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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More work on the RUDB and Snow!

Woke up to the news saying that Reno/Sparks area got hit with a major snowstorm..freeways were deadlocked with accidents and spinouts.  About 0900  got a call from the wifi people that they had to cancel for yesterday as the installers come out of the Sparks area.  No problem, can understand that and it was so cold and windy here.  So because they cancelled and can't get here until Friday we get 1/2 off on the install..we'll take that..$50.00 instead of $99.00.  

We went into the garage and Ken went into the attic, there was a lot of wood that the previous owners left so we got it down to see what we had.  Well, it's Shiplap!  Exciting I know..Really nice wood, and quite a bit, i'll just tell you some of that is going into the RUDB!  Shiplap was used many years ago as a kind of insulation in homes between 1860's until 1925.  It was put on walls, then either plastered over or a kind of material wallpaper was tacked on.  (Per the internet) We did find several pieces with tacks still in it and some kind of wall paper  on the edges. What a treasure!  Too bad we don't know the history of where this wood used to be!  Was it a house, or a barn..where was it..oh well, it will have a new history in our RUDB!  

Ken worked on it most of the day, got the last piece of concrete board up and actually started on the tile.  I love it! 

The tub is all closed in with concrete board...

The beginning of the tile!  We know the spacers are supposed to lay flat
in between the tiles, but this way they'll pop out much easier and the spacing
is the same...

Later in the afternoon we got a little snow, not much but just enough to look pretty! Looks like by the end of the week we're looking at temps in the 70's..perfect for aging metal, so thinking that's what i'll be doing.  

Can't believe it's almost April!  

Adam and Danny got off on their trip just fine..He texted last night that he's enjoying, I know they were at the beach and there's some really hot girls at the beach!  I told him to stay away from those girls as they are evil..but he's not listening..hahah

Seth is playing baseball this week and looks like he's getting some pretty good play time in!  


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