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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Jello plans...Cal Nev Ari RV Park..

Saturday, Feb 16...

Ken got back about 0930 from doing the laundry (thanks honey).  We had our breakfast and got ourselves ready to leave La Posa South for the last time this year :(   Dump station and water good to go.  We got out of there at our regular time of about 1100.  
Last night's sunset

Our sunrise this am! 

Deb's Ocotillo

Still got some red flowers

Filled out nice and green

Our spot, which is where we were last week

We were only traveling to Parker, AZ so no problem leaving late.  Best laid plans..right?!  We got to La Paz County Park and could see it was packed but we drove in anyway.  Yes we could get a dry camp site, which is what we planned but oh boy...sardines.  We decided against staying there. We had a beautiful drive and then in Lake Havasu we were amazed at all the RVs in that area on hills.  This weekend is the pyrotechnic show!  WOW! We drove on, got gas at the freeway and ate a quick lunch in the trailer.  Ok, we discussed staying in Needles at the KOA or driving on.  Still early enough so we drove a bit further and are now at a Passport America Park in CAL-Nev-Ari.  We've stayed here a couple of times before.  Older park, full hookups, no wifi, no cable, nice bathrooms and with tax $11.05!  Can't beat that! Pull through site, nice quiet park.  
Love these clouds in the distance! 

Parker area..

Colorado River in Parker is beautiful 

La Paz County Park..uh no..

Just too crowded for us..

Nearing Havasu

You want crowded  wow! Lake Havasu area..


I always find this funny..When grandson Adam was little and
we would be on vacation...he'd say.."Grandma, why are all the
convertibles driven by old guys?"...

There you goNice car guys! 

It was cold and windy when we got here. Ken called his mom and they had a nice chat for a bit. He started the bar b q and is cooking some boneless pork ribs for dinner and oh they smell good!  
Love these clouds! 

Looks like somewhere is getting rain or something! 

Our site at the RV Park..

Clouds in the distance! 

Tomorrow our plans (haha) our to head for Tonopah, NV about 285 miles from here.  There's a nice rest area about 10 miles from town that we like to stay in, so hoping that happens.  We'll be home on Monday if all goes as planned. 

Even though we got a late start this year we can't tell you all how much we enjoyed spending time with everyone! From the ones we only got an hour or two, to the ones we spent a couple of weeks with we are so blessed to be able to call you our friends :0  Who would have thought years ago that we would have special friends from Canada and the UP that we can meet up with once a year or more:) Those happened through blogging!  Through Facebook we met up with Elva and Jerry from West Sacramento and almost 30 years later we met up in person again!   I've said it before and mean it now Our Hearts our Happy and we are so blessed to call you all friends! See you next year! :) 

Good night from CAL-Nev-Ari!

Russell and family are in Portland for the weekend for basketball.  Hoping they have a wonderful time!  Bryan and family are getting lot's of snow.Travel safely in CA this weekend. 
Adam and Raider in the snow...

Miss Lucy with her heated blanket! 

A catch up...time flies! Saying goodbye to good friends! A beautiful rose :)

Feb 13th...
Wednesday morning after our usual morning routine we decided to head into Yuma to see if a different Walmart would have more wine.  Tom and Deb had left early for their appointments in Mexico.  Seems Mexico is the place to go for dental work when you're down this way!  

I had been texting with my friend, Elva and we were hoping to cross paths. Somehow we just missed them as we were dumping garbage. They are parked next door at the LTVA. 

Had GIP guide us to a Walmart in town and sure enough they were well stocked with the brands from Australia that I wanted.  This Walmart is more of a hometown Walmart, meaning the clientele is more of what you would expect in Yuma. Families shopping, where the one in the Foothills area is full of Snowbirds. They sure drink a lot of wine and alcohol haha..as those shelves are almost empty!! 
All kinds of goodies for your sweetie

Dairy Queen..no we didn't stop!

Yuma, AZ

Got that done and decided to have GIP guide us to the Yuma Mall.  I was looking for a couple of things so we went to Ross.  Not exactly Ken's store so he waited in the truck. I didn't find what I wanted but did get a pair of cute shorts.  Now if only the weather would allow...

We were close to 1330 so decided to head over to Daybreakers Cafe where we had eaten in the past.  The food is good and not to overfilling. I had their chicken breast sandwich minus the bread and my allowed 4 french fries for a treat! Of course a glass of wine to complete! Ken had their patty melt, which was huge! (He actually brought half home for lunch today).  Service is slow, just be forewarned. 

