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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Monday, September 30, 2013

A couple of days at home! Today was 4 years since we lost MA...

Sunday, Sept 29th...We were home, Ken unloaded the Jeep, got it in the garage..he then worked on the piers for the cover over the front deck.  We've decided not to do too much in that area until after inspections are done on the water service, if we find out when that's happening.  

I decided to paint the closet in the guest room..turned out nice!  It had that same 80's panelling that i'm sure came with the house when it was built.  I didn't paint it when we did the bedroom last spring, as I thought..it's just a closet..but this looks so much better!  

We decided to sleep in the fifth wheel because we had howling winds, so we went out there and spent the night. It was really nice, kinda like being on vacation! 

Monday, Sept. 30th...Today was 4 years since we lost mom...hard to believe it's been that long and we sure do miss her..there's such a void in not having your mom..Love u Momma!!  

I painted the shelf that was in my room as a girl and put it in the closet in the guest bedroom, it holding my sewing stuff..so it'll make it easy to get too!  

Ken worked on the sewer hookup for the fifth wheel and got it done! So now we'll have our own little rv park out back if anyone wants to visit and stay there!  Love that fifth wheel.

He also worked on the piers out front..tomorrow we head for Fernley to pick up stuff to expand the back deck a bit..

Eric posted, they bought a Nissan Versa for him to drive to work and back.  The Mazda pick up having tranny problems again so this little one gets 38 highway..nice!  

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Can't believe how the days fly!

My man checking his new trees

The well house..daddys gate, Arkansas plate (Seth got me)..
over the door we will have the Escar and Hermine Phillips sign
that hung at the Stanley Ave house forever..Ken's going to linseed oil it
The Jeep...looks good

Interior...it'll work with a seat cover....
September 27th...I got up and decided to head for Gardnerville to get a new camera..headed for Walmart got some groceries (of course)...drove the 9 miles to Target at the edge of Carson City and got a new Nikon just like what we had but this years model...so really nothing to learn, which is they way I like it! Visited Ross and came home with groceries and camera...I really am finding I don't like shopping..guess that's what living 50 miles from the nearest store does for ya...Ken dug and buried about 20 feet of sewer pipe and it looks good..

Had a dinner of veggie burgers and zuchinni fries!  Awesome..

September 28th...a day at home..we decided where to put the deck cover I cleaned and talked on the phone for hours it seemed like.  Talked to Wendy and Diane...great to talk in person!  Ken unloaded the jeep and worked outside..he also vaccummed all the vents in the house for the heater..Spaghetti for dinner and now we are watching Arkansas Razorbacks vs Texas A and M...

Life is good!! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

2 great days in Winnemucca....now back in Yerington..

September 24th..We left Yerington, heading for Winnemucca and timed it for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant in town...Las Margaritas..yummm!! Then we headed out to the property and unloaded..had a nice afternoon and enjoyed the quiet beauty out there.  It was cold!  That night a storm blew through, of lightning, thunder and blowing winds and rain! Cool!! 

Woke up yesterday, and took our time..Ken went out to the containers, got the jeep loaded up and a few other things.  Our friends Ron and Deanna came over to visit so that was great seeing them. Ron had to leave because they had someone over there looking at fixing some pipes that froze last year, so they need to get that fixed as winter is coming!  Deanna came back and visited awhile so that was really nice. We were nice and toasty in the little fifth wheel.  

The day wound down, and we had a nice dinner and a little tv..got up this morning, (26th) and got ready, headed to town with the jeep in tow on the 20foot trailer.  We had lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant, Wonderful House and then headed out.  

WE stopped at Lowe's in Fernley and picked up some piers and cement for the deck cover Ken is going to start!  Then we decided it'll be time to replace the front door as the door is too small for us to get our dining room table through. After that the livingroom and then the fireplace..not sure exactly when but we have our plans!! 

No pictures as my camera is broke and we'll have to go to Walmart in Gardnerville to get another...bummer, finding out how much I miss it already!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Eric and family came to visit!

