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Friday, July 13, 2018

Yerington to Lamoille Canyon to Pocatello, Idaho...Happy 40th to our baby boy!

Good morning from Pocatello, Idaho KOA!  Frustrating morning today as I was up at 0430 to get caught up on the blog, but the internet gods were not with me and my wifi from Verizon. It wouldn't let me connect and I didn't know where Ken's was and didn't want to wake him just to ask that! He got up about 0530 and gave me his which works...hmmm..seems coincidental since I cancelled our home phone and it was end of cycle. We'll see once i talk with Verizon. 
Lamoille Canyon

Ken and Jacob

All the boys..

$13.00 pop up tent 

Our view from camp

To get caught up a bit..We left home on Tuesday morning, just about 0715, only 15 minutes later than planned. Not bad.  We had an uneventful drive over to Elko and Lamoille Canyon our final destination of the day. We stopped on the way and had lunch at a rest area. I 80 all the way with Adam and Seth taking turns driving the Patriot.  Somewhere along the way Jacob joined us and I went to the back seat of the Tundra.  The kid is so tall, 6'3" (maybe more)..that he has to put the front seat way back. I don't mind at all. 

We got to the campground and our reserved spot and the boys left shortly after to take the hike out of the campground.  Mason and Jacob ended up coming back before the others but a little later the others made it back. We had a nice dinner and some smorfs (smores to everyone else) and a great fire. Bedtime shortly after.  Adam forgot his sleeping bag so he ended up sleeping in the car with blankets. 

Wednesday morning, got up and had our coffees before the hunger crowd awoke.  Eventually I made some chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and eggs for them. Gotta say I love the Blackstone for cooking the large quantities. 
Aaron was a little tired from his hike..

We all headed to the end of the road and the box canyon.  It was already very warm. I had decided to hang out at the truck and read my kindle rather than go on a hike. Adam, Seth and Aaron headed out to Liberty Lake and Ken, Jacob and Mason headed to Island Lake.  Everyone was gone at least a few hours with Ken and group returning first. We went ahead and went back to camp as the other boys had the Patriot.  Starving they were, so I made sandwiches and after finishing that the others returned not too much later. They all enjoyed the hikes. Ken's was about 2 miles and ended at  9760    elevation and the others was over 10000 foot elevation. I enjoyed my time, not doing much of anything. haha.
Ken's hike to Island Lake

Jacob and Mason..I'm still waiting for pics from the other boys..

The boys pretty much relaxed the rest of the afternoon. Ken cooked some burgers and I made fries on the Blackstone.  We had a fire but the boys turned down more smorfs. An early night was called. 

Thursday morning I was up at 0430 and made sandwiches for everyone for lunch as we had a pretty good days drive.  Breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches were in store for everyone. Loaded up and off we went. Jacob and Mason were with us once again. A nice drive to Wells, and then highway 93 to the outside of Twin Falls where we hit the freeway.  Pulled over and had a quick lunch and on we went to Pocatello.  I saw there was a Passport America park so I called them to see if they had a spot available. It was a mobile home park with 10 spaces for overnighters and tent sites. Don't believe all that's written..pass this one by for sure.  The manager waved us in and then there was the back in site.  Next to it the "tent site" which was a brown yucky side yard of an old fifth wheel. Sure, put 5 teenage boys there right under the guys slide out. Showers were extra $$..it sucked!  Ken nicely told him, it wouldn't work for us and off we went to the local KOA.  Now we all know they're not cheap but at least you know you've got a decent place to stay and it is.  We got 10% off because I'm retired  Sheriff's Department. They do it for 1st responders, military etc. We got a RV site and then a tent site directly across. 
Sandwiches in the making..

Idaho barn..:)

Idaho silo
 Game room fun!


This was cool from New York..

