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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Can't believe it's Wednesday already!!

The woodstove area in the corner of the livingroom...
where it was..even though the people b4 us had removed
the woodstove and capped it off...

The hole and insulation of the chimney area

Ken on the roof looking down through the chimney area

I tried moving this pic to the end...but it didn't work..
Here is my "temporary" fix in the ceiling..but at least it's
closed so no critters can get in!

The area Ken had to beef up before putting it back together
The area of the living room where the wood stove will go

The windstorm coming back from CA

If u look closely you can see snowflakes!!

Snow!! On our drive to Fernley...
Matt's horses...Winnemucca

Ken and Ruby in Winnemucca

Apple cheesecake I made for Bryan..looks good..but not sweet
enough.. the cheesecake part..oh well
Well, here we are at the end of another month...hard to believe how fast the time flies.  Last I wrote I was going to have lunch with my sisters which Adam and I did.. Wendy, Linda, Bobby and Tasha met us at Macaroni Grill in Folsom..sure was nice seeing them, as it's been a couple of months at least.  After lunch, I took Adam home to Georgetown and because of a storm coming in decided to just go ahead and come home.  Beautiful drive and then the rain and wind started.  Drove through town and it looked like something in the old west movies, as the tumbleweeds and dust was a blowing!!  

Had some good rain the next day or so and then yesterday (Tuesday) we decided to head for Fernley and our second home Lowe's.  Got some facia board for the back porch cover, and a few other things.  We even had a bit of snow ...didn't stick but still pretty.  

Today, we decided that we definitely want the fireplace over against the flat wall, so Ken is in the process of removing the chimney that was in the corner of the living room...he found that in order to get the chimney stuff where they had it, they cut one of the beams so the roof has a bow..he's working really hard to get it back to where it'll be safe for someone to walk on the roof...and then we'll close it up...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Winnemucca and then....A mouse in the house!!! Yukkk!!

We left Tuesday am and headed for Winnemucca for a few days..stopped at the Chinese restaurant in town and then headed for the property.  Nice out there, quiet.  Deanna our friend out there came by on Wednesday for a few hours...always nice to see her, she is a sweetheart.  Thursday, we planned our leaving so we could see our girls at the Mexican restaurant and then we headed for home.  

Got home and was enjoying the evening, when what runs across the kitchen counter? a mouse, aaaaawwhhhhh.....Friday, Ken went to town and got some mouse traps...I headed for Gtown and picked up Adam for the weekend...normally I prefer 3 day weekends to make the trip, but he had been calling and wanting to come..so I had to do grocery shopping in Gardnerville, so I thought why not?   Got back about 1830 not too bad...then we're sitting out in the livingroom, and the mouse runs along the side wall, under the stove AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH....go to bed..and don't sleep well of course worried mouse is gonna be all over me...AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.....so Adam gets up early in the living room watching tv...and tells me he saw it run from the hall under the stove...then later he comes into our room and says he watched it run from the stove into the boys bedroom and into the closet...ahhhahhh...Ken had removed the closet wall a few months ago when we had the leak from the ugly bathroom shower area and apparently there was enough hole there that the little sucker snuk through...at least I hope that's the case as Ken replaced all that today..and here's hoping that takes care of it..at least for awhile. 

Ken helped our neighbor do a few things and she confirmed she's had problems with mice especially this time of year.  We do have traps set all over...so here's hoping..

Ken made some of the best burgers tonight for dinner, and I made an apple cheesecake for Bryan, as he had asked me too...Adam had a piece and said it was great...

Tomorrow Adam and I are headed out, and going to meet my sisters in Folsom for lunch, before I take him home.  Not sure at this point if i'll spend the night at Bryan's or head home.  but i'll be prepared either way..
Pics tomorrow of dinner and the cheesecake. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

A beautiful day in Yerington, NV...a horrible day in Sparks, NV

Looking out the back porch at the sunset..

The Back Porch!! Love it...heading to Winnemucca
to pick up rocking chairs...
Woke up to a beautiful sunrise this morning..Ken worked on the finishing touches of the back porch cover.  He put in some angled 4x4 which works to keep the structural integrity but it also gives it a cowboy ranch look, which I love.  I haven't taken a picture yet but I will.  The temps got up to 70 something which for me is perfect. I worked on cleaning out a container full of kitchen stuff and just cleaning inside.  

This morning, in Sparks, NV a teacher at a middle school was killed by a student...and two other students were shot...it was on television most of the day...just terrible to think that this 12 year old did this..my heart breaks for the teacher, Michael Landsberry and his family..he sounded like a wonderful man.

