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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Sunday, June 17th ...Cool CA...Well, here we are in Cool at Eric's house...we got in on Friday night and spent the night with Bryan and family.  We had an excellent time there, got up yesterday and headed here. It was HOT!  We passed Eric and boys headed to Folsom lake for a swim.  They had a party to go to in the afternoon at Chad and Maidy's.  I got in the swimming pool and spent a couple of hours and Ken did some work to get ready for Tuesday. Too hot for me so I just lounged.  Earlier in the day we went to Walmart so Ken could get stuff to change the oil in the 97.  $100.00 later and we are out of there.  Went to Cafe Delicias and I had their whole bean burrito and a side salad, delicious!  

Today, woke up for Father's day and made Mason, Eric and Chris some pancakes for breakfast...then cleaned the 5th wheel and cab over.  Ken and Eric fixed a clutch thing that has been going on in the 97.  Eric and family headed for Russell's house for a bar b q with Lori and Chris's family.  Before that though since it was so hot we (Eric, Seth, Mason and me) went swimming, really nice!! Hot, Hot, hot, outside!! 

After they left, ken and i got in the 97 and headed for Bryan's, for  a few hours and a few glasses of wine.  Had a great time, came back to Eric's and then had veggie burgers and salad for dinner.  Gonna get up early and head for Winco for shopping for the trip!..

Happy Father's Day to my daddy, the best there ever was!! love and miss you so much! xxooo

Friday, June 15, 2012

On our way back to CA..

Friday, June 15th...Leaving Winnemucca today and heading back to Ca. to get ready to go to Oregon next week with all the grandkids and Eric's family.  We've got reservations at Bullard's Beach State Park for 4 nights. Ken and I stayed there in Jan and really liked it so we figured the gkids would too.  Our sight has a basketball hoop right behind it so that should keep kids occupied for awhile.  

We had a good time in Winnemucca. It wasn't too hot, and we got some things done. Adam killed a few things so he's happy along with some of the ranchers too.  We took him to our favorite Mexican place in town and that was yummy! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Mom's Birthday Today!

Wednesday June 13th ...Winnemucca!  

Well, today my mom would have been 84.  Wendy sent an email that said, "It's mom's birthday, the first dance is Popo's" thought that said it all...hopefully they are in heaven dancing together..maybe having a few Corona's!!  

We have been in Winnemucca since Monday.  Ken had his Dr. appt yesterday all was good except for an enlarged prostrate and so she wants to schedule an ultrasound for him.  

We had a nice lunch at the Chinese place in town. Adam is with us and is looking forward to killing a squirrel.  Today it looks like we are going to the dump and target practice.  Such an exciting time.  LOL...

The little place we were going to look at has a cash offer.  The contingency is they have to get a private loan, so we'll see.  We will head back to CA on Friday and spend the weekend getting ready to go to Oregon next week for camping with Eric's family along the Oregon Coast.  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cool and Gtown

Wed, June 6th...Got going from Cool about 12 or so and headed to Grocery outlet in Auburn to pick up a few things.  Ken visited with his guys from work.  I finished in Auburn and decided to visit Bryan and family in Georgetown. Mia has been visiting and having a great time at her Grandma and Pappa's house.  So had a nice visit and came back to Cool, where the kids got home from baseball, had a late dinner and then bed.  Not much happening. 

Linda, was admitted to Sutter Roseville yesterday with a mild case of pneumonia.  She did call late this evening and said they were sending her home, that she has a tackycardia problem and to see her dr next week..prayers there.  

June 7th Cool CA....Waking up our regular am..now headed to storage to get the rest of our stuff out of there!!

I did talk to Astrid, who said that the little house we were gonna look at next week has a cash offer (w a contingency)...so she will call this weekend when she finds out if the seller accepted...again, what is meant to be will be...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jacob's Play and Cool, CA

Monday, June 4th Cool CA...Got in around 1800 last night..Eric and family looked pretty quiet for a change..so we said our hello's and came out to the fifth wheel..That was fine as we don't spend too much time out here. It was cold but we warmed it right up with the clay pot thing on the stove.  Had a little dinner, leftovers from lunch as Las Margaritas..delicious!  So went beddy bye and it was nice!

