and go to church.  Our Oma would send mom $$ every year and we'd go shopping just for those new outfits!  Then as we got older and had kids, we'd head to Dillon Beach for camping, rush home on Sunday and head over to mom and daddy's for a great dinner.  Either mom would cook or daddy would bar b q...Sure do miss those days!  
Linda posted these on FB so I stole them! 

In front of mom and daddy's house..I was in the sixth grade..

Our tent dresses..got them at Denios ..or okie farms as daddy called it...

This was in Florida..
And when you're almost 17 and tell your mom you "still believe" in the Easter Bunny..
Adam and his friend Danny leave today for a fun filled Easter break in Laguna Beach.  Their friend Daniel moved there to live with his grandma so they're on a plane this morning, for a quick flight and a good time! Safe travels boys!!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Quick trip to Winnemucca today....

Wednesday morning we had light breakfast at the hotel and then loaded up and out of there.  We were going to stop by Best Buy on the way home to look at radios for the Money Pit.  Figure if we're gonna keep it awhile, it needs a better stereo system. What's a little more money right?!  

As we're driving Ken asked if i'd want to go home around Lake Tahoe, ok...so we got off on Highway 89 and then headed around Emerald Bay to South Shore and then down Kingsbury Grade.  It's been awhile so we figured why not?  The radio will have to wait a bit.  It was a beautiful day and nice, light traffic not like the weekends.  

So of course we ended up in Minden close to 1300 so we stopped and had lunch at the Carson Valley Inn.  Yum! Then home!   
Lake Tahoe

Going round Emerald Bay area...

Yesterday, I cleaned house (and boy did it need it)..seems like we've just been going and going...especially with the two boys here.  

This morning made a couple of egg sandwiches and we headed out just a bit after 0600.  Saw nice sunrise on the way to Fernley and we were in Winnemucca just about 0930.  Picked up our taxes (yes we do owe $$$$)...and did a quick turnaround, pulling into the driveway at exactly 1300.  Made a quick salad for the two of us and on with the day!  
This morning heading towards Fernley, NV

Ken worked a bit in the RUDB and got the first piece of concrete board up for the tile.  
1st piece of concrete board...yay!

I was going to head over to Cool on Monday to pick up Mason for the week..but Christina texted and said he decided not to come, he was making plans with friends.  Can't say as I blame him because he'd be the only one here as Seth has baseball,  Adam will be in Laguna Beach (poor kid)..and the other cousins all go back to school next week.  So hope he makes some good plans. 

I gotta say I miss the days when we would all get together for Easter at my mom's house or even Linda's house.  We had it some while living in Weimar. Some of the most recent fun ones were we'd take off for either Sand Mountain or Winnemuca Dunes for some quad riding with Russell's family and friends.  Did that for probably four or five years..:( Those were some really good times!!
This was Easter 2009 at Winnemucca Dunes..those boys have grown!!

Oh well, life changes and kids grow up...so it'll be a quiet Easter here, 

Our niece Tara posted this on FB this am..Bella, Devin and Tyson on
Don's beautiful property in TN!

Tyson and his Daddy went to Maryland to see family, so this is Devin and Tyson
so excited to see each other!  
Grandson Seth was asked to the Sadie Hawkins  Dance...

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Yerington, NV to Dixon, CA..

We left Yerington about 0850 yesterday and headed towards CA and a visit to Ken's mom at Eskaton in Carmichael.  We stopped in Meadow Vista and had sandwiches in the car.  Too cold to picnic outside.  Over the mountains it was cloudy and cold, but we came through early enough to miss the snow that was forecasted.  

After lunch on to Carmichael to visit Grandma.  She looked really good, much better than she sounded a few days ago.  Visited for over an hour and her physical therapist came in while we were there and said he'd come back later.  Earlier she had been walking the hall when she had been told not too and he said it again for her not to walk the hall without being evaluated first.  As soon as he left, she's like...well let's go look at the room down the hall..Ken threatened to leave if she got out of bed as she was told not too..so she didn't. I told her she's like this bad child that just won't listen :)

After leaving there we headed for Dixon and the Super8 we like to stay in.  We brought chicken and salad for dinner so we didn't have to go out.  So we just enjoyed a nice quiet evening.

