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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


April 30.....Got up this am and got ready to bring truck and trailer to Winnemucca and bring a few things back to Yerington.  Got to Winnemucca about 1330..little later than we planned and had a wonderful mexican lunch with our girls at Las Margaritas!!!   If you ever come through town, you need to stop and have lunch there!!  

After lunch we headed out to the property, where we picked up our income tax check and came to the property.  We spent the afternoon loading the trailer and before we knew it 1830...so back to the big trailer and dinner and bedtime...We got the bed out of the little fifth wheel to take back. figure we can use the air mattress in the trailer, add a box springs and frame to the fifth wheel mattress and we will have a nice bed in Yerington.  We have been sleeping on the air mattress in Yerington, very comfy but don't want to do it forever..but in the camper, why not...it's actually very comfy!  

So hope to get the floor done in the guest bedroom, i'll paint our room and hopefully in the next bit we'll have 2 more rooms done!   We did find out from ACE that the fireplace for the garage is in, so we'll have to pick that up! Loving it!!

A special Congratulations to DANA...for retiring!! Now she and Don can begin their new adventure in Cornersville, TN...!!

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