Tuesday, June 5th...Woke up to a nice rain on the 5th wheel...had our coffees and good 4 u muffins..went inside and visited with Chris and the boys.  Did a load of laundry for Ken and slowly got ready for some grocery shopping and Jacob's play..

Jacob and his play

Got down the hill and went to the play which was nice.. end of year tomorrow for these boys..came back and made spaghetti dinner for Eric, Chris, Ken and me...gooooooddddd!! if i do say so myself. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Another beautiful day in Winnemucca....

Sunday, June 3rd...Again, another beautiful morning in Winnemucca..almost 70 degrees when we woke up..Because I was out of coffee Ken only got about 2 cups so he suggested going to Parker T's in town and having breakfast.  Got ourselves ready and headed out.  Great breakfast and a little shopping at Raleys and headed back home. 

Well, because I do what I do I had been on real estate sites and found a place on Dutch Flat Road that is up for sale for $85,000.  A mobile home with a big shop, has an apartment on one end of the shop (perfect for grandkids)..7.38 acres..so I said lets drive by..we did and really like it! From the pics it looks really nice needs warmth for sure..anyway, called Astrid our real estate person out here, and tentatively set up next Tuesday to take a look.  Ken has a dr appt that day so should work unless it's sold already...so we'll see.  Lord knows we had no intention of buying something now, but all things happen for a reason. 

Came home and Ken weedeated some of the property. Looks really nice.  I went through a couple thousand pictures and separated them for the boys.  We went over and visited Wanda and Joe our neighbors and had a nice time. 

Spent early evening outside watching the sun go down and then leftover pizza for dinner.  

Monday, June 4th ...Not a good nights sleep for me but a beautiful morning. We'll get ready and head back to CA. for a few days. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday, June 2nd..Winnemucca..

We're still here at the property and it looks like we won't leave until Monday now. That's ok, it's hot outside and very windy. I spent the day clearing out some stuff I have in the kitchen area of the 5th wheel and putting in some of the better stuff I brought from the Colfax house..I figured no point in waiting till I have a house, because that could still be a ways down the road..

Ken spent time killing the ground squirrels, 5 is the count so far today.  We are having veggie whole wheat pizza and ken is having his whole wheat but with his oysters..should be a good dinner, that with a salad.  The whole wheat crust is a recipe I found on a vegetarian website and it's delicious! 

I wold post pictures but the computer is soooo slow out here, I better wait until we have more service.  

I called an old friend today, Doris Brantley..she fell a few months ago and has moved in with her daughter Frannie in Gold River.  She sounds good and I would love to get together with her sometime.  Time just seems to fly so fast..

Talked to Adam and he wants to know when he gets to come out here..so i told him he could come on the 11th when we're back out for Ken's dr's appt.  

Happy Birthday to my dear Oma...who would have turned 112 today..Love u!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Saw our first snake this year!

Thursday, June 1st..Winnemucca.. Slept really well last night. Ken didn't get back from taking Steve to the bus station until 2330.  Had a really late dinner and hit the hay!  

Got up this am fairly early and got the day started.  I was washing dishes and looked out the window and saw a snake!  It was about the same color as the dirt but I could tell it was a good size..Ken went out and saw that it was probably a gopher snake or something like that.  He went and got his gloves, came back and I had watched it move back upon itself and he couldn't find it.  Went into a hole in the ground apparently.  Well, a few minutes later Ken left the trailer and there it was (hopefully the same one and not another one) crawling under the fifth wheel on the cement.  He grabbed it and took it way out on the property and let it go.  It was about 4 foot long (not lying)...

After awhile we went to town to go to Walmart and then the chinese restaurant..delicious, I had the scezhuan veggies..yummmm..ran into our neighbor Deanna and had a nice chat.  

Got home and Ken is out hunting the squirrels again.  

Sunday we'll head back to CA.  Tomorrow it'll be veggie pizza for dinner and arranging some of the stuff I got out of the container..too tired this afternoon to do anything..Great part of being retired, don't have to!  :)