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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


April 30.....Got up this am and got ready to bring truck and trailer to Winnemucca and bring a few things back to Yerington.  Got to Winnemucca about 1330..little later than we planned and had a wonderful mexican lunch with our girls at Las Margaritas!!!   If you ever come through town, you need to stop and have lunch there!!  

After lunch we headed out to the property, where we picked up our income tax check and came to the property.  We spent the afternoon loading the trailer and before we knew it 1830...so back to the big trailer and dinner and bedtime...We got the bed out of the little fifth wheel to take back. figure we can use the air mattress in the trailer, add a box springs and frame to the fifth wheel mattress and we will have a nice bed in Yerington.  We have been sleeping on the air mattress in Yerington, very comfy but don't want to do it forever..but in the camper, why not...it's actually very comfy!  

So hope to get the floor done in the guest bedroom, i'll paint our room and hopefully in the next bit we'll have 2 more rooms done!   We did find out from ACE that the fireplace for the garage is in, so we'll have to pick that up! Loving it!!

A special Congratulations to DANA...for retiring!! Now she and Don can begin their new adventure in Cornersville, TN...!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

A great weekend in CA...

My new comforter!  Can't wait to have the bedroom to go with it!
Bryan blowing out the 40 candles!
The cake's on FIRE!
The carrot cake before the fire!
A friendly couple of games of horse...
Ken and Bryan pulling on the tree...
Getting the strategy on how to cut down the tree...
Grandson Mason!
Eric's project..1st phase
Eric's project,  looking good!
Sat...April 27th...Left Yerington about 0800 to head to CA..Made a stop in Gardnerville at the Wal Mart..and headed to Cool to see Eric's project and spend some time with the grandkids, Seth and Mason.  Got there around 1320, and at my lunch I had made at home.  It was hot there too!  Eric and Ken were pretty much done with what they had been working on and Seth had a baseball game, so Mason stayed with us.  Spent a nice cool night in the camper. 

Sunday, April 28th...Got up and made breakfast for the family, as Mason had asked for pancakes.  After a good breakfast we were getting ready to head to Bryan's house to celebrate his 40th as he worked his birthday and was off on Sunday.  Spent some time outside, as they have a really nice yard.  Cheryl saw there were a few small trees that if they fell would end up in the pool so Ken and Bryan spent a bit of time cutting them down. Cheryl made super burritos for dinner as that's what Bryan wanted and they were yummy.  She made a carrot cake and cream cheese frosting from scratch and that was awesome!! I'll have to try one sometime..Had a nice night, again, too much wine! 

Monday, April 29th...Got up and made breakfast burritos for everyone but Cheryl...and I got out of there early as I knew I was expecting a delivery today.  I did bit the bullet and bought the comforter I wanted "Praying cowboy" and am still waiting for it to be delivered...but at least we are here to get it...Had a nice drive here, really enjoy it as it feels like I am on vacation with the scenery on Highway 50!  Tomorrow we've decided to go to Winnemucca, spend the night and bring back some stuff for the house here..

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy 40th Birthday, Bryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 40th Birthday Bryan!!!
Hard to believe but 40 years ago I have birth to my first child!  I had been to the doctors earlier in the week and he said when I left "see u next week".   Bryan was actually due on the 29th of April.  On the 26th I was over at my mom and dad's house, and we were getting ready to go out to the house we were buying in Fair Oaks.  We had been looking at houses for a few months, thought we had one in Carmichael and it fell through because it had no fencing.  So Ken went out with the realtor one day and decided to purchase this house. (no I hadn't seen it yet)..I think he was so frustrated with the whole thing, that he liked this house and decided it was for us.  As it was I was only 17 so I couldn't own property, even though we were married.  

Anyway, off track there and back to the story.  Had a wonderful bologna sandwich lunch, (if I remember correctly I ate alot of them when I was pregnant, along with hamburgers at Payless stores when they had a counter that cooked)...we went out to the house in the afternoon, and it was really nice.  The man we bought it from, had painted two rooms, one a horrible blue, and one a bright pink as he knew we were expecting, and then you couldn't find out what u were having.  While we're out there I'm having some back pain and not feeling all that great but didn't think anything about it..after all the doctor said it wouldn't happen..Ken came to pick me up at my mom's house and by then I'm not feeling good at all...so off we go to Kaiser and at 6:50 pm I had a beautiful 7 lb 1/2 oz baby boy!  

