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Friday, May 22, 2020

Getting things done..Adam visits! :)

Well, since I've let days pass without posting I'll just wing it I guess :) 

Monday, Ken did get some rock down, quite a bit actually.  It took a few days but  the trailer's empty of 5,900 lbs of rock :) 
Before adding the rock..

It was hard work, but he got it done! Again, not bad for a 68 year old guy!
Today...5900 lbs of rock later 😍

I worked on the staining of the bunk house.  Yes, more red than we planned but we like it.  I did some regular stuff too like a little baking and cleaning..lol. 
We had some cool skies, but no weather out of it..

Tuesday morning we had an appointment at Sun King window tinting in Carson City. The appointment time was 0800. We left about 0630 and enjoyed  our breakfast one the road. Breakfast burritos for Ken and a 1/2 low carb burrito for me.  
They only dealt with curbside dealings so once we dropped off the truck we headed for CalRanch just down the road. What a cute place! We found Heidi's birthday present there and lord knows I could have spent a lot of $$..but didn't. 

They called when the truck was ready.  Front two windows tinted $100.00 later but they are guaranteed for life. We headed to Lowe's, Ken went inside and I waited outside as he was only getting 4 sacks of concrete.  I got warm and rolled down my window! OOPPSS..they said don't roll down the window for 3 days!! Nice short term memory right?! ...Luckily it was ok!! UHH...

Jacob texted he got his package and was happy at all the tuna and chicken packages I had sent..too cute! 

Then a quick trip to Walmart in Carson.  Once that was finished we headed home. Karen was having a birthday party for her sister Heidi as she was turning 50. I wanted to try a new appetizer with meat, beans etc using Scoops from North on the Border chips. Very yummy! About 1500 we headed next door for a few hours. 
The last bit of concrete footings. Now the rock won't go

Wednesday we were home for the day! I stained the rest of my part of the decking on the bunkhouse.  Ken worked on finishing the patio area. He formed up the boards for the new concrete we picked up.  Later on we met on the side of the house and he started a nice fire! 

Yesterday morning (21st) we got up early, visited with our blogging friends and got the morning going.  Ken stained the upper part of the bunkhouse.  He wasn't happy with the turnout, but in the end I think it looks very nice! We're out of stain, but we're headed out to Gardnerville tomorrow for prescriptions so we might as well head for Carson and get the stain.  
Ken staining the top of the loft area..

The front's all done!

Adam called yesterday am and wanted to come over for the night. OF course!! He arrived around 1630 just when Karen was ready to head home after coming to see what things we had done in the last few days. 
Ship lap we had left in the garage attic..These will be shelves on the new part
of the porch 
I had a sandwich ready for him as he's usually hungry when he gets here :) 
Not too long after he got here, Joe, Stacey and Joe's brother Phillip walked over with a six pack of IPA beer for Ken.  Ken had helped Joe put up a screen door earlier in the day. Very nice of them but not necessary :)  They visited awhile and then headed back home. 
We visited some more with Adam and then eventually had tacos for dinner.  Some more visiting and then he and Ken both headed off to bed. I stayed up for a bit and then did the same. 

I was awake about 0500 this morning and woke Ken for coffee around 0530.  I actually had made him a new recipe of banana apple bread. He loved it! Somewhere around 0800 I started breakfast for Adam. He wanted waffles and eggs so that's what he got. :) Ken and I ate after I fed him. 

Adam left here just about 1200 to head home. A short visit, but better than no visit! He works tomorrow early at the State Park and after seeing the crowds there today, he'll have his work cut out tomorrow being this is Memorial Weekend. 
Bye Adam..thanks for visiting!

Ken finished unloading and sweeping the trailer. I used the sander on the boards above to get them ready for linseed oil. 

I ordered 2 retro patio chairs and a small table so they should be here in a few weeks. :) Tomorrow we'll check Lowe's for a moveable fire pit for the new patio area. 

Have a great night. Almost Happy Hour here! 

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Stem Walls poured..Bunkhouse porch worked on..WINDS!!

Happy Sunday!  I got up and started the coffee at just about 0500 waking Ken nearing 0530.  We have work to do! LOL.  Visited with our blogging friends and enjoyed the coffee.  The wind was already blowing this am, not too bad though. 
Good Morning!

