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Monday, June 14, 2021

Congratulations Seth and Holly Kay!

                                 Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Seth Kay  πŸ’–πŸ’–

Seth and Holly looked wonderful and so happy! 

The wedding was scheduled for Saturday, June 12th at 1500 hrs.  The beach at La Jolla couldn't have been any more perfect for the wedding! There was a photographer who got awesome pictures I am sure, but these are mine, Eric's, Christina and a variety on FB. 

What a wonderful weekend watching our grandson marry the love of his life.  We wish them lots of love and laughs on this new adventure of theirs.πŸ’–πŸ’–

 Seth is the first of our 5 grandsons to get married and I expect there will be one or two more in the next couple of years. πŸ’—πŸ’—

You may kiss the bride πŸ’–πŸ’–

Holly and her mom...

Holly and her dad..

The newlyweds πŸ’–

Eric and his boys..Seth and MasonπŸ’™

Eric, Holly, Seth and ChristinaπŸ’—

Eric, Seth, Mason and Andre

Seth and his best man, his brother Mason πŸ’™

Seth's proud parents...Eric and Christina πŸ’–

Mason, Holly, Seth and Bella..

Eric, Holly, Seth, Christina and Mason..πŸ’•

Andre, Tracy, Bella, Holly, Seth, Christina, Eric and Mason


          Mason looks so grown up, he gets taller and taller every time I see him
                                                Of course he is 16! πŸ’™

Saturday morning Ken and I did a bit of running around and ended our early afternoon at Chili's for lunch before the wedding. The burgers and fries were huge! It's been forever since we've visited a Chili's but would certainly do it again!  After that it was time to get back to the room and get ready! 

We got to the beach around 1430 after finding a parking spot quite aways away! Eventually we saw everyone coming from the other way.  Turns out I had the address wrong in my phone, but luckily they walked to the same area for the wedding 😍 
Once the wedding was done and pictures taken we headed for the after dinner in a very popular part of La Jolla.  Unfortunately after driving around we decided to head out.  We called Eric and explained but the parking and the crowds were just too much.  
La Jolla is a beautiful area, with more people and cars than I've seen in a long time! 
The beach at La Jolla!
Ken is having an issue with his foot and big toe and more walking than what we had already done just wasn't going to work. He has an appointment Wednesday. 

We went back to the room and just hung out for the evening. 

I am not a pro at "selfies" but here's the pic I sent my sisters


Sunday morning we left about 0730 and decided to head up the interstate, just to make some time.  Traffic was light, thank goodness.  when we ent home this way after Seth's boot camp graduation we didn't leave until after lunch and learned that's a no no!  We thought we'd stay the night in Lone Pine, but we were there just after 1200.  We drove on, looking for a place to have lunch as we didn't eat breakfast before we left.  We ended up at a restaurant in Big Pine along highway 395.

 The Country Kitchen is definitely a place worth stopping! Food is delicious! Rachel was the only server and the place just got busier and busier.  Her help wasn't going to materialize as someone called in. Shame on them on a Sunday afternoon! She did an awesome job of doing all she could do to keep up!  WE will definitely keep this place in mind! 
The face mask signs were gone from the door and no one had masks on! Servers, cooks or patrons.  Nice to see normality in CA.  Stopped in at a small grocery store and even though the owner had a mask on he doesn't require patrons too. He said he can't wait until Tuesday because his and his employees masks are coming off! Yay for him! 

We ended up at the Super 8 in Bishop for the night. More on Bishop and our drive home tomorrow.  

Close to Happy Hour! Have a great one, it's good to be home. 

Friday, June 11, 2021

Joshua Tree, Ca to San Diego, CA ..back roads :)

 We both had a really good night sleep at the motel in Joshua Tree, CA.  We would definitely stay there again! I set the alarm for 0500 so we could get our day started. Ken had one burrito that was left from breakfast yesterday and I had two hard boiled eggs we brought from home.

Adam sent me this pic a few days ago.  What's cute, is that's the cowboy hat we bought him at Mule Days (Bishop, CA) when he was about 3 years old. Still fits him 19 years later!He wore it every year until he was about 12 when we stopped going. πŸ’–πŸ’™ 

We left pretty early,πŸ’™ around 0900 I believe.  Got gas and then Ken bought a 24 pack of water at Valero..big mistake!  There was no price on the water so how bad can it be right? Well, he only got back $11.00 and change from a 20...WOW! That's an expensive 24 pack.  