We got set up and Mason and Aaron and I ran to Walmart and picked up 5 pillows and a sleeping bag for Adam. Most of the boys went to the game room for some darts, ping pong and pool playing. I worked on tacos for dinner so it was a great night. The boys enjoyed and we just visited until they decided it was time for bed. 

Today (Friday) we head for the Grand Tetons.  Hopefully we'll get a camping spot.  Lots of RVers and families on the road. 

Happy 40th Birthday to our youngest son, Russell! Don't know where the time has gone. He's heading out with Lori and their good friends Steve and Jenn for the bay area and some Harley riding for the next few days. He's certainly excited!  

Eric and Christina headed out yesterday for a nice long drive, so I stole this pic from FB..
Time to get going!~

Monday, July 9, 2018

Gardnerville, cooking..the boys are here and Welcome to the World, Cassidy Shane Byrnes..:)

Saturday morning we got ourselves up and going then jumped in the truck and headed over to Gardnerville so I could do some shopping and Ken could buy some wood for the upcoming winter. The nursery across the street sells it and we know it's good wood as we've bought it before.  Hard to even think about fall and winter with 100+ degree temps we've had here lately. uhhh..

I spent some more $$ at Walmart and then we headed to Carson Valley Inn to introduce Mason to our favorite place.  Carmen's day off but that's ok..all the servers are awesome. He likes a steak sandwich and enjoyed his. On the way home both of us had a nap. Thank goodness Ken was able to drive! LOL..thinking not sleeping well for a few days caught up with me (well the wine didn't hurt either)..

Ken and I went and visited with Karen and Linda for a bit in the evening. It was Linda's last night here before she headed back to southern California. Mason played video games he didn't want to go with us. 

Sunday was spent in the kitchen..I made a ham and and a bunch of other things for snacking for the boys and the trip. The day flew by and before you know it evening.  Karen had called to tell us that she was headed to Tonopah for the night with her hubby.  He brought home the most awesome flag pole and had to go back.  We were going to lock up the dogs for her. Right after we hung up, we see Jill and Jack running by! Off we went in the car, got Jill in the car but Jack kept traveling on. Locked Jill in the pen and before we were done, here comes Jack.  Those dogs..they have to figure something out for them. We let Mugsy out for a bit as he was left inside.  I didn't want to go outside, as the house was nice and cool for him. We did sit outside for a bit and then came home after touching base with Karen. 
Three boys on the couch! from left...Jacob, Mason and Seth

Aaron was a little tired

So was Jacob

Thanks Eric for the carrier..Chairs and the Blackstone

Guess we can't get anymore in the back of the truck..

There's a little room left in the frig..so tomorrow it'll be filled for
a few days..5 teenage boys = a lot of food!

Another angle on the carrier

Jacob, Adam and Seth..


This morning Ken went over and let them out, leaving Jill in the pen. She was not happy. 

Jacob texted saying they were on there way about 0745.  So they were here at 11 something.  Hungry of course. So there goes one loaf of bread. haha..not kidding. I made Adam a sandwich too, figuring when he got here he'd be hungry and I wasn't wrong. 

We finished loading the Jayco and Ken spent the day doing his thing with the truck and what he does to get us ready to go. Hopefully we're ready to go at about 0600 tomorrow.  We're headed to Elko and Lamoille Canyon for 2 nights. There's no service (which is funny, the kids heard that and they're "Grandma why do you always find places with no service?!) Of course they're the ones that want to go to these places..hahhah. 

This am we welcomed a little girl to our family..my sister, Linda became a grandma once again..when Dusty and Chelsea got married the idea of children wasn't a reality because of her heart issues..because of the incredible medical world they welcomed Owen about 3 1/2 years ago..and today... Welcome to the World...Cassidy Shane Byrnes..6 lbs 3 ozs of incredible...their little family is complete! :) 

Cassidy..she looks so much like her brother Owen
when he was born :) 

Time for some dinner for these boys.  Have a great night! 

Friday, July 6, 2018

A wonderful 4th! Washoe Lake State Park ..picking up Mason..

