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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sunday and Monday home to Yerington, NV

Kids and Cheryl using the metal detector...I think Aaron found gold!

Our new fire pit...actually turned out really nice...but I think the lizards like it too!

Hand made Kindle Cover by Cheryl...love it!!

Bryan and Ken in the kitchen talking about the ugly fan!

Self explanatory...Betty found her spot!


Kids in the ugly bedroom that will be transformed soon!!
Happy Easter!  Woke up feeling pretty lousy at Bryan and Cheryl's house so I just laid low and stayed there while Ken went visiting.  He stopped by Eric's and then over to Linda's...had a nice visit with both. Then he visited with his mom and headed back up to Georgetown...where we had a nice evening and a great dinner! Cheryl cooked a nice roast, mashed potatoes and veggies...yummy! 

I talked to Eric (kinda) as my voice was gone from being sick. Yukk! 

Anyway, Monday morning we took our time getting ready and headed home leaving about 1130.. I stopped in Gardnerville, got some subway sandwiches and met Ken down the road for a nice roadside lunch...then headed on home to Yerington!  Got home, felt lousy so I rested awhile and then made a quick spaghetti dinner.  

Today, got up at 0830!!  Feeling better, so did a little cleaning and then we tore out the carpet from the kids room to get ready to paint!  Can't wait to get that room done..Gotta say, looks like dust and sand in that carpet from 27 years ago! It'll sure be nice to get it done!  Loving our little house and our piece of NV!  

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