We left there, getting close to Happy Hour and we were having some special visitors today!  Tom and Deb weren't home yet.  A few raindrops but they didn't amount to much. A bit after we were sitting in front of the Stinger B and here comes a nice Dodge pickup! Yay! They're here! Out comes Jerry and Elva!  She and I worked together as teacher aides back in the 80's.  Our son, Russell was in her 2nd grade class..and now he's 40!  You would think we hadn't gone 30 years without seeing each other.  Conversation flowed and I was glad that Tom and Deb got home in time to meet and visit with them too!  It was cooling down and they left to head back to their motorhome. It was wonderful seeing them and my heart is happy :))
Happy Hour...Elva (with her back to us) Deb, Jerry, Tom and Ken

Deb, Elva, Ken and Tom

Ken, Tom, Jerry, Deb and Elva 

We visited with Tom and Deb a while longer and then headed home for the night.  

Feb. 14th...Happy Valentines Day! 

It was raining pretty decently when we headed for bed and now Thursday morning  we got raindrops but the temperature is nice!  56 degrees compared to 37 at home.  It's all good! Not much planned in this weather for today, but we'll see.  Hoping I can get Adam's taxes done at least to accomplish something!   

  I was at the computer trying to get a start on Adam's taxes.  I was texting back and forth with our friend Patsy trying to figure out how to get together for a short visit.  We made a decision to head over to their place at Sundance RV Resort.  We jumped in the truck and headed out.  I let Deb know as we had a ride planned for sometime during the day.  

We got there and Bill greeted Ken with a handshake and me with a big bear hug! We inside and met Rob and Pat friends they are traveling with this winter.  I felt like we already knew them as we follow Patsy's blog!  Conversation and laughs flowed for the hour and half or so that we were there.  We had to saw our goodbyes for this year, but hope to spend more time with them next year! Sounds like the group may even come by our house for a visit next year on their way home!  

After a late lunch, we checked in with Tom and Deb to see if we were still on for the ride. Yep!  We loaded up and out we went! 
Different looking desert than what we have at home..so pretty

Little sand dunes..

Part of "the wall"...

Isn't that gorgeous?

The Jeep 

The famous Purple Pharmacy and Liquor in Mexico

Nice isn't it? 

Surprising to find this little cemetery.  Very well kept little place

We got back to camp and then over to Tom and Deb's for a later happy hour.  WE knew this one would probably be our last for this year so we really enjoyed the time with them. 

Feb. 15th...

Friday morning was a time of getting ready to head out.  Chatted with Christina for a while in the morning, as she was off due to snow day in Cool. Nice to get caught up on the goings on at their house. I baked a few little items, flourless cookies and then a few flourless muffins to give to Deb.  I know it doesn't sound too appealing, but seems to be the way we're eating now.  A bit of a treat (if they turned out) in my opinion.   We visited some and then went on about our getting ready.  A little while later I heard Ken and another voice, looked out the window and it was George who had been out for a drive so he stopped to say goodbye!  
Good morning from Pilot Knob BLM

Flourless Peanut butter, choc chip muffins

Ken and George

Tom, Deb, George

Bye George! See ya next year!

A little while later and we were getting ready to say good bye to Tom and Deb.  Tom went inside and came out with a beautiful red rose for me. He had given Deb a beautiful arrangement for Valentines Day and this was one for me.  Love you two!  
Deb, Tom and me..and my beautiful rose :)

Ken, Deb, Tom

Hugs all around and off we all headed.  What a great time we've had with them and looking forward to next year (maybe even a visit from them too).  

A quick stop at Walmart for ice and beer and we're on the road to the Proving Grounds where we had lunch.  Then another 60 miles and we're back at La Posa South for the night in our same spot where we were last week. I made a quick potato salad for Ken after we got here while he set up.   
Yuma Proving Grounds sign

Too cool and windy for Happy Hour outside, so we had it inside and then watched a movie called "Get Out" not too bad, and not gory!  
Sunset, Quartzsite, AZ

Saturday morning the alarm was set for 0500 and I was glad after a night of weird dreams. I was going to work on the taxes, but not to be as the internet isn't cooperating here. uhhhh... We'll be home in the next few days and i'll be able to get them done for him. Ken offered to do the laundry so i could get them done, but instead i'll see if I can get this posted. 

Have a great day everyone! We're moving on to Parker today, at least that's the plan now..