This morning we got up and got going with time to spare (shocking, I know)..so we loaded the car and headed over to the National Cemetery.  We had time to visit with mom and daddy..whenever we come into the gates of that beautiful place it tugs my heart and those darn tears happen every time..I can't think of any better place for them to be except here with us...:(

We then headed over and visited with our nephew, Michael...the lawn was long but with all the rains, today was gardner day and they were busily mowing all the lawns.  After our visit it was time to head over to the entrance for Ralph Pisi's funeral. 

Ken saw lots of people he used to work with and they were happy to see him. It was a really nice service, Ralph had been in the Navy.  One of his children got up to speak and told the story of how Ralph's wife died several years ago..after her death he went downhill and they took him in..they really felt this was what Ralph had been waiting for, to be reunited with his wife..the bottom line he believed..believed that when he died he was going to heaven to be with her. So even though the siblings miss him, they believe that's where he is.  

Afterwards we went to the Elks Lodge in West Sac for a bit as they were having the after service lunch.  We stayed about an hour and then headed out.  We ended up at Xochilmilco, a Mexican Restaurant at College Oak and Auburn Blvd.  Haven't been in years but it was delicious.  

Then we headed over to Eskaton to visit Grandma.  Had a good visit and it looks like she'll be released on Monday, the 28th.  If she behaves herself..hahah.

After the visit we headed for Rocklin and the Days Inn for the night.  We'll head home tomorrow and then to Winnemucca either Thursday or Friday for a one day turnaround to pick up taxes..

Today they laid CHP Officer Nathan Taylor to rest.  He was killed last week when a young woman ran into him as he was helping on a crash..so sad, a dad with three young sons and a lovely wife.  He sounded like  a wonderful man..

Here in the last couple of weeks we've heard the word "Believe" a lot.  The preacher at Cowboy Church his sermon was on "Believe"..last night we watched a Joey + Rory special, that showed how they made their cd.."Hymns that are Important to US"..during that moving program, Joey told the story of being in the Cancer Center and someone asking her how she does it to get through it all..and simply she told her "You just have to Believe"...and today that seemed to be the theme..Believe...and I guess that's what you have to do...Believe..that our loved ones are in Heaven, and that one day they'll be there to greet us..Believe...

Sunday, March 20, 2016

A turnaround trip to CA..the house is definitely quieter...

Friday I made lunch and we headed out to Pyramid Lake.  First we took a dirt road drive the back way and came out on the South end of Yerington.  A nice diversion..so many back roads on the BLM land.  

Pyramid Lake is just about 18 miles out of Fernley NV.  Fernley is about 50 miles from here so a great little trip!  The lake is beautiful and huge!  Who would think there's this little gem in the middle of the desert? 

So we got there just about 1300 and set up lunch...of course the boys ran down to the water to throw rocks..eventually they came back up and had lunch.  We drove on the west side of the lake for a bit and saw lots of people fishing.  Pyramid lake you use ladders in the water and fish from the ladders.  The lake is shallow on the edges and then drops off so quickly!  It was very interesting to see all these people on the ladders.   There were lots of campers there too..made me want to go home and get ours and just "people watch"...I'm thinking we'll be back!  
Aaron and Mason at Pyramid Lake

Running to the shore to check it out..
Getting ready for lunch

Fishing on the ladders...

After we got home Ken bar b qued and then bedtime, as we were going to get an early start.  Breakfast burritos and out the door we go.  We went I80 as I was meeting Christina in Auburn so she could get to Seth's game before going to Mason's.  

Then on to Rocklin to drop off Aaron with his family.  I met them at Hardwood Palace..where they both play basketball.  Last weekend parking was horrible, yesterday even worse!  I give Russ and Lori a lot of credit, but I couldn't do it every weekend.  Just the amount of people and traffic...get me back to Yerington!!  Traffic in Rocklin, Roseville and even Auburn was horrible!  

I was going to visit Grandma, but by the time I dropped them all off and would have ventured even further into Sacramento area...I don't know when I would have gotten home.  As it was it was 1700 and I was done!!  

Grandma was in rehab at Eskaton, then Friday she complained of chest pains so they took her back to Kaiser.  Tests all came out ok...so they were going to move her back to Eskaton.  Didn't hear from Diane so I am assuming she's back there.  

