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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's New Years Eve....so hard to believe!

 Just some pictures....I will do an update later..getting ready now for a fun filled New Years Eve in Yerington, Nevada!  Our First!

Adam and his Bulls Beanie and new shirt

Miss Betty waiting for her stocking to be filled

Ken and Betty watching the opening of gifts that Santa brought

Miss Mia in a sea of presents
Mia's first time in NV

Adam, Aaron, Mia and Jacob coming home with us for a few days

Mia and Aaron drawing in the bedroom

Aaron and Mia...
The cabover in motion...love it!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bryan surprised me with lights on the cabover! Awesome!

"THE LEG" we got Bryan, because he loves the Christmas Story!

Bryan and Ken decorated my cabover while Cheryl kept me occupied!

My red, white and blue boys!

We got to Bryan's house after getting the cabover from Eric's house.  After a while of visiting I was inside with Cheryl and heard "Mom, don't come outside til we tell u it's ok"...Well, what on earth could they be doing?!   After a few I walked outside and found the cabover decorated with lights!  It was so Awesome and so beautiful!   I have video, but it was taking so long to load I decided to wait til tomorrow!   It was the sweetest thing!  The lights move and it is so pretty!  Love my kids so much for doing this for me!!  Ken too!! 

I will try and get the video posted tomorrow as it is incredible!!  

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Yerington...getting ready for CA...

Ken got home and we've been here..I went to Gardnerville and did the grocery shopping for Christmas and CA...so finished Christmas shopping and groceries..

Today, Sunday the 22nd I spent the day cooking and getting things ready to go to CA...did some appetizers...cooked enchiladas for Bryan's house tomorrow and ham for Christmas Eve. Can't believe it's already time for Christmas!...

Last night we went and looked at lights in Yerington, love this little town!  I will post pics tomorrow hopefully...

We'll leave tomorrow morning sometime and head for Cool to pick up the cabover and drop off presents at Eric's...then to Bryan's with the cabover..we'll drop off some presents on Tuesday...then back to Bryan's, Christmas we will be at my sis's Linda and Gma's in Carmichael...planning on heading home the day after Christmas...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Just a quick update...

Not alot going on this week...except tonight (December 18th)  Ken is in CA and I am here in NV...seems kind of funny as we are always together.  Today his mom turned 86 so he made the trip over and will spend the night in Cool, Ca as our cabover is there at Eric's house.  

I painted the living room ceiling today and cleaned house.  Figured I better do the ceiling as he wants to get started on the new panelling and I didn't want to get paint n the new panelling..it looks clean and fresh, which is always nice.

The weather has been really cold and they are expecting snow tonight..nice to be warm and cozy!  

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A nice night, great morning and Marine's in dress blues!

Marines outside Walmart collecting for Toys for Tots...

Had a lazy night last night at the motel.  Ken ran over to Burger King and picked up dinner and we just watched tv and played on the internet (free wi fi)...Got up this am and took our time getting ready and walked over to the Black Bear Diner for breakfast.  This is some kind of a chain place but they give you plenty of food and very tasty.  

We left there and headed for Bryan's house to drop off Adam.  Visited a bit and then hit the road.  We stopped at the Walmart in Gardnerville to get a few things and the Marines were outside for Toys for Tots...well we all know I am a sucker for Marines so we had to go inside and buy a few toys.  Got a basketball for the boys and a tea set for the girls...except...my soft hearted hubby saw a Barbie I had picked up for Mia and said...every little girl wants a Barbie..so we got one to donate!  He's so cute! 

So now we're home watched the Raiders lose..but having a really nice afternoon!  Hopefully we'll hear from Lowe's this week so we can get the fireplace finished..

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A trip to CA for Wreaths Across America!

Wal mart truck delivering wreaths

This is on the side of the truck! 

Driver of the truck is a veteran...I said "Thank u" and he saluted me...wow
Ken after laying wreaths..


Linda and Adam

Ken and Bobby

Says it all...and this is just a portion of 17,000...at this cemetary

A small percentage of people making it happen
God Bless America!

A small section

Wendy having a moment with Mom and Daddy

All of us having a moment with mom and daddy...


As it began..
Air Force laying of the wreath..honoring our heroes..

The Patriot Guard

Honoring the Coast Guard

Wreaths in boxes at the entrance to the cemetary..

Speakers and a sea of red in front of us...

Laying of the wreaths...

This Marine has been at every service since we've been going..
Adam making a basket at last nights game

blurry...but Adam

Cupcakes Cheryl made me for my birthday...yummy!
Friday am we got up and headed for CA for our annual "Wreaths Across America" at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetary in Dixon where Mom and Daddy are laid to rest.  We stopped in Camino and had a nice lunch at the Red Apple on Highway 50.  Headed to Georgetown where we picked up Adam to take him to a Basketball game at Mira Loma High School and then he spent the night with us at the motel in North Sac so we'd be up and ready to head for Dixon for the laying of the wreaths ceremony.  We love this annual Christmas tradition.  Normally Russell's family comes with us but this year one of their good friends Steve Hayer...(actually we like him very much also) was getting his black belt so they were committed to that.  Wendy, Linda and Bobby came along and we met at the Cemetary.  

