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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Stock tank woes, Heading out for Best in the Desert once again!

 Saturday we were out and about, talked with Cal Ranch and they acted surprised that our new stock tank was leaking and how quickly it leaked.  They said to bring it back and they would exchange it for another. 

Saturday evening we spent visiting with John and Karen. 

We bought lights for the outdoor kitchen and Ken got them up.

The lights are actually brighter than the picture looks.
We bought two strands and decided we liked just one 
for now.  

We sat out there and listened to the thunder, lightning and 
rain. So nice! Even got cold enough for a few minutes we 
were able to use the propane fireplace πŸ’™

Sunday morning we loaded the stock tank  back up and got there just after 0900.  Exchanged it and away we went. We hadn't eaten breakfast so thought we'd stop at Betsy's.  That didn't work as there was a line of people waiting, so on to Fandango, same thing.  Headed to Gardnerville and CVI. They were busy, but got our tummies filled. πŸ˜‹

This stock tank leaks even faster that the other one did..so now it sits with about an inch of water in the bottom. Ken wants to try flex seal on it, but it'll have to wait until after the weekend.  I've emailed the  company, (how they want you to contact them) Behlen but no response yet. That was on Monday. 

Spent the last couple of days getting ready to head to Silver Springs (about 1/2 hour from here).  It's the Best in the Desert, Vegas to Reno race once again. 

Heading out later today and will be back home on Saturday. Always a great time with friends. 😊

Time to get a move on and finish loading up! Have a great day! 

Thursday, August 4, 2022

We've got us a stock tank pool!

 Well, here ya go, the newest addition to our little piece of heaven (LOL). I've wanted a stock tank pool for a long time.  Never really got serious about it until this awful heat spell we've had here for the last two months or so. 

We've got us a stock tank pool πŸ’™πŸ·πŸΊ
We're going to add gravel on the remaining stall mats
rather than cut the mat. This will be so awesome for cooling off on
these miserable hot and muggy days! 

Luckily, once again my hubby didn't tell me NO! Talking in the last week or so he said, find one and we'll go get it! OK! I knew I wanted the 8 foot size and honestly even those are hard to find. 10 foot would have been awesome but that would mean going out of state so I couldn't justify that in my mind. 

Cal Ranch in Carson City had 3 in stock.  Yay! So yesterday we headed over with the big trailer to pick it up.  First though, as long as we were in Carson might as well go a little further to Reno for a pick up order from Total Wine. 😁🍷🍸🍺

We got to Cal Ranch a little before 1400 and got the tank loaded along with 3 stall mats to go underneath to keep it level and not have gravel puncture it. 

Stopped at Betsy's Big Kitchen for linner and off we went. I figured by the time we got home the project would wait for today. Uh no..Ken wanted to get the mats done and the tank placed.  That got done, but it wasn't level enough for him, so that waited for today. 

Ken working on getting the area level 😊

Time to get it off the trailer

Placed in its new home 😊 Until today when Ken leveled it more to his liking! 

Cool looking part of a rainbow 

Love when our skies are like this 

He came in for lunch about 1330 and had placed the hose in the tub to fill. About an hour later it was full to the brim.  

Looks awesome, but there is a leak at the seam near the bottom. Will do some research on how to stop that rather than hopefully not returning it and not knowing if the 2nd one would have the same problem. 

Anyway, this girl's a happy camper! 

Looks like we have some weather coming in once again today. Almost Happy Hour so i'll get this posted now! Have a great evening 😍

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Heat here in NV! Shopping at Karen's store :) A little this and that :)

 Not a lot been going on here except heat! WE start the air conditioning by 0900 every day! Ken's worked on firewood in the 102 or more degree temps! He's a tough old guy LOL.  

Saturday morning we did head into to town to partake of Karen's last Sippin Saturday of the summer.  Her little store is doing well, so that's really awesome! 

We spent some $$ while we were there enjoying champagne LOL.  Think there could be a connection haha. 

Loved this sign as soon as I saw it! 

Karen found these for us and picked them up πŸ’™πŸ’–

Gotta love this one! 

