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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Got up at 0430 Monday am so we could leave the house around 0630 and get the "Money Pit" to the shop in Reno.  Just kidding, well kinda...anyway the 97 Ford is in the shop for a few days getting ball joints, alignment and of course they found some other things wrong...I just tune it out.  

After dropping the truck off we headed for Carson City to Home Depot in Carson City thinking we'd buy a tub there, but they didn't have any in stock.  We looked at tile, but they didn't have a thing there we liked.  So far the tile at Lowe's is the winner. 

So we headed over to North Reno and the Home Depot there as they had a bathtub in stock.  On the way we stopped at Great Basin Brewery and got three growlers.  Two for Ken and one for our neighbor, Joe.  Surprisingly wasn't bad when we got there, but at $2.29 a growler we knew they would be sooner or later.  

On to the Home Depot..never saw a store with so many dogs and their owners..don't know what the draw is there, but very dog friendly, I guess.  Got our tub, then it was time for lunch.  Back to Great Basin, as not only do they have great beer their food is delicious as well.  They were so busy, those growlers were being filled like crazy now.  

After lunch, quick stop at Walmart in Gardnerville and then home.  Another day gone!  

Today, Ken will head for the dump, tomorrow we go get wood from the Topaz area and Friday we head for Winnemucca...

Our blogging friends, George and Suzie had to make an emergency trip back to Canada for a few weeks as Suzie's mom passed away.  Another blog we follow, Retired Rod, he hasn't posted in about a month, turns out he has a brain tumor and respiratory illness..so his kids picked him up in AZ and took him back to Kansas :(  hope all goes well for these families.  

When we were in TN a few years ago Don introduced us to the Joey + Rory Show on TV.  They have a farm and barn not too far away from Don's place. Beautiful voice and nice simple music they play.  Joey is only 40 years old and has been battling cancer for the last year and a half or so..Rory, her hubby writes a blog that we've been following and it looks like her battle will soon be over and she will be going home to heaven any day now.   Such a heartbreaking story. We purchased their last cd of Hymns and we listened to it on the way home yesterday...beautiful and sad..

Yesterday was one of those days and I woke up just sooooo missing my mom and dad..then in Reno we heard the Brad Paisley song, "The dad he didn't have to be"...well needless to say that did it for me...I was missing my mom and dad and with that song, God covered them all..as this is the song, several years ago Don made a video tribute to Jim, who was their mom's second husband and a wonderful man and definitely the dad he didn't have to be...

And on a lighter note...

Owen loving on his Grandma Erin's dog...

Mia was up at Cheryl's this weekend so they made
a gnome village..


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