What an incredible turnout!  It just warms my heart that so many turn out for this event..and not just here but "all across America" at the National Cemetaries.  We were going to meet the others at Garcia's for lunch but after getting out of there with about 3000 other vehicles we were running late and Adam had to be at Basketball again at 1230 so we had to bow out of that lunch.  On the way we decided instead of going home to Yerington today, we would stay another night at the motel and then Cheryl wouldn't have to come down to pick up Adam, and Ken could watch the Army/Navy game as it was just about that time.  

I went over and picked up Adam and found that he had made 8 points, more than any other person in the game.  Wish we could have seen it!!  So now we're back in the room just enjoying a little down time...will drop Adam off tomorrow am and then head back home.  Hopefully we'll hear from Lowe's this week and we can pick up the fireplace stuff and get that done.  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

BRRRR...a freezing cold trip to Winnemucca and back!

At the property in Winnemucca

Mountain View Drive on the way to our property

On the highway to Fernley, NV

My car this about 1000 hrs this morning in Yerington....
These are on all the poles on Main Street Yerington..

The Christmas tree in Yerington...

Tough guys barbquing for the community!! So cool!
Ken's appt went well...he doesn't have to go back for another year!  Glad to say!

Came home and spent a few days and then decided to head for Winnemucca to pick up some of the stuff that we had left there after selling the containers.  So we hooked up the 20 foot trailer to the Ford and decided to head out...Of course before we left we had a day or so of beautiful snow!

Saturday night we attended Yerington's tree lighting..really nice small town atmosphere..they had free hot dogs and hamburgers for the community at the Pioneer Casino..we didn't partake but did visit the bar and had a drink or two and people watched.  We really are loving this little town!

We heard Winnemucca was heading for -23 degrees yes MINUS 23...but who are we to listen to that..No problem we have a heater in the trailer and propane for the stove so we'll be fine...I even loaded up a wool blanket, just in case we needed it.  So well prepared...uh huh..We left Sunday morning thinking we'd stay two nights....see our girls at the Mexican Restaurant, visit with neighbors and take some of the goodies I baked...oh yeah..didn't have time to separate the goodies into the tins, but heck i'll do it at the property...yeah right...

A beautiful drive in the snow out to the property!  Mountain View our road is usually always plowed, not this time..lots of snow and ice..but a beautiful winter wonderland!  Got to the property and knew we wouldn't have water so we took our own with us...Frozen when we got there!  We watched the thermometer go down down down...Poor Ken outside trying to do what he needed to get done..Coming in the trailer he looked  like something off an arctic show..mustache and goatee frozen! We tried to warm the trailer but our little heater apparently was running on 1 1/2 coils rather than 4..we kept the stovetop going with a clay flower pot to keep the cold at bay!  Not..We had a nice snuggly night trying to keep warm!  Getting up in the am our feet were frozen even with our boots on! We could barely move, toes and hands especially were soooooooooo cold! Woke up to MINUS 26!!  We decided we couldn't stay..so we loaded up quickly and headed out..so basically we had a very expensive trip to "check the mail"...learned our lesson big time!  I couldn't even take pictures as it was so cold the lens wouldn't open!  

No going to Winnemucca to stay in the winter unless it's in a motel!! 

We'll have to make the trip out there in a couple of weeks for blood tests...so maybe then we can deliver our goodies..

We're heading for CA on Friday for the wreath laying at the National Cemetary on Saturday in Dixon.  

Thursday, December 5, 2013

23 years ago we lost daddy!

23 years ago one of the 2 worst days of my life happened.(2nd was losing my mom) ..My daddy was in the hospital on the 4th (Linda took him there on her birthday)..he was having a hard time breathing after he walked Jesse (our nephew..his special boy)..to school...Linda took him to Kaiser and it turns out he had blood clots..long story short ..he passed away on the morning of the 5th..

We stil miss him like it was yesterday as he was the most incredible person I have ever met in my lifetime..yes...he was my daddy..but he was soo special..he never saw the bad in anyone! always the good..Father Tom said he was like Saint..and yes he was...such a special man..and his girls were always first!! and then he had his grandsons...well..that's all to say..he loved them to no end..Love U Daddy!!!
 Now that i'm done with that...we sold the containers...he came late in the day..but he came..then back to Yerington so I could get Thanksgiving shopping and cooking done..had a great time in CA for THanksgiving..then back home..

We had a great snowstorm!! Now we are in Reno for the night so we can make Ken's eye dr appt in the am ...had a  nice afternoon at the Gecko lounge for happy hour the dinner at americana cafe..We have a great room at 22nd floor and at 34.00 a night all inclusive..so it works for us..

We'll head home tomorrow (as long as weather holds) then to Yerington for their tree lighting on Sat and then to Winnemcucca on Sunday for a few to try and clean things up..Then before u know it'''Christmas...ahhhhhh....As long as the weather holds..they're expecting a huge storm later this weekend..we'll see!

Definitely loving life and everything that comes with it!!!!  Thank u God!

Eric and Chris's new living room

Front yard w snow!

Driving into Yerington w the snow!

Our tree topper....Eric made this in Kindergarten over 35 years ago...

First tree skirt I ever made for my mom and dad...

Add caption

Yard art with the snow

Dodge with the snow this am

Our view out of Circus Circus this evening...
Kenny in his car Thanksgiving..

Kenny's car

Love this pic....Kay boys and Kay cousins...

Cheryl refreshed this little guy for her dad

Wendy and Urs...

Ken, Jenny and Bella...Love this.

Delivering our panelling...

Panelling on the truck


The boys like the sausage balls!