Karen's mom Izzie, playing bartender πŸ’™

Saturday afternoon we headed to her house to see if Ken could work on the pump on her swimming pool. I just enjoyed being IN the pool as it was miserable outside. Karen got home a little after 1700 and John a little closer to 1800. He's still working in CA so it's a quick trip home for him. We all had a nice evening just hanging out. 

Sunday morning it was late when we finally got out of bed and enjoyed mimosas with a late brunch. Hot again here in this little oasis..(like HELL).

Sunday morning libations...

Monday morning was hot once again.  We did go out to the kitchen and hang a few of things we bought at Karen's. Early afternoon was a movie day. Just too hot and muggy to be outside. 

We headed out for Happy Hour and it was windy and much cooler. Cool enough we ended up bringing out the propane campfire stove and enjoying the warmth of it. Who would have thought?! Without it we wouldn't have been out there though! I could go for that every night! Had a few raindrops on the roof which made it even better. 

Never thought we would need this to stay comfy! 

This morning we headed for Gardnerville to do a little grocery shopping and to pick up pills from Raley's. On the way home we stopped in town and had Linner at Dini's. YUM! Made a quick stop at Karen's store and visited with her, her girls and her mom for a bit. 

Maybe we'll get lucky and have a thunder storm later...we can always hope! 

Tomorrow looks like a trip to Reno and Total Wine along with a stop in Carson City if all goes as planned. I've been debating back and forth on something I've wanted for a long time..so decided to bite the bullet and just do it! Let's hope Cal Ranch has it it stock. Time is moving along, so hard to believe it's August. 

Looks like next week we'll be camping in Silver Springs for the Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno races. We're both looking forward to that and seeing friends again! 

Ken's mom was in the hospital this last week. Thank goodness Kaiser figured it out and put a stent in her main artery that was 95% blocked. Have to thank God and the Doctors that saved her πŸ’–.  She's home and doing well! 

Have a great evening, almost Happy Hour! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Night in the Country comes to town, Finally feeling better!

 Well, this has been a pretty much do nothing week. With this cough and cold haven't felt like doing anything, so we haven't.  The heat of over 100 degrees everyday hasn't given me / us  much drive either! Today (knock on wood) is starting out with me feeling better and Ken too. He actually felt better than me in just a couple of days! 

We have driven into town a couple of times just to watch the fairgrounds change! Yep, that's what small town living is about LOL. 

Third weekend every year our little town of less than 3,000 people grows by 30,000 or so.  An event called, Night in The Country happens here! It's the 2nd biggest fundraiser in Nevada only second to Burning Man. 

Every wanna be cowboy and  cowgirl comes to camp in the heat and listen to country music stars for 3 nights. Most I don't even know who they are, but Thursday the opening act was Tracy Lawrence. Sure most of these young people aren't sure who he is but looks like a good time was had by all! 

Anyway, we drove by and took a few pictures which definitely don't do it justice. 

Yesterday afternoon Ken sent me a picture from the outdoor kitchen of our lizard friend, Speckles (John named him). He somehow landed in the kitchen sink AHHHHHH!! I had Ken gather him into a five gallon bucket with a lid and we put him in the back of the car and relocated him in town near the river. Hopefully that does it for him. 

Speckles has a new home away from here!

Gotta give the hubby credit, as he could have not told me and got him out of the sink. He knows how I feel though so πŸ’™ off to his new home. 

Well it's Tuesday morning, starting off the day with heat once again. Since we're both feeling better we're heading to Gardnerville to do a little grocery shopping and seeing Molly so we can drop off her little going away gift. 

Finally back in the land of the living! Have a great day! Thank goodness for air conditioning!

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Happy Birthday Russell, dusty desert rides, hot temps, not feeling so hot right now.. Thank goodness for a/c

 Last Wednesday about 1400 Russell drove in and just a bit later Eric too pulling his Can Am on the trailer. He had Mason and his friend Aiden following with Aiden's dirt bike in the bed of the truck. Greetings and hugs all around. Hot temps outside so most of the afternoon was spent inside until it cooled enough we could go out to the outdoor kitchen and sit in the shade. 