Eric called last night and he sold the Mazda for $2000.00.  He said he met a carload of mexicans in Cool and they bought it...easy sell.   Eric's friend Jason who he's known since early elementary school is getting married (finally) on Novemeber 9th in Lake Tahoe, so we will have the boys that weekend. Not sure if i'll go there or they'll come here.  It is a 3 day weekend, as Monday is Veteran's day..would have been mom and dad's 65th wedding anniversary..wow!! 

Tomorrow we head for Winnemucca for a few days.  

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The back porch cover is almost done!

The new back porch!

The back porch almost done! 
The framing of the cover

Ken working his magic...

Looking up at the framing

Looking out the back door

Ken working on the cover...love it!
Well, here we are and it's Sunday the 20th of October...REALLY??!!  WE took a trip to Fernley the other day and got the lumber and roofing for the back deck cover!  Ken's been working on it since and I have to say it's going to look incredible by the end of today!  I painted all the wood the same color as the trim of the house and he's worked his tail off to get it up.. Last evening he was able to get one piece (the most difficult one) of the metal roofing up so today it should go fairly fast!  

We are heading to Winnemucca probably Tuesday to pick up a couple of wooden rockers we have out there, for some back porch "setting".. The temps are really cold out there in the am so it's time to winterize that property, make sure the heater is on the well, things like that and hope that there aren't any broken pipes this winter.  Eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later)  we'll get that property on the market and get it sold.  

Temps are running 15 to 20 degrees out there in the mornings..here in Yerington, about 33 or so..BIG difference!  So glad we bought here.  Just looking out the bedroom window this am watching a beautiful sunrise happening!  

I have to admit, think we're starting to get a case of "hitchitch"...we're watching all the snowbirds heading south down highway 95 and it's tempting....One of our blogs that we like to read,  The Bayfield Bunch left Canada yesterday headed for AZ for the winter, and they boondocked at Cracker Barrel for the night...saw all the Christmas stuff up in the restaurant from their pictures..and I told Ken, I need a Cracker Barrel fix!!  Hopefully after the holidays we can head somewhere.  

Ken's got an eye doctor appt in Reno Nov 1st..so after that maybe we can head out for a short trip before Thanksgiving..

Pictures later today of the cover!  Happy Sunday!! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Back to blogging!

Papa and "baby Mia"

I think Betty wants Adam's sandwich...

Color near Hope Valley...beautiful!
Love our color!

Our new yard art...can't wait to get it home...late 1800's disker

Our 2nd piece....
October 16th...Can't believe once again that it has been over a week since I've blogged!  Not much really happened last week, as I felt crummy for a few days and literally, stayed in bed!  Haven't done that in quite a while just couldn't get myself out of the bedroom...glad to say that's over!  

Friday we headed to "Conder RV Park" in Rio Linda.  Actually our friend KC has electricity and a beautiful place to stay, so we stayed Friday and Saturday there.  We got some wood from him, that he orders from somewhere, so we got it alot cheaper than going to Lowes.  He found us some "yard art" that we had asked him to keep his eyes open for, and they are incredible (will post pics later)..Friday night he bar b qued a agreat dinner of tri tip for us and our friends, Tracy and the Allens came by for a campfire...Nice night!  

Next morning we got up and headed for Russell's house..hadn't seen them or the boys in a few months.  Of course those kids are getting really tall!  Amazing.   Had a nice lunch at Garcias and then later we went back for a party at Jared's house for his birthday.. Russell has the best neighbors!  

Sunday, we went to breakfast with KC and son, Cade and then packed up and headed up the hill to Bryan's house (Kay's RV Park)...we stopped by Eric's but they weren't home so we didn't get to see them this trip.  Spent Sunday and Monday night at Bryan's.  Left Tuesday morning, had lunch in town (Yerington) and came home.  We unloaded the camper and just had a nice afternoon at home.   

Today, we'll head for Reno as a mammogram is scheduled...Has really cooled down!  Supposed to be 33 here this morning, and 15 in Winnemucca...so glad we bought here!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Honor Flight Reno International Airport....Incredible!

Don't know if it will work or not...but cheering for the Vets....
This little lady joined the Marines 5 days after her 20th bday
World War II if u were a woman u had to be 20...

He was so cute...then he saw Ken and saluted! Awesome!

Add caption

He went in his wheelchair with his oxygen...but by golly he got
to see the Memorial!! 

Our sign we made up to Welcome them home!

This truck was in the airport parking lot! Says it all!!
And she was a Vet too!

More of our Heroes!


Another group of Heroes!

