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Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend...2013

When we moved here I told the kids and grandkids, that if they wanted to come spend the weekend on a 3 day weekend all they had to do is call and i'll go pick them up (meaning the grandkids) after school on Friday as long as we were going to be home here in Yerington.  Well, Labor Day weekend was coming up, Adam called so I went Friday and picked him up after school.  Got back here around 1830 as I made a stop in Gardnerville at the Verizon store..yukkk...I hate looking for new phones. But Verizon is the only cell that works here.  

Bryan and Cheryl wanted to come over here on Sunday and stay till Monday.   They were here the first weekend after we bought the house, so now they would get to see the improvements.  Bryan told me he wanted mexican for dinner and biscuits and gravy for breakfast on Monday...happy to oblige!! 

Saturday, I did a little cleaning and cooking and Ken poured the cement for our porch swing out front..love it, turned out perfect!   

Bryan and Cheryl got here around 1330 and then we just relaxed and enjoyed visiting.  Ken decided to build a "temporary" basketball set up so Adam could play, he actually did enjoy playing!   Had some enchiladas and coleslaw, a lot of wine and beer and a really good time.  

This am made a good breakfast, including biscuits and gravy and after awhile they left.  Labor Day Monday, traffic will probably suck,,but Bryan has his mind right!  Taking it easy here today...and loving our life!  

Cheryl decided to take a little ride on the bike

Bryan and Cheryl talking outside by the patio...where Bryan is
leaning, there is usually a big lizard there...yukk

Adam driving the Dodge...looking good!

Father and son...too cute!

My hubby!
Our latest project! Love it!

Our hillbilly basketball hoop!

Adam trying out the concrete

He made the basket!

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