After showers and breakfast Ken headed outside.  The plan was for him to bar b que some chicken legs and thighs for him, breast for me. He wanted potato salad to go with it, so I made it up this morning. You never know what'll happen later in the day 😄

He got started on the stem walls and mixing concrete. Good thing we bought that cement mixer years back. Sure makes mixing and pouring the concrete much better for him. He had 20 sacks to get mixed up and into the stem walls. That kept him busy for hours! 
Ken pouring and mixing the cement!

I got out and mixed the stain for the bunkhouse. We thought we were buying closer to the color it was originally, but this is a redder tint. We both like it a lot, but  now that means the whole bunkhouse has to be painted. Oh well, it'll all be better protected.  

I got started on the front porch area, as that really needed it and it was out of the wind, which now had really picked up. Probably 25 mph steady with wind gusts! I didn't get as much done as I wanted because of the wind. I didn't want to paint the floor of the porch as it would have ended up sticky with sand.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day early on anyway! 
Compare the red to the older blonde color..

I love the deeper color! Hopefully the porch floor tomorrow..

See the difference in color on the post? 

About 1400 I put 2 Corona Light beers in the freezer and a little later we sat on the front porch of the house and enjoyed them! Then we came inside for a snack of cheese and crackers and celery as we skipped lunch because we were working. 
Stem walls poured

Almost made it all the way Can't wait for the rock. 

Cleaned up our stuff and now we're inside.  No barbecue tonight, just too windy. Hot dogs and hot links for Ken and I'll probably have a turkey burger. Maybe tomorrow night. 

Ken should be able to get some rock in place tomorrow.  He's a few bags short on concrete but we'll get that later. 

Happy Hour! Have a good evening! 

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Porch is finished..New project started..Eric and family visiting Seth..

Yesterday (Friday) morning we were both awakened at about 0405 with the bed shaking! What the heck, I thought Ken was having a bad dream and he thought I was having one, nope it was a 6.5 earthquake! Centered between Mina NV and Tonopah NV about 100 miles or so from here.  Wow..was that exciting! 😊  Karen called about two minutes later, guess with all her glass things in the house she had a lot of clanging going on, she lost a glass ball with sand in it and not sure what else. 

We did fall back to sleep for a bit, but then was awake around 0500. Did our usual morning routine and then got ready to head for Lowe's in Fernley (about 100 mile round trip).  

Time to get some more tech deck to finish the little porch out back.  Ken also needed some concrete and wood for another project. On the way we saw Johnny and Joel were at Johnny's property in Silver Springs so we took a drive over but they obviously were out riding their UTVS.  Should have figured because once they're out this way they're always on the go. Well, that put at least a 45 minute bump in our trip. 

Got to Lowe's and got everything we needed.  They only had 3 crummy pieces of the tech deck we needed so we went for 1x6 wood instead. It's going to be painted anyway, so you can't tell it's different.  We headed home, that was our only stop for a change. It was a quick, late lunch once we got here. 
20 bags of concrete and some wood..

Ken got started on finishing the back porch and that he did. Looks good. Once he finished and cleaned up it was happy hour time (late at that).  We ended up on the back porch and just enjoyed the evening. 

Our Little Red Campfire! Works awesome on the porch!

Eventually it cooled off so he brought the little red campfire on the porch and we watched the sun go down.  That propane fireplace is perfect for the porch. 😊

We had a late quick dinner and then called it a night. 

This morning (Saturday) we had the alarm set for 0445 so we could have coffee at 0600.  For some reason I had a queasy stomach so turned it off and then woke again at 0600.  All better then. Had our coffees and visiting with blogging friends. After breakfast it was time to get to work. I painted the 2x4 that was going to be trim while finished what he needed to do on the porch. 

Time to get to work painting the porch and two of the steps that needed a touch up.  He wants to put up a shelf on the wall on the right, just in case he barbecues up there to get out of the wind.  I'll be looking for a chair of some kind to fill the space :) 
What it looked like before...

and now!!

Ken started his new project of a sitting area not too far from the porch. He'll be pouring stem walls tomorrow. Today was all about getting it ready for that. Looking good. He was thinking a concrete patio but with the cost involved decided to go for rock which is fine with me. 

20 bags of concrete backed up to the area he'll be working on..

He's got the forms going..our property slopes downhill and this really shows it!

Now that we're done with today's project Karen invited us over for Happy Hour!
We'll head there in a bit. 

 Now we're home, turkey burgers and sides for dinner. After a bit bed..have a good night. 

Eric, Christina and Mason are down south to give Seth his car (know he's happy about that) and to visit with him. Stole a few pics from FB..

