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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bryan surprised me with lights on the cabover! Awesome!

"THE LEG" we got Bryan, because he loves the Christmas Story!

Bryan and Ken decorated my cabover while Cheryl kept me occupied!

My red, white and blue boys!

We got to Bryan's house after getting the cabover from Eric's house.  After a while of visiting I was inside with Cheryl and heard "Mom, don't come outside til we tell u it's ok"...Well, what on earth could they be doing?!   After a few I walked outside and found the cabover decorated with lights!  It was so Awesome and so beautiful!   I have video, but it was taking so long to load I decided to wait til tomorrow!   It was the sweetest thing!  The lights move and it is so pretty!  Love my kids so much for doing this for me!!  Ken too!! 

I will try and get the video posted tomorrow as it is incredible!!  

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