One of our Heroes...
A group of Veterans waiting for the other group to come in

These little girls were adorable with their "Welome Home" sign...

The old Marines....

The first group of Vets coming down the escalator...
Got up this morning and got ourselves ready to head for Reno..Ken changed the oil in my car and I went to town to see if I could get a nice piece of poster board.  Made up a little sign, packed our bags and off we headed.  I had reserved a room at Boomtown (24.00) couldn't beat that we thought.  Had lunch in Dayton, NV at Gold Ranch Casino...probably won't go back but the food wasn't bad, service was very slow.  

We went to the hotel and checked in, nice room.  About 1700 we left and headed for the airport where Veterans of the Greatest Generation (World WAr II) were due back from there visit to Washington, DC.  The vets left Friday as part of Honor Flight, Nevada.  They are flown to Washington, DC...they visit the memorial in their honor and see some sights.  It costs the Vets themselves nothing for this trip...Incredible!  What I wouldn't have given for my dad to visit this memorial! Ken and I were there in 2006, and even then we didn't see many vets there..so glad this is happening for these men and women! Of course with all that's happening now with the government shutdown, the first group that went this week from another state had to bust down the barricade surrounding the memorial...what is really ridiculous...this is an open air memorial..there is no gate surrounding it..but they paid to have a fence and gate put around it so the vets couldn't visit...didn't work though as some republicans opened it and said they would be there everyday to make sure the vets got to visit THEIR memorial!   Well, our vets got to visit!!  Thank God for that!  

Anyway, we got their around 1730..the plane was late, but well worth waiting for!   Incredible the support, as their were at least 500 people there if not more..anywhere from babies to other 90 year old people there to welcome them home!!  The feeling of pride and patriotism was so awesome!! 
The Jr.ROTC from different high schools were there, along with some Patriot Guards, and on and on...

Eventually, we came back to our room, headed out for a good dinner and here we are..we'll head back home tomorrow after a trip to Sam's and Winco..Life is so good! 

God Bless America...and so Thankful for our troops, now and those who came before!!  

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Decking bought and Saturday it got finished!

The finished deck!  Love it!

another view of the finished deck...

The deck...need furniture now!
October 4th...we went to Fernley and shopped at Walmart, and then Lowes...got the decking and stuff and then we went across the street to the Louies China Bistro and had lunch...good!  They have the hot and sour soup that the other one in Fernley doesn't have..food is good at both places so we now have a choice when we eat there..Wish they had a good mexican place there but they don't...oh well..

Got home and Ken did a few things outside. 

October 5th...We got up this am and Ken got the decking on...nice!  I painted it this afternooon and painted mom and daddy's sign that used to hang on the house on Stanley.  Ken put it up on the well house...love it!  The deck looks incredible...so nice!  Now we just need to find a little bistro set or something to put back there..

Next weekend we'll head for CA as our friend KC has some wood for us for the decking cover.  So we'll take the cabover and stay there, see Russ and family on Saturday, and then hopefully Eric's family and Bryan's on Sunday...come home on Monday..

Pictures tomorrow!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

How time flies! Home today waiting for Ken's job box...

From the other day...this is inside the guest room closet..

How it looks now..with my shelf daddy made when I was a little girl for my room

Ken's new tool box for the garage!

Ken working on piers for the cover over the front of the house
That will wait until after the water service is in

So we decided to add on a bit to our back deck!

This is such a nice area to watch the sunset...now it'll b even bigger!
Well, time certainly flies when you're living the good life!   We went to Fernley and picked up the stuff we needed for the deck, except the decking itself.  Lowe's and Home Depot carry the trex deck, but just not the stuff we have.  Looked all over the internet and it appears you can't find the stuff we have..so we've decided to get the stuff they have and paint it..that's ok with me, as in the back it was obvious whoever painted the house really didn't care so there is blue paint on the decking.  Can't wait to get it done, we've also decided to go ahead and do the cover in the back...Knowing how well Ken does things it 'll be gorgeous...can't wait.  More after lunch!

We were in Big R last week in Winnemucca and Ken saw they had some big tool boxes made by Channellock for about $300.00...Nice, big and about 140 lbs.  He had wanted something like this to be able to put his big tools in, lock it up and not have someone be able to pick up the box to steal it.  Got online and found basically the same box made by Grizzly.com so we ordered it and it's been delivered here today.  $205.00 delivered.  Same specs everything just a different name.  He is so happy, out in the garage with his new toy..

Guess we're going to head for Fernley tomorrow and get the decking stuff so he can get to work on that!  Today we woke up to cold morning and afternoon..beautiful out but chilly!