He has turned into a wonderful man and we are so proud of you Bryan! Love u bunches! 

Today I am still in Yerington enjoying myself.  Beautiful day and weather.  Yesterday, as I was going out the back porch I saw something running towards it, so quick..hope it was a bunny but I think it was a huge lizard...does not make me happy.   Tomorrow i have to go into the shed to turn off the well, before I go...and I REALLY hope there is nothing in there!! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Curtains for the guest room...and Ken is in CA helping Eric with a patio...

Well, I'll try again in the am when sun not so high..
The print of the curtains..the light blue matches the wall exactly :)
April 25th...Ken got up about 0330 this am and got ready to head to Eric's house in Cool, CA to help him work on a patio they're doing.  I decided to stay home (all by myself)..and get the curtains done for the guest room and then see if there's anything else I can do before I head to CA on Saturday. I should be a big girl now but I still don't think I like being alone at night..big chicken..

I did get the curtains done and they look pretty good.  I bought room darkening blinds so Ken will get those up and all should be good.  Hopefully next week he can finish the floor in there.  

I made great northern beans from scratch today in the crock pot and not bad!  

Not much to write for today...Bryan turns 40 tomorrow!! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy 14th Birthday Adam, A new porch swing, a bald eagle and back home!!

And this is why we should not watch Diners Drive Ins and Dives...yumm..
                                  hamburgers, hotdogs and cheese all on the same sandwich...                                                                                                          
Ken working on the guest room floor
Bryan, Cheryl, Ken and the new swing!
Jacob and Aaron playing with their Kendama
Pearl house for Adam's 14th birthday

Sunday, April 21st...Jacob had to be at his indoor soccer game at 0800 so off we went.  They played but lost 7 to 3...oh well.   At 1200 we met a few relatives at Pearl House and celebrated Adam's 14th Birthday!  So hard to believe our first grandson turned 14!  Two more years and he'll be driving!!  I took the kids home, and Russ and Lori got there a few minutes later...we had a nice visit and then Adam and I left.  Of course, Adam had birthday dollars burning a hole in his pocket so we stopped at the mall and he proceeded to spend it..on shoes!  Not that the kid doesn't have tons but I tease him as he as more shoes than I ever did but he's happy! 

We got to Adam's house and Kim and Ace came over along with Bryan's neighbor Jim and we had cake and ice cream...then wine!! Had a nice evening with too much wine! 

Monday, April 22nd....Got up and headed for Winco...my favorite place (NOT)...Ken and Bryan worked on the porch swing for the front yard at Chery's it turned out really nice.  Later in the day Kim came over and spent the night...which again meant too much wine...but a great time!  

Tuesday, April 23rd....We got up, took our time and headed back home to Yerington.  On the way we pulled over at Hope Valley and looked  up and there was a bald eagle flying overhead...It was sooooo AWESOME...think we were too mesmerized and I didn't think to grab the camera...but he was sure enjoying just floating above us...really seemed like he was putting on a show for us! Incredible!   

We got home around 1400, put away a few things and then Kindle time!  

I'll post pics of the swing a little later in the day...

Update....got some sad news this morning, our niece Tara had her second baby last night and he passed away after a few hours.  This was expected during the pregnancy, but still hoped a miracle would happen...it did...he was born and his mom was able to say good bye. Now the little one is in heaven...Tara and family in our hearts and prayers...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The day with Jacob and Aaron...

Left Cool about 0545 this am and headed to Russell's house so they could head to a wedding in the bay area.  Got ready here and then I went to the place in Antelope I used to get my hair done and got a nice short haircut along with my eyebrows done and then headed back to Russell's. W
e were gonna head out and Ken showed up so we waited and then let him take us out to lunch in Roseville at Cafe Delicias...yummy...Ken headed back to Carmichael to visit with his mom and Don and Dana.  The boys and I headed to the mall and then to Wal mart as I was looking for material for the back bedroom...which I did buy, but I've never had such trouble looking for and getting the right idea I have in my little mind..

Came back to Russell's and spent the afternoon outside as it was really warm, made some dinner and had a relaxing night with the boys.  Kinda like last night with Seth and Mason...love spending time with these boys..Tomorrow Jacob has a soccer game early, then at 1200 we meet with Adam at Pearl House for a birthday lunch.  After that we'll head for Bryan's house for a day or two and then back home to get some work done!! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy 38th Birthday Eric!

