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Monday, November 25, 2019

Finally, a little catch up...We have a Marine!!

Don't know where the time has gone!  We left here on Wednesday the 20th a little after 0600 and got into San Diego near 1630.  We ate on the road, I made sandwiches etc to eat in the car.  
Our Marine on Family Day...

Eric and family were out and about, he stopped in when they got back.  The weather wasn't the best, but Family Day and graduation would happen no matter what.  We visited and had a little Happy Hour with Eric.  

Thursday morning dawned a little overcast but not bad.  Weather got better as the day went on.  We got there a little after 0800 or so, we could see the boys practicing for graduation.  Made a run over there to see what we could see. Luckily Eric and Christina were already there so I've got some pics i stole from them.  
Right before the moto run!

2nd red head..left..

They had a moto run, which we watched and could see Seth clearly! :) The base certainly kept family and friends busy until the Marines were released for Family Day!  We found him!  Hugs all around, maybe a few tears, as it's been over 3 months since we said good bye at MEPS.  
Diane,Jesse and Seth :) 

Ken, Seth and Bobby

Seth, Mason, Natalie, Aaron and Jacob

Brothers :)  Seth and Mason..


Family...Mason, Seth, Christina, Eric (you will never see Eric in
a printed shirt..except to showcase his son, the Marine!)

We walked around a bit, visited some of the stores that were there.  On Family Day and graduation visitors can buy where normally only military can shop there.  
We visited the museum and just visited and got caught up.  

Eventually everyone was hungry so we went to the car and got lunch out.  We were able to secure a nice picnic table outside for lunch.  Seth wanted tuna sandwiches, so I made up probably 10 cans of tuna just in case some people wanted them too..they did!  I had lunch meat, cheese and potato chips.  It was all a hit and made for a nice lunch.  Dessert too, I made some chocolate chip cookies and then the fruit cocktail cake. All worked :)  

Visited some more, shopping too.  Eventually it was nearing 1700 and that's when Seth had to be back to his barracks.  Hugs all around and back to the motel. We were all whooped!  

Eric came down for a beer or two, the kids were in Colton's room and ordered out for dinner.  

Friday morning, graduation day we all wanted to be there early.  We watched the color ceremony which was very moving.  We could see the Marines on the Parade Deck and then they were gone.  After the ceremony we all headed for the grandstands as we wanted to sit together and have some good seats.  Russell and Lori got there not too much later as they got in at 2330 the night before driving from Sacramento.  
Seth and MOM!

We waited and enjoyed chit chatting until here they came!  Such excitement for us!  I've got to say we've been to many graduations but my favorite is the Marine Corp graduations ( of course I may be a little prejudiced, as we've got two Marines now) along with West Point coming in a close, very close second! 

Once it was over it was a mad dash to the Parade Deck to hug our newest Marine! 💙 We're all so PROUD of HIM! 
Eric sent me this pic.. 💗Love this boy!!

Since it was nearing 1200 and everyone was hungry we headed to a place in Ocean Beach called Pizza Port..very good food, drink and a great place to interact with everyone.  

After a few hours we headed out and walked to the beach.  Eventually we headed back to the motel.  Later Seth and Holly took our car and Jacob drove the rest of the young people to the mall for awhile.  Eric, Chris, Russell, Lori and Jesse decided to take Uber and go check out some breweries, tap rooms etc.  Diane was with us for awhile and then decided to take her rental car and head back to her motel.  We had sandwiches for dinner and then that was it. We were done!  
Ready to graduate!! 

As a mom I am so proud of how my son is so
proud of his son :)  ðŸ’™ðŸ’—

Cousins...Jacob and Seth!


I love this!!

Mason, Seth, Mom and Dad! 

Two Marines....Russell, and Seth..: )

Seth and his friend Colton, who surprised him
coming down! 

B4 PT...:) 

About 2130 or so ( I thought it was like, 0100) we had a knock on the door and it was our kids trying to get us up to party for a bit, as they had brought some special beer back. Thinking there was some alcohol involved as they were trying to get us up haha.  A good time was had by them all!  We just couldn't do it, but appreciated the attempt! 

Sunday morning everyone was meeting about 1100 to head for USS Midway Museum.  Ken and I considered not going as we were going to be heading home. As Russell said, " you're retired!" ...ok we're going. haha. 

We all met there and thanks to Seth for being active military, everyone in his group got in for FREE.  Tickets aren't cheap (seniors $20.00) and well worth it even if we had to pay it.  We all enjoyed it for several hours. 