Spent the day Friday cooking up enchiladas, coleslaw and some macaroni salad so I wouldn't have much to do on Sat while Eric, Christina and kids were here..Saturday, just about 1200 they arrived in their new Subaru Forrester, nice car!  We visited and the kids played so it was a really nice afternoon.  The weather changed, wind whipped up a big windstorm, we watched as our outside umbrella blew up and away...and now it's in the dump area for the next trip to the dump...Ken took Eric, Seth and Mason for a ride to the BLM area in the Dodge..thinking that's something that would appeal to those boys for the next time, some quad riding and shooting guns..does it get any better?!

Sunday am, I made some biscuits and gravy and added extras for a nice big breakfast. Pancakes for Seth and Mason.  Before we knew it they were on their way back to Cool, CA.  Loved seeing them and it was a great visit!  

Monday, cleaned a bit and Ken fought with the new tv trying to get it hooked up to satellite etc..finally he had to go to town for some screws and I called Emerson, and let them tell me how to do it..so it's working now.  He's in the bedroom putting the 26" up..yeahh...big time tv in the bedroom!!  

Either tomorrow or Wed we'll head for Winnemucca for a few days to bring the jeep back with us and some other stuff...probably stay 2 nights just to get a few things done..

Still waiting on the water service, but hopefully soon...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shopping in Gardnerville and Ken finished painting and got the basketball hoop up!

How the house looked before painting

Our new upgraded tv...whohoo!
The house after the painting...love it!

Basketball hoop and backboard for the grandkids...regulation 10 foot!
Great job Papa!!
Got up and went to breakfast at the casino in town, as i was heading to Gardnerville to do shopping for the weekend!  Thought I might get to Carson City too, but that didn't happen.  We have this old sewing machine that we thought we might get consigned, but they want 50% to do it..nahhhhh..we'll figure something out! 

Got home later this afternoon, and Ken had finished the painting, and got the basketball hoop and backboard up...looks awesome!  

I got groceries (lots of them) and while in Walmart saw they had  29" Emerson tv for $148.00...called Ken and then I bought it!  We used to only have 19" tv's and then when we moved here I bought a 26"...so we'll move that to the bedroom and put the 29" in the livingroom...whoohoo...moving up in the world!  

Today is my good friend Vicki's 50th birthday..hard to believe..haven't seen her since before we retired..but I know she's the kind of friend who would be there in a heartbeat if u needed her...Love u Vic!!

Looking forward to our visitors this weekend! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

99.9% Finished painting "my little ugly house"...don't think I can call it that anymore!

How it looked this am!

This afternoon!

This afternoon!! Love it!
Got up this am and got the day started...it was much cooler than any other days!  It stayed that way too..sun was really bright, but it wasn't too hot!  We started with the front door side of the house (trailer)...and were done by lunch...all we had left was the little funny area between the original house and the add on, our master bedroom and laundry area.  Have just a little bit to do tomorrow and we are done!  

Thinking we are going to breakfast early in the am in town and then I'm going into Carson City and Gardnerville to do the shopping for the weekend and our visitors! 

Feels good to have another project done!  Tomorrow Ken plans on getting the painting finished, the basketball hoop up and then we'll see about the sewer pipe..

We sat outside this late afternoon, it was so cool we had to come in .....come on Fall!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quick trip to Winnemucca....

Woke up at 0430 and got ready..left the house at 0600 or so..I made some egg sandwiches for us so we ate while watching the sun come up over the Nevada horizon..beautiful and oh so quiet!  

We got to the Winnemucca property and I took a few pics of the containers (I mean really, what kind of pics can u take of 8x20 containers..)..anyway, we are going to try and list one of them anyway on Craigslist and see what happens..I think people want them, they only problem is hauling them away..and someone is going to have to do that..can't hurt to try..

We stayed about 45 min or so, checked the mail and were out of there about 1030..we wanted to have lunch in town at our favorite Mexican place, Las Margaritas..but it was just too early..we figured we'd b in Fernley around 1300 so we decided to head for the Wigwam...got there at 1315 and had a great lunch..I had veggie burger and fries..Ken had the Big MO...I gotta say it looks so awesome!! 

Headed home, stopped at Scolari's for a few things and then home...I didn't do much after that...Ken put up a new wall mount for a tv in the bedroom..we have a 19 inch but now need much bigger! I'd say 26"...or so..Nice...