I so love this picture of Mason and Seth walking..it's been
months since they've seen each other..Oh my heart 💙💙
Well, i tried to steal another Pic or two..but it didn't work..Have a good night everyone! 

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Couple day catch up..Lowe's, Walmart, package out, back porch working

Tuesday was a stay at home day and we both had things we wanted to get done. 
Ken got the two piers poured on our back porch addition.  It won't be a lot added to the side because there's only so far you can go :)  I think it'll be nice added space once he's done.  
Ken poured this pier..

What it looked like to start..

A board and the pier he poured..

He went over to Cinderlite and got a load of rock in the big trailer.  5900 lbs of rock! $31.00 for this much rock so he can make several trips if need be. Of course it'll be his back unloading it so that may have something to do with how much rock he decides we need LOL. 

We were thinking on pouring a concrete area, but settled on the rock for now. 

I had a baking morning as we were out of our coffee treats. Some more carrot banana bread and apple oat muffins. Because I had extra carrots I added a few in those.  My peanut butter flourless muffins turned out ok..but I got cheap and used a flax egg instead of my egg beaters (as I was low).  They didn't rise, but they taste ok.  Live and learn...

Decided an angle is best..As there is a main water shutoff under the deck..
we didn't know about until today..Ken dug one a few years ago..not knowing
about this one

Ken called Toyota for the Tundra's servicing. Yes, we have 5,000 miles on the truck. Figuring it would be about a week out we were surprised they had an appointment for us on Wednesday at 0845! What, that never happens. 

The day was horribly windy and it really cooled down. Glad we left the wood on the front porch as we had a fire in the wood stove. We thought we were done with those for the season. 

Wednesday morning we were up at 0445 and visited with our blogging friends to see what everyone is up too. Ken wanted to leave at 0700, I thought it was 0715. Taking my time to make him a couple of small burritos and then my egg beaters for the road.  I made lunch to take along too. 

Great Nephew Owen likes to visit this horse..he's got his Marine Corp Sweatshirt on 💙💙

Nancy, I lied! I said we take two cars to go to servicing.  Ken said, "how far backed up can they be at 0845".  We were actually out of there in an hour. Not too bad other than the fact that their waiting area has been greatly reduced from 24 comfy chairs to 8! Social distancing you know?!  They had a few against the wall, spaced way apart.  They only ones that weren't were bar high (where was my bloody mary?!) so we sat in them. Eventually when two of the others cleared we moved there. 
Ridiculous!  I told Ken they better only schedule enough to fit the hairs..NOT..

24 to 8 total..4 on each side of the fireplace.. :( 

We left there and visited Walmart where we both left a hefty donation.  I was looking for things to put in Jacob's care package.  He wanted tuna in a package ( I had sent him a couple last time not knowing if he would like them and he loved them) I found many and other things :) Seth doesn't have a mailing address yet, but he will let me know when he does! 

It's coming along :) 

Jacob's box after it's full..

Hmmm..all but 4 bars fit in the box..next time!

Once we left there we stopped at Lowe's to get the needed tech deck. That was what was used on the decking when we moved in so we're keeping it the same. I'll paint it to match. 

Once we were done at Lowe's we headed to Fallon, NV about 60 miles away down highway 50. A beautiful drive.  We walked around the outside of "Just Country Friends" the little antique store we like. No saw blades in all that stuff. :(  We ventured inside and saw a couple of ladies, the owner and employee. Nice to say they weren't wearing masks. We talked with one for a bit and then looked around the store. I didn't find much except this treasure jumped at me 😊 and price was right $12.00, SOLD!  Took it up and visited some more with the check out lady. Glad they have reopened as this whole thing has taken quite a tole on them. They have a vendor fair normally in May but are hoping to have it by September. We hope so! 
My new little pan..why? Just because! 

After that we headed home, about 50 miles or so and arrived home about 1530. Groceries put away and we were done with another day. The winds again were crazy and cool so Ken started a fire inside. Nice. 
Yesterday's sunset..:)

Water shut off for the house. It was covered in sand under the porch

I had a not so good night's sleep so about 0400 I turned on the computer and about 0515 woke Ken to get the day started. At least he had a good night's sleep. Just finished visiting and commenting on friends, coffee's gone so it's time to head outside for a date with the hula hoe. Well, the day went on!

Done, Ken finished working on the porch with materials he's gotten. Probably tomorrow Fernley, Nv and Lowe's to get the rest..

