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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

BRRRR...a freezing cold trip to Winnemucca and back!

At the property in Winnemucca

Mountain View Drive on the way to our property

On the highway to Fernley, NV

My car this about 1000 hrs this morning in Yerington....
These are on all the poles on Main Street Yerington..

The Christmas tree in Yerington...

Tough guys barbquing for the community!! So cool!
Ken's appt went well...he doesn't have to go back for another year!  Glad to say!

Came home and spent a few days and then decided to head for Winnemucca to pick up some of the stuff that we had left there after selling the containers.  So we hooked up the 20 foot trailer to the Ford and decided to head out...Of course before we left we had a day or so of beautiful snow!

Saturday night we attended Yerington's tree lighting..really nice small town atmosphere..they had free hot dogs and hamburgers for the community at the Pioneer Casino..we didn't partake but did visit the bar and had a drink or two and people watched.  We really are loving this little town!

We heard Winnemucca was heading for -23 degrees yes MINUS 23...but who are we to listen to that..No problem we have a heater in the trailer and propane for the stove so we'll be fine...I even loaded up a wool blanket, just in case we needed it.  So well prepared...uh huh..We left Sunday morning thinking we'd stay two nights....see our girls at the Mexican Restaurant, visit with neighbors and take some of the goodies I baked...oh yeah..didn't have time to separate the goodies into the tins, but heck i'll do it at the property...yeah right...

A beautiful drive in the snow out to the property!  Mountain View our road is usually always plowed, not this time..lots of snow and ice..but a beautiful winter wonderland!  Got to the property and knew we wouldn't have water so we took our own with us...Frozen when we got there!  We watched the thermometer go down down down...Poor Ken outside trying to do what he needed to get done..Coming in the trailer he looked  like something off an arctic show..mustache and goatee frozen! We tried to warm the trailer but our little heater apparently was running on 1 1/2 coils rather than 4..we kept the stovetop going with a clay flower pot to keep the cold at bay!  Not..We had a nice snuggly night trying to keep warm!  Getting up in the am our feet were frozen even with our boots on! We could barely move, toes and hands especially were soooooooooo cold! Woke up to MINUS 26!!  We decided we couldn't stay..so we loaded up quickly and headed out..so basically we had a very expensive trip to "check the mail"...learned our lesson big time!  I couldn't even take pictures as it was so cold the lens wouldn't open!  

No going to Winnemucca to stay in the winter unless it's in a motel!! 

We'll have to make the trip out there in a couple of weeks for blood tests...so maybe then we can deliver our goodies..

We're heading for CA on Friday for the wreath laying at the National Cemetary on Saturday in Dixon.  

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