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Friday, September 6, 2013

Trip to Fernley and a little painting this afternoon...

Today we set the alarm for 0430..0530 when we got up..coffees, computer, exercise, showers and breakfast and then we headed to Fernley to get some more paint and make a quick visit (or so we thought) to Wal Mart.  We love the Gardnerville Walmart but the Fernley one is always busy and not enough checkers.  

Got home at 1300 and had our 1/2 hour lunch and on to the painting again.  I called Wal mart and found out they are totally useless..I was trying to order some stuff from Walmart.com...and they denied it due to error..well I figured it was because our number had changed so I changed the number through the bank and etc..long story short...they suck!  Called customer no service, (as Clark Howard calls it) and got nowhere..I think they had the same page I had..then he transferred me to a "supervisor" who also could do nothing! But the worst thing was they were going to contact billing, no they don't talk to customers!! WHAT!!  and then have me call customer no service back to find out what billing had to say...NO thank u!  So done with walmart.com...I have had the same card on file with them for years..so what's up..no one can tell u..never heard of a company that u can't talk to billing...Talked to Cheryl, who has a walmart card and she checked, no phone number, you can contact them by mail!!! No thanks...they really suck for such a company!!! Anyway enough of my rant...

Only one picture today, we got the blue garage door painted..it is lighter than I thought, but will keep it for now and on we go tomorrow!  Hope to have the back and some of the side of the garage done tomorrow..so we can move on to the other buildings!! 

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