Have a great one! Well, it's bedtime..Good night! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Mother's Day Picnic, Fernley, Projects

Another weekend and a Mother's Day gone.  Where is the time going this year!!
Our beautiful sunrise Monday morning from the porch of the bunk house

Saturday morning Ken decided it was time to make my shelves for the kitchen over the little red refrigerator.  After some talking and deciding he mentioned some old saw blades we've had forever.  Because the area is small these were going to fit perfectly.  We only had two so we'll be keeping our eye out for one or two more at antique stores probably.  We got these at a street fair in Auburn, CA. 
He primed and I painted them.  If they were going in the bunk house we would have left them rusty looking but that doesn't go with my kitchen LOL.  They turned out great  and display some of my pretty bowls (thanks Christina) :) 
Love my little shelves..bottom one is white, second red and any others I get will be red

Sunday was Mother's Day and since we weren't going over the hill this year we decided to take a drive and a picnic lunch.  Stopped by Karen's to tell them Happy Mother's Day and then off we went.  I talked with Eric before leaving.  As I was loading my stuff in the car Bryan called and of course I had the phone in the house.  I called back and left a message.  Russell called in the afternoon as we were on our way back home. 💗💗💗  While on our road trip we called Ken's mom and wished her a Happy Mother's Day. 💜

We headed out with a destination of June Lake CA.  We went by way of Topaz Lake down highway 395.  A beautiful drive you can't help but love! June Lake Loop is about 100 miles from here.  We ended up having lunch about 1330 on the shores of Silver Lake (different from the one we visited last summer).  Everything is still closed :( but the boat launch was open and some day use places.  Sun was shining but it was a little chilly still so breathtakingly beautiful! We had our lunch and then continued on.  
Mother's Day sunrise..

Topaz Lake at the Nevada / California border

Along 395

Gorgeous isn't it?! Near Bridgeport, CA Our favorite campground is
nestled back at the bottom of those mountains 😁

Bridgeport, CA 

Such a cute little town..

Looking out on Mono Lake, CA

June Lake Loop Road

Grants Lake along the loop

Such a gorgeous drive

Silver Lake

Our picnic spot :) 

We got home late afternoon.  Ken was going to barbecue hamburgers for dinner so I got started on making up the zucchini fries so I didn't have to do it later.  They were so good the last time, thought we'd try and do the same again. We did.  He moved the barbecue stuff from the front out to the front of the bunk house. Because we didn't go camping decided to "pretend" we were camping.LOL.  

June Lake ...The day use was closed and pictures don't do it
justice from afar but there is a white sand beach and super
clear water..hope to bring the kayaks back and do some
camping if it ever opens up!

We had our chairs and fire pit in front of the bunkhouse and enjoyed Happy Hour out there. After awhile Ken started the bar b q and I put the fries in the oven. We had dinner in the bunk house and then about 2030 we started a fire outside. Lovely night and thank goodness the wind had all but quit.  Stars were out in force! 

Eventually we put ourselves to bed in the bunkhouse.  I didn't wake until about 0530 and knew I wouldn't be going back to sleep so we got the day started and that's where that beautiful sunrise up above came into being :) Great way to start the day.  

Monday morning  we decided to head for Fernley to visit Lowe's.  Ken bought some wood as there may be a project to make our back porch a little bigger.  We bought some clear stain to put on the bunkhouse as after 4 or more years it's getting a little weathered from the intense sun we have here in Nevada. Thinking that'll be mostly my project.  The winds were awful, about 40 miles an hour. It was 80 degrees and warm.  Tuesday though, it's supposed only hit 69 but that's ok. 

After leaving Fernley we decided to take the short drive to the dam at Lake Lahontan just because we could :)  The lake is high and huge!  It's open for day use, but no camping yet.  It's only about 30 minutes from our house so I can see some camping and kayaking later in the year. Camping if free because of Ken's senior state parks pass..OPEN, OPEN OPEN! 

Got ourselves home for a late lunch and then we both worked at getting a few things done.  Later in the evening and in the wind Ken barbecued some wonderful chicken. I had a salad to go with and he had macaroni salad I made in the afternoon. YUMMY! 

This morning (Tuesday) I woke about 0500 and started the coffee.  Gave Ken the last of his carrot banana bread so I know what I'm doing this morning.  Today is a stay at home day and tomorrow we'll head to Fallon, NV to visit Walmart (packages to our Sailor and Marine 💙) and an antique store there to see if they have any saw blades and anything else that jumps out at us :) 

Time to get going!