Happy Birthday Eric!! Love u!
Today, April 19th is our son Eric's 38th birthday!  Can't believe we have children who are this age!  It just seems like a few years ago that I was pregnant and a week late with this baby.  WE had friends over and I didn't feel good but didn't say anything.  We went to bed and I told Ken I didn't feel good and he said, "Let's go"...I didn't want to because I had been to the hospital a couple of times and thought it was false labor again.  We called my mom's house to drop off Bryan and off we went...about an hour later we welcomed our second son, at 9lbs 4 1/2 ounces at 3:48 in the am.  Good thing we went!  Love u sooooo much Eric!  You have grown into the most caring father and husband and we are so proud of you! 

This morning we will head for CA to watch Seth and Mason for the evening so Eric and Chris can go out.  Tomorrow we are at Russell's house to watch their two sons and then Sunday we will celebrate our grandson's 14th birthday! We'll probably head back here on Tuesday and then back next Saturday for Bryan's 40th birthday (his bday is Friday but he works that day)

Eric and Chris gave me a really nice necklace..tried to get a pic but too blurry...but I do love it..Thank you!!!

Woke up watching the news of the killing of one of the terror suspect's in the Boston Marathon bombing.  Hoping they get the other without any more deaths.  So terribly sad that this happened.  

April 18th ...Ken changed the oil in the Ford, and I made Eric a carrot cake for his birthday.  Not too much, just cleaning and getting ready to leave for a few days....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Waking up to a beautiful snow this am....and the boys bedroom finished...

We woke up this am to a beautiful dusting of snow...our first since living here..We decided last night to go check out Yerington and see if we could find a restaurant to have breakfast.  After driving around we ended up at the restaurant in the local casino...Delicious and very reasonable priced..

We got back home and worked on finishing the boys bedroom..it looks really good..I think they'll be happy and it sure changed the way the room looks!  We calculated and figured we spent under $600.00 to get it to look this good...The floor was close to $200.00 but sure was a better decision than carpeting and the sleeping chairs were $100.00 a piece but so worth it!  I am still waiting on a poster or two but then it should look a little more finished!  

Can't wait to get the back guest room finished!  Did some touch up on that and Ken had to do a little work on the a/c unit in the room, as it was so drafty and cold!  We did decide to replace the bathroom door in our room with a sliding vinyl door, as the door opened into the room and took up alot of space.  It looks so much better.  

Waking up to a beautiful snow this am!
Another view out the front window...
The boys bedroom before....
Flip chairs that convert to a single mattress...
The three chairs...
View of the finished room!
Another view of the finished room! Love it!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saturday in Yerington, NV...working on the house

April 14th...Got up this am and decided to go to the big town of Yerington and visit the True Value Hardware store.  Nice place, everything from plants, hardware, clothing, toys and party items...could spend a couple of hours there if we had the time.  Had our lunch at home and Ken worked finishing up the boys room, and I painted our bathroom trim..It didn't really need it, but pretty boring in there, just a boring shade of beige so I painted the trim the same white that I painted the trim in the laundry room..I like it!  Ken probably wouldn't have noticed if I didn't point it out to him as it didn't make that big of a difference.  

He got the moulding on the floor and some spackling in the guest room.  I decided to paint the door in the laundry room going to the outside. We like to leave that door open during the day, so now it matches...lol...We hung the new curtains in the kids room, most of the posters have come in so we'll get them hung tomorrow and it should look pretty darn good! 

Beautiful day here, nice and warm, but this afternoon the winds really picked up!  Welcome to Nevada! 

Tomorrow we'll get up and head to Fernley to pick up the sleep, game chairs for the boys.  We're making a trip to Carson City to visit Harbor Freight for a few things.  Can't wait to get the stuff to finish off the room.

I was on the internet today and found a comforter set I'd love to have for our room...we'll see as it's more than I've ever spent for any comforter set..but it's so cool...cowboy praying is the name of the set...Ken likes it too...so I may do it!  More of my children's inheritance i'll be spending...

Struggling over what color to paint our room, as Ken really likes the curtains in there...I do too, as they would keep out alot of heat and keep it in too..they are a shade of brown..the walls are beige (boring)...i'm thinking a pale yellow..but we'll see...

Adam called a couple of times yesterday, and once today..he really wants to come back here...:))

Anyway, life is good here in Yerington, NV!  

I'm sure there will be pictures tomorrow, if we get the room done!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Got the floor started and finished!