We stopped at a Walmart so he could get some beer, ice and paper towels and then we hit the road. 

What a nice drive. We had to hit the freeway for a few minutes and got off at Palm Springs.  Up the mountain heading west towards San Diego WOW! The views and the mountains were something else! Nice rural communities along the way! 

Leaving Joshua Tree...

Huge mountains! 

Climbing the mountain from Palm Springs ..

                                           There's the road above us! 
Looking down into Palm Springs! 

                                                                 Such a beautiful road!
Wineries all over! Anzi Valley


Warm Springs Ranch and Resort..

Didn't make it to Julian, but we saw Julian's Pies across the street..
Hopefully on the way home!

Ramona, CA..This part was cute..the rest was huge!

The beach parking area! Packed full and beyond..

Lot's of people enjoying the beach..

We hit the 8 for a few miles and found our motel.  We were early for check in so we sat in Mc Donalds parking lot and had our sandwiches and wraps for a late lunch.  Eric called and they were at Karl Strauss Brewing, but we didn't want to fight the traffic to get there. 

The beach is only a few minutes from here so we drove over. Amazing how many people were out enjoying it for a Friday afternoon.  Lots of people everywhere! 

We got back to the motel and got registered.  A nice room, recently redone! 

Eric called to invite us over to their hotel, but we're nicely settled in with Happy Hour underway. We're lazy! We've got cabbage lasagna for dinner here in the room. We'll see what happens in the am. 

The wedding is at 1500 tomorrow πŸ’•πŸ’•

Have a great evening! 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Saying good bye to our friends! Yerington to Joshua Tree, CA..455 miles today.

 Wednesday was spent getting ready for the trip to Southern California.  I did a little baking in the am for coffee goodies.  Ken got stuff loaded up as Thursday we wanted to get out of there early.  He barbecued chicken for Thursday night's dinner in the  motel room.  We're not big on going out for dinner, would rather take our own. 

Karen, Stacey, Joe and Susan came over for Happy Hour on the front porch.  Ken started the bigger propane fire pit so that was nice until the wind switched directions. Karen went home and the rest of us came inside for a while. 

Thursday morning I had the alarm set for 0500.  Coffees, goodies and visiting with our blogging friends.  A great way to start the day! I made breakfast burritos to eat on the road.  Right around 0700 Joe came over and a few minutes later Susan and Stacey came to say goodbye.  Sad goodbye for us, as they won't be there when we get back home.  The plan is for them to leave on Saturday to head for their new home in Alaska.  They'll be entering Canada through Montana and then head to the Fairbanks, Alaska area. Wish them all the best and we are planning on visiting next year! 

We got on the road about 0730.  We headed towards Bridgeport, CA through Sweetwater Canyon which is gorgeous. Highway 395 is one of our favorite highways ever! The mountains are incredible and you get to see the highest point in the continental United States..Mount Whitney! I had made a sandwich for Ken and half a wrap for me that we ate on the road. We had a 455 mile drive today, no time to stop for lunch LOL.  

Sweetwater Canyon area...

Bridgeport Resorvoir..lots of fishermen out there today!

Mono Lake :) 

Lee Vining, CA..good to see it open!

Bishop, CA quite the rodeo going on there!

Bishop, CA

Mountains all along 395

We paid 4.39 later in the day...one small town was over $5.00 a gallon..

Lone Pine, CA..

Mt. Whitney..πŸ’–

After Lone Pine, CA the terrain sure changes..

Then highway 58 to Barstow and 247 through Lucerne Valley.  We are in Joshua Tree, CA for the night at High Desert  Motel.  A nice, clean motel right on the highway.  Reasonably priced too! 

Lucerne Valley CA..

I know I don't want to go up that road!!

Love these rocks popped out of no where!

Our plan is to leave here in the am and head towards the Salton Sea and go through Borrego Springs then we'll head west to Misson Beach where we have reservations for the next two nights. Trying to avoid the traffic and so far we've done well! 

Happy Hour! Have a great night!