Talked to Bryan, Cheryl and Eric tonight...Looks like Eric and Mason will b coming on Saturday..as Seth and Mason are attending a funeral of a young man in Cool..so sad..He was a junior at Adam's school and died of Lukemia, if my sources are correct..We will look forward to Eric and Seth's visit!  

Planning on getting up early and getting going on the painting of the entrance of the house!  Pics tomorrow!! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy 41st Anniversary to my awesome hubby!

Today we celebrated 41 years of marriage..I can't even believe it's been that long...We got up and started painting trying to get as much done as we could because we're headed to Winnemucca tomorrow. It was so hot, and the flies were terrible, Ken made me come in at 1200..I was disappointed to not get as much done as I planned but come Wednesday it's supposed to be much cooler...so it made sense...

We just have the long side where the front door is to be done, and I did get some done..but during the day the sun is just so strong there it sucks..

Ken did ask if I wanted to go somewhere for our anniversary such as the Mizpah in Tonopah which I love! but again we were on such a roll with painting I didn't want to quit..so roll on!  

We did take a little ride this afternoon, to see what the farming community is up to as they are picking onions..I didn't have my camera with me, but so incredible all these Mexicans are working the fields..We counted 13 buses this weekend going to a field on N Bybee..onions and more onions..guess that's why we are the "onion capital of the west"!   

We also saw them harvesting corn, but assume it's feed for the cows for the winter, as they are harvesting stalks and all!  Pretty cool to see...

Tonight I am going off my 'veggie' diet and Ken is bar b quing pork, and we are having mashed potatoes and great northern beans...A year ago, we were in Kansas staying at the KOA south of Wichita..we had left Don's place to go see my Aunts and Uncles on the way...We saw Uncle Lester (who is no longer with us)..so glad we made the trip..We saw Aunt Ola, Uncle Odus, my cousin MaryAnn and family..along with my cousin Susie and her hubby...so Ken cooked the same meal a year ago and that's what I wanted again..Last year it was cold in the evening there..but loved the trip..We also saw my Uncle Lewis, Aunt Irene, cousin Terrie, her hubby Steve and daughter Erika..what a great trip!  

Looking forward to our dinner and evening!  

I love u Ken...and so love our life together!  As I've said before, I look at you and I still feel 14!  Thank u for our life!! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I painted, Ken did sewer pipe and all in all a great day!


In progress...
The front of the house...not quite done but looking better!

Kitchen and living room side of house!
Ken put down sewer pipe to drain fifth wheel...it will be permanent once
he lays the pipe in the ground..awesome guest room!

Ken made this backboard today for the hoop..I painted it this afternoon..

Alarm went of at 0530...I had just put the coffee on..headed outside and started painting the side of the house, 
onto the front.  Ken decided to work on the sewer system, so he could drain the 5th wheel and make sure he had
enough pipe...works..He then worked on the basketball backboard..which looks incredible!  

I kept painting, you can't see it in most of the pictures, but I do as far as I can and then Ken finishes the tall stuff!  
Wish ladders and height didn't get to me, but it does..so lucky i've got him to do the tall stuff!  Anyway works well for us!  So I touched up the livingroom side and moved on to the front of the house (trailer)...got most of it done, except the tall groves and very top!  Looks so good! So glad to be getting rid of the blue!  

Looks like Tuesday, we'll head for Winnemucca for the day...and hopefully get done Wed painting the house..Last night sitting on the back small deck we decided to add on a bit to it..Ken says it'll be simple...so blessed that he can do that stuff!!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Painted till we ran out and then a trip to Fernley...

Our own "camel spider"...
Our beautiful sunset...

More of the sunset over the mountains...
Looks like rain over there...we got thunder and lightning and
a couple of raindrops...

The sunset....love our Nevada sunsets!
Got up this am and headed out a little after 0800 to get started painting..so we painted until 1030 or so when we ran out of the trim paint..decided to be responsible and decided to head to Fernley so we could get more paint and some other stuff.  Ken bought some sewer drain pipe so we can hook up the 23 foot fifth wheel to the septic.  He also got the plywood to make the basketball backboard.  I bought the paint that will hopefully finish the house this week. 

We did have a nice lunch at the local Chinese restaurant in town..their food is delicious, I don't like the egg drop soup and they don't offer the hot and sour soup..oh well..again food was delicious.