Our Yerington sunset!
Ken bar b quing Friday night...I cheated and had the best hamburger ever!
Daddy made this for me when I was in 7th grade to hold my shoes..
Now it will hold the xbox and games for the boys

The rear guest room being painted!
The rear guest room before paint..
Can't wait for the new flooring!
The boys room before....
The boys room after!!
Ken working on the flooring....
Thursday....Got up and eventually got going on the floor in the boys room..I actually don't think we got started until near lunchtime..Ken started the floor and I worked on the back guest bedroom, filling in the many many holes in the walls...

Frustrating for Ken as the floor looks beautiful but he lip the flooring attaches too doesn't seem to be as big as some of the other floors he's installed..but being the trooper he is only a little (well maybe more) cussing and making up words i've never heard before..We were thinking of finishing this room and taking back the rest of the flooring to Sam's and then getting another kind.  He got about half done today.

Friday...the 12th...Got up and got going,  by this am Ken has "got his mind right" as he puts it and the flooring flows nicely.  No banging, no cussing.  And by the end of the day, the floor is just gorgeous, finished (except for the doorway kit) and we are going to put it in the back guestroom. 

I worked on painting the room, and it's beautiful if I do say so myself!  Need to do the finish work on Sat but it really looks nice.  Ken will start prepping the floor on Sat.  

The boys sleep chairs are in at Wal Mart so probably Monday we'll take a ride to Fernley and get them..no point in fighting the weekend crowd if we don't have to...and we don't!!

We both are loving it here at our new home in Yerington, NV...we definitely made a good choice to be here..and our little home is coming together nicely! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We got the flooring...

Set the alarm this am for 0530 so we could get an early start..so even with that got out of here a little after 0800...guess we like our mornings...headed for Sam's Club in Reno (about 90 miles)...found the flooring we love for the kids bedroom and the guest room.  Can't wait for Ken to get it in.  After Sam's Club (and spending our kids inheritance)...Ken stopped at Sports Authority and actually bought himself some really nice New Balance Tennies...the salesman apparently knew what he was talking about and sold him some nice insoles which should help with the foot pain that Ken suffers from.  

We headed for lunch and ended up at Chili's in Carson City for our 1300 lunch time.  Great lunch!  Then on to Smith's grocery in Carson City, like that store as they had a great sale and they take the Kroegers card we got in TN when we were there last year...such a nice store and reminded me so much of TN. Spent some more of the kids inheritance and headed home.  Again the day was pretty much gone.  Hopefully, we can stay home for the next few days and get some stuff done. Next Friday, we'll head for Eric's for the night as it's his 38th birthday...Sat Russell and Lori are heading out for a friends wedding and we'll have those kids...Sunday is Adam's 14th birthday, so sure we'll do something there...Somewhere in there we hope to see Ken's brother, Don as he'll be home from TN preparing for the big move!  26th is Bryan's 40th birthday, but guess he'll be working.  

So pretty here!!  Clouds tonight so we moved the pergo into the garage..really like that space!! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Back in Yerington..after a few great days in Winnemucca...but I forgot the computer :(

Ken enjoying his Negro Modelo in his Heineken glass!
The Farmall getting a tow to the trailer
Monday, Interstate 80 between Winnemucca and Lovelock, NV
This picture was taken Sunday afternoon..alot of wind dust in the air
Same picture as above on Monday am!!
We left Yerington on the 5th and headed for lunch at Las Margaritas in  Winnemucca before we headed out to the property..yummy as always!  Got out to the property and as  I'm taking out my suitcase I realize I forgot the laptop in the livingroom! AHHHHHH....withdrawals...haven't been without the computer in years...what am I gonna do?  Oh well...

Weather was really windy the whole time we were out there..got a little rain, wind and the mountains were covered in snow!  It was really beautiful.  

Picked up our taxes with a nice surprise, we're actually getting money back!  And no state income tax either!  We did spend a little time in town, doing business things, groceries, prescriptions oh and of course had to have lunch at the Chinese Restaurant..love their hot and sour soup! 

Ken got the Farmall loaded up and it's now in its new home (well in the garage for now as he wants to work on it and build a cover for it outside)..My quad came back too along with a few odds and ends.  

Sunday, we had Joe, Steve and Deanna stop by. Nice visiting with all of them.  That's the worst part about leaving Winnemucca is leaving our wonderful neighbors!  

