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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Got started painting of the garage today!

We are going from the dark blue to "cream in my coffee"
which is why 2 coats required...

Ken, scraping and painting the front of the garage..
Ken scraping side door of garage..then I go behind and paint.

different angle of Ken painting
How the garage looked this am....

This is the side of the garage where I painted the trim and eves today...
how it looked this am..and I forgot to get pic this afternoon
Tomorrow it should look really different!
We both had a really good day today!...  I was awake at 0330..hate that..so at 0430 I brought Ken a cup of coffee and we slowly started our day..

Went out to the garage, got it all together to start painting...thinking it would go pretty quick.  I started on the underside of the eves on the side of the garage, while Ken scraped the backside of the garage.  We didn't really realize that with that dark blue paint the previous owners had there, that we would have to do 2 coats to cover...so yes we do..taking longer than we planned but oh well.  We decided to go ahead and give the trim (the dark blue) one coat so hopefully when we go back over it after the green for the main part is painted it won't be so bad to do...We stopped for lunch around 1300 and then worked until 1600 or so...hopefully tomorrow we can get the green started..nice to have someone to work with!  Especially your partner, makes it so much easier!! 

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