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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fernley, NV and getting ready to go tomorrow!

Today (Thursday) we headed for Lowe's to get some more stuff for the outhouse.  So glad we're not building a house as it's amazing how expensive the  plumbing etc is and we haven't even started on the outhouse building itself.  

We bought 35 bags of 2/3 cubic foot concrete, some more fittings for the plumbing and some wood for the footings..geez..but this will last us until we're long gone I'm thinking..
Yesterday's work...footings being dug

35 bags of concrete loaded up at Lowes...

USA Parkway now joins Interstae 80 with Highway 50..

Industrial..means more jobs for NV..

We came home down the new highway from Fernley.  USA Parkway at exit 32 out of Reno. It's 19 miles to Highway 50 on that road.  There's a lot of industrial stuff going on.  Beautiful highway though.  If we were coming home from Reno this would definitely be the way to go.  Cuts off mileage and also not much traffic.  

Wild horses near the road!

Just a beautiful highway

We got home about 1315 and I pulled stuff together for a salad for the two of us.  

I folded laundry and got some food together for Ken for the weekend while I'm gone.  He's a typical bachelor when I'm gone..one plate, one fork, open cans..and anything else that doesn't really amount to him cooking, even though he might cook a couple of chicken burgers.  He's got yogurt, fruit, hard boiled eggs, toast, salad and then the burgers..don't think he'll starve. He might go out to breakfast with Joe (our neighbor) one day while I'm gone. Shouldn't worry as he's almost a 66 year old man..but I do...

Ken got the forms together for the outhouse..(so exciting) and we placed them. Then he added some more plumbing and was able to quit a little after 1700.  Looks awesome. 

Ken got the wood ready to pour the footings.

This was pipe we had in Winnemucca hooked to the Komfort..
now it's used for the outhouse..he cut what he needed...

Plumbing is in..wrapped to keep concrete off the pipe when it goes through
the footings...
I'm hoping to leave about 0900 for CA.  I'll get to Eric's around 1300 or so and then pick Mason up from the bus stop about 1430.  He'll feed the animals and then we're heading down the hill to pick up Jacob and Aaron.  The game is at San Juan High School at 1900 for Seth.  We may be early for JV after we have dinner.  Looks like Jacob will come to Cool for the night and I'll take Aaron back home as he has to be at basketball at 0930 on Saturday.  Christina is expecting that a buck goat will be dropped off early Saturday so we'll wait on that and then head out.  Aaron has basketball games on Saturday so I'll expect we'll be there sometime during the day (Hardwood Palace in Rocklin)..it looks like Jacob and Aaron will come back to Eric's house and spend the night and then i'll drop them in Antelope before I go home on Sunday.  Sounds like a busy weekend, but I get to see those boys!  Maybe Adam too..we'll see.  

Mason and Seth said they'd like Grandma's breakfast while we're together so i will stop and pick up the ingredients on my way down..can't buy ice cream too early you know! :)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Not a lot going on...trip to Carson City

Monday we stayed home and just got some things done around here.  About 1530 or so Ken made a fire out back by the bunkhouse so we spent most of the afternoon out there just enjoying.  We talked about the outhouse and contemplated buying a cement mixer.  Ken does like his concrete and I could see him pouring more in the future so it wouldn't be money wasted in the end.  When we lived in Colfax you could get a "buggy" of cement if  you needed a yard or so, but here there is no place to do that.  
Our backyard view

My bartender...

The sun is setting..

Enjoying the fire..

We ended up inside for the news for a bit (again, why?)..and then back out and the fire took right off.  A late dinner but oh well..
Enjoying the sunset...

Tuesday morning we were up about 0600 and after checking in with blogging friends and breakfast we got ourselves out the door.  My Mac had been acting up the last week or so and I had made an appointment at 1120 for the Geek Squad to take a look at it.  Best Buy is in Carson City so we're talking about 70 miles from here.  We headed to Walmart in Gardnerville to pick up a few things and then Raleys for a prescription. 

We got to Best Buy just a little after 1100 and pretty much on time Nathan called us up.  It was an easy fix, if you know what you're doing. Next time the screen decides to shrink or grow, I think we've got it.  hahaha

We still had some time before lunch so Ken headed into Sportsman's Warehouse and I went to Joann's fabric store.  I recently decided that I wanted to make a Christmas quilt for the bunkhouse so I was looking for some fabric.  Well, I found it!  Walmart only had about 3 different Christmas prints but Joann's had tons!  It was so hard choosing, but I did. Now to see how it turns out.  
These will be used for the quilt

A couple of throw pillows to be made out of these

There's a rental place in Gardnerville so we stopped by there to see how much it would cost to rent a cement mixer.  Pleasantly surprised at $29.00 a day, so for now that's the way we'll pour the outhouse concrete.  

After that, we headed to Carson Valley Inn our favorite place!  Had an awesome lunch as always and then headed home.  The day was done once again.  Because of our huge lunch, no dinner needed.  