We were all starving, so Lori found a taqueria nearby that filled our tummies and everyone said goodbye.  Lori and Russell were driving to Sacramento, Jesse, Diane and Eric and family were heading to the airport and we were heading to Nevada.  We knew we wouldn't go far as it was after 1600 when we took off.  Traffic was terrible (welcome to southern CA) and it was nearing dark. By 1900 hours we were in Adelanto, CA and that was as far as we went.  Found a motel and spent the night there.  

Monday morning we were on the road a little after 0600. We arrived home a little after 1230.  We looked for someplace to have breakfast. Didn't work..most of the towns didn't have a place but if they did they were packed. So finally I told Ken, lets just eat sandwiches from yesterday.  That's what we did, no problem.  Yum and we were home early. Cleaned the car and then headed over to Karen's in the evening.  Some of her kids and hubby, John were home.  

I was going with Ken this am over to CA to drop off trailer because of storm set to come..well in the end I stayed home and he went..I made turkey, ham, Ree's mashed potatoes..can't believe how the day went.!!! 

Ken got home and we went ahead and decorated the tree! Done! Tomorrow we he'd out to Eric's place for the night and then to Cal Expo the next night. 

I'll catch  up on the Midway and other things next time..just wanted to get something posted.! Have a great night! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Jacob's Birthday..a call from Seth..getting ready for San Diego!

Sunday morning we got ourselves up and going towards Roseville, Ca.  We had a very important birthday to celebrate!  Our grandson, Jacob was turning 18!  We stopped in Verdi, NV at the NV/CA border to have breakfast.  Yummy and we were on our way.  

We got to Roseville about 1030, party scheduled for 1100.  We went inside with the many friends and family that were there to celebrate Jacob.  A good time was had by all!  Not only did we see 3 of the grandsons we saw 2 of our sons and their wives. :)  

Jacob through the years...

That smile just melts my heart :) 

Jacob, Aaron and friends at the birthday party :) 

Somewhere between 1330 and 1400 we said our goodbyes as we had another 3 1/2 drive home. Well worth it to spend time with family :) 💙

On our way home the phone rang and it was Seth! Our Marine!! so excited to hear from him after almost 3 months of not hearing his voice.  We had a great conversation and upon hanging up he was calling his mom and dad back before he had to return his phone! Can't wait until Thursday to see our new Marine! 

Monday morning, we were here at home getting things done. I ran to Raleys for a few things but that was about it.  Ken washed both of the Patriots as we are taking the blue one on Wednesday and it was looking pretty ragged.  He also said it'll probably rain since he did that..(Tuesday night it's raining!)...

About 16390 or so he decided to start a fire outside in the fire pit..Out we went. Karen texted about 1700 to see what we were up to...She came over and you know how that goes.  Later than we planned..wine was flowing..she went home after awhile (notice I'm not saying the time..since I'm not sure).  I started the oven baked fries for Ken and zucchini fries for me..out we went again..turkey burgers for dinner and it was all yummy in the end. :) 

I set the alarm for 0400 this morning as I wanted to get to Walmart early to pick up the things that were too expensive for Raley's.  we went to Dini's and had a delicious and cheap breakfast. 

Walmart and the gas station and then back home. Spent the rest of the day in the kitchen.  About 8 cans of tuna made up, packing groceries for the weekend, mashed potatoes for Ken's dinner, cookies baked for the boys. Ken bar b qued some awesome chicken for tonight and tomorrow night at the hotel. 
We've had some nice sunsets...

and sunrises! 

Tonight ...a little lightning, thunder and rain..

Hoping the weather holds, even though the weather people are calling for snow on 395..the highway we're taking. :(   I love snow, just want it to wait until we are over the hill or back home.  Alarm is set for early so we can get going! 

We've got Seth's Crucible Candle going again as it's his friend Dylan's turn to earn his eagle, globe and anchor!  We know you've got this Dylan!! 

Next blog will be from San Diego, CA! Wish us luck on getting there without any severe weather!! 

Have a great night!  

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Finally, a quick update! Owen's party, visiting family and getting ready for San Diego and Graduation!

Don't know what it is, but just didn't have the blogging bug in me.   I want to make it happen,  but this last week has flown and every day I have good intentions and then the day is gone! 

I'm going to attempt a quick catch up..

Last Friday we headed over to Cal Expo RV Park for two nights.  Saturday was our great nephew, Owen's 5th birthday.  Not only is a great excuse to celebrate him but we also knew we'd get lucky and see 2 of 3 sons and their families. 