Wow! One more time the week has flown by way too quickly!  Tuesday we did get our drive to Gardnerville. A stop at Walmart, Raleys, the nursery to ask about firewood and then on to lunch at our favorite place, Carson Valley Inn (CVI).  Carmen, our favorite waitress was back from her vacation to Hawaii. Drinks ordered and then our delicious lunch.  Had my ritual nap on the way home LOL. Ken had talked to Stacey in the am and offered to bar b q some hot dogs if they wanted.  They ended up cooking at home, and then coming over for a couple of beers (well Joe drank them).  She's still recovering from surgery.  Karen and Linda came over for a bit and we ended up going to her place to help decorate the backyard for 4th of July. Karen goes all out! We stayed and had a couple of drinks and then headed home. 
Happy 4th! 

Wednesday was 4th of July so I busied myself in the kitchen in the am before it got too hot. Homemade potato salad and spinach dip was on the agenda. About 1600 we headed next door to enjoy the 4th with them.  John (Karen's hubby) is still working in Tonopah, NV so he was definitely missed. Not a huge crowd but all wonderful people! Ken bar b q ued some hot dogs and there was definitely a feast to be had!  It was late when we got home. 
I love this shelf..one of her daughter's co workers built this
for Karen

All kinds of munchies! 

I caught the back of Amber, left chair Linda and Karen's sis
Heidi. I love all the windows in the front room!

Natalie her neice..and a neighbor Diana..house is still
a work in progress..but they have done wonders!

Their back deck, just built and will be covered

I love this walkway they just did..all by hand and then
the solar lights heading out to their RV area..

Ken and Jill..one of the escapees from a few weeks ago

Their multi tiered deck and Karen talking w John

The fire pit..

Thursday, after about 5 hours of sleep we got ourselves going. Finished getting the Jayco ready to head to Washoe Lake State Park for the night.  I left in the Patriot about 0730 and headed to Reno to get some groceries for next week's trip. I left a sizable donation $$$.  I picked Ken up from the Toyota dealer in Carson City and we headed back to camp so I could drop off the groceries. At 1300 we were sitting in our favorite Chinese restaurant enjoying a wonderful lunch. 

We headed for Big 5 to look for one more camping cot and a new ez up. We got prices and headed over to Walmart across the street where we bought the ez up and then back to Big 5 for the new cot. That was our day and we headed back to camp about 1600.  Lovely site Ken got us so we were able to sit outside in the shade and enjoy the view and the breeze. I love that park! There were lots of people camping but our site was nice and large! 
Yummy Deb and thanks for the decanter! 

Our view from camp

Another view..

Ken enjoying the shade..

Our spot..and FREE too!

Eventually it was time for dinner so Ken cooked a few dogs and we had some potato salad and pork and beans. Not good for us, but delicious. Eventually we called it a night with the window over the bed open and the one near the dinette. It was a very warm night. I fell asleep right away and then at 0200 or so wide awake. Those wandering thoughts kept me awake until after 0400. My mind just wouldn't shut down!  I reset the alarm from 0500 to 0530 and somewhere in there fell back to sleep. 
Our beautiful sunset

At 0530 this am it was already close to 70 degrees..

We awoke to a warm cloudy morning

Our view of the lake

See all the campers! 

I was headed over the hill to Auburn, CA to meet our grandsons Seth and Mason. Seth offered to meet me there as he was heading to Target. Nice these boys can drive I tell ya.  I picked up Mason and we headed home. Seth has even offered to pick up his cousins Jacob and Aaron on Monday and they'll all come over. :) Ken headed home with the truck and trailer.  He changed the oil and air filter in my 2016 Patriot as that's the one we'll be taking next week full of teenage boys! 

98 degrees here in Yerington, NV. Feels like an oven outside, but Ken had the a/c going inside so it feels nice and cool! Going to make some veggie tacos for dinner and enjoy the a/c. 

Have a great evening!