Got home and it was 1630 so instead of painting, I cleaned house and did inside things.  Tomorrow we'll get up and start painting, Ken wants to work on the basketball backboard and the piping. So i'll do what I can and then the next day he'll come behind me...

Probably Tuesday, we'll take a ride to Winnemucca and "check the mail"..quickly.  

Talked to Eric today and it sounds like he and family will be coming to visit next weekend. Yayyyy!!  

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th...a great day painting in Yerington, NV!


End of today...

See the colors changing....
Our Crossville, TN buddy Clif...he came and stayed a night
with us!! 

Friday the 13th ...after a long hot day painting..

Got up early and got the day started with coffee, computer, etc...and headed out and got started painting..Ken went to the dump (8.00) and came back and got started painting the upper part of the house.  We decided since it was Friday, we'd get off work today at 1530...so it was close..Had a great day getting things done.  I really like the way the house is turning out.  Funny, sometimes it looks green in the bucket but tan on the house get it has to do witht he sun..but either way I like it!  So much better than the ugly blue house it was when we bought it!...We look at it as it was meant to be, between Russell telling us about the area,, the house in Silver Springs not happening, we live on Bybee (Cheryl's maiden name), the street before us is Shirley, a street up from us is Cheryl..so u cross Cheryl and Shirley, and also Cheryl and Bybee cross (Cheryl's maiden name)  there is also a Kay way in the town of Yerington,   so many coincidences...or are they?  Tomorow we were going to Fernley to get more paint...now trying to decide what to do as the Nevada Wolf Pack is playing Florida at 1230...so we'll see...
I know sometimes the pictures are pretty boring, but we love seeing the changes...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Finishing out buildings and starting on the house!

This shows the back entrance into the laundry/master bedroom..what it
looks like and the newly painted back of the guest room..

The pole u see in the center of pic is the beginning of the
basketball court...

Looking at the side of guest room...

Ken's way of holding ez up down with chain and weight..
won't fly away for sure!
What they looked like before....


Looking at the house from highway 95A..you can see the garage has
been painted...

Back of the guest bedroom after it's been painted...

The back of the bedroom before it's painted...
Had a great time with Clif...Ken bar b qued awesome chicken and we stayed up later than we should....This am we got up and went to breakfast at Casino West in town...yummy!  Then Clif went to CA and we came back home and got started on the painting...

We worked on finishing the outbuildings...they seem to take the most time...but finally done and then decided to start  on the back side of the house and work around to the front...so loving the changes on the outside of the place!  

I finished about 1600 took a shower and ran to town and did a little shopping (grocery store) came home  and just relaxed...looking forward to tomorrow and more progress!!

The days have flown by! And we have company!


September 9th through the 11th...We have been stripping, sanding, painting and painting again...got the outbuildings painted except the 2nd coat of white on both...Yesterday the 10th..we got up and painted some on the buildings and then about 1015 I came in showered and got ready for a ride to Fernley, so we could visit and leave some money at Lowe's in Fernley..We got the post for the basketball hoop, along with the flashing and some other stuff to finish up the painting.  

Got home, Ken worked outside on the plumbing to the 5th wheel, I cleaned the house, as it had been pretty neglected the last week or two.  got a call from out friend Clif and he was in Winnemucca..coming over to spend the night on Wed. yayyayyyy...

I went to Scolari's and bought some groceries..when I got back Clif pulled in as we were unloading...we took him to the mexican place in town for lunch about 1300 and then came back home, visited and Ken made some awesome chicken for dinner..visited some more and now bedtime..we're gonna take him to the casino in the am for breakfast before he heads out to CA..guess we'll come home and paint a bit an start the house!  yayyyyy!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Garage is finished! On to the outbuildings tomorrow!!!

Got up and got the day started as we knew it would be hot on the side of the garage we were painting today!  We were done by 1200 and it looks fantastic!  I swear it looks like a new building!  So glad we did it!  

We cleaned up, and headed to town for a nice lunch at one of the Casinos...It's called Casino West, but 10/1 it's being taken over by Pioneer Casino, which seems to have quite a few casinos in NV...very few people there at 1315...came home, Ken changed the oil in the Mazda..I did a few dishes and then basically nothing...