Owen's Fifth Birthday Party...

Owen and his USMC hoodie, just like his
cousin Seth's...He will be happy to see Seth on

Some of his presents..the play house was already at Grandma's..

Eric and Christina 

Some of the food and there was Pizza! Lots of it!

Chelsea, Cassidy and Eric..

I made a poster as Owen and Seth's Birthday are on the 10th.
People signed it, Eric and Christina took it home ..

Youngest son Russell with wife Lori..

The Birthday boy..it was a Super Hero party...:) 

A little cutie! 

Like always his mom and dad along with Grandma and Grandpa go all out.  It was a great time and of course Owen got tons of stuff! LOL.  

Look at that Face!! :) 

Christina and little Cassidy..

Christina and Jesse talking, Ken and Mason at the end..

Jesse, Eric and Ken..

Love our sunsets! :) 

Sunday we had planned on heading home, but Bryan (our oldest) is off on Sundays so we decided to meet Bryan, Cheryl and Eric's family at Terry's Pizza in  Georgetown for lunch.  We actually had time to swing by Bryan's house first and then at 1200 we headed over.  Had a great lunch that was actually made by grandson, Adam.  He works for the State Park system, but on days off he'll work at Terry's just because.  That was a nice surprise. :) 
Our lunch group..From left, Aubrey, Ken, Mason, Eric, Christina
and Holly..Eric brought the 61..nice to see it on the road! 

After a long lunch we said good bye and headed back to Bryan's where the party continued.LOL.  Long story short, we ended up spending the night.  We got up Monday morning and left a little after 0600 to head back to the trailer at Cal Expo.  

Had our coffees, breakfast and showers then headed towards home.   Of course we ended up in Minden at close to 1400 so we pulled in to CVI and had Linner. 

The rest of the week flew by, mostly at home except Thursday Ken needed a blood test done, so we headed for Carson City. As long as we were there we made a run to Reno to Total Wine and then to Winco for some things. 
We made pizza this week, that's my zucchini squash crust on the left.
Ken's regular is on the right..

One day I got a hankering to start some Christmas decorating.  Of course hubby thinks it's too early. I disagree!  Put some Christmas blankets on the beds and then headed to the bunk house.  Got a few things done in there and I feel better :) 
Our room :)  It's snowmen so that doesn't really count as
Christmas right?! 

Guest room..

2nd guest room..just a little bit of Christmas..

The bunk house..I need new garland to finish it up!

Karen had been visiting her hubby in Southern CA and got home yesterday afternoon so of course we had to go there for Happy Hour yesterday just when I'd started the blog. 
We had a couple of nice fires this week :)  I've got to get
Ken to get the Christmas lights up around the bunkhouse and
outhouse..then it'll be perfect 💗

This morning we were awake having coffee and visiting with our blogging friends. Once that was out of the way I made my way into the kitchen to start Seth's fruit cocktail cake that he wants me to bring on Thursday. Got it done and now it's in the freezer until we leave on Wednesday. :)  I'm thinking sugar overload haha. 

Made some new muffins for Ken as I had crushed pineapple left over, so we'll see how he likes them in the am. Turkey meatloaf sounded good so got that done. After lunch today I decided to do a little online shopping as a few of the boys told me what they would like.  On sale too!! 
Christina ordered shirts for all of us on Family Day..I had to
shorten mine or it would have been too long...

Got our Patriot Wreath up ..in honor of my daddy
and his service to America 💙

Now it's time to get this posted and hopefully i'll be able to stay more caught up! 
Aaron received Offensive MVP for the season!
His first year playing high school football..
He's REALLY good!

This is going to be a great week.  Tomorrow we're headed to Old Town Pizza in Roseville, CA for a quick one day turnaround.  Our Grandson, Jacob turns 18 on Monday so his party is tomorrow at 1100.  You only turn 18 once! 

Birthday boy, Jacob and his sweetie Allissa

They took a trip to Lake Tahoe last weekend

Wednesday we head for San Diego, CA. It's been close to 20 years since we've visited that city back when Russell was in the Marines.  Thursday we'll see our Marine for the first time in 3 months for Family Day!  Friday morning is the graduation ceremony! He'll be coming home to Cool, CA Saturday evening for 10 days. Hoping he gets Recruiters Assistance then it could be longer. 

Have a great evening.  Thinking it's Happy Hour time! :)