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Monday, March 28, 2016

A quiet weekend..today we're getting wifi in the house!

Saturday we stayed home and Ken worked on the RUDB...guess I won't be able to call it that much longer. 
Floor is in!

2 walls of concrete board in...almost ready for tile!

Made a few phone calls to a couple of different internet carriers to see what we could get out here.  Our neighbor has High Desert and he's happy with it. We also called Frontier because we always get flyers in the mail.  Well, that got us nowhere, never could I get a price..but they're bigger and better..uhuh..we decided to go with High Desert, so they're coming out today.  Grandkids will be happy, as we have Verizon mifi, that we'll still keep for traveling but because it's limited we usually keep the kids off because that's all we had..well, no more.  This company also has a "snowbird" clause, where if you're gone you call them and they don't charge you for the months you're gone and it's a no contract plan.  

Easter we stayed home except for a morning trip to Lowe's in Fernley.  Bought the rest of the flooring, tile and some tin..i'll be back outside "aging" it again.  Ken got the rest of the floor in yesterday afternoon.  Looks good!  

I baked a ham and Ken took most of it to our neighbor, Joe along with some mashed potatoes and gravy.  It was Easter so I felt compelled to cook, even though we really don't eat ham..love it, but not supposed to have it.  Seemed strange not to see family on Easter.  Still a good day.  

I remember every Easter as a kid, we'd get new Easter outfits and go to church.  Our Oma would send mom $$ every year and we'd go shopping just for those new outfits!  Then as we got older and had kids, we'd head to Dillon Beach for camping, rush home on Sunday and head over to mom and daddy's for a great dinner.  Either mom would cook or daddy would bar b q...Sure do miss those days!  
Linda posted these on FB so I stole them! 

In front of mom and daddy's house..I was in the sixth grade..

Our tent dresses..got them at Denios ..or okie farms as daddy called it...

This was in Florida..
And when you're almost 17 and tell your mom you "still believe" in the Easter Bunny..
Adam and his friend Danny leave today for a fun filled Easter break in Laguna Beach.  Their friend Daniel moved there to live with his grandma so they're on a plane this morning, for a quick flight and a good time! Safe travels boys!!

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