We headed for bed about 2200 but I didn't get to sleep until after midnight and then wide awake at 0400 uhhh..hate it when that happens.  Today we'll be home, and tomorrow we're heading to Lowe's in Fernley to get stuff for the forms and I think we're buying the cement also.  We're not expecting any weather until late next week so there should be time to get the stuff poured. YAY!  
They're harvesting onions in Yerington..

Bags and bags...
Grandson Aaron's team had a tournament last weekend and
they're Champs once again..Aaron 3rd from the left in the
back row..more tournaments this upcoming weekend...

Time to get a few things done today..so I can hopefully start the quilt! Have a great day!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

First half is for you Patsy! Candy Dance in Genoa, NV..

From some of the pictures I've posted it must be a little confusing as to what our property looks like if you haven't been here.  So because Patsy asked I'm going to try and explain.  Our home is a single wide mobile home with a stick frame addition that included a laundry area, Master bedroom and a small bathroom.  The house originally was a 2 bedroom 1 bath, previous owners added the addition.  Thank goodness or we wouldn't have looked at it, because I wanted 3 bedrooms for sure.  Originally Ken didn't want to look at it because it was ugly (yes it was)..but it had a huge shop area, so that did it for him.  Our little piece of heaven sits on 4.65 acres and we only paid $58,000 for it. Most of the work involved was cosmetic other than Ken wanted city water not well water (that you couldn't drink). We had city water put in not long after we moved in. 

Our driveway going up to the house..

This is the front porch area of the house
Ken built the porch cover and drastically changed the looks
of the house.  House was a bright blue when we purchased it
so painting it really made a difference!

My kitchen window..the room on the right is our
Master Bedroom..

Side view of bedroom

Back view of property

From the road, 3 of our steel wheeled tractors

The trees are our side property lines, that's Ken's shop

The window of the master bedroom

The door leads into the laundry room, master bedroom..The
back of the house is our guest room. This is the view from near the

Two storage units next to Ken's shop

Our 23 foot Komfort fifth wheel that's hooked up to the septic system
for guests.

It's definitely not a place for everyone, but it works for us.  If you back in archives to Feb 27th 2013 there's lots of pictures that show the house when we bought it.  We definitely needed a vision for this one. 

If it weren't for the trees we could definitely leave for longer periods of time in the summer, but it is a real treat to have trees in the desert! We're only 3 1/2 hours from the Sacramento area which is where our kids and grandkids are, so that's a nice plus.  Yep, it's home...

Ken fixed a wine holder out of cement bricks..that way it won't
fall over from the wind.

We had a nice fire Friday evening..

We had a fire going, and our neighbor Joe called on his way home from Carson City.  It was Stacey's 41st birthday so he invited us out to dinner with them to celebrate.  I had cooked a turkey and all the trimmings so put those away until Saturday.  We went to Sherrie's Stage Stop, never been but food was really good.  Thanks, Joe for the invite! 

Saturday morning we set the alarm for 0400.  It takes us awhile to get going so we knew we needed the time.  I made some egg sandwiches for us to eat in the car and we were on the road about 0630 or so.  We were headed to Genoa, NV about 70 miles from here.  Yearly, they host The Candy Dance event.  The Candy Dance started in 1919 as a fundraiser to bring street lights to the little town. There's tons of craft vendors and some antiques to be looked at.  Two years ago we bought our hoosier cabinet that sits in the bunkhouse. Food and people! 

We got there just about 0800 or so.  It opened either 0800 or 0900 but because we had been before we knew we needed to get there early for parking.  Started out really cold, just about 19 degrees...brrr..once the sun hit it warmed up nicely...well not really, you sure couldn't take your coat off, but at least your fingers weren't freezing. 

Genoa, the oldest city in Nevada has some cute victorian homes
and I love this bridge crossing the creek..

Start of vendors as we're walking the street

Loved that 1 pink rose...

This was going in at 0811..

The difference at 1130 as we're leaving..people to people
A little tractor show..

This little boy was really riding the bull!

Fall has started..

Another one of these..

This was still early on...

We didn't find anything we had to have except we did support the Genoa Volunteer Fire Department. They were selling bloody mary's and screwdrivers so we decided to lend our support..hahah..boy did they make them awesome!  Too awesome for a Saturday morning!  We did buy a sweatshirt and a coffee cup to support them too. 

And it's time to leave! 
We went to lunch at Carson Valley Inn and then home.  Lazy afternoon, really lazy afternoon!  Good thing dinner was cooked! 

This morning we met Joe and family along with Stacey's mom Susan at Dini's and had an awesome breakfast.  Susan insisted on buying our breakfast for our anniversary. Thank  you Susan!  

Back home and this is where I've been all day after getting the kitchen cleaned up from last night.  But that's ok, it's Sunday right?! 

Looks like Friday i'll be heading over to Cool, CA to watch Seth and Mason for the weekend as Eric and Christina are joining some friends in Fort Bragg, CA for the weekend.  I'm really looking forward to spending time with the grandsons! 
Adam stopped by my sister's yesterday and got hang out with
Owen!  Both were happy to see each other...:)

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday as we are...