We stopped at Lowe's on the way back thinking we'd pick up the Pergo for the bedroom, but decided to make a trip to Sam's in Reno tomorrow and buy for both bedrooms.  I did get the paint for the spare bedroom and can hardly wait to get started on that.  

Today we took a drive to Fernley so Ken could get a new tire for the 20 foot trailer and then we drove to Fallon so I could pick up my "winning" gift certificate for answering a question yesterday on KHWG 750 am..well, it's a 2 for 1 greens fee at Fallon Golf course...so am hoping I can give it away to someone.  

Anyway, glad to be back home and hope to get some work done before we head back to CA for April birthdays!  Adam called this afternoon wanting to know when we're coming..! Love it!  

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Painting the boys bedroom...

Another view of another wall...then door to hallway
The boys room looking in the front door...gun metal gray..

April 4th...Got up this am after a lousy nights sleep..darn cold..anyway decided to go ahead and paint the boys room...Love it!  We are heading for Winnemucca tomorrow to pick up taxes and stay a few days so I was glad to get it done.

We've got gun metal gray and a lighter gray on some of the walls..turned out great..tonight I ordered 3 flip chairs from Wal mart so we should get them in end of next week.. We are stopping at Lowe's on the way home and picking up Pergo for the bedroom and hopefully Ken can get it done before we get the chairs..then we'll see what else we need for that room.

Next project, the spare bedroom!  Can't wait to get started! Loving our little place, hate to leave tomorrow to go to Winnemucca..but love that place too! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yerington Land Fill and home to work on the boys' room!

Did our usual coffee, computer and Cheryl's delicious chocolate chip cookies she sent home with us this am!  I rode with Ken to the landfill to check it out.  In Winnemucca, Humboldt county dump is free and here you pay $8.00 for the trailer behind the mazda.  Not too bad and we don't want the weekly fee, because we don't plan on being here all the time.  Quick stop at Scolari's grocery and then back home.  

It was a beautiful day here, in the low 70's and we spent most of the afternoon getting the kids room ready for painting.  Ken pulled up the rest of the yukky carpeting and pad that was along the edges of the room.  We decided to go with pergo in both of the extra bedrooms because of the sand.  So while he did that I spackled the holes and stuff in the 2nd bedroom.  

We met in the middle and I finished taping off the kids room and hopefully tomorrow can get most of it painted.  There's an area in the side that took ALOT of spackle so it probably won't be dry.  But that's ok there's always next week.  Hope it turns out as I envision.  

I was all set to get a bunk bed with a futon, but the more I thought about it I decided that would just overtake the room.   Walmart has "flip chairs" that I think we'll buy 3 and that should work for that room, chairs by day, beds by night..I really think the boys will like them and they won't overpower the small room...anyway that's what I see in my head today..

Looking forward to getting up in the am and getting started!  We are heading to Winnemucca on Friday to pick up taxes..(keeping my fingers crossed we can pay whatever we owe)...Ken thinks we'll be ok but we had very little in real estate taxes since we sold the ca home last year.  oh well, could be worse!  

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sunday and Monday home to Yerington, NV

Kids and Cheryl using the metal detector...I think Aaron found gold!

Our new fire pit...actually turned out really nice...but I think the lizards like it too!

Hand made Kindle Cover by Cheryl...love it!!

Bryan and Ken in the kitchen talking about the ugly fan!

Self explanatory...Betty found her spot!


Kids in the ugly bedroom that will be transformed soon!!
Happy Easter!  Woke up feeling pretty lousy at Bryan and Cheryl's house so I just laid low and stayed there while Ken went visiting.  He stopped by Eric's and then over to Linda's...had a nice visit with both. Then he visited with his mom and headed back up to Georgetown...where we had a nice evening and a great dinner! Cheryl cooked a nice roast, mashed potatoes and veggies...yummy! 

I talked to Eric (kinda) as my voice was gone from being sick. Yukk! 

Anyway, Monday morning we took our time getting ready and headed home leaving about 1130.. I stopped in Gardnerville, got some subway sandwiches and met Ken down the road for a nice roadside lunch...then headed on home to Yerington!  Got home, felt lousy so I rested awhile and then made a quick spaghetti dinner.  

Today, got up at 0830!!  Feeling better, so did a little cleaning and then we tore out the carpet from the kids room to get ready to paint!  Can't wait to get that room done..Gotta say, looks like dust and sand in that carpet from 27 years ago! It'll sure be nice to get it done!  Loving our little house and our piece of NV!