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Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy 38th Birthday Eric!

Happy Birthday Eric!! Love u!
Today, April 19th is our son Eric's 38th birthday!  Can't believe we have children who are this age!  It just seems like a few years ago that I was pregnant and a week late with this baby.  WE had friends over and I didn't feel good but didn't say anything.  We went to bed and I told Ken I didn't feel good and he said, "Let's go"...I didn't want to because I had been to the hospital a couple of times and thought it was false labor again.  We called my mom's house to drop off Bryan and off we went...about an hour later we welcomed our second son, at 9lbs 4 1/2 ounces at 3:48 in the am.  Good thing we went!  Love u sooooo much Eric!  You have grown into the most caring father and husband and we are so proud of you! 

This morning we will head for CA to watch Seth and Mason for the evening so Eric and Chris can go out.  Tomorrow we are at Russell's house to watch their two sons and then Sunday we will celebrate our grandson's 14th birthday! We'll probably head back here on Tuesday and then back next Saturday for Bryan's 40th birthday (his bday is Friday but he works that day)

Eric and Chris gave me a really nice necklace..tried to get a pic but too blurry...but I do love it..Thank you!!!

Woke up watching the news of the killing of one of the terror suspect's in the Boston Marathon bombing.  Hoping they get the other without any more deaths.  So terribly sad that this happened.  

April 18th ...Ken changed the oil in the Ford, and I made Eric a carrot cake for his birthday.  Not too much, just cleaning and getting ready to leave for a few days....

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