Tomorrow we will start on the two outbuildings getting them painted.  The well house and a tuff shed kind of building.  

This is a picture from the road behind us (Shirley Road)..
the blue house is our home kind of 2 shaped..u can see cabover
and fifth wheel (on the right) U can see one outbuilding behind
the cabover..tomorrow hopefully it'll look different! 

Pulling into the driveway...our finished garage!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I got the back of the garage painted and Ken worked on the last side!

Trying to show Cheryl the color...but again..sometimes it green,
sometimes it's beige..just depends on the sun!

Side of the garage today..sun damage is really bad!
We will paint and finish hopefully tomorrow!

Hubby on the swing after a LONG day of work in the sun and heat!
Sunset..really pretty..guess alot has to do with the "rim fire" out of

Back side of garage after all done this am!
Got up early (0437)...coffees etc..and then out to the garage..I worked on the back side, and Ken worked on the left side ..(sure there's a name such as east, west, etc.but don't have a clue)  Got the back end done and it looks really good..!! Ken worked on he side and it looks great too.!!  We stopped for lunch about 1300 and I took a shower (ohhhhh felt so good)...had our lunch and I headed to town to visit Scolari's (our local grocery) for a few (yeah...right)...things...back home and then about 1700 Ken came in and we watched the news and then went out to the porch swing for a bit...)haven't had time since last weekend to sit in it!)...

Eric and Chris sold their Tahoe today...so good for them!!

headed for bed and then an early up tomorrow...early quit as it is Sunday ...and then lunch in town is the plan!...Loving our little life here in Yerington!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Trip to Fernley and a little painting this afternoon...

Today we set the alarm for 0430..0530 when we got up..coffees, computer, exercise, showers and breakfast and then we headed to Fernley to get some more paint and make a quick visit (or so we thought) to Wal Mart.  We love the Gardnerville Walmart but the Fernley one is always busy and not enough checkers.  

Got home at 1300 and had our 1/2 hour lunch and on to the painting again.  I called Wal mart and found out they are totally useless..I was trying to order some stuff from Walmart.com...and they denied it due to error..well I figured it was because our number had changed so I changed the number through the bank and etc..long story short...they suck!  Called customer no service, (as Clark Howard calls it) and got nowhere..I think they had the same page I had..then he transferred me to a "supervisor" who also could do nothing! But the worst thing was they were going to contact billing, no they don't talk to customers!! WHAT!!  and then have me call customer no service back to find out what billing had to say...NO thank u!  So done with walmart.com...I have had the same card on file with them for years..so what's up..no one can tell u..never heard of a company that u can't talk to billing...Talked to Cheryl, who has a walmart card and she checked, no phone number, you can contact them by mail!!! No thanks...they really suck for such a company!!! Anyway enough of my rant...

Only one picture today, we got the blue garage door painted..it is lighter than I thought, but will keep it for now and on we go tomorrow!  Hope to have the back and some of the side of the garage done tomorrow..so we can move on to the other buildings!! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Not enough hours in the day...2nd day of painting!

Today was another day of painting!  I woke up at 0300 and couldn't go back to sleep...again, hate it when that happens!  Waited till 0430 to wake up Ken, and we had our coffee and our day began...Got outside and did our thing paiting, scraping and recaulking...I swear there just aren't enough hours in the day...but with all the work that needed to be done, we got the side near the basketball court and then after lunch we were able to almost paint all of the front of the garage!  I swear it looks so different, can't wait until it's all done..(meaning, garage, outbuildings and house)...

We will head for a quick, (well as quick as 100 miles can be) trip to the Lowes in Fernley to pick up a little (lot) more paint and caulking and probably a few groceries  at Wal Mart...hopefully we can continue on this momentum and finish this up...We really like the colors we chose..gotta tell ya though when we closed the little door on the side of the garage, the door is blue!  So we'll have to paint that too...then Ken closed the big garage door and it's blue too!  ahhhhhhh....guess we didn't notice when the garage was blue..so more painting but it'll be worth it in the end.

Contrasting picture of the done and undone..
Back of garage ready to go...Trim is done, the rest is waiting for paint.

Calking done, waiting for paint
How the front looked yesterday...

Today, how it looked at the end of the day!
Side of the garage yesterday...

How the side looked today...love it!