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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We got the flooring...

Set the alarm this am for 0530 so we could get an early start..so even with that got out of here a little after 0800...guess we like our mornings...headed for Sam's Club in Reno (about 90 miles)...found the flooring we love for the kids bedroom and the guest room.  Can't wait for Ken to get it in.  After Sam's Club (and spending our kids inheritance)...Ken stopped at Sports Authority and actually bought himself some really nice New Balance Tennies...the salesman apparently knew what he was talking about and sold him some nice insoles which should help with the foot pain that Ken suffers from.  

We headed for lunch and ended up at Chili's in Carson City for our 1300 lunch time.  Great lunch!  Then on to Smith's grocery in Carson City, like that store as they had a great sale and they take the Kroegers card we got in TN when we were there last year...such a nice store and reminded me so much of TN. Spent some more of the kids inheritance and headed home.  Again the day was pretty much gone.  Hopefully, we can stay home for the next few days and get some stuff done. Next Friday, we'll head for Eric's for the night as it's his 38th birthday...Sat Russell and Lori are heading out for a friends wedding and we'll have those kids...Sunday is Adam's 14th birthday, so sure we'll do something there...Somewhere in there we hope to see Ken's brother, Don as he'll be home from TN preparing for the big move!  26th is Bryan's 40th birthday, but guess he'll be working.  

So pretty here!!  Clouds tonight so we moved the pergo into the garage..really like that space!! 

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