Mason and Aiden are the RACE team, those kids go FAST!

Happy Birthday Russell! πŸ’–

Next time double the strawberries instead of bananas..but it was yummy!

Enchiladas and coleslaw..was for dinner

Mason's truck 

Much later in the evening we all had enchiladas and coleslaw for dinner and some fruit basket cake for the birthday boy. Our baby is 44 LOL. I didn't remember that Eric and Mason are both allergic to bananas so they didn't have any 😞 It was about 0100 before we went to bed. 

Thursday, after breakfast before it got too hot (yeah right) we all headed out to the desert to see what fun we could have. 25+ miles and loads of dust we came back home to air conditioning and a movie. 

Aiden's bike was leaking coolant slowly 

Our Nevada backroads 

Going through the tunnel..

We want to get up there thinking it was an old mine..turns out it just different
rock than what was around it. Pretty though

Stopping for a hot break...

Burgers on the outdoor griddle for dinner. They turned out yummy! Another late night and off to bed we went. 

Friday was another day of riding for a few hours in the hot desert. Still, how often do we get to do this with our boys?! Over 56 miles in the 2 days. Fun! 

Found our way over to what we thought was a crater..turns out it's lava rock!

Yep, dusty!! 

It looked like we'd be driving on top of the hill, but you drive into it 

Think Mason's a little hot? 

Eric's RC CanAM

Time to relax in our little lving room Eric, Mason and Ken

Russell, Aiden and Ken

Pizza, it's what's for dinner...

While all the boys watched movies I made some homemade pizza for everyone (no zucchini this time). Seemed to go over well. Again, another late night. Stars were out so gazing was in store. 

Saturday morning Ken and I took Eric's Can Am (RC) out for a ride before breakfast. It's an amazing machine, way to much for this girl LOL. Fun though! Tons of power. I think I need a booster seat in order to drive it though LOL. 

Came back and made breakfast for the crew and then Russell was the first to leave back to CA.  Mason and Aiden went out for a short drive and then loaded the CanAm onto the trailer. Eric pulled out at 1030 or so. Mason and Aiden stayed for 1 more night. 😊 They took a short ride Sunday morning and then left for CA. 

Time to head home, Eric, Ken and Russell

Aiden, Mason, Ken and Eric..

Eric and Christina picked us up a beer opener from Sierra Nevada brewing.

One last ride before they go 


Mason was sounding a bit congested on Saturday, figuring it was allergies as that's always my problem here. Sent him home with some over the counter meds.  After everyone left my energy levels went down so I just let myself veg on the couch for the afternoon. The desert is so dry and dusty out there as we haven't had any rain in months figured it had to do with that. Now we're thinking it's a good ole summer cold! Mason said he felt the same way too. 

So glad all the boys were able to make it, did. Nothing better than family visits! πŸ˜πŸ’—

Mason and Aiden getting ready to head home πŸ’™

Adam texted on Sunday afternoon wanting to come over. You bet! We were in bed already when he got here. 

Monday am we all just vegged in the living room with the a/c going full tilt.  We hate staying inside like this but the temps are killers and honestly just don't feel like doing anything. 

Had some nice skies but nothing amounted from it

Chicken tacos for dinner and a little time outside at the kitchen when things cooled off. 

Tuesday morning Adam left after breakfast. He was taking the scenic route home to CA and wanted to do a little hiking on hwy 88. He had to be at work first thing this morning. Nice he came over for a short visit! πŸ˜€

Glad you visited Adam! 

We slept in the guest room last night with the a/c on all night. Waking up with a husband that is in day one of not feeling good either πŸ˜” Too be expected living in the same house I guess. So we're just taking it easy and relaxing. 

Actually took until today before I felt like getting the blog done, had good intentions every day since Sunday, but didn't happen. WE did have a nice downpour last night with some thunder and lightening. Awesome listening to it in the outdoor kitchen 😊 Cooled it off by about 20 degrees or more. Hope it happens later today too! 

Have a great afternoon everyone. Stay cool!