Monday we will head over the hill, visit her and spend the night in Dixon.  A friend of Ken's funeral is Tuesday at the National Cemetery so we'll attend.  See grandma on Tuesday and probably head home on Wed.  Then a trip to Winnemucca to pick up our taxes.  They called, I didn't ask what we owe, figure we'll find out soon enough!  

Maybe next week more work on the RUDB...

Happy 11th Birthday AARON!! 

Hard to believe our youngest grandsons are 11...

Our niece, Tara, her husband Darryl and the two boys Devin and Tyson are being transferred to Italy (he's in the Army).  They are visiting with Don and Dana for a bit in TN before leaving.. Saw this adorable pic on FB so had to steal it. 

Kevin seeing his Aunt Chee (Chelsea) at Fort Campbell, KY..
Love this!

A couple of action shots of the boys...

Friday, March 18, 2016

Can't believe it's Friday already...

Well, here we are and it's Friday already!  Originally I was going to take the boys home today, but they wanted to stay another day.  I texted their moms and got it worked out so i'll be taking them home tomorrow.  Looks like today it's a drive and picnic to Pyramid Lake.  Someplace they haven't been and neither have we.  

So this week we've mostly been home except when we've run to the grocery store.  The kids have taken a bike ride every day to the water tower, thinking it makes them feel pretty grown up that we let them go by themselves.  It's not that far, but it is to them.  Apparently, they go to the tower, take a hike up the hill and talk..don't know what all they're talking about because as much as they talk you'd think they'd be all talked out :)

Weather has been really nice this week, really cold in the mornings but it warms up nicely in the afternoon.  

Yesterday, after lunch we went to McDonalds in town for their wifi..(gotta get it here one day)..then to Dollar General where we got some plastic guns..funny how they're so grown up most of the time, but when it comes to new "guns" they're so excited!  We headed to the park for a little tennis, but after just chasing balls I was done..thinking we need a little practice.  Basketball for a bit, then back home.  The boys took their ride and we got things ready for dinner.  Ken bar b sued his "famous" burgers and they were delicious!  
At Mc Donalds...Aaron on the left, Mason on the right

Before dinner the kids played with their guns and took care of North Korea!  Gone!  

Out in the shed pretending to be riding the quads..mine need timing belt
hope to have fixed for next time...

The week has certainly flown by..

Grandma (Ken's mom) had surgery on her shoulder and is now in Eskaton for a little rehab...so I'll see if I can get by there tomorrow after dropping the kids.  Planning on a one day turnaround so not much time..hope i can get these boys going early...

Heard the boys  talking about 0300 this am..their goal is to stay up all night, they get pretty close I gotta tell you.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Grandsons Aaron and Mason are here!!

Saturday I headed over the hill to Bryan's house for the night.  Adam and I were heading to watch Aaron's Basketball games on Sunday.  I called Seth and Mason to see if they wanted to go and they did, so we picked them up on the way to Hardwood Palace in Rocklin where Aaron plays.  It was tournament weekend so Aaron had two games.  
The Champ!

Got there and enjoyed watching Aarons team beat the other ones!  After that Russell and Lori were headed home to pack Aaron's clothes for the week and to take Jacob over to his girlfriends house.  I know, rather than come see grandma and his cousins he chose to go see his girlfriend! haha...The boys and I headed over to my sister Linda's house for a quick visit and then we met Russell and Lori at The Draft in Rocklin for lunch.  Killed some time and then it was time for Aaron's second game.  This one didn't go as well for the team, but these kids on the other team were huge!  They were supposed to be 5th graders, but at the end of the game Lori was able to find out that some were 6th and more..so the coach went to the front office and basically the other team was stripped of their win! Our kids got it...doesn't pay to cheat!   So according to Aaron this would make their team eligible for tournament in San Diego this summer. 

After the game, dropped Mason and Seth off at home, and Aaron came up to Bryan's for the night.  Before we left Eric's house it was decided that Mason could come to Yerington too..so yesterday morning about 0900 we picked up Mason at home and headed to Placerville for a quick breakfast at McDonalds and then to Walmart in Gardnerville and then home.  Really haven't seen much of the kids as they got a new video game (thanks Bryan)..and have been playing non stop.  
Bryan and Adam with a good old fashioned arm wrestle
Bryan won...several times..

Bryan, Adam and Betty

Aaron and Bryan playing bowling Wii..

Got home and we have a tub in the RUDB!